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The perfect eyebrows are rich, full and show the perfect arch. Whether by nature or over plucking, at times, you can suffer from a thinning of our eyebrows. This can affect the entire look of your face. Brow Gain helps to create healthier looking, fuller eyebrows by stimulating the surrounding hair follicles. Generally, results will be seen about 6 to 8 weeks after use begins. Individual results may vary. Your face deserves the perfect frame. With The Eyebrow King's Signature Brow Gain as the catalyst, that goal is within reach. Damone Roberts, "The Eyebrow King," has become synonymous around the world for beautiful eyebrows. Considered the most gifted artist in the business, Damone's talent for sculpting the perfect arch has graced the faces of some of the world's most beautiful faces. From his glamorous Beverly Hills salon to his numerous television and print appearances, his beauty techniques and opinions are universally coveted. Damone Roberts' products have been featured on countless television show as evident with their appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, BET, Access Hollywood, and CNN. His abilities were also showcased on TLC's hit show: "10 Years Younger." Damone Roberts' artistry has also been heralded in the world's most respected publications, including Vogue, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek, Allure, People Magazine, Good Housekeeping, US Weekly as well as newspapers like The New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and the London Financial Times.

  • Eye Friendly Solution to Fuller Brows
  • Many Women Claim to have New Eyebrow Regrowth After Years of Frustration
  • Revitalize your Brows
  • Fuller Brows Frame the Face

Customer Reviews:

  • best invention!!!!
    My mom and I have been using this product for two months now.. it really works people. My mom never had brows before, at least not for the 27 years that I ve known her.. now she has brows, and they are full, too. this is the best product on amazon.. ...more info
  • Damone Roberts Brow Gel
    When creating an arch, brow hair can be redirected in the direction of the arch with Damone Roberts Brow Gel. I have been using the Brow Gel for sometime. I love it. It doesn't flake and my brows have filled in & look great. I have finally found a product that actually keeps it's promise. I also love his Bling Bling...more info
  • half way there!
    I guess its been about a month since I started using this every night and just about every morning. So far my left brow has had significant brow growth..on hairs that had been gone for YEARS!! My right brow has not really changed..I got a peel last week, so, I'm hoping the fresh skin will be ready to take in the ingredients and get growing..I would recomend this product however..next time I think I will try a different brand..this is a very little tube for the price....more info
  • This Stuff Really Works!
    I've had eyebrow issues for years. I'm constantly overtweezing them, leaving myself with half an eyebrow, at times. Damone Roberts' Brow Gain REALLY works. I saw results very quickly. My eyebrows are now a perfect length and thickness. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Brow Gain Works!
    I used to have very full brows all through my life - but with time & age they started to thin out and not grow out anymore. I thought that this is something that I have to live with and I would have to use pencil/powder to fill them out - until I came across Damone Roberts brow gain! My brows started to fill out and they look full and natural now. I do not need to use powder/pencil to fill them out now! They continue to grow and look wonderful!...more info
  • Amazing Product
    I bought this product because I had been getting my eyebrows waxed at a place where they kept ending up taking off too much hair off my eyebrows so I decided to stop going there and do my own eyebrows by plucking them but the problem was my eyebrows were too thin to pluck I wanted my eyebrows thick and arched like they used to be and this product had pretty good reviews and it was the most expensive brow growing product I seen so I figured it would work well and it did!!! Well worth the money. I saw big results in 1 week! It is a huge deal for me because I feel eyebrows are really an important part of your face because if their bad it can ruin your whole face but now my brows are beautiful once again and I'm so happy I've got my self confidence back again...I give this product an A++!...more info
  • just so-so
    It made growth appear in the places I didn't need it to. It was difficult to get the remainder out of the bottle so I had to use a q-tip. Probably won't buy again. ...more info
  • Too soon to tell.
    I don't think we've been using this long enough to see results. At least we haven't seen any results yet, but it says it can take a while, so we're still trying. Sometimes leaves a white film if you don't rub it in well, which is a problem with my 15 year old son (he has lost the outer two-thirds of his eyebrows due to a rare skin disorder.)...more info
  • I used this product per the instructions for 7 weeks and had zero regrowth.
    I have naturally sparse eyebrows and bought this product in hopes of getting even a little bit of extra growth. I used it twice a day for 7 weeks and photographed my results weekly. There was absolutely no new growth. This product may help people who have over plucked/waxed have faster regrowth but it will not give you new growth where your brows are naturally bare. ...more info
  • "Liquid Magic" Superb Product!!
    Damone Robert's Eyebrow Gain is literally in my opinion "Liquid Magic" for eyebrow regrowth! Just 6 weeks ago, I had eyebrows in the shape of skinny lines and on top of that a gap in one of the brows caused by a rushed beautician being careless, and taking off a part of this skinny line leaving a gap. I was horrified. I booked an appointment at the Damone Roberts Salon in NYC to see if there was anything that could be done with the little eyebrows I had left and to see if the brow gain could help with my plight. I had my eyebrows restructured by Armond, who is a "Lead Eyebrow Diva", he worked magic with what little hair was left on my eyebrows. I purchased the Eyebrow Gain, and have used it once a day for the past 4 weeks. I could see the hair growing back after just one week, I have not had arched eyebrows in years and the hairs that form the arch started to grow back very quickly as did the hairs that form the rest of the eyebrows.

