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CholestOff lowers cholesterol naturally and may reduce the risk of heart disease. CholestOff provides the extra 1.8 grams of plant sterols and stanols daily that many Americans need to reach National Institute of Health's guidelines. The average reduction in LDL cholesterol in six clinical studies of 3 weeks or longer supporting Reducol, the active ingredient found in Nature Made CholestOff, was 3.7% to 24.4%. Even if you watch your diet and exercise regularly it may not be enough to lower your cholesterol to heart healthy levels. That's where Nature Made Cholestoff can help. CholestOff is an all natural drug free blend of plant sterols and stanols, called Reducol which has been clinically proven to block cholesterol absorption and reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in as few as 21 days. As a result, taken as directed, Cholest-Off will lower your cholesterol levels and help support your cardiovascular health.* Many factors such as diet, body weight, physical exercise and age can affect your cholesterol levels. That is why a diet low in saturated fat and regular exercise are recommended as part of a cholesterol management along with consulting your physician on a regular basis to have your cholesterol levels checked. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • CholestOff lowers cholesterol naturally and may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • CholestOff is recommended to be part of a daily regimen for Heart Health.
  • In addition to a healthy diet and exercise regimen, supplementing with CholestOff can help lower LDL cholesterol levels up to 24% and promote overall heart health.
  • CholestOff provides the extra 1.8 grams of plant sterols and stanols daily that many Americans need to reach National Institute of Health's guidelines.
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Customer Reviews:

  • It works.
    I stopped taking statin drugs because they were interfering with my memory and my cholesterol shot up to over 200. I read a book called "Cholesterol Down" which recommends this product. The product itself directs the user to take only 4 caplets a day, whereas "Cholesterol Down" advises six a day. I took six a day for six weeks and my cholesterol dropped about 50 points. I now take four a day.

    Please remember that cholesterol provides many more positive than negative functions in the body. Patients need to know their levels of c-reactive protein, which is perhaps a bigger indicator than cholesterol levels of trouble down the road. If I'm not mistaken (and if I am, someone here will certainly correct me), cholesterol acts as a patch to areas of the arteries that become inflamed. High levels of c-reactive protein are one of the causes of that inflammation, and one of cholesterol's jobs is to rush to the trouble spot and patch things up. However, the more the inflammation continues, the more cholesterol builds up, and then you've got big trouble.

    I experienced no side effects (I lost some weight but I'm not sure there's a direct connection). But check with your doctor and find out what your CRP level is. I've had doctors tell me a cholesterol level of 250 is no big deal so long as the CRP is where it should be. ...more info
  • Appears to be working
    My total cholesterol has dropped 32 points during the span of 4 months. It appears to be working....more info
  • It didn't work for me.
    My normal cholestrol reading is 270, too high, the doctor put me on Lipitol. My cholestrol came down to 170 but my liver enzymes went up. So doc recommended Cholestoff for a couple of months so he could determine the cause of the enzyme rise. I took the stuff faithfully as prescribed on the bottle, two tablets before every meal. When I returned to the doctor my enzymes were back to normal but so was my cholestrol..270. It did not appear that the Cholestoff made any difference, whatsoever. Perhaps it works for some people, just not for me....more info
  • Warning-PHOSPHATES
    So I get the Cholestoff in and guess what? The first added ingredient is a PHOSPHATE. I'm already being treated for osteoporosis, having to take a shot a day for the next two years. At age 52, and after years of phosphate ingestion which has destroyed my bones, I by a "natural" product filled with poison.

    Bad form, Nature Made....more info
  • Disappointed
    I am disapointed with this product. I took it figuring I could lower my cholesterol naturally. I took it faithfully for 2 months and my total cholesterol went from 241 to 259. I wish my review could be as positive as the others. I hate to say it but I feel I cannot reccomend this....more info
  • Good product!
    I've got Excel records of my cholesterol going back 17 years now. I started taking Cholest Off when I hit a maximum of 236 in April 06....usually it was around 200. The main reason for the high number I'm guessing is that I had put on a good 15 extra pounds. My LDL was 168, HDL 42 and Triglycerides 128. In addition to the Cholest Off, I took off the extra pounds. In May this year: Cholesterol 187, LDL 126, HDL 50 and Triglycerides 46. I've been on an extremely low cholesterol diet and aerobics for all of the 17 years after having hit just under 300 cholesterol.

