Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII

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Blazing Angels: Squadrons Of WWII lets you experience WWII's most epic and action-packed air battles. You and your squadron Blazing Angels will do your best to turn the tide of the war. Whether it's the Battle of Britain, the attack of Pearl Harbor or the fierce fighting for the deserts of North Africa, you'll be there -- fighting for freedom in realistic air combat.

  • Fight WWII's most epic air battles - From the Western Europe to the Pacific to North Africa
  • Innovative squadron-based gameplay - AI controlled wingmen will obey commands and improve with experience in 20 single-player missions
  • Command 42 authentic WWII aircraft - The P-51 Mustang, B-17 Flying Fortress, British Spitfire, even the Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt & Japanese Zero
  • Engage in head-to-head dogfights or cooperative team play, with up to 16 players online
  • Authentic WWII atmosphere - Spectacular movie-like graphics with realistic imagery including accurate-looking planes and terrain

Customer Reviews:

    Gift for the grandchidren and they think it is great. The different options of playing are good. ...more info
  • Horrible. How disappointing.
    I was so excited for this game. I love WW2 genre games and couldn't wait to follow up my amazing CoD2 360 ground war experiences with battles in the sky. From the moment I put in the disc I knew there was trouble.

    From the fonts to the menu design, it was apparent that they put no thought into the details. Why use a font that's appropriate for a kid's birthday party invite in a WW2 game? Horrible. As for gameplay, it's simply average. It's no better than Crimson Skies. In fact, it may be worse. I don't mind arcade controls in flying games, but don't make the rest of the game, as in scenery and voice overs, arcade-like. The buildings on the ground are simple boxes. The tanks laughable.

    I have a kick a$$ television which renders the graphics as a PS2 game at best. The voices are horribly acted and annoying. Who wants to constantly hear the German pilots insulting my flying skills in a horrible accent? What a disappointment. Plus, there's no character development along the way with zero storyline.

    Don't buy it. At best, rent it; but don't be shocked if you're returning it the next day. For me, god is in the details and Ubisoft went atheist with this release....more info
  • Great Ace game!
    Great game, it has all the features to make this game a really enjoyable game, really easy to play and to have a great time.

    it has also some mini campaigns on which they require a more a skill player to do them.

    I would really recommend this game to whoever likes flying wwII games. ...more info
  • Pretty Bad
    Unless youre a huge fan of WW2 planes dont get this, i dont know what happened but if they spent some more time on this it couldve been decent.

    But they didnt from the begining it looks like they rushed this into production, i meen you can see the game drawing the lines while youre flying around, its pretty distracting, and the gameplay and story line is just as bad, n fact its so bad i dont even want to write any more about it....more info
  • Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII
    On the 360 this game is great. The graphics are top notch, and the action is right up there. Not the best available for the 360, but close. If you like aerial war games you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Good Flight Visuals, Bad taunting (the french are not pleased)!
    In March of 2006, just four months into the Xbox 360's launch, Ubisoft released Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII as one of the first combat flight sims for the Xbox 360. But does this game crush the Axis forces, or does it go down in flames?


    The games single player campaign is pretty easy to understand. You play as a Captain (which is who you are referred to throughout the single player campaign) in the American Volunteer Group (AVG) fictional squadron called the Angels of Dunkirk. This squadron is made up of the player, Tom (aka the shield), Joe (aka the mechanical wizard), and Frank (aka the hunter).

    Throughout the single player campaign you and your squadron will fight in some of history's most important battles. From defeating the Luftwaffe over Parliament during the battle of Britain, to shooting down zero's in Pearl Harbor to turning the tide at Midway and all the way to the final battle at Berlin. Although the story flows well, it lacks a well executed plot and is pretty predictable as to where the player will end up next.



    The design of Blazing Angels is impressive for a WWII Flight combat simulator. Each piece of the game flows very well together. The game makes it harder and harder for the player to reach his objectives for each level the player progresses. From shooting down enemy fighters in a free hunt to providing escort for bombers ect. Also, each map level is big, but it isn't big enough when the game has to force you fly back into the designated battlefield (an occurrence that has cost me a few repeats on some levels).

    Nevertheless, the games design has held on it's own and has truly innovated WWII Flight Combat sims.



