Zymox Otic With 1.0% Hydrocortisone 1.25 Oz Bottle

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Product Description

Used in dogs and cats for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral and yeast infections. Treat once a day for 7 days for acute infection and once a day for 14 days for chronic infection. Do not use in conjunction with other topical ear medications or cleaners.

  • Prevent Chronic Otitis
  • Prevent Viral Infections
  • Prevent Yeast Infections
  • lactoferrin
  • lysozyme

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing! Cured red, yeast infected ear once and for all!
    Our Lab had 1 itchy, red, yeast infected ear. I read on a forum that this product would cure it. It had great reviews and now it has another one. I used it once a day for 7 days. It's now 30 days later it's perfectly healed. If you're reading this review you need this product. Buy it. It's cheap enough....more info
  • It really works
    I bought this product because my dog kept rubbing her ears on the carpet. After about 3 days she stopped, her ears are no longer swollen and there's no discharge from her ears. It works great and I certainly recommend it to others! ...more info
  • Amazing Product
    My 11 year old dog has had chronic ear infections for many years. Prescription medications worked on a short term basis. However, there was always that "smelly ear" thing going on, even with medication. After using this product for 7 days, his ear is free of any signs of infection. For the first time in many years, there is no head shaking, no crusty buildup inside his ear, and best of all, no odor! I'm very pleased and would highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Zymox Otic 1% Cortisone
    Bought this to try on my 16-year-old Beagle with a chronic yeast problem in one ear. After one week's use, her ear was back up where it belonged, and she has stopped shaking her head multiple times a day. She's somewhat deaf, so is wearing a bell -- and it's now much quieter around here! ;) :)...more info
  • Finally something that works!
    My basset hound/ black lab mix has had problems with yeast infections in her ears for as long as we've had her, and that's about 7 years. Who knows how many hundreds of dollars we've shelled out in vet bills when her ear canals swell shut and she scratches so much she leaves them a scabby, bloody mess. She even got an embolism in one ear from shaking her head too hard. We've tried the vinegar solution, but that doesn't work. We've tried ear washes, and that doesn't work either. Finally I read all the great reviews on this and decided to try it. Hooray, we've managed to keep her out of the vet!! Her ears were already getting bad when it arrived in the mail, so we did the 14 days for the infection, and it actually cleared it up! Now we use it as a preventive maintenance, and it's great that it says it's safe for extended use on persistent cases. With this stuff, I hope she never has to go into the vet again for her ears!!...more info
  • Works well
    After another $65.00 vet trip for my labs red irrated ears I decided to give this a try. Our lab has no trouble with q-tips in his ears so we dab the product on the q-tip and wipe his ears. No problems over the weeks since the purchase. We use the Zymox creme as well....more info
  • The spark is back!!
    I was at my wit's end with my poor sheepdog's red irritated ears. For years I did all the things to avoid triggering the infections but I never found any solutions. If your dog needs help in the ear health department, this is the stuff for you. Her ears have cleaned up after 7 days of using Zymox Otic and the pink/white healthy skin is back. She is so exuberant and playful- I guess she was really sick before. I wish I would have bought this product years ago. I would spend any money to keep my guys safe, healthy, and happy, and this has been THE BEST USE OF MY MONEY EVER for my dogs. Wow. This stuff has made me so relieved and my dog so happy again!!!!...more info
  • Chronic ear infection
    A vet prescribed this for my dogs chronic ear infection over 4 years ago and I am still using it. It is the only thing that helps my dog when she develops a bad ear infection. Within a few days you can see a dramatic difference. I actually try and use it a couple times a week even when she doesn't have an infection to try and prevent one because she is so prone to them. It is definately the best product I have found. I highly recommed the one with the hydrocortisone!...more info
  • Awesome product
    We have a year old yellow lab/pyrenees cross pup and he had a yeast infection in his ears. We tried everything from the vet and it just kept coming back, to the point he scratched so much his ears had scabs. Three applications of this stuff - no more scratching, and the brown "gunk" in his ears was mostly gone. A week later, ears cleaner than they had been since we got him. Now all I have to do is put this in his ears once a week, and he has had no more problems. Also decided to try it on the 2 year old cat with dirty ears with the same results....more info
  • Zymox works!
    My Golden Retriever gets 2-3 ear infections every year despite my best efforts to keep the ears clean and dry. Aggravated the vet will not provide malotic or similar ointment without a visit, I took to the internet to find some help and Find Help I did in Zymox Otic. Within a few applications the ear infection I could literally see coming on subsided. All the redness and discharge was gone within just a few days. I will keep Zymox in my arsenal for both preventing and treating ear infections from now on!...more info
  • paid but never received
    tried to contact someone because I paid and never received but no response and I will never order from Amazon again