    In all 17 years, my Cholesterol, LDL and Triglycerides have never been lower than in May this year. Another user said his triglycerides went up after taking Cholest-Off so I guess if you use this product, the best thing is to keep track of what happens. It may do you good.....or it may not. I'm going to keep taking it. Oh yes, I only intake cholesterol food at my evening meal. I take two Cholest-Off tablets 15-30 minutes before. That's the only time I take the tablets....more info
  • An aid for lowering cholesterol
    This product has definitely helped us lower our "bad" cholesterol. It is easy to take and works well. We feel it is well worth the money....more info
  • CholestOff
    Have been using CholestOff for at least three years now. Before using CholestOff my total cholesterol was 254, now with diet, exercise and CholestOff my total cholesterol is 176. Have tried other products such as fish oil and garlic without any success. Would suggest trying this before going on cholesterol medication....more info
  • Worked for me....
    This product was recommended by a friend who when combining the Cholest Off with fish oil reduced his number from the low 200's to 161. I had a base line test done prior to starting the combination (was at 268) and within 6 months or so, reduced my total number to 192 and all factors (HDL etc.) are now in the acceptable range. I excercise and try to eat right as well but whatever it takes to avoid Liptor is the route for me!...more info
  • Wonderful product!!
    My husband was told about Cholesoff after a blood test at the doctor's office, he refused to take another drug as he was on Lipitor already so the nurse suggested Cholesoff....It does more then many of you husband had a more intense blood test for,Homocysteine level...C- reactive protien..fibrinogen along with ldl..hdl etc...fibrinogen was 385 now 297 normal...C-reactive was 248 now 127....homocysteine was 13.9 now 10.8..these test are more important then just a so called cholesterol test.You can have a heart attact with a normal cholesterol number if these other test are high. To save yourself some money buy when it is on sale for buy one get one free, then go to [...] bank your points ,for every 500 you will receive a coupon worth 7.00..code for points is on top of box.check it out.
    We find it very helpful....more info
  • eat oatmeal!
    Nothing has ever affected the lowering of my cholesterol like eating a bowl of oats each and every morning.
    In fact, a friend of mine was also instructed to do so by her doctor. She followed his advice but continued to eat fast food lunches regularly. I admonished her that she must eat a healthy diet on top of eating the oats in order to see any lowering in her cholesterol.
    Six months past and her next check up was due. I was smug in the assurance that her cholesterol was going to be as high as ever. Not so. Despite her "evil" ways her cholesterol was 30 points lower simply by adding oatmeal to her diet!
    Go figure...more info
  • placebo
    I tried this product as a cheaper alternative to Benecol on the basis of its literature. During a period of 60 days my LDL went up 30 points. Don't waste your money on this placebo.
    I returned to Benecol....more info
  • Cholest review
    So far I can tell it works because the way I feel when I eat. I feel good after I eat and that tells me it is working. Thank you....more info
  • good for you
    This is a good product, and much easier to get it through Amazon. I usually have to visit several department stores before finding one with this product. Amazon's price is comparable, even with shipping, and no gas expense....more info
  • Will stop taking Cholest Off
    I have been watching my cholesterol closely for many years and working to lower my LDL. My HDL is excellent - consistently above 90. All of my other panel profiles have been really good or excellent. For the first several years that I was actively working to lower my LDL I made dietary changes. I have been a vegetarian for years so focused on adding even more vegetables, fiber, slow cook grains (steel cut oats and teff have been great additions), etc. I have consistently exercised for most of my adult life with several hours each week spent swimming, skiing, hiking, and biking, and added weight training a few years back. I did not notice any difference when I started weight training. The dietary changes helped a bit but my LDL has remained high. I recently tried Cholest Off for two months and while my LDL results came back lower by 27 mg/dL, my HDL dropped by 12 mg/dL, and my triglycerides increased by 27 mg/dL. A note on the triglycerides and HDL, I have been tracking my panel results in detail for 10 years and this is the only time they have changed by more than 2-3 units. Based on these results I will stop taking Cholest Off and focus again on whole foods and maintaining my fitness level to manage my LDL. I have really appreciated the other reviews written on this product. I read through them before I decided to start taking Cholest Off and feel I was better informed about what I might experience. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post a review....more info


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