    The gameplay aspect of Blazing Angels is not all that bad. The games controls make it very easy for players to adapt (the training segment in the first mission helps this). Unlike most Flight Combat Sims which have you rely on Radar, Blazing Angels takes more of a Historical approach by using a following camera in order for you to find your enemy targets. Along with Radar, there are no missiles (but you can use rockets to attack ground targets), so basically you have to rely on your guns and get up close and personnel with the enemy.

    The success if the game also relies on teamwork cooperation. Forcing you to be strategical on how your squadron mates you fight throughout the mission whether it's to attack the enemy, or defend you from enemy fighters.

    As for the multiplayer aspect, well considering that this reviewer purchased the game with new and popular retail titles currently out in the market such as Halo 3 and CoD 4 as well as modern flight combat sims such as Ace Combat 6 to contend with, there is not much online multiplayer activity for this reviewer to recommend for replay value on XBL, but it's a great game to play with all of your friends offline.


    Graphics & Sound:

    As far as graphics go, Blazing Angels has very decent graphics. With movable ailerons, elevator and rudder along with historically accurate color schemes on all 46 aircraft as well as moving vehicles and people on the ground when doing a low fly by. However, the ai humans runing around back and forth in a straight line gets old after a while.

    As for sound, Blazing Angels has different sound characteristics for different armaments (from small caliber machine guns to heavier caliber cannons), and aircraft engines (piston engines to jets). However, the character audio from both your teammates as well as poor German/Japanese voice acting become pretty annoying after hearing the same audio voice tracks over 10 times in a single mission.



    Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII may not be the best combat flight sim game for the Xbox 360, but it is a great game to play due to playing 46 historically accurate aircraft ranging from the Supermarine Spitfire to the P-51 Mustang and the ME-262 jet among many others to choose from. Despite Blazing Angels losing online value on XBL due to other more popular titles, it's still a fun game to play with your friends at a party via a system link or splitscreen. I mean come on, who doesn't want to shoot down enemy fighters in a P-51?

    READERS NOTE: I would like to let all viewers know this reviewer is a WWII history nut and is not only viewing this game based on the categories set forth by the reviewer, but also viewing this game for it's historical accuracy.

    Average Score: 7.58/10...more info
  • Very Disappointing
    Positives: Ubisoft is known for their outstanding graphics. --And this is why I bought it.

    Negatives: Oh, let me count the ways. Controls are terrible. Camera angle(s) and instruments are a disaster. Annoying radio chatter that actually confuses by leading one to believe the objective of a mission is actually something else. JUST READ EVERYBODY ELSE's review.

    In short, I am extremely disappointed with it. Played it for 2 hours just to get up from the chair and wanting to punch into the wall with frustration. NOT ENJOYABLE. I, from now on, will be very CAREFUL in picking UBISOFT titles.

  • Did WW2 Enemies Really Taunt You Incessantly?
    In Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII you're a Yank pilot flying a variety of planes all around the globe in World War II battles. Do you feel the wind flying through your hair? Not really.

    First, the basic layout. There are 42 different airplanes that you can eventually fly. The detailing on each one is quite nice. You have to start the propeller, get up to speed, learn how to zoom around in the sky. Do a barrel roll! No, just kidding, this isn't StarFox. Still, you get sun glinting off your landing gear, movement off the flaps, you name it.

    The world around you is rather well detailed too. It's important to remember that unlike most other games where they world you can see is limited, in this game, because you're high in the sky, your visible landscape is *huge*. The game has fully rendered towns, villages, forests, moving tank formations, sailing ships, you name it. There is drifting smoke, raging fires and pounding surf. The skies are gorgeous at times. Yes, we did see occasional "shift lines" as the game coped with high speed turns, but considering the number of objects being tracked simultaneously I didn't think it unreasonable.

    It's funny, we played this first right after I watched Last of the Mohegans. The soundtrack is almost *exactly* the same in some parts. I didn't consider that bad. What I *did* consider really bad is the inane radio chatter. Your enemies taunt you - in English - with the same phrases over and over again? It is questionably cute the first time, but it drives you completely insane after a few minutes. I realize they want you to feel "in the fight". They can certainly do that with comments from your own side, without having to resort to German snide taunts.