    ...more info
  • Zymox Otic
    This is a product I have used before but it's a good product Wish it were available locally. It does the job I have a Black and Tan Coonhound and with those ears we are always fighting ear problems....more info
  • Didn't work for my cocker spaniel
    After reading everyone's reviews for this product, I really thought it would work for my dog too. She'd been to the vet several times for a yeast infection in her left ear, and I'd tried a few different ear medications, including Otomax (twice!), Micazole lotion, and Quadritop ointment. It never goes away. So I'd found what seemed to be the "miracle ear treatment" of Zymox online and decided to try it. I tried it for 2 full weeks and it did nothing for her. There was absolutely no change whatsoever. I'm incredibly disappointed in this product. ...more info
  • Zymox Otic with hydrocortisone
    This stuff is great for your animal with ear trouble. Much better that overmedicating with antibiotics....more info
  • Sounded too good to be true, but WASN"T
    I have two large standard poodles (75 and 65 pounds for may male and female) and the male in particular has long spaniel-like ears. He has had chronic problems with his ears as long as I have had him. I tried so many approaches and even cleaning several times a week, or as often as once a day, I couldn't clear his ears up. My vet suggested another product, which was irritating to Charley. I tried combinations of cleansers and powders to dry the ear. It was really painful for him. I felt like one of those uncaring owners, letting my dog's health go. There were no mites (I checked), and I suspected yeast. I was going to try an OTC antifungal, when a vet web site pointed out this product. I saw improvement within two days. Now, about two weeks later, his ears are fine and we are going to switch to the hydrocortisone-free version for maintainence. It's so nice to know the pain is gone for him. He's not shaking his head constantly. I'm treating my females ears now (they were never as bad, so I didn't start hers right away). They are improving as well.
    If you have a dog with problem ears, you have to try this. Maybe it won't work as well for you. But, you have to give it a try. I was skeptical. But it workd fantastically.
    ...more info
  • noticeable difference
    This product is great and I highly recommend it. My Golden Ret. had an ear that just was always "goopy" and nothing seemed to clear it up for any length of time. My vet recommended the Zymox, saying they'd had success with it. I bought it online and it really, really works! Her ear has cleared up and only requires treatment once in awhile. And knowing my dog and the way she reacts when I even look in her ear, that is a very good thing! I recommend this product wholeheartedly!...more info
  • My Basset Hounds Ears Are Cured!
    After a year of trips back and forth to the vet, with ear infections that were never fully cured, I tried this product. We had used every kind of drop, cleaner, antibiotic and had every test done and my bassets ears flushed out repeatedly. The infection would go away, but always come back. Once I started using Zymox, her ears are cured!

    It's kind of icky to use, since you're not supposed to clean out the ears. I'll admit, she looks a little greasy and smells kind of gross while using Zymox. But, after sticking to it, I noticed there was no more black ooze and no more infection smell. My basset seemed noticeably more comfortable after just 1 day of use.

    With my basset, when we stop using it, it only takes a few days before the infection is back (the same results, as when we use the vets expensive prescriptions!). So, I pretty much just use it all the time. We usually go 4 days on it, 3 days off. She gets bathed once a week, to get all the greasiness off and get her back to smelling good.

    Last week we visited our vet and she was blown away by how CLEAN and PERFECT my dogs ears were! She wanted to know what I was using and was just absolutely blown away by how well it works!

