Custom Accessories CU059991 300 PSI 3-In-1 Multifunction Compressor

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Product Description

* Light, flasher, pressure gauge. * Dual switch console, compressor operates with either light * Direct reading accurate gauge built into case * Compressor oil * 250 PSI

  • Light, flasher, pressure gauge.
  • Dual switch console, compressor operates with eit
  • Direct reading accurate gauge built into case

Customer Reviews:

  • The power plug will get stuck and potentially ruin your AC outlet
    Buyer aware!!: It works but the power plug got stuck and I had to shatter the front piece to get it out. It could damage your fuse too. My car is Honda Accord LX2003...more info
  • I cannot purchase this without more information.
    After reading various reviews in an attempt to find out what 12 Volt tire compressors were out there, I came to the conclusion that there's some misinformation and intentionally omitted information on the web. *Maximum PSI should not be a primary decision factor in most consumers' choices.* Most healthy, adult males can exert 160 PSI with just their own lungs! My tires only need around 35 PSI. What I think we're really concerned about is *flow rate* - how fast can a volume of air be pumped in my tire? After that, I think my next concerns are the durability, power consumption and length of cord. Just be leery of a higher numbered `PSI' in the advertising of compressors. Unless I'm looking to fill heavy-duty air tanks (most 11 gallon consumer models are rated around 150 PSI), PSI shouldn't factor in my decision. Look for SCFM or LPM as a guide in sizing up flow rates in different models. If I don't see that information, I'm definitely not purchasing it....more info
  • Powerful and long cord to reach other cars.
    I have used the new compressor on the tires of my bicyle and tractor lawn mower tires. The longer cord from the "ligher" affords me to do more things with it....more info
  • Dr. Grazioli
    It's a great little unit and it does the job unless one wants to inflate a truck tire. Then it would take some time....more info
  • Electric bicycle pump
    The pump works fine from a car's cigarette jack. The only problem is that the plug that goes into the car is so tight that if one is not careful one can pull out the entire cigarette recepticle upon removing the plug....more info
  • 12 volt plug broke on on first use
    If the product worked, it would be great. But I never got that far. I tried to insert the power plug into my 12 volt outlet, and the plug jammed part way into the socket. When I tried to pull it out, the end 1.5 inch of the plug broke off in the socket. The broken stub required a pliers and screwdriver to get out.

    Luckily this was in my garage, not beside the road somewhere in an emergency. It is too bad, because the product looked great. But the plastic that was used for the power plug was not up to the job.

    Amazon accepted the return with no problem....more info
  • Good Compressor with Flaw
    This is , in general, a well-designed compressor and is better built than most of these. The reason for the 3 stars is the nozzle clamp is flawed. It has to clamp on in an exact location or it will leak air which is why it takes so long to pump air in most of the time. The "sweet spot" will vary from one nozzle to the next. Not a good thing to work with if you're are in an emergency....more info
  • Alex Z
    Power plug got stuck and broken after first use. Gauge is not accurate that makes it completely useless. ...more info
  • Good for every day use
    I bought this tire pump because I had a slow leak in one of my tires on my motorcycle. For the time being, it was the cheaper solution to the problem. It takes only a minute or so to pump up the tire from a complete flat. I also use it for my two small SUVs. It takes a bit longer with these (five minutes or so) when they area really low, but serves its purpose well. Overall, I would say it was a good purchase as long as you aren't in a terribly big hurry to get a tire filled up. If you want that, you really need to get a full-on shop-style air compressor....more info
  • It's not fast but it works
    I've had one of these for a few years now and just replaced it after it was stolen from my car.

    It's come in very handy over the years and it never once failed.

    It has a quick connect/release connector so you don't lose much air when you are attaching or releasing the nozzle. The built in gauge is very convenient as you can see how much pressure is in the tire while it's being inflated.

    The emergency light may come in handy if you're inflating the tire in the dark or if you're stranded.

    The only drawback may be the speed at which it fills up the tire.
    Even in my sedan it took about 300 seconds per tire to fill it from a pressure of less than 10 pounds to over 30 pounds....more info
  • Very nice
    This is a very nice compressor. The pressure gauge on it has relatively poor resolution but it is fairly accurate and can serve as a good indicator. If you buy this compressor, I would advise you to get also a $5-10 handheld pressure gauge that will help you determine tire pressure more accurate.
    The connector grips the valve tightly and doesn't let air pass trough the side.
    It pumps the tires within minutes and to be perfectly often do you inflate a whole tire (even that would take only about 5 min)?
    I'm really satisfied with it, it does the job well.
    ...more info


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