ShowerBreeze w/ 3' hose Oral Irrigator

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Product Description

Get the ShowerBreezeTM! This ingenious device flushes out loosely attached plaque and food particles trapped between teeth and under the gum line, where brushing and flossing can not reach. Attach the ShowerBreezeTM to any shower head for easy accessibility and IMMEDIATE RESULTS. The unit has a volume control from complete off to compete on and everything in between. Valve is constructed of chrome plated brass.

  • More convienient than electric counter top units
  • More power - No mess
  • "Item is good and helps maintain good gums and teeth. Better alternative than the ones powered by battery." Date: 4/13/2009 Rated by Buyer: LowCostBooks
  • Amazingly fast, courteous service. Couldn't have been better. I love the product." Date: 4/20/2009 Rated by Buyer: pacpowerthomas
  • No more dumb water tank to store, fill or clean.

Customer Reviews:

  • Less mess, no moving parts to break.
    Searched for a water pik for some time before deciding on this. Many reviews stated problems with pump failure in water pik and similar products. No pump or other moving parts in the shower pik (except the valve to adjust water pressure). Easy, 5 minute installation. Teeth feel very clean after using shower pik. PLENTY of available water pressure (I use at less than 50% pressure!), but easily adjustable with a valve. No mess, because it is in the shower! The only con is that it tickles my lips (really, it's a bit uncomfortable) when I use it (but I have never used a water pik or similar device previously). Instructions say your mouth will get accustomed to it soon (I've only had this a few days). Overall, highly pleased with it, and the seller was great as well. ...more info
  • Way better than the counter top units
    You pay a pretty price for the plastic in these units, however, this is far better than the counter top unit we've used over the past few years. No messing around setting it up and cleaning the counter unit. Now, I can use it daily with ease.

    It is very easy to install. ...more info
  • Great Product.
    My wife has used one of these for the past few years and loves it. Easy to install and easy to use. Highly recommended....more info
  • ShowerBreeze w/ 3' hose Oral Irrigator
    ShowerBreeze w/ 3' hose Oral Irrigator

    I never give any product a perfect score so 4 stars is great from me. Having the pic in the tub saves messing up the bathroom and bowl. I have found it easy to regulate pressure - water temp is a harder since i don't want to freeze in the winter....more info
  • Just Get One!
    We have been using this irrigator for two years now. It's great! Using it in the shower makes all the sense in the world. You can control the amount of spray pressure, start with a gentle spray and later increase the pressure after a few weeks. Your gums will really toughen up.
    I have four bridges that I have to clean under, I have not used dental floss since I started to use it and my dentist says my gums have never been healthier. Much easier and effective than floss....more info
  • good for braces
    I am glad I read reviews for the sink irrigators. I know my son would have trashed the sink with one. This works great in the shower....more info
  • Fairly well made, but a little hard to adjust.
    Fairly well made, provides a steady stream of water (does not pulse). While you can adjust the stream, it is a little difficult to tell exactly how hard to adjust it each time to get maximum effectiveness while not having too hard a stream. Nevertheless, I am using it everyday and believe it to be beneficial. I like having it in the shower rather than in the sink or sitting on the counter next to the sink.
    ONE YEAR UPDATE: I am still using it and along with a Sonic Care toothbrush have had a definite improvement in my gums verified by my dentist. The difficulty in adjusting it continues to be a problem, but only a minor problem. ...more info
  • This is a wonderful device! I actually use it.
    I have had some gum problems... nothing major, but I've been warned to floss before the gum issues do become major. I have crowded teeth, making flossing a real pain. The hygienist suggested I use one of those major name brand devices. Well, I bought one and it worked in its intended manner. The problem was it was such a hassle to use that I ended up not using it very much.

    With this ShowerBreeze product, I am able to clean my gums while relaxing in a nice warm shower - the shower still runs (albeit at lower pressure) even while the OralBreeze does. There is no container to fill, there is no mess to clean up, and it takes up no counter space....more info
  • Beats the Water Pik
    This is an Oral Breeze "oral irrigator." It is not the plug-in Water Pik brand. The Oral Breeze is far better than the Water Pik because it attaches to your shower head. As such, it provides as much pressure as you like (more than the plug-in type) and it won't leak all over your sink like the Water Pik plug-in. My only criticism is that sometimes the hose is hard to maneuver in the shower so you must turn your head to use it properly rather than just maneuvering the pik. This beats flossing. All in, highly recommended....more info
  • Handy product
    This product once installed is always handy and ready to use. This is a great advantage after owning several counter type products. This one is alway there, brush your teeth in the shower and use the oral breeze to rinse, clean your gums and teeth. The only small disadvantage is you have to adjust the pressure each time....more info
  • Oral Irrigator ShowerPik
    This is a fantastic product! You should Google the link between gum disease, heart disease, and diabetes and you will find a mind blowing link. Bacteria enter your body from under your gums and travel through the rest of your system doing all variety of bad things to your internal organs. Who knew!
    This product installs easily right at your shower head and serves as a really great way to blast away the plack...much more powerful than an ordinary water pick because you are dealing with water at house pressure.
    It tickles a bit at first but you will get used to in in a couple of months. I was able to reduce my 5 millimeter pockets in the back of my mouth to zero in six months.
    If you are really tricky and breath through your nose as you clean your gums you can sometimes smell the bacteria being flushed away...yuck....more info
  • Finally, A Good Habit I Can Easily Form
    Like many people, I find it hard to break bad habits and even harder to form good ones.

