Robert's American Gourmet Pirate's Booty, 4-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

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Robert's American Gourmet is the fastest-growing snack food company in the world. Pirate's Booty is a great-tasting snack made from rice and corn with the finest ingredients in the world. Fans are called Booty Heads. Eat 'em and you'll be hooked. Ever since 1986, we've been dedicated to making the finest, best tasting, natural snacks you can buy. We are continually making new and different products to meet your expectations.

  • Case of 12 4-ounce bags (total of 48 ounces)
  • All-natural, made with puffed rice, corn, and aged Cheddar cheese
  • Fans of this snack are called "Booty Heads"
  • Four servings per container
  • Product of the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • PB is #1
    My daughter who likes very few foods told me one of her friends gave her this and it was GOOD.So I went to the store and WOW she was RIGHT. But buying this online was the best. The price was less than the store and I now by it by the case.Everyone who eats this Pirates Booty buys it again and again. ...more info
  • The Best
    I can't have popcorn kernels. Other products I have tried are oily or contain trans-fats. This product is the best tasting. Not oily, just flavor. And no trans-fats. I highly recommend it. This makes living without popcorn easy....more info
  • Delicious!
    I have always enjoyed booty, Pirate Booty to be exact. Having it delivered and costing less than at Trader Joe's is an added bonus!...more info
  • Tastes Like Styrofoam...
    I would not recommend unless you like the texture and flavor of plain rice cakes....more info
  • Flavorful-VERY
    What can I say about these other than that they are very addicting-or is it addictive?

    If you like cheese puffs, I have no doubt that you'll like these and they're way better for you than regular cheese puffs. Not only do they have an extremely yummy taste and texture, they are also lower in fat than the others.

    If you have kids, these would be better to give them (shoot, they'd be better to give you, too! ) than the extremely high-fat cheese puffs you find in every store, and the price from Amazon isn't too bad, especially if you catch them when they're on sale for twelve dollars instead of 18.74. But, even 18.74 is a better price than you find in most grocery stores who carry them, so, go for it! But...don't blame me when you find yourself eating an entire bag in one sitting......more info
  • Pirate's Booty is the best snack for kids and adults
    My husband is a diabetic, my grandchildren are healthy eaters and my 85 year old parents, we all eat Pirate's Booty. It's a great all time, any time snack for all of us. I ordered a case for my father,who will eat a bag all by himself, for his 85th birthday present. I then proceeded to order my family a case.
    Thank you so much for the perfect snack....more info
  • needs more secure packaging
    While the product was good, three of the twelve bags arrived opened and spoiled. They need to improve the quality of shipping this product before I would order any more of it....more info
  • Delicious!
    I got this snack on a whim. I was grocery shopping while I had the munchies, which we all know is a bad idea, but that sure doesn't stop me more often than I would like to admit. But this, unlike certain others which I won't name, was a good bet. These litte yummy cheese things are terrific. My 3-year-old went nuts for them, too.

    They were kind of expensive, but who can put a price on something with such appealing texture and irrestistible flavor? (Not me, obviously!)...more info
  • Best Healthy Snack!
    Seriously, this snakc if very healthy compared to many other snacks made in the US. In fact there are no artificial ingrediants or perserfitives. I'd say the only thing in there that is a little high is the sodium which really isn't that much at all! This stuff is the best! ...more info
  • LOVE IT.
    I'm in college and needed to pick out a little something for munching on while studying. The next thing I know, everyone on my dorm floor is asking where they can get some Pirate's Booty! We love it and recommend it to all ages! I also find that it's good for younger kids who aren't ready for popcorn because it tastes great and because of it's consistency it's impossible to choke on.

    ...more info
  • Wonderful fluffy treat
    Love it! Love it! Love it! Nice fluffy and tasty treat! Be prepared to eat the whole bag!...more info
  • YUM
    This is probably te best savory snack food that I have ever eaten. Perfect for a DVD at home, or snacking while reading a book....more info
  • Good Taste but Watch Out for Quality
    A friend bought these for me once. I have to admit, I thought they tasted great. So I bought my own.

