Robert's American Gourmet Smart Puffs, 1.375-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)

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Product Description

Smart Puffs are made from the finest milled Iowa corn and the finest Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, baked to a perfect taste you'll love. Ever since 1986, we've been dedicated to making the finest, best tasting, natural snacks you can buy. We are continually making new and different products to meet your expectations.

  • Case of 24 1.375-ounce bags (total of 33 ounces)
  • Crunchy, all-natural cheese puff snack; oven-baked
  • Made with Iowa corn and aged Wisconsin Cheddar cheese
  • Approximately one serving per bag
  • Product of the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • I love them - my older kids do not
    For me - these are great - they're light and crunchy without the bright orage residue of others. My baby loves these (she's not been spoiled by others kinds) and my older boys don't care for them. they prefer other kinds of chips. I think if you start them very young or try them later once the kids are old enough to grasp the idea of nutrition - they'll be a big hit. I personally prefer the taste of these over other brands and other types of salty, crunchy snacks....more info
  • delicious, cheesy, lowfat -- what more can we ask?
    Delicious, no problem w/ arriving stale. Nice size for lunches -- my kids and I like them more than cheetos. And no msg, or food coma feelings after eating them -- nice and light, satisfying....more info
  • Awesome
    Great snack for whole family. Everyone likes them, from the 2-year old to the teens, grandma too. The most popular (in this house) of all the Roberts snacks. ...more info
  • Just because it's not Orange doesn't make it healthy.
    I bought these because my daughter wanted something for a school snack, had tried these in the cafeteria and said that they "weren't bad". Unfortunately, she had changed her mind by the time the gigantic box arrived on the doorstep. My huband and I tried them, and I feel like giving a stern punishment to the maker of these things. Besides having no discernable nutritional content, these things have too much salt, too much fake "cheez" powder, and no way to remove it gracefully after you'e eaten a few puffs. We don't like them, and I feel terrible dumping them on the food pantry. Perhaps I'll hide them in a large donation of healthier items. ...more info
  • tasty and convenient
    A good product. A nice alternative to the cheese puffs from the other brands. They're not healthy but they make a good occasional treat....more info
  • Smelly but yummy!!
    I personally love the pirate's booty but I decided to give this a try. My family loves it! The smell isn't the best but to eat a bag full of not-guilty puffs (only 130 calories! not bad for a whole bag)I would say that evens it out. I'd get it again... but I have to try the others flavors first....more info
  • Still too expensive.........

    On sale for 62 cents a bag. Not cheap enough for me. Why won't Amazon put some extraordinary deals out there for us parents who want to send our college kids a special goodie to share with their dorm?
    ...more info
  • A Light and Delicious Snack
    I have always loved cheese puffs but finding the perfect one was difficult.

    Cheeto's "Dangerously Cheesy" Cheese Puffs were disgusting. I do not think their "cheese" is even real cheese. I wanted something plainer and healthier for myself.

    I have tired smaller companies but they always ended getting bankrupt or discontinuing their plaining cheese puffs.

    Finally, I tried Smart Puffs from my local supermarket. I was a little skeptical; they were so cheap! When I got home and popped one in my mouth, I was so surprised each puff was lightly covered in cheese. Each puff was not completely crunchy; they sort of slowly melt in your mouth as you chew!

    I will definitely recommend anyone who looking for a healthy snack alternative this product.

    A healthy snack
    Lightly covered in cheese
    Delicious, too!

    It is so hard to put down a bag!...more info
  • So Good!
    Smart Puffs are a really delicious and healthy snack. The ingredients are all natural, the fat content is low and they are baked not fried.My kids really like these, today I am ordering my second case. Great low price too!!...more info
  • You like those cheeta brand cheese curls?
    These cheese curls taste much better that biscuit company variety, being a much more enjoyable, cheesier experience. They are preservative, guilt free, low in saturated fat, and a rather nice expiration period, so you don't have to worry much about gorging on them before they expire....more info
  • Addictive!
    Robert's American Gourmet Smart Puffs are addictive and delicious! All natural, good flavor and no chemical-aftertaste--cause there are none. Guilt free snacking!...more info
  • great snack
    These were my kids favorite. No orange mess and a light crunchy texture....more info


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