    On to gameplay. The game checkpoints automatically rather frequently, which is good. The game isn't flight-sim difficult - I *love* flight sims but realize that many people don't want to put that kind of effort into learning to fly a plane. The plane flying is very arcadey. I don't say that in a bad way. This is a "fun" combat game, not a learn-to-fly-warplanes-after-3-months-of-practice simulator. What this means is that there's a lot of circling around, shooting down fighters, strafing tanks, and perfecting your aim. This isn't a game of detailed flight mechanics. It's a game of understanding the basics of flight, aiming your plane and shooting.

    Because of this, they give you time limits so there is *some* challenge. If you're too slow or not accurate enough, you'll have to replay the mission. I actually found this to be a nicer / fairer balance than giving you a paper tissue plane that exploded all the time. If you're going to be frustrated that you were too slow, that's something you can work on. If on the other hand they made you so flammable that you blew up all the time, that would be a sure recipe for frustration.

    If you're good, then you can zip through the missions in the game in about a day or two. But that's only starting the fun. Now you get to go online and face the *real* challenges, for which the game was merely a preview. It's always far more challenging to face real live enemies than simple AI. Also, there is a ton of replayability because many of the planes won't unlock until you hit special goals in the missions. It gives you incentive to go back through the worlds, pushing yourself to go more quickly, to shoot with more precision.

    I'm sure some people will complain about the lack of "modern technology" in World War II. You don't have radar on your screen, for example. That's the way things were! Heck, your enemies light up with red symbols making them super easy to spot even from a long way off. I'm sure WWII fighters didn't have that either :) That being said, surely WWII planes had air speed and level indicators! I'd like at least the option of turning on and off those basic visuals.

    Still, I found it really immersive to fly over London, the widescreen graphics shoing me all the streets below, with the dark clouds above, and tons of planes circling around in the air attacking each other. You just sort of tune out the inane chatter part, listen to the air raid sirens and do your best to keep the civilians safe. There was plenty here to keep me having fun. If / when they come out with the next version, I'd just ask that they tone down the overly talkative characters.

    Rating: 4/5...more info
  • It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick...but not by much.
    This game is a lot like getting a really disappointing Christmas gift. On the outside it looks great; but when you open it up you're faced with a pink bunny costume.

    The positives: The game looks great and there's local and online multiplayer

    The negatives: Annoyingly repetitive radio chatter from allies and enemies alike, crummy camera control, and the missions range from tedious to "rip out your hair" frustrating.

    Go find a copy of Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge; it's a heck of a lot more fun....more info
  • Lock on and Fire
    This game has great graphics and at this price it is a huge bargin compared to most 360 console games. Great dog-fighting, crisp sound, and the camera rotates well around your plane when flying. Multiplayer is amazing. Well worth the money....more info
  • Some levels are fun. Some are very irritating.
    This best thing I can say about this game is that the graphics look good. You really get the feeling of flying as you cruise along in the simulated WW2 fighter planes depicted in the game.

    The realism ends there. Shooting down enemy planes, which is supposedly next to impossible in real combat, is amazingly easy in this game. The enemy planes are easy to find in the sky and a few well placed bursts send them crashing to the ground.

    You don't need to read up on real WW2 fighter tactics, such as the "rolling scissor" to shoot down enemy planes. They won't work in this game. I tried them. The enemy planes are not visible when they are not in front of you. You do not have the nearly 360 degree vision of real pilots. You view the sky through your television screen, and your field of vision is very limited. Normally, the first clue you get that an enemy is on your tail is when your plane gets shot.

    The only real challenging dog fights are against enemy aces. Each scenario seems to have one, which is prominently announced as they make a grandiose appearance. These planes require advanced flying manuvers to shoot down, and seem to absorb more hits than the standard "grunt" planes, but I was able to shoot down every one I have gone up against so far without having to do anything too complicated. Basically, you get on their tail and stay on it with guns blazing anytime they line up in your sights. You do have to lead your shots for turning aircraft, just like in real life.

    During the Battle of Britain (one of the most epic air battles of all time), shooting down German fighters is easy. You have to mow down about forty of them just to complete the level. Keep in mind, to become an "ace" in the real airforce, you have to shoot down five planes. This is considered an amazing feat only accomplished by a few highly skilled and or extremely lucky pilots.

    One mission which I found extremely frustrating and irritating was one in which my plane was unarmed, and I was ordered to photograph three enemy bases in a desert during a severe sandstorm.

