Factory-Reconditioned Electrolux EL 5010 Aptitude Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Features Quiet design without sacrificing power, Powerful 1400 watt (12 amp) motor, HEPA H12 long-life washable filter captures dust and allergens in the air; just wash and replace, Wide 15" cleaning path makes cleaning faster, Extra long stretch-hose for those hard to reach areas, High-quality tools that store right in the vacuum, Turbo nozzle-perfect for spot-cleaning pet hair and cleaning stairs or curtains, Electronic filter indicator tells you at a glance when it's time to clean the filter, Seven-position carpet height adjustment; clean everything from area rugs to plush carpet, Variable motor speed control on the handle lets you control the power when switching between surfaces, Includes: 1 Aptitude Upright Bag (EL204B), 1 Aptitude Upright Belt (EL092), 1 HEPA H12 Washable Filter (EL012W).

  • 12-amp motor
  • Washable HEPA H12 filter
  • Ergonomic soft handle
  • Wide cleaning path
  • High quality on-board tools
Customer Reviews:
  • Too Hot Too Handle
    After 2 years of owning the vacuum, it will not shut off. You have to unplug it for it to shut off. After the vacuum runs for more then 10 it gets so hot that the handle is melting, and it burns you. My daughter and my carpenter both got burned. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!...more info
  • Excellent Value Vacuum!
    I just got my refurb vacuum in the mail and you would never know that it was used.. It came in one piece complete. It is the right weight- a little heavier than the cheap vacuums but not extremely heavy- just enough to let you know that it is a quality machine... This thing has 2 speeds-one for rugs (low) and the other for high traffic areas (high). While you are vacuuming, it feels like it is self propelled so it very easy to manuver, but you can see the vacuum tracks where it leaves behind so you know it is working extremely well.. It truly is one of the quieter vacuums I have used and it has lots of useful attachments. One of the neatest options is that if you click the handle twice, the machine is able to vacuum under furniture...the handle is almost able to lay down to the floor so I was able to vacuum under my coffee table with no problems.. this is such a good deal for all that you get.. Oh and most importantly you can use Walmart replacement bags.. they work perfectly......more info
  • For $99? BUY IT! LOVE IT!
    I have fallen for every vacuum gimmick known to man and for $99 I couldn't be happier! I received this vacuum and it was ready out of the box...not a screwdriver required. It immediately went to town on the immense amount of dog and cat hair we have on our carpets. I have a Dyson and this worked better with no messy filter to empty. I only hope that it retains the amount of suction it has two weeks after using it. The replacement bags were inexpensive on Amazon too! I got 30 bags for $26 shipped! I love the styling of this vacuum. I think of myself as Jane Jetson...now if I could just ride this thing instead of my broom!
    Mine was reconditioned and flawless upon delivery from Amazon!...more info
  • We love this vacuum!
    We were skeptical at first, but this vacuum has proven itself over the weeks. I had not realized what a poor job our old vacuum was doing; we only replaced it when it began to smoke. We have 3 small children, and this vacuum takes care of ALL the messes with no problem. And I love the onboard attachments...the hose seems to have really good suction. The variable speed is nice too if you are going from carpet to hard floors; it makes a difference. I also appreciate the variation in carpet height. This vacuum has lots of features I didn't know I was missing. Thus far, we have no complaints, only praise, for this machine!
    ...more info
  • Opinion
    Vacuum works fine. It was received with a cracked handle, should have been repaired at reconditioning, cannot return. Still wondering if it was worth $149, maybe should have tried other makes....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is the best vacuum I've ever used. After I vacuum my carpet, it looks so clean it's as if I shampooed it. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs and it does a fantastic job getting all of the dog hair. It is easy to use because it is self-propelled and it has a very long cord. I highly recommend it....more info