    So, yes, because of her ears, inparticular, we're stuck using this all the time. But, I'd much rather pay $20 a month and give frequent baths, then be stuck at the vet and pouring antibiotics into my basset all the time. This stuff is amazing and I highly recommend any pet owner who's dog has ear problems to try it! ...more info
  • Zymox
    My dog has had ear problems for four years after having Zymox he is better...more info
  • Silver Bullet for Gunky Ears
    OMG! This stuff is amazing. We fought chronic ear infections in our 2 year old Weim / Rhodesian Ridgeback mix ears almost since we got him. Originally, it was the right ear only. And after many months of veterinary care (we love our vets by the way), they finally suggested we put him under and have his ear very deeply cleaned. We did, and it worked. But within a few weeks, the infection moved to his previously spotless left ear. We fought that for almost a year, hesitant to put him under again. I finally started searching the internet and read of this stuff, which reviews unanimously said it would do the trick. I thought "it's not that expensive considering what we have paid so far... it's worth a shot". We used it as directed for chronic problems (daily for 2 weeks). We finished that time frame around January 21st. We haven't had a problem since. THANK YOU SO MUCH - from both me and Zero. We could not be more grateful to have found this. If you are fighting chronic gunky ears - it's a small investment, and it has a very high chance of working for you and your canine friend as well....more info
  • Great Product!!!
    I have a beagle, who, historically has had ear infections. We would always end up having to take him to the vet and then have to buy prescriptions. This would happen 4 or 5 times a year - it gets expensive after awhile! Well, I found Zymox through some online research and decided to give it a try. It worked wonderfully!! Our beagle's one ear had gotten real bad this time and he had started to walk with his head tipped to the side. When the Zymox arrived in the mail I simply followed the directions on the bottle and within a week our beagle had made a full recovery. If you have a dog that has chronic ear problems - I would highly recommend you try this product - its a fraction of the price of a vet bill - and more importantly you can use as a maintenance product - that way your pet can avoid those itchy and no doubt painful ear infections! ...more info
  • Great Product
    i have an English Cocker with problem ears,i first used Zymox Otic a couple of years ago for the ist time not only did it work well,it was gentle on his ears,not painful to use and i would highly recommand it....more info
  • This stuff works!
    Love, Love, Love this product. My Lhasa had been battling on going ear infections for a year & I really didn't want to put him on anti biotics again. Zymox kept coming up in my internet searches, and I decided if it worked, was worth purchase. The product started improvement within a few days - and 7 days later the ears were completely clear. I always hesitate to buy something on the web that sounds too good to be true - but this stuff is awesome!! You may want to consider the ear wash, I didn't & had to clean discharge another way and still think his ears need to be flushed out. ...more info
  • great product & seller
    The shipping was super fast! I was impressed. The product was great & took care of my dogs ear infection in a week. Very happy....more info
  • worked well for my dog's chronic ear infection
    My dog used to have recurring ear infection once every few months, he wouldn't be able to sleep at night and his ear had dark discharge. (just one ear only). I used it for 2 weeks on him and he's better than ever. Didn't try the vet this time because the medication provided were not great(too thick) and it didn't really get rid of the infection.

    Apparently, blue power ear solution is as good as this. (two best possible solution for ear infection only). Once you cure the ear infection, make sure you maintain the ear by cleaning every few weeks, or after bath with proper dog ear cleansing solution. (homemade or store bought/ I suggest googling for info)....more info
  • Miracle Med! ~ I wish that I found it sooner!!
    My sweet Jackson has suffered from repeated yeast infections in his ears. It seems that we were always at the vet due to his incessant head shaking and ear scratching. The vet visits and myriad of meds prescribed were not only VERY expensive but were ineffective too!

    I think that I probably would have kept paying the "big bucks" to treat Jackson's ear infections but he never got better. It was awful to watch him in such misery. In desperation, I searched the web. Zymox repeatedly popped up. After reading the pages and pages of positive reviews on Amazon, I knew I had to give it a shot.

    After spending on average $300 per vet visit plus another $50 - $60 for the "med of the week", imagine my surprise when I saw how affordable Zymox was! I ordered two of the Zymox solutions with Hydrocortisone. I felt that the Hydrocortisone remedy was necessary because his ears were so inflamed.

    Because Jackson's infection was so bad, it took about four to five days to begin to see a difference in his symptoms. I noticed after about a week that he had no symptoms at all! About two weeks later, he began to shake his head a bit. We treated him for two days and again he's all clear.

    This stuff is awesome! I tell everyone about it. My heart breaks knowing that there are other dogs out there suffering when there is something that both works AND is affordable. I don't think that most vets will ever prescribe this. Why should they miss out on billing for expensive office visits and meds?