    Oral irrigation in the shower with ShowerPik is so easy. I like how it feels and since I'm in the shower anyway, it's so easy to use my ShowerPik regularly.

    I have been using ShowerPik for 5 months and it is just part of my life now. Recently, my dentist commented on the health of my gums. Finally, a good habit formed. ...more info
  • Awesome
    Tingles for the first couple weeks but after that its amazing. The customer service lady was very nice too!...more info
  • ShowerBreeze
    This is an excellent product. I ordered the 60" hose as the 36" is a little awkward to use. The 3 foot hose was attached better than the 5 foot hose. But if you put a proper clamp on the end of the 5 foot hose it is fine. It is wonderful to have an oral irrigator in the shower where there is no mess to clean up. I highly recommend this device....more info
  • Better than expected
    When I ordered this product, I really wasn't sure if it would help keep my teeth cleaner or not. The proof is my trip to the dentist, no cavities and my gums are in great shape! I was pleased, using this every day has saved me a lot of money. In the past I need fillings every year, which added up to a lot of money. Another advantage to having it in the shower, I put it on high pressure and it gets the extra shampoo out of my hair. This is a simple but fantastic product....more info
  • ShowerPik comments
    Easy to install and easy to use. It does an excellent job of making it easy to clean your teeth. I had to turn my shower way down (initially) because the water pressure was uncomfortably high. I have gotten used to that and my normal pressure is now acceptable. Having the ShowerPik in-place and ready for use allows me to use it without setting anything up for each use. I have used WaterPiks before and they worked fine but required new water in the reservoir each time so I did not use it as often as I think I should. With the ShowerPik ready to go, I use it daily....more info
  • Great product for the price
    It took some getting used to, but the instructions are easy to follow and it does work as advertised....more info
  • ShowerPik Feels Great !!
    I Added the ShowerPik to our shower head and everyone in the family uses it daily . Even the seven year old loves it. There is no mess because it's in the shower, thus no major clean-up. Makes my teeth feel clean even before I brush....more info
  • Very Handy!
    This is a great handy device. The diverter is a solid metal, unlike so many of the diverters you find on handheld showers (plastic), so I'm thinking it'll last for quite some time. The hose is a bit stiff but certainly not unmanageable. It does tickle a bit the first couple of times you use it, but that sensation eventually goes away. Ultimately, I like it so much that I bought the Redi-Breeze as well! (I see now that there is a package on Amazon that includes both at a substantial discount....that's the route to go!!)...more info
    I usually brush my teeth in the shower, so this is a perfect complement. Makes my teeth and mouth feel clean, and the benefits to the gums will be of long-term benefit. Looking forward to my next dentist visit; curious to see how much less plaque I'm going to have and the healthier gums.

    Most of all though, using this in the shower makes it really easy to WANT to clean your teeth. I'm not a teeth-cleaning nut, but this thing makes me want to use it -- I can't take a shower w/o using it.

    An extra little benefit is that the unit can come in handy as a pressure washer. Good for cleaning the shower and especially in grout areas. I'd recommend getting the 6' unit if you want this capability; also, if your shower is next to the sink, the longer hose can allow you to use the unit there. ...more info
  • Oral Breeze Review
    This flosser rocks! I've had it for a short time and I can tell already that my gums are healthier and it's so easy to use in the shower.

    My husband and I use one each and we love it....more info
  • Get it now -- your gums will thank you
    The ShowerBreeze is fantastic. It takes up very little space; it uses no electricity; it cleans the heck out of your teeth and gums; and it's so convenient that I use it every time that I shower.

    The ShowerBreeze has become an important part of my regime (which also includes regular flossing, using interdental brushes, and using an Oral-B electric toothbrush). Even if you already take good care of your teeth and gums, you'll notice a benefit from the ShowerBreeze.

    I should mention three things: First, if you have good water pressure, be very careful using this -- it produces such a concentrated jet of water that you might hurt yourself if you're not careful. Second, the wall mount for the tips is a little flimsy and is not what is shown in the product picture, but it's good enough. Third, make sure that it is fully installed and turned OFF when you first turn your shower on after installing it (otherwise you'll spray water all over your bathroom, as I did). Installation is easy....more info
  • Great product fast shipping!
    Great product, cleans teeth the dentist!
    installs easily...
    very happy with purchase...more info
  • The great Irrigator
    One of the best products that ive ever purchased from amazon. I take excellent care of my teeth and this feels like being at the dentist every day without the pain and cost....more info
  • A Breeze to Install and To Use
    Don't let the reasonable price fool you - this unit is well worth your consideration. It was shipped promptly, and even included a small roll of teflon tape to make the installation hassle-free, even for those who laugh when asked if they would classify themselves as "handy" around the house. The metal fitting and valve seem to be high quality, at least based on finish, fit, and heft. It goes on BEFORE the shower head, so you're getting the benefit of the full house water pressure, all going through a very small-opening pik.

