Gold N Hot GH2252B 1875 Watt Professional Turbo Boost Ionic Hair Dryer

List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $37.15

You Save: $12.84 (26%)


  • 1875 watts of power with continuous ionic output and ionic inidcator light
  • 2 speeds and 4 heat settings and Cool Shot button
  • Includes adjustable ceramic styling attachment and air concentrator
  • ESP - Electric Shock Protector safety device
  • 9 ft power cord with hanging ring
Customer Reviews:
  • Smoked and exploded in my hand
    I have only used my hair dryer a few times and I would notice that the handel would get so hot it would burn you to the touch. Since this was my only hairdryer I kept using it, I just changed my grip. Well this morning I was drying my hair, it switched itself from High to Low, sparks flew and black smoke started rolling out from the handel and it burned my hand. This hairdryer was to expensive to de this defective. I will never by another Belson product again!...more info
  • Gets hot, but attachments are flimsy.
    It is absolutely essential that I have a comb attachment to dry my hair. This one broke within 2 washings. First the barrel seemed to be cracking, such that the attachment would fall out. Then the attachment itself broke. I can still use the dryer. It gets hot, but I can't attach anything to the barrel. Also, the buttons are ackwardly placed making it hard to hold without depressing the 'cool' button. It just didn't work for me....more info
  • Do Not Buy
    This dryer was only a few months old and it started to smell like it was burning up. The handle would get so hot you couldn't hold the dryer. What a waste of money. I threw the dryer out because it was a hazard!...more info
  • Do not buy
    I bought this dryer, after 2 Months it started to smoke and sparks started to come out of the dryer. Buyer beware....more info
  • hair dryer - not too special
    too hard to use. So I paid $50 for an $18 hairdryer; maybe if I watched the video, I could use it better...more info
  • Great hair dryer
    This hair dryer works wonderfully. I only gave it 4 stars because the comb attachment was falling off a bit. Not a big problem, except that it's HOT! Of course, perhaps it was falling off because of user error....more info
  • I should have bought a better one.
    I didn't want to spend a lot of money on an Ionic Hair Dryer. I came across this one and thought I'd give it a try. The light indicating the Ionic Generator is working stopped working after its first use. What a waste of money! ...more info
    Love it, love it, love it! It got my hair soooooo straight and in record time. I highly recommend this product. Esp. for African American hairtypes. :-)...more info
  • great product
    excellent product
    my hair was striaght and dry in a matter of minutes
    ...more info
  • Nothing special, just a hair dryer
    It's not as good as my old BabyBliss hair dryer, not as hot and not as powerful. It will do the job, barely. If you are looking for something powerful, look somewhere else....more info