Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies Baked Crackers, 1-Ounce Snack Packs in 6-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

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  • Case of six boxes, each containing six 1-ounce packages (total of 36 snack-size packages, 36 ounces)
  • Made with organic wheat flour and real Wisconsin Cheddar
  • All-natural, no trans fats; excellent source of calcium
  • Great for toddler-sized hands, or for snackers of all ages to eat by the handful

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun, organic option to the ever present goldfish
    Both my children love cheddar bunnies and so do I. Their cousins eat goldfish, which seem to pop-up just about everywhere. When possible, I prefer to buy organic items for my family, so I was extremely happy when I found cheddar bunnies!

    The snack size bags are perfect because my three-year-old is still learning about sharing. So it's great when both the boys can have their own bags. It's also handy when we're running out the door instead of looking for snack bags or little disposable bowls.

    The boy's friends are normally excited when I bring the cheddar bunnies out because it's something new and different, instead of the usual goldfish. One mom said "Bunnies, how cute!"

    Cheddar bunnies taste good, they're crunchy, and the ingredients are: Certified organic wheat flour, expelled pressed safflower oil, aged cheddar cheese (contains milk, salt, enzymes, cheese culture), salt, yeast extract, paprika, annatto extract (for color), ground celery seed, onion powder, yeast, safflower Oil or sunflower Oil.

    They do come in other flavors, whole wheat, sour cream & onion, and white cheddar. We like the original the best, followed by the white cheddar.
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  • great for kids (and adults!)
    These are just delicious--and I like having the controlled portions in the bags--a very satisfying snack for 150 calories....more info
  • yum!
    i love cheddar bunnies!!! i am amazed that some people don't like them because i find them to be addictive.

    i like the cheddar bunnies better than goldfish crackers. but unfortunately they are more expensive so i don't buy them too often....more info
  • Natural Cheese Crackers - Great for Snack Mixes
    "...made without hydrogenated oils - which is a good thing since it's difficult for our bodies to absorb trans-fatty acids that come from hydrogenated oils." ~box

    These are definitely natural snack crackers to bounce around about. I mean, it is so rare to find even natural foods without hydrogenated oils. I can't count the times I've read labels only to be disappointed to find that "natural" does not always mean healthy.

    Ingredients: Certified organic wheat flour, expeller pressed safflower oil, aged cheddar cheese (contains milk, salt, enzymes, cheese culture), salt, yeast extract, paprika, annatto extract (for color), ground celery seed, onion powder, yeast.

    I've made my own cheese crackers and these really do taste homemade. About 24 tiny crackers will satisfy any cheese cracker craving and that is about 70 calories.

    These crackers are Bernie the Bunny (Annie's beloved mascot) approved. They are also made with only vegetarian ingredients. I love the cute rabbit shape and you can add these crackers into snack mixes with pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, GeniSoy Soy Nuts and anything else you can think of including sunflower seeds.

    ~The Rebecca Review
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  • Yummy!
    I love these, very mild flavor, great size to take everywhere, and about half the price here compared to the health food grocery store I usually get these at. I do wish they came in other flavors, like a white cheddar or a sharp cheddar....more info
  • Two Thumbs Up From My Four Year Old And His Dad
    Ok, I understand that this is not as good a buy as the boxes of Cheddar Bunnies that Amazon sells. That's okay for me, as I am truly buying this item as a convenience food and I am okay with paying a little more for that.
    What is even better is that this snack is far more natural than most snacks you will find in the grocery store - including those pesky goldfish! These are the perfect size for a lunch or afternoon snack and they are pretty crush resistant, if you know what I mean. My son actually prefers these to goldfish, although I am sure it has to do with the packaging - but the real kicker is that my husband said that these were "really good". So, a snack that covers two picky eaters and is not bad for you? A win-win in this house....more info
  • What would happen if you made Goldfish crackers out of all good ingredients?
    If you tried to replicate Goldfish snack crackers by using all natural and organic ingredients, without dumping on the salt and grease, and put them in a more appealing shape, you would have just invented Annie's Homegrown Chedar Bunnies Baked Crackers -- and you would now be my snacking hero!

    These crackers are guilt-free and every bit as delectable as you can imagine, since everything that goes into it is something that you'd be happy to put into your own stomach!

    These are some yummy and healthy crackers! And, of course, they are as cute as a... well... BUNNY!...more info
  • Cheesy Bunnies.
    Daughter loves these. We prefer to give these to her than goldfish crackers. They taste very good and are a good size snack....more info
  • Guilt-free snacking
    My daughters love all the Annie's snacks. These tasty little bunnies are so convenient to pack in their lunch boxes or in my purse when we go on outings....more info
  • Better than Goldfish
    These cheddar bunnies are perfect snacks for kids who love Goldfish. They aren't as greasy or salty, and don't have that artificial cheese taste. Definitely recommended....more info
  • Great snack
    These cheddar bunnies are now a favorite in our house. Better tasting and cuter than goldfish crackers, these are a good snack to give to your kids, or eat yourself. I was very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Tasty crackers
    My kids really like these. I suppose they are very similar in taste to Goldfish, but these are healthier, which I like....more info


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