AI-700 Aromatic Tabletop Ionizer & Air Cleaner

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Product Description

Create a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable environment in your home or office by removing common pollutants in the air. Uses ozone, negative ion technology and single stage filtration to clean the air, while emitting a pleasant, soothing scent. Features a lightweight, space-saving design and ultra quiet operation. Great for bedrooms, offices, family rooms and basements. Includes 1 filter and 1 Jasmine scented fragrance filter.

  • Cleans the air 24/7
  • Helps neutralize odors while creating a soothing environment
  • Emits optional aroma of your choice; Jasmine Flower included
  • Perfect for office, bedroom, nursery, kitchen , or wherever you need fresh, clean air.
  • Ultra quiet operation
Customer Reviews:
  • It's Okay but not my favorite one
    I like this ionizer for the style and it's small
    I like that you can use fragrance but not sure how well it works really compared to my other ones? it's okay....more info