Playstation 2 GameShark 2
Playstation 2 GameShark 2

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Product Description

MADCATZ GMCC82ABZ PS2(R) GameShark 2 Updated edition to GameShark; Memory card manager with a powerful data compressor ; Gain infinite health, endless ammo, extra characters and hard to find objects ; Cheat codes available on day of game release; First day code guarantee PS2(R) GameShark 2

  • Broadband enabled for quick code updates
  • Game Engine with 3D graphics and sound
  • USB storage device reader
  • Download cheats list from to USB pen drive to update GameShark code list with ease
  • PSP reader that allows user to transfer game saves between PSP and PS2 for storage on memory card and Memory Stick Duo

Customer Reviews:

  • ...
    i recently purchased this item and the memory stick was not included so it will not work ...more info
  • Maxed Stats? Bring it!
    I'm very satisfied with the Playstation 2 GameShark 2. Sure, I may not have all the games that the cheater's best friend offers, but it does pack a punch for what I play. Game saves, max health, stats, ammo - you name it, it has just about everything. I couldn't be happier with this....more info
  • don't waste your money
    i baught this gameshark and it will not load 90% of the time on an older ps2 system, now i don't know if it will work on the slim ones. but as far as the older fat versions don't waste your money on it. get the older version gameshark with that system....more info
  • Game Shark 2
    Very unhappy. We received GameShark cd and it smelled very bad. Had a film over disk. Did not work at all. Attempted to clean with water and soft cloth with no luck. Ended up pitching in trash. Will not buy from this seller again....more info
  • Trouble reading the Gameshark2 disc
    For some reason, my PS2 (slim model 79001) has difficulties reading the gameshark2 disc. Sometimes it reads and boots to the main screen fine, but usually fails (29 out of 30 times or more), so I had keep pressing the reset button to get it to read it, which can be rather challenging, since it fails to read almost always. Very disapointing....more info
  • Strongly advised: Don't get this product!
    I recently got the Gameshark for my Playstation Two, placed it into my PS2 and started it up, nothing happened. I was furious, that is, until I took the disc back out, cleaned it, placed it back in and tried again. It too a couple of times, than started up, and everything worked fine. That is, until I turned it off and tried starting it up again. I had continious problems with this product.
    I tried inputing cheats onto the Gameshark, but it doesn't work, the cheats cannot be highlighted and whenever I tried starting the game-up, it says that there are no cheats loaded. Once again, another frustrating thing about this product. It appears that you must in-put the game name exackly as it is displayed on the Gameshark website for it to work. I found that some of the new inputed codes I put in DO work, but on a game that was already listed on the Gameshark, not inputed by myself.
    I have to continiously clean the gameshark disc a number of times before it will fianlly work. Why can't they make this any easier? Its like a chore to do anything with it! Although the value is a little higher knowing that AT LEAST some of these cheats work. But trust me on this, don't waste your time or money on this lame product. If Gameshark wants to keep going, they need to make there products better....more info
  • Dont buy this product
    This product is sketchy at best you have to fight your PS2 to get it to read it. NOT WORTH THE TIME!!!! DONT BUY!!!!...more info
  • Put your card away. Dont even think about buying this.
    Use to be back in the day you could pop in some cheat codes and you were good to go, what was even better was that people would dink around and find new codes by mistake and share them. It was nice, you had a wide variety for any game, you just copy the number and be set. Now you cant enter in numbers, You HAVE to download cheats, and only cheats that gameshark deems worthy to have. Not only that, but this item should provide the buyer with a pendrive. What do you get instead? a disk. the rest is up to you. Im sick of great companies that use to do things perfectly getting in that "lets renovate" mood. Seriously if you hit a bullseye why would you take out the dart and try again? Get it right, and improove and add, not change.

    Buy an older version... if you can find it, from back when the people who ran this company knew what they were doing....more info
  • no memory thing?????
    i just got mine and couldn't even use it bc it was missing some memory thing??? i thought they all just used the ps2 memory card??? my code breaker one did and it always work perfectly... this sucks if anyone knows a way to get the memory thing for this game shark for cheep please help me out......more info
  • Utterly worthless!
    The Gameshark 2 is a terrible product. Half of the time the PS2 doesn't even recognize it as a NTSC disc. If you do manage to get it to boot up, you're still not out of the woods. If you try reading saves off of the CD, it will lock up. The supplied codes don't even work for some of the games! Adding new codes is a pain, the USB interface sometimes locks it up as well! The support site where you find new codes is worthless, as there are several game that have no codes. Buy a codebreaker, or an AR MAX instead!...more info
  • lettering way too small to See
    This Gameshark works better than that crappy GBA SP One but one problem You need a large screen TV cause the letters to punch in the codes are way too small to see I had to almost sit right up to the TV to see what I'm punching in Gameshark used to be good starting out but now they Plainly Suck!...more info
  • A Little Outdated (For an Older System, No Less)
    My relatively new PS2 had a little trouble reading the disc (may be due to it being a CD Rom, though it reads Fighter Maker 2 just fine). The only other issue is that there aren't really any new codes. what you see is what you get, and that's all they have on the site. Not bad, not great. Meh....more info
  • Do not buy this
    No desperdicien su dinero en este producto, solo lo sacas de la caja y SORPRESA , NO FUNCIONA!!!!!!!!!!

    lo probe en la version slim y la normal de ps2, no funciona, no lo compren, no se como amazon puede vender cosas como estas....(donde esta el control de calidad)


  • GREAT!
    It works great! The only draw back is adding a code. It is very picky!...more info
  • Review for ps2 gameshark
    I had only one use for this product and then never used it again. For this one purpose it did work well however the cd did take a while to load but nonetheless it worked well for its use....more info


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