    Help put your dog out of his misery and order this awesome product!!!
    ...more info
  • Works Great!
    I adopted a rescue dog 6 months ago. This is the first time she seemed to have a red itchy ear. I browsed online to find opinions on how best to treat her. Many had recommeded Zymox so I decided to try it. It worked within 7 days. Her ear is no longer red or itchy. I've been recommending Zymox to other pets owners in my area. It's worth a try and it was delieverd very quickly!...more info
  • this medicine saved our dogs life
    for nearly a year we used medicine that are vet perscribed and it only made our dogs ears worse. we bloged about the symptoms of our dog and this product came up. we used it for 4 days and immediately they cleared up. I would recommend this product to anyone with a pet suffering from itchy yeasty stinky ears....more info
  • Absolutely Amazing
    After many months of worry, many trips to the vet, many pills, drops and ointments and many dollars, our Flat Coat Retriever still suffered from a chronic ear infection. One bottle of Zymox with hydrocortisone eliminated the infection in less than a week and it has never returned. All for $12! Absolutely amazing! Really, this is a 6 star product!...more info
    After spending $140 for a Vet visit to clear up my black lab's ear yeast problem, he was put on 3 different meds and after 2 weeks the problem returned. I had searched online for a homemade solution and have tried some of these, but wanted a quick remedy. Saw several positive reviews about ZYMOX and tried it. So for under $25 I got 2 bottles and used it for the prescribed time, not even using a full bottle, and have not had a problem since.(It's been months)
    Besides feeling like I've been "taken" by the vet, I'm thankful I found this and for all the other reviews. Also the reviews that recommended the Vagisil feminine wipes was helpful, too!...more info
  • Maggie's Ear Problems
    Zymox Otic With 1.0% Hydrocortisone 1.25 Oz Bottle

    My dog maggie suffered from chronic ear problems. We tried several expensive vet medications and it always came back. She became very listless and slept all the time. Our groomer recommended this product and in a few days Maggie was her old self and no more smelly, itchy ears.What a great product. I use it every day....more info
  • Zymox Otic: Works really great and fast, too.
    My dog, a lab mix with those floppy ears, had a disgusting, stinky ear infection for months. Unfortunately, we didn't have money to take her to the vet. We tried ear washes from the pet store, but it seemed to make it worse. Finally, it got really bad. Her ear was super gunky, super stinky and seemed really painful. I looked for remedies on Google and found a vet's website that recommended Zymox Otic. It got RAVE reviews on Amazon, so I bought 2 bottles for about $25.00 including shipping from entirelypets. It's been a week of treating once a day, and the results are AWESOME. It seems like the ear is no longer producing that brownish gunk and goo, the irritated, swollen and bumpy ear-skin is smoothing out and no more stinky ear. The ear isn't red and irritated anymore, it looks much cleaner, and best of all, smells much cleaner. Well, it doesn't smell "clean" like fresh laundry, but it's more like the absence of that nasty dog stink. I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE who's dogs ears are infected. Seriously....more info
  • Works Great!
    Our dog was constantly having ear issues - this stuff cleared her right up. A lot cheaper that vet visits and antibiotics - Thanks!...more info
  • Works better than a thought.
    Though my dog still has the very annouying ( to him and me ) ear problem, this product did lessen the smell and Shep felt a little at ease....more info
  • First product ever....
    This is the first product ever that has not made my dog's ears worse. I've tried everything in the last 11 yrs. Everything that I've tried just make matters worse and we ended up that the vet's for antibiotics. Now, even the antibiotics don't seem to clear her ears up anymore. She just went through 2 different antibiotics and still her hers were red and full of garbage. The vet says that it's yeast. With some other otc products, she would scream by day 2 of a cleaning. Even the cleaner that the vet sold to me caused her to scream in pain. She is not complaining with the Zymox. I have a scope and looked at her ears today. They are not red and appear to be starting to clear up. It's been more than 2 weeks, but I do see improvement....more info
  • The Best
    My beagle get irritated ears every now and then. I usually wash them out with a two-part kit and use antibiotics but this time used this product. She stopped scratching right away and her ears cleared up quickly. I would recommend this product to all that have dogs. I have 4 and wouldn't be without it....more info
  • No more stinky ears!!!
    I use this for 3 days when my dog has "stinky ears" and it works great!!! I use it in conjunction with the Zymox Ear Cleanser (2x's wk after baths) and my dog's ears are clean and bacteria free. She doesn't scratch at her ears or shake her head as often. Before I began using these products she had terrible ear problems. These products have saved me a mint at the Vet!!! We highly recommend this product!!! ...more info
  • Excellent!!!
    This stuff is great! It healed my Yorkie's stinky ears in only 5 days of use! Can't say enough good things about it! Please, for your pets sake, give this product a try!!!!...more info
  • Zymox is the real deal!!!
    I love this product. I noticed results in my dog's ear after only using the product for 3 days. The inflammation decreased and the smell diminished. I highly recommend this affordable and effective product....more info
  • Zymox is amazing!