    I recommend following the directions, and starting off with it on low pressure - you can always turn it up without any problem. After using it, I have to admit to being puzzled as to where the water goes if you use a plug-in unit at the sink - with this, since you're in the shower, it doesn't matter where the excess water goes.

    Prior to purchasing it, I was torn between this and a motor-operated unit; I'm glad that I went with this. I can't imagine any part of it ever breaking, whereas with a motor unit, they probably wear out or break after some amount of usage. You should be sure to drain this out if you'll be away for more than a few days - after turning the water off at the faucet, open the valve and hold the pik part down; when it's done, be sure to close the valve, to avoid having the pik do a wild snake impression when you next turn on the water.

    I know, you're still wondering - so, does it work? I haven't been to the dentist since purchasing the unit, so I can't say for sure. But I believe it's working. It's probably VERY good for people with bridges or other such dental work.

    And yes, it really does clean grout (hold it at an angle for the best effect) - but if you want to do that, get the longer hose version......more info
  • It really is a breeze!!
    What a great product! I love that you can use it in the shower because now I use it every day. No more wet messes all over the sink and no back breaking bending over like you get using a waterpik. I feel a definate improvement, and my husband got complimented by his dentist. I do regret cheaping out and not getting the 6' hose because 3' really isn't long enough when you are a short person. It also works well to rinse the shower walls once I've scrubbed them! Thanks, Oral Breeze!!!...more info
  • Gingerguy/Gingerguy
    This is the best oral irrigator that I have ever owned. It was very easy to install too. Works as refreshing! Should also mention that the service was excellent and rapid....more info
  • oral irrigator showerpik
    i love this product! it is so much easier to use than a stand alone water pick, and it does a great job!...more info
  • Excellent product
    I absolutely love this thing. I have a receding gumline, and the dentist said the only thing I could do is try to prevent it from getting any worse by using a water pick. I had tried one that hooked up to the sink in the past, and I hated it, because it was so messy. When I saw this, I figured it was worth giving it a try. It works wonderfully, and I can tell a big difference in the health of my gums and teeth. They don't hurt as often, and they even feel cleaner, and I feel like I am doing what the dentist told me to do (for once)....more info
  • Truly Clean Teeth!
    Trying to maintain dental prophylaxis preventing disease by keeping the teeth and mouth free of food particles and plaque becomes more difficult the older we get. Bruushing and flossing doesn't quite get all of the particles so water jets seem to be a better method.

    The sink top water pik versions are problematic; the self contained handheld ones don't have the jet power needed and the tiny reservoir needs to be constantly refilled; the large ones tethered to a tank are bulky and require care to not spray the pik's stream all over the bathroom.

    The ShowerPik is ideal. You use it while you shower. Connected to the house water supply, the ShowerPik has all the pressure one needs to really clean teeth. The variable valve is easily installed between the water supply and the shower head letting the user (1)keep showering while diverting water to the Pik, (2)use only the Pik or, (3)turn it off to complete showering. Some experimentation with the valve is needed to find the right pressure for your needs. Warning! Make sure you turn the ShowerPik valve off when you finish the shower.

    The ShowerPik is not safe for little children because of the power of the stream and amount of water released.

    I highly recommend the ShowerPik for its great utility and very affordable price....more info
  • works well
    this product works well and is easy to use. very convienent and helps me remember to floss more! just need to be careful on the pressure you use!...more info
  • shower pik oral irrigator
    we love this product and use it every day. it has been a couple of weeks and i can feel the difference already. it did take a few times to get the hang of it. you have to get the temperature, pressure etc right and it tickles at first. i love having it in the shower to avoid more clutter at the sink....more info
  • a quality product @ 1/2 the price of NAME BRAND stuff
    ive owned a few oral irrigators, a Braun and a Teledyne. Both were good units. No complaints really, unit I bought a QucikPik from Tom, at 1/2 the cost of my previous name brand ones. More actualy, I paid $60+ formy Bruan. And these are less a hassle, they screw on permanently. So no more off/on, off/on with the QuickPic, its ALWAYS on. Plus you can get a lot more water pressure from these than you can from the name brand stuff.

    Ernest Chapman...more info
  • Great!
    I would reccomend this product to everyone. Unlike the traditional waterpiks it doesn't take up counter space, and water doesn't get sprayed all over your bathroom, and since it is in shower I use it everyday. I also have braces and it works very well at cleaning them. I would reccomend to get the 6ft hose though, I purchased the 3ft and it gives just enough room to face the shower head and work around your mouth. This is a great product!...more info


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