    When the box came, over half of the bags were already opened inside. The box was not damaged so it seems as though it was no fault of Amazon. So, I contacted Amazon and received a free replacement. The next box was the same; half of the bags were open. Again!

    Bad deal....more info
  • Different in the best way, very tasty snack!
    I was looking for some different snack foods for the holidays this year, and the reviews for this Pirate's Booty looked pretty good. The box is a good size, these are 12 full size bags. Don't let the 4 oz. fool you, they're the size of a normal bag of Cheetos.

    These are so much lighter than Cheetos, though, and there's almost zero 'dust' on your fingers after snacking. These will surprise you at first because of their almost fluffy texture, but don't let that distract you from the flavor, it's too good not to miss. These have a great subtle flavor that goes well with either a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a complicated multi-layer sub sandwich.

    I'll definitely be buying these again if Amazon keeps their current prices, you can't go wrong trying these if you like great taste in a light snack. ...more info
  • My kids and mother-in-law love them!
    Perfect size package to send along with your pre-school or school aged child! Good nutritional value for a snack and great taste. My mother-in-law liked them so much I ordered her a case too!...more info
  • The perfect snack!
    When you want something delicious to nibble on without loading on the calories -- this is a great answer....more info
  • Item arrived in perfect condition and was GREAT!
    I was hesitant to order this because of all the negative
    reviews about shipping. And while this is no fault's of
    Amazon's, it gave me reason to pause. However, I ordered
    it and while the box was dented in and in terrible shape,
    all 12 bags were sealed and in perfect condition. I always
    find Amazon to be prompt and offer excellent service. They gave me free shipping and gave an estimated time of arrival and all
    my items were received in two days and a week early!!GREAT JOB!!!...more info
  • Highly Addictive
    There should be some sort of Surgeon General's warning on these they are so good. With all the high fat and high sugar cheeze puffs most people are used to these may taste somewhat bland at first bite, but believe me you'll be craving it soon enough. I offered my neighbor a handful and even though he thought they were just okay he came back ten minutes later and asked for an entire bag. My dorm room is full of sugary pop tarts and rice krispy treats, but I always go for these first and I think that kept me from gaining too much weight during finals....more info
    It's good alterative to junk food. I reccomend trying TINGS TOO !!
    These snacks are soooo good. ...more info
  • Best tasting snack... EVER!
    This is by far the best tasting "junk food" snack I've ever put in my mouth. I had heard a lot about this from my friends but hadn't tried it myself. Fortunately for me, I could lay my hands on a small packet and that was it. No other commercial snack (yep! homemade snacks by mom are the best in the world, this comes second) comes even close to the great taste of Pirate's Booty. It indeed felt like I got hold of some great booty when I tasted it. Get it, you won't be sorry....more info
  • Love the Booty!
    I can eat a bag of this stuff without even blinking! It is good stuff. My daughter loves it too....more info
  • Addicted to these !
    I love this snack. I am addicted to it and crave it all the time. I will definitely order it again....more info
  • Instead of popcorn...
    My son LOVES this stuff. He recently got braces and cannot eat popcorn. This is a great substitute...and much more flavor....more info
  • I loved this
    My family had mixed reviews for this. I loved it. It's light and airy and for me like gopher nuts (you know you keep goin fer more, yuck yuck...), my bro-in-law thought, meh. So - crack for me, not so much for him. I'm the one that counts so 5 stars!...more info
  • Frustrated
    I love the product and have bought at other places. The reason I bought this from Amazon is they had a deal that allowed me to buy it for much less per bag than other places. When I got it I noticed one of the 12 bags was opened already. OK I was still in the black on the deal but after I put it on the shelf for a few days I pulled it down to get another bag and 3 more were open. 4 of the 12 bags were open and that isn't acceptable....more info
  • Snack of Choice for 4 Generations
    We have purchased boxes and boxes of Pirate's Booty over the last year. We used to buy individual bags at Whole Foods but they are expensive and get eaten too quickly. My 1 year old son just loves them and they are great for his self feeding skills. My 8 year old loves them as afterschool snacks. My husband and I enjoy them - but we try not to eat too much since these are snacks afterall and we should not have too much junk food.