    After reading the product reviews for Zymox Otic, I decided to try it on my poodle's stinky ears. And I am not kidding, after ONE application the scratching and smelly, sticky brown gunk were gone and have not come back! I've never seen anything like it, so felt compelled to write my first product review. I highly recommend Zymox! ...more info
  • great product
    I used this 3 to 4 times on our pup, not even in a consistent manner, and it still worked great. I will difinately buy this product again...more info
  • Works, saves $100's of dollars
    My mixed-breed, long coated dog has a lot of hair around his ears is has chronic yeast infections. I was sick of paying over $100-$200 every time he got an ear infection. I did some research online & found many people praising this product. So I got it. Worked wonders. His infection was bad but it did the trick. He just got another infection so we just purchased another bottle. This time we got the 4oz bottle so we always have it around!...more info
  • A must have for owners with floppy eared dogs!
    Last time my Shih Tzu had an ear infection it cost me around $80. When her ear started being red again, I researched online and found very positive reviews for this product and thought would give it a try since it is so inexpensive. OMG what a difference! I've been using it once a day on her right ear and the redness and all the gunk inside her ear was gone within 3 days. I'm going to continue with med until the 7th day per bottle instructions but am amazed at the effectiveness of this product. I used standard shipping and received my order from the seller (EntirelyPets) two days after placing it....more info
  • Zymox Otic does the trick!
    We were recently given a feral kitten. Afraid of people, we didn't want to stress it any further by taking it to the vet. Back in the day, I would call my vet and he'd have whatever medicine needed ready for me at the counter. I no longer have a relationship with a vet, but called around trying to find someone sympathetic to my plight. No one would write a prescription unless they had seen the kitten. I called around to stores, but the brands I found were reviewed poorly online. I read positive statements regarding the application of Zymox Otic online and set out to find it locally. The only place I found it was with a "holistic" veterinarian, and they refused to sell it to me! I ended up purchasing it online and the relief was almost immediate. We applied it as recommended and the mites are gone for good. I see no difference in the efficacy of this medicine compared to any other prescription drug available from the vet. Don't hesitate because it isn't coming from your vet, this is medicine which WORKS!!...more info
  • Extremely happy with results!!
    My great dane had a horrible ear infection that would not go away. I used this product and have not had any trouble since. I suggest this to someone who has made countless trips to the vet and been prescribed antibiotics and steroids and infection keeps returning....more info
  • It worked for my Esksie
    The vet gave me this product for my 13-year old Eskie's yeasty ears. I had used 2 different prescription drops from another vet and they weren't doing the job. It took at least 10 days for most of her symptoms to subside. She has been on Zymox with hydrocortisone for 2 full weeks now and I plan to continue daily treatment a while longer to make certain she is 100% cured. I ordered the plain Zymox from Amazon so I could continue treatment without the hydrocortisone, which she doesn't really need now as she has no more itching or inflammation. I also ordered the wash. This is the first treatment for her ears that she has not objected to, so it must be gentle on the membranes inside the ear as well.