    This mission is just plain dumb. First of all, how is a photograph going to tell anyone where the enemy base is? It seems that the makers of this game think that the compass was not yet invented, because your plane is not equipped with one (Christopher Columbus probably had one of these high tech wonders). You wander the desert aimlessly, unable to discern what is familiar territory and what is unexplored. I found myself just making random turns as I got more and more irritated with this mission.

    Then, miraculously, you take your last photograph, and you have to make a "B" line for your aircraft carrier. The only problem with that is that you have no idea what direction it is in (the compass would've come in real handy here, guys). You can barely even see the sun, which only appears briefly during very rare gaps in the clouds. The enemy fighters, which have been scrambled to shoot you down, do not seem to have any visual problems in the sandstorm. They blast machineguns at you the entire time you neander in your unarmed surveilance plane.

    Maybe in a few days I'll cool down enough to try this mission again but so far I've spent two hours trying to complete it, only to be shot down again and again. I had to start over again because I ran out of time right as the mission was saved at the waypoint.

    I hope the sequel is more fun than this one, but I'm not going to buy it. I might rent it but I seriously doubt it. Life is too short to play irritating, ill concieved games like this one....more info
  • Are ya kidding?
    I was thinking this was going to be another WWII arcade style flight-sim, similar to "Secret Weapons Over Normandy", but the developers must've had a screw loose when they put togther the control system.

    Every other flight sim (even acarde style) have offered independent roll, pitch, and yaw control. Usually there's an option to have either "novice" or "expert" controls, included with some sort of control customization.

    Blazing Angels only offers the ability to invert the pitch axis (y-axis), and turn the vibration on and off. I'll also point out that the default setting for the y-axis is reversed compared to normal; since when does pulling back on the stick make the nose of your aircraft go down?!

    The other control issue (and this one is a winner), is that you have dual alieron control: if you push the left stick to one side, you get a coordinated turn, and your roll is limited to 90 degrees, and if you push the right stick from side to side you perform a simple alieron roll. Oh, and there's NO independent RUDDER CONTROL.

    In short you are stuck with a wierd orchestration of control inputs to execute a turn - especially in combat. Like anything else you can adapt and get used to it, but why would you want to when there's plenty of other good flying games out there?

    Aside from these issues, the ONLY instrumentation is your crosshairs; no airspeed, damage, or attitude indication - not even a compass. The dialogue is unimaginative and severely repetitive, and your enemies all speak english (IMHO, if you're going to include subtitles, take the time script your enemies' native language).

    My last gripe is the challenge. Despite my difficulty with the controls, it was easy to progress through the missions. If you have infinite fuel and ammo, where's the challenge to be a good shot? And while I appreciate useful wingmen, when ONE guy can pull a whole enemy squadron off your tail, and take them all down, you might as well make your plane invulnerable too. No challenge at all.

    All in all, this game was not worth the time spent. I highly recommend renting or borrowing before you buy.

    On a good note, the visuals are rather impressive, however, and the missions offer some interesting scenarios....more info
  • Annoying, frustrating game
    As other reviewers said, this game goes to extremly simple to extremly frustrating. The storymode on this game is a disgrace. For some strange reason, the Japanese, Germans can talk to you in english and they repeat the same lines over and over and over again. It is extremly repetitive and very distracting. I gave up on this game in one day.

    The graphics itself are not too bad, but the tanks and some of the standard buildings are laughable. They didn't spend too much time making them look somewhat decent. I would have really liked to see more cut scenes and get a break from the same repetitive gameplay (repetitive is showing up a lot isn't it??)