    A few months ago, we shipped a box to my father in law in CA. because he got addicted to them while visiting us. He took a few bags to visit his mother in Wyoming and she got hooked. When she could not find any in her very small town, my father in law shipped a box from Amazon to her. That should last her for a while since she is 96 and lives alone.

    As you can see, this is addictive so be careful with buying your first box!! We have also tried Smart Puffs, Cannon Balls and Veggie Puffs. The green Veggie Puffs did not go over as well with my family. Only my 1 year old son likes it!...more info
  • Delicious, Great Alternative To Popcorn
    This arrived promptly with 12 4 ounce bags, packaged nicely in a box. These taste like a very mild cheesy popcorn, but without those annoying kernels that get stuck to your teeth, and more importantly, healthier. Be careful though, once you open this bag, it is hard to stop! The whole bag contains 520 calories. ...more info
  • Love 'em!
    I can have chips around for ages...but not these suckers--once I start, I'll eat half a bag and it's gone in a day or two! I haven't eaten the chemically-laden version in years...but remember the neon orange junk that got stuck on my fingers. Robert's Pirate Booty is just delicious and addictive. You have been warned! ...more info
  • Yummy!
    These are delicious. They are very light and can almost melt in your mouth. White cheddar is used so your fingers don't turn orange. The bad part is that you can easily eat the entire bag and they are NOT low calorie.

    I would have given this 5 stars but I experienced the same thing as some of the other reviewers. Several packages of the Pirate's Booty had popped open and were stale. Because of this problem, I haven't reordered....more info
  • Excellent Care Package for College Girl
    Sent it to my daughter for a care package and she was blown away. Highly recommended for late night studying. ...more info
    This product was introduced to me by my daughter, who is addicted to it and now I know why. It is a healthy and great tasting product. I highly recommend it....more info
  • I'm a more Cheetos for me!
    I tried these on a whim after hearing about Veggie Booty for a long time. I knew I wasn't ready for VB, but I could certainly try out a new kind of cheese puff. I previously thought that a day without Cheetos was a day wasted, so this was a big change.

    These are the best things ever! They taste like real cheese and there's some variation in the intensity of the flavor - every single one doesn't taste exactly the same. They aren't as crunchy as Cheetos and don't turn your fingers orange!

    After trying a couple bags purchased at the grocery store, I decided I loved them enough to invest in this 12-pack from Amazon. Okay, so maybe I went a little wild and had a bag (or two) a day until they were gone - don't judge me!

    Try these out! Buy a bag at the grocery store and then get the 12-pack. You'll be very happy that you did!...more info
  • BEWARE - Dangerous product
    This company uses cheap products from China
    that are poisen. (remember when Veggie Booty was recalled 2 years ago?)
    Plus, this product is anything but healthy, get real.
    ...more info
  • Delicious snack
    Great, healthy snack. You won't find corn-syrup in this product. I definitely recommend this product. ...more info
  • Yummy and what a great name!
    What a great name for a snack. My kids (5 and 7) love these. I find them pretty tasty too.

    These are bascially cheese puffs although softer and "smoother" than your standard mass market puff (like cheetos).

    These are a regular in our snack cabinet (the other being pirates cannon balls :->)...more info
  • A better alternative
    We ordered a case, and it arrived in perfect condition, i.e., we did not have a problem with open bags/stale contents as some previous reviewers have had. This is a better alternative to cheetos or other junk food, but I would not condsider it healthy--just a better-tasting, more natural junk food. It is satisfying and, based on the ingredients and taste, I'd rather eat Pirate's Booty than cheetos. I subsequently bought a bag of Veggie Booty and was pleasantly surprised, though its flavor is a little more unconventional than Pirate's Booty. ...more info
  • Wonderful, tasty snack that we ALL love!!
    These aren't available in stores where I live, but I ordered a case after reading rave reviews about Booty on this website. I am now addicted, and so is my four-year-old. He absolutely loves it, and I love that it isn't as unhealthy as what he normally grabs from the grocery store shelf. This is a light snack that is full of cheesy flavor, and it doesn't make a mess on our hands. If we're not careful, we can eat almost an entire bag at one sitting -- it's that good. I've ordered it several times since 'discovering' it.
    Now -- if only it was available on auto-delivery! ...more info


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