    I went back today for my second appointment at the Damone Roberts Salon, and I walked out with "FIERCE" eyebrows!! I walked out of his salon and went across the street into a nail salon and within 5 minutes of me being there, the beautician's and 4 customers asked me who did my eyebrows? Just six weeks ago, I had two skinny lines for eyebrows and botched up they were! Today I have people asking me "who does my eyebrows?" If this is not a testimony for this product and these superb people who do this for a living then I dont know what is. At the end of the day, this product worked tremendously well for me and I have "FABULOUS" eyebrows to prove it!! Also got before and after pictures if anyone has doubts!!

    Just a note, I noticed that some people thought that the product was a bit pricey. Take into consideration what you are getting out of this product. Eyebrow gain will help with regrowth of eyebrow hair, it might take longer for some people and it might work quicker for others as it did for me. People, you wear your eyebrows everyday!! $35 dollars is not a lot of money for something which will improve the appearance of something which you wear everyday. How much do you spend on a handbag that you use everyday and throw on the floor at the end of the day? There lies the answer. Go figure!! You only have one face, so you had better make the most of what you have got and look after it properly!!

    Damone Roberts Eyebrow Gain rescued my eyebrows and many thanks to Armond "Lead Eyebrow Diva" who gave me the perfect frame for my face!! I will never go back to the skinny lines again!! ...more info
  • not cool
    I am very disappointed in this product, for one the brow gain is small, it would have been nice to have it the same size as a lip gloss or mascara bottle plus two in a package for the price of $35.00 which would be nice, but it is really rediculous for something so small to cost so much., i ran out 3 weeks and the instructions say 6 weeks for growth., hey, wait isn't that the usual time that it takes for the eyebrows to grow???, or that you notice that your over plucked eyebrows are starting to fill in?.
    they deliberately put brow gain in a small package so you have to keep buying for any results, another $35.00 for another 3 week supply, boy ,all you are paying for is a celebritie's name, that is how these companies get you. I learned a lesson for this, that more $$$ doesn't mean better results and the $$$ goes to the already rich celebritie's pocket.
    I should have gone and bought Ardell brow grow $9.99., i know it worked 10X's better for me. Ardell brow grow is the same size as mascara bottle plus it is a brush like the mascara has, and it works in 2 to 4 weeks. sorry Damone, not all of use have celebrity salaries....more info
  • Hairy Fairy
    It was as if the Hairy Fairy made her way through my apartment one evening - freakishly great product.......more info


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