Robert's American Gourmet Pirate's Booty with Golden Caramel, 2.75-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)

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  • Case of 24 2.75-ounce bags (total of 66 ounces)
  • Made from puffed rice and corn, the Original Pirate's Booty with a light caramel drizzled on each piece
  • All-natural ingredients
  • 2.75 servings per bag
  • Product of the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • 2 bags short
    This must be good...because the box arrived partially open with only 22 instead of 24 bags of snacks. Can't find the correct spot on Amazon to report this. Clever Amazon, no link to file complaints.

    I like the snacks; I just wish I had the complete order....more info
  • Carmel corn has competition!
    I love the booty! This is the best! Very addicting and super sweet. What also puts this over the top is that it is peanut free! It is very difficult to find safe products. Almost all of the Robert's American prduct is safe for my son to eat. Their website lists all allergens. We keep the booty on hand all the time and I use this as a treat. Plus, Amazon makes it too easy to order and save money....more info
  • Feed Your Body Healthy Booty
    Hey, you have the munchies, so why not Feed Your Body Healthy Booty? These snack treats are delicious and healthy too! Yummy Pirate Booty for lunch packs, snacks, and just to start a conversation.
    Argh. Get some. ...more info
  • Nothing special
    Pirate's Booty with Caramel is an OK snack. Most of the corn and rice puffs are uncoated and flavorless (think uncoated Corn Pops cereal), while the ones with caramel are crunchy and sweet. Each bag has 360 calories (allegedly 3 servings) and no vitamins or minerals (but 36 g of sugars and 69 g of carbs). These are clearly not "Good for you!", as the bags proclaim. I would pass on them and go for true caramel corn if you have a craving. These just left me with a dry and unsatisfied mouth....more info
  • Better than a bag of chips!
    I'm not a potato chip fan anyway, but I love that I can eat the entire bag of these and it still has less calories than a snack size bag of potato chips! You can't go wrong with these! If you like caramel corn, this is better, because there are no unpopped pieces and no hard kernels....more info
  • Amazing product!!
    I became a "booty head" about 6 months ago after trying some at a friend's house. She had discovered it while vacationing on the East Coast. It is bascially caramel corn that is puffed up, but with all natural ingredients and none of the bad preservatives and additives. It tastes like Kix cereal or Corn pops with caramel. It's easy to eat 1 bag in a sitting but you don't feel weighed down or guilty after! It's low in fat and calories and very low in sugar & sodium. My father has to be very careful with his sodium and sugar and he loves this product line. My husband normally refuses anything that says 'healthy' or 'good for you' on the package but after one handful of Pirate's Booty he was hooked!

    If you have kids I would recommend this 100%. They will never know it's healthy and it's easy to package so they can take it with them to school.
    I also love the Pirate Cannon Balls, they taste better than the Cheeto cheese balls and are much healthier! Try the Cocoa Booty as well, it tastes like Cocoa Puffs. I would recommmend any product produced by Robert's American Gourmet!...more info
  • Better than popcorn!
    This is a great product for those restricting gluten and dairy. The nice thing about this product is it tastes like caramel popcorn without a kernel. Pirate's Booty is crunchy with a caramel glaze. A great snack or dessert for your sweet tooth! ...more info


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