Newman's Own?Organics Pop's Corn Organic Microwave Popcorn, Light Butter, 9-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

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  • Case of 12 9-ounce boxes (108 total ounces)
  • Made with organic corn, organic palm fruit oil, and natural butter flavor
  • Contains no trans-fatty acids and no partially hydrogenated oils
  • Half the fat of regular Butter Flavored popcorn; made with certified organic ingredients
  • Product of the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Popcorn and Healthy Too
    I've been eating this popcorn for years. It is always cruchy and consistently excellent. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Other organic is better!
    I really enjoy organic foods, so when I came upon this item I was thrilled they were making organic popcorn- especially Newman's Own, a brand I've liked in the past. I have to agree with the other poster, the popcorn is bland and almost flavorless. There are other brands of organic popcorn that I've found more recently that are far better. Don't waste your money on such a vast amount of product!!! I would suggest even making your own popcorn- it is still going to be healthier than this and you can flavor as you like so it will taste much better than this!...more info
  • the only popcorn we eat!
    love this popcorn, just a hint of butteriness and not too salty. definitely not artificial tasting-because there is nothing artificial in it! that's why we eat it. popcorn has good fiber, and is a healthy snack not ful of white flour or sugar....more info
  • Yum without the junk.
    I love this stuff. Lots of flavor, smells like real food. Of course it would be healthier to airpop my own and throw out the microwave, but for a busy life, you can't get a better snack than this....more info
  • Fresh and crunchy
    This microwave oven popcorn pops light and fluffy. When it's popping, it actually smells like popcorn and not like some kind of artificially-flavored buttery grease. There is a hint of salt and light butter. It's really good stuff unless you're looking to replicate the trans-fat experience of the movie theater concession stand....more info
    Beats competitive brands I've tried for "Natural butter" taste (not too heavy) and unpopped kernals are non-existant if I microwave just a little longer (10 - 15 seconds) than the pre-set program. ...more info
  • Not too salty
    This is by far, the best tasting microwavable popcorn. Other organic popcorn brands (namely Whole Foods, Safeway's Organics) are too salty for me. This one, however, is like Baby Bear's porridge -- "just right." My kids can polish off 2 bags in one day! Of course I also like the fact that it's organic, low in fat/butter, low sodium, and the profits go to charity. ...more info


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