    Thumbs up for this product. It may take longer to work for a bad infection, but the fact that it contains no antibiotics is a BIG plus, as you won't be creating resistant bugs....more info
  • This stuff is amazing, I will always keep it on hand now.
    I found this product by searching for a product that was effective and natural for my pug's ears. He has struggled with frequent ear gunk for most of his life, it is a known pug problem. I have tried changing foods, only using purified water, gone to many doctors visits just to be given a tube of antibiotic cream, and antibiotics. Sure, the yeast is gone for awhile after, but as soon as I run out of the tube of cream his infection comes back...like it truly never went away.
    I bought Zymox Otic with 1% Hydocortisone because I saw so many positive reviews from people who had dogs that have had chronic ear infections for years using this product and they went away for good... still skeptical I figured trying Zymox was hopefully his best bet. It was hard going to the vet time and time again and putting antibiotic ointment in his ears regularly that had a side effect of deafness... I just couldn't risk it anymore... it wasn't worth it to my dog.
    When I received the product his right ear was so inflamed that it had a sore in it from being scratched so often...you could tell he was miserable, brown gunk deep in his ears, smelly and uncomfortable. Within 3 days of using this product his ear didn't smell anymore and it was turning the bright shades of pink..white. Now, over 10 days later ( I followed the 14 day application program since he has had chronic ear infections, and I even bought the cleanser to use once a day with the ointment). His ears are both brown gunk free and a healthy white tissue inside, and the best part about it instead of feeling hot from infection they are cool to the touch and you can tell he really doesn't mind me messing with his ears anymore because he knows they have gotten better!
    Order this product now! You won't be sorry, your dog's ear troubles will be gone if you use this product and follow the instructions! I am telling all my friends with pets to keep it on hand, both the ointment and the cleanser... there is no excuse for chronic ear problems anymore!...more info
  • BEST solution for chronic yeast infections!
    I have a 1 year old Shar Pei who HAD chronic yeast infections due to his small ear canals. He would shake his head constantly. I tried everything I could find, but I refused to go to the vet where they would prescribe some over-priced solution that would not treat the problem. I started to search all over the internet for something that would work. The famous home-remedy of boric acid seemed to work, but it took a lot longer to become effective. I finally found ZYMOX and knew I had nothing to lose. When it arrived my dog's ears were smelly, his ear canals were swollen and red, and he was contastaly shaking his head. After one day (2 treatments/day) his behavior completely changed. He was more comfortable for sure. It took a few more days before the real results became noticable. The amount of brown gooey material that was coming out of his ears was amazing! ZYMOX was loosening up and allowing the mess to slowly make it's way out of his ears when he shook his head. Honestly, it took about 14 days of repeat treatments (1 per day after the first week) to really get rid of the infection. But, it worked! and more importantly, I only have to treat his ears once every two weeks or so just to keep any infection from becoming a problem. I have ordered two more bottle to keep on hand just in case. My Shar Pei's ear canals are now a nice pale pink color, completely clean, not smelly, and he is finally happy..... I wonder why Vet's don't recommend this product when you tell them you dog's problems? They are quick to recommend expensive antibiotic solutions that don't treat YEAST INFECTIONS! Thanks ZYMOX!...more info
  • Amazing, and simple!
    My dog Coco had such horrible ear infections...full with swelling, bright red and bloody, and always an issue...the smell was horrible....
    I'd taken her to the vet for over seven years, who told me she had allergies.....for seven years she was given steroidal treatment, and for seven years NEVER diagnosed with yeast! I found out by chance that this could be yeast....
    I ordered this product and within DAYS had almost complete relief! It was an amazing transformation for my dog...she is happier, healthier and feels better than ever! I wonder how many years are taken from her life because of poor diagnosis.....I can't even begin to tell you the amounts of money the vet has gotten over the years! I now need a new vet! This one was only paying for his Cadillac.....now I get it!
    Thanks to this product for bringing my little Coco back to life, and back into our lives....
    One word of advice...you have to be vigillant and use the drops daily....at least in the beginning....it takes daily applications to kill the yeast! Yogurt (unsweetened if possible) also helps from the inside, out!)
    ...more info
  • Zymox is awesome
    This solution doesn't have the alcohol in it that Epi-Otic has. It would send my Yorkie into a fit so I know the alcohol hurt. This does the trick and soothes his ear pain instead of increasing it....more info
  • Zymox Otic
    I've tried other products at more than triple the price and they either worked for a short time or not at all. Zymox work right away, easy to administer and the infection has not returned!! Highly recommend it!!...more info
  • Best Non-Prescription You Can Buy
    This is by far the best non-prescription canine ear medication on the market. With a few applications it cleared up the ear infection odor. THe trick is to maintain a good application routine. Stick with it and your dog will be happy and healthy in no time. One of our dogs is prone to ear infections and we have used multiple products over the years. This product is the best we have used! Highly Recommended!...more info
  • Best product on the market for head shaking
    My dog was shaking his head side to side about once every 20 minutes for 3 months. I couldnt find anything to stop him from doing it. My vet prescribed all kinds of crap and none of it seemed to work. Saw the awesome reviews on Zymox and thought why not? To my amazement, it worked great!! Head shaking from ear infections or whatever it was stopped in two days. Now whenever he starts shaking his head, or his big brother starts licking his ears, I know an infection must be coming on and put in the Zymox. The shaking stops immediately. Five star CHEAP, great product!!...more info
  • My dog thanks me!
    Best stuff on the market, hands down. Our black lab mix got/gets chronic yeast infections and symptoms from allergies. We have spent numerous amounts of money on vet prescribed ear medications and washes, with nothing but temporary relief. Found this stuff and it's been the best investment! Within 2 days our lab wasn't pawing and shaking his ears, the smell and redness were gone and he was much more at ease and not distressed. And this hasn't been a temporary effect, it's actually long term! No more going to the vet and buying pricey meds that don't work. My dog thanks me too, because now he doesn't have to endure a stressful office visit!...more info
  • great for dogs ears!
    this product was recommended by our vet. we found it took away the awful smell from her ears. ...more info


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