    The only thing I really like about the game is the online/multiplayer feature. But most (not all but most) games for the 360 feature Live gameplay. If it didn't have this feature, the ratings on this game would go down dramiticly. If you're somewhat interested in this game, renting it first is a must. You just might save yourself some $$$money$$$...more info
  • Poor Seller
    Though the packaging shown on Amazon showed original packaging, the game disk showed up in a standard jewel case without the book and instructions....more info
  • Good game for cheap
    I first found the second game of this series at a store on their discount rack, and bought it, knowing that at times, you find some great games that way, and I really enjoyed the second, so I thought I would look into the first. This one is also great. As its the first, it doesnt have some of the nice features of the second, like health bars for enemy planes, and the distance to the targets, but other things are better. One thing I was glad for is that you can repair your plane at any point in the level when it is needed, as long as your wingman has his ability charged and you hit the combo right, rather than having to wait until a checkpoint for his ability to automatically kick in. As a result, you do take damage a bit more quickly than the second one.
    Overall, its a fun game, pretty easy to pick up and play right from the start, and best of all, its not that expensive like some of the newer games....more info
  • Fun Fun Fun
    I'm not sure what the people are talking about that give this game a low score, but this is a really fun game. The aircraft controls are very realistic in how the aircraft flys (I am a flight instructor - I know) and the challenges are many. I truly enjoy this game....more info
  • maddening deficits make it hard to enjoy
    i was really looking forward to using the sixaxis in a game that should be well suited to it. the scenery is pretty good for the most part. enemy planes are way to easy to shoot down, perhaps that is only in campaign mode? any plane i select flys well in motion sensitive-arcade and very poorly when set to motion sensitive-simulator mode. the arcade campaigns are nearly impossible to win and therefore become endless. the game infuriated me several times when a hard won "checkpoint" (that would have finally freed me from campaign hell) was lost when i next opened the game... product seems rushed to market but there has been no patch etc, so i guess now that B.A.II is coming out this version is as good as it gets. ...more info
  • what a bunch of no spellin' whiners
    I've been looking forward to this game after seeing screen shots for awhile.Im not as knocked out as i had hoped,but this is still a fun combat flight game.Very much an evolution in this category,but no revolution,unfortunatly.The graphics stand up well with the detailing of buildings and vehicles.There is noticable horizontal breakup/rolling in the background as you turn.It will be interesting to hear how it compares with the xbox version.Like GUN im sure this began life as a xbox title.Frankly speaking with elder scrolls, advanced warfighter and ea boxing out there,games that are truly beginning to use the 360s power.I would recommend a rental before purchase.Im having fun playing it.The best parts remind me of EAs Desert strike games....more info
  • Lame! Lame! Lame!
    This game could have been cool, but they dropped the ball. Were they trying to make a flight sim or a cartoon? When I first saw it I thought: Cool, 42 flyable planes and not just the obligitory ME 109 and mustang. But then I saw that you had to "earn" the ability to unlock all the planes. I hate that!!! I see the reasoning for that in a racing game, but I should be able to pick aircraft/mission type in a flight sim. The absolute worst part of the game are the obnoxious, supposedly funny, radio chatter. I know for a fact that allied and axis pilots DID NOT insult eachother via the radio, they did not speak their adversaries native language, and they did not all sound like Col. Klink. A real combat pilot would have been too busy using his radio for communicating with his wingmen, tower,etc and NOT hurling annoying, childish "insults" over the radio. Don't buy this game.
    ...more info
  • Short review for people with less time
    If you want a detailed description read any of the great reviews listed. My short take is the game has stunning graphics, great story and has a passionate following. However, this game also has a lot of complainers as well. The issues frustrating that casual gamer is we expected a Flight Simulator, but got an arcade game. This game is no Crimson Skies as far as flight controls go. You have to keep the accelerator pressed at all times, watch you plane fly from the side view or even front (not pilot's perspective), and listen to preprogrammed repetitive taunting. Too bad as this game is actually better than Crimson Skies in both story and scenery. Rent this game before you buy it....more info
  • Fun but has its problems
    I've had this game for about a month now. The graphics and game play are pretty decent, but quick manuevers will cause incredibly bad screen tear. The control methods are unusual and require a longer than average learning curve. It will take a couple of missions to get used to flying the planes effectively. The game overall is fun to play and the variety of aircraft is great, but the poor control layout (which is unchangable) and horrific screen tear during extreme dogfighting drops this game to a 2 star rating. Should cost $30 at best....more info
  • a big dissapointment
    some of the ubisoft flight sims are wonderful , like il 2 or il2 sturmovic .. this was a bit of a dissapointment , for one , i have a fairly new dell dimension 3000. , to play this game i had to spend another 80 upgrading my video card wich was fine .. then my saitek joy stick would not work as it was not supported , so i spent another 50 on the reccommend logitec.. the older flight sims are great simply as you plug in a joystick and can fly .. not so with this game .. you have to try to set each direction as well as down load pathes for the game and joy stick and after all that , does not work .. the graphics are ok and i am sure the game might even be fun . but not worth all the headache , extra expense and still a joy stick that does not let you fly .. ubisoft used to care about what they put out .. but nowadays expensive games , with bugs , patches and games that just do not workk . ...more info


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