Yogi Tea, Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life, Tea Bags, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
Yogi Tea, Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life, Tea Bags, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

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  • Six 1.12-ounce boxes, each containing 16 tea bags (total of 96 tea bags, 7.2 ounces)
  • 100% Natural Herbal Tea Supplement Contains Caffeine
  • Certified organic ingredients; helps to support a healthy weight loss program
  • Boxes wrapped with cellophane; teabags packed in heat-sealed envelopes for freshness
  • Ingredients carefully handled in organically certified facility in Eugene, Oregon

Customer Reviews:

  • Green Tea Slim Life
    I like this tea, as well as other yogi teas. Delicate flavor, and it does help me not to snack between meals. ...more info
  • Great tea
    I've tried almost every green tea on the market, and this is one of my favorites. It has a great flavor, and it really does help me keep from snacking between meals. I don't think it's possible to find great organic green tea at this price anywhere else....more info
  • really does work
    Good tasting tea that really helps control appetite and gives me energy. No unpleasant side affects either!...more info
  • Great tasting tea! Berry flavor and appetitle control.
    I got this tea imagining it might not taste that good since it is for appetite control, but boy was I wrong! The tea tastes great. There is some stevia in it so it is a little sweet without sugar. It has a few berry flavors that really mix well. It is now one of my favorite Yogi teas....more info
  • Excellent Product!!! Gret Buy!!
    Great price. Great product berry flavor keeps me going thru long hours of work and I think it is keeping my weight steady....more info
  • I love this tea.
    I have started using the Slimlife tea while also starting a wheat/gluten and dairy free diet. I was rec this tea by my accupuncturest and I love it. I have to admit I don't get hungry at all and have to remind myself to eat. I have nothing but good things to say about this tea, drink up....more info
  • Tastes great, controls appetite
    Tastes better than 90% of the 'slimming' teas on the market and is NOT a laxative tea. Definitely curbs hunger and makes me less likely to snack, especially in the afternoon when energy levels are getting low....more info
  • it's okay
    Smells like bluberries tastes like a very mild green tea. I haven't noticed it subeppressing my appetite or giving me any energy. I have lost a few pounds in the last few weeks since I started drinking it that I wasn't able to lose before so maybe its working....more info


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