Frigidaire FAK124P1V 12,000 BTU Slider/Casement Room Air Conditioner with Full-Function Electronic Controls

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  • Frigidaire Air Conditioning unit
    I just got my air conditioner today. It was shipped within two days of ordering and received in 6 days. I have it out of the box but it has not been installed yet as i have to wait for some help, i'm a girl,lol.
    It was packaged very well and the only problem i see is that the manufacturer put together a very cheap window extension kit.
    A thin piece of cardboard, otherwise everything looks great....more info
  • Excellent Air Conditioner
    I ordered a FAK124Q1V (The previous model FAK124P1V no longer being available) and I installed it myself into my slider casement window in about 90 minutes. The installation instructions could have been written more comprehensibly but I managed to get it done. One of my few complaints is the bracket that installs above the unit brings the maximum installed window height to only 40" high, my window is 46" high so I had to create a makeshift extension out of cardboard and duct tape. If there is a high window kit available I didn't see any reference to it. The white plastic slide-in baffle in that bracket also looks cheap and should be more translucent I think. Perhaps I'll make a replacement baffle that looks better. In any case, the unit cools and dehumidifies our approx. 700 Sq. Ft. living room in about 30 mins. on a 90 degree day in stifling humidity. I was impressed. The unit is respectably quiet in operation. I love the digital remote so I can change settings and mode from the couch; I only wish the remote included the ability to change the direction of the air flow louvers.

    Aside from a few small annoyances in the quality of the bracketing materials, packaging and setup, I am quite satisfied with my purchase so far (2 weeks in use)....more info