GURU Energy Drink, 100% Natural, Case Pack (24- 8.3 Fluid Ounce Cans)

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  • ? WorldĄŻs First 100% Natural Energy Drink - case of 24-8.3 fluid ounce cans.
  • ? Helps enhance physical stamina and increase alertness and vitality.
  • ? Made with fruit juices and an active botanical complex of guarana, panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba and echinacea
  • ? Lightly carbonated, with no preservatives - no taurine - no artificial ingredients.
  • ? All botanicals included in GURU are standardized, which guarantees their potency with scientific accuracy

Customer Reviews:

  • The ONLY organic AND natural drink
    This is by far the best energy drink. It packs a punch without all the garbage other drinks have. The taste is original, non-chemical, and goes down smooth. The Light version is also great, with a very different taste.
    Make sure you drink it very cold though.Before drinking any other drink, read the ingredients!
    ...more info
  • taste great!
    I thought it would have put a bit more pep into my step after reading the other reviews, but not so much. It does taste much better than the other energy drinks and does not leave you crashing when it wears off. I would buy it again....more info
  • Wow, no words to descirbe, very tasty
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • Gets yoU Ready for yoUr activities
    With a formula of all-natural ingredients and a quite flavorful taste, GURU Energy Drink has carved a nice niche in this crowded field of products. The 8.3 ounce can is great to pack in a gym bag or satchel and certainly can be used during those stressful work days. And the cost for the case is certainly a huge plus. ...more info
  • Best tasting energy drink
    Had them all, still the best tasting, cleanest tasting and most natural of all the energy drinks. Difficult to find at retail so Amazon is where I have to go to get it. Amazon also the best price with efficient delivery....more info
  • Great energy drink, bad shipping
    This is a great tasting all natural energy drink. And if could ship it consistently (or even carry it consistently) then I'd be more inclined to give it four or five stars. As is, sometimes removes the product from listing and other times takes a month and a half to ship the drink. I'm an Amazon Prime member and a huge fan of both Amazon and Amazon Prime, but this is one product where they really fail to deliver.

    I've switched to Rockstar Juiced -- It's cheaper per case, shipping is free direct from the Rockstar web site and they delivered my cases to me in just four days at no cost. That's the way it should be. ...more info
  • mid-afternoon lull?
    This product was just the right thing for enough gas to make it through the afternoon. This is much more effective than a cup of coffee and doesn't make you feel a burn-out in the end....more info
  • Good taste, good for you
    I had been a bit sluggish at work after lunch and decided I needed some pick-me-up. I saw this on here and thought I should give it a try. It got here quicker than I thought and in good shape.

    It tastes pretty good to me, like a sparkling punch of some sort, not like that after taste you'd have after drinking a Rockstar. I've noticed that I get more work done and my mind seems to stay awake longer. Though sometimes if I didn't get much sleep the night before and get really tired I would have to drink 2 or 3 to feel better. It's about on par with Red Bull I guess.

    Overall not a bad Energy Drink....more info
  • works great
    ive tried a few different energy drinks. NOS, monster (nasty nasty nasty), red bull, bawls, starbucks shot, and a couple others. this is by far the best. i use them for gaming and they do good to keep me up. i dont get my bawls is the gamers choice of drink. it personally does nothing to 3 of my friends and i except taste good. i had them try this and slowly they started to get waaaay too hyper. all in all its a GREAT buy. ive had mine almost a month and i have a few left over. almost time for more :)...more info
  • Taste HORRIBLE
    This drink is the worst I've ever had. I'm not sure why its carbonated. People should try it before buying a whole case! ...more info
  • This stuff is great!
    I've never been a big fan of energy drinks because of the taste, but Guru tastes great! It's a great drink for an energy boost. I find that I get less jittery than if I were to drink coffee or some other energy drink. I believe this is due to the fact that there isnt TONS of sugar (only 22g per bottle) and that the caffeine comes from guarana. Each can contains 125mg of caffeine (about the same from a medium coffee).

    Stay away from the lite/diet version of this drink: it isn't artificially sweetened (it doesn't have any sweetener at all) and tastes awful....more info
  • Great Energy Drink!
    While I really do like Red Bull, it's really nice to have an alternative like GURU when you're looking to switch it up a bit.
    Both the energy effect and taste are at the same level as Red Bull (it doesn't taste the same, just that it's about as tasty). It does taste a lot better than Rockstar or Monster.

    So, if you regularly drink Red Bull but want to switch it up, this is a good option....more info
  • Good stuff
    Great tasting and gives you a kick of energy without all the sugar in other drinks. Drink one around 2:00pm when I teach at night and before a workout....more info
  • Finally, something that works.
    I have searched everywhere and tried everything to find a product that works. I have used everything, 5-Hour Energy, Red Bull, Monster and all of those fad drinks. The problems with those products are:
    -The sickening artificial ingredients like Taurine (which is a constituent of bile and has not been proven to do anything useful for an adult)
    -The high calories from HFCS or oppositely the afewul taste from artificial sweeteners
    -Over abundance of ingredients that cancel each other out (like caffeine's depletion of vitamin C in the body)

    What makes Guru so good? Well, the first example is that I have had insomnia for 8 years while trying to write my first book and training for triathalons. I need energy and concentration more than the average joe. The other drinks either shoot you up for an hour and then you crash, do nothing, taste too bad to drink, or your body gets used to them quickly. Instead, I have found that Guru:
    -Is a gradual increase of energy, mostly mental concentration and awakeness instead of getting the jitters or a Niacin flush like with other drinks
    -It lasts hours with no crash
    -No artificially added vitamins, sugars or caffeine
    -The sugar is natural (from organic concentrates) and will not make you crash like HFCS, the caffeine is natural as well
    -Tastes wonderful!

    I'd recommend this to anyone....more info
  • does not taste good
    I was hoping for somthing that tasted as good as red bull , but unfortunaly, I guess because of its all natural ingredients , it lacks taste and is hard to get down i have to mix it with somthing else to drink it - It works good, but I dont think I could get used to the taste...more info
  • Love this product
    This energy drink is awesome. Gives me long lasting energy without the jittery feeling or crashing at the other end. I will purchase this product again. Flavor is good too....more info
  • 1000% Better than Red Bull...
    Might doesn't always make right. This is especially true for energy drinks. Red Bull, with a commanding Ipod-ish 50% share is this segment's top gorilla.

    So, I went along with the herd, habitually downing one can before workouts for that extra kick in tush and I was good. I figured that the 27 gram sugar rush and hangover were just the price I had to pay.

    But then this little red and grey can spoke to me in the health food store aisle one day and said "psst...hey you, check me out...100% natural stuff, even my sugar and caffeine are organic, and I got none of that wierd junk like how about it?" I said, "what's 2 bucks...why not?"

    Wow, what a instantly noticeable difference! Guru has a much smoother, natural feeling lift. And along with a sustained boost and no hard let-down, I was hooked.

    It has a clean, and fresh taste but if you area used to the likes of Monster, Rock Star and the others, your palate might take a bit to acclimate.

    I have never turned back, I wish I had know about this great product sooner....more info


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