Bear Naked All-Natural Granola, Peak Protein, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

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  • Case of six 12-ounce bags (total of 72 ounces)
  • Made with real, whole grains; has a unique, soft-baked texture
  • All natural, vegetarian-friendly, kosher-certified
  • Voted ¡°Best-Tasting Granola in the Country¡± (Men¡¯s Health, Mar 2005, and Organic Style, Nov 2004)
  • Hand-crafted in small batches in Darien, Conn.

Customer Reviews:

  • 5+++++ Stars for Bear Naked Granola!!
    Hands down, this is my favorite granola. It tastes great, it's natural and healthy (not alot of sugars). And the plus is that it has more protein than other granolas I've come across -- a great addition to my fitness and health program. I will be repurchasing....more info
  • Drastically overpriced item
    This product is drastically overpriced and since it contains "Natural Flavors" (cerainly imported from China and probably MSG!) is NOT fit for human consumption. Since it's impossible to rate at zero, I've been forced to give it one star. ...more info
  • The Most Delicious Granola You'll Ever Have
    Absolutely! It is by far the nicest tasting granola I have ever had. It is not the same texture as most granola. It isn't extremely hard and crunchy. It is a bit softer in texture, but this doesn't mean that it sops up milk like a sponge if you choose to eat it more like a cereal. It remains the same lovely texture, not too hard, and definitely not mushy.

    As for its flavour, it's a bit nutty tasting. The cranberries in it are a splendid bit of tart-sweetness, and the sunflower seeds are gorgeous as well. I generally mix a bit of Bear Naked Peak Protein All Natural Granola in with my Crispix. It's a scrummy touch to the Crispix, and makes the 12 ounce bag of Bear Naked Peak Protein All Natural Granola last a lot longer. (I tend to have this for breakfast and at least one snack a day.)

    I give Bear Naked Peak Protein All Natural Granola five stars for its taste, texture, and nutrition....more info
  • Seriously Good Granola
    This is seriously good granola and extremely healthy as well. There is a lot of both fruit and nuts to make this something to look forward to in the morning....more info
  • Soft-baked Granola
    This truly is the best granola I've ever tasted. Unlike most granolas I have tried in the past, Bear Naked granola is not dry and hard. It is chunky, with a texture that lies somewhere between crunchy and chewy. It's just right and it tastes great. Peak Protein is the most nutritious of the variety and it is excellent with yogurt....more info
  • healthy option for a quick snack
    Although i thought the texture was a little odd (chewier than you'd expect...), this granola tastes great (especially mixed in yoghurt) and has more protein than comparable cereals. ...more info
  • No other granola will do
    This is the best granola my family has ever had. We cannot imagine eating another brand. Not always easy to find in the store, since it is so popular, it is usually sold out. Men's Health listed it as a favorite food recently. Great in yogurt or with milk. ...more info
  • Best Granola EVER
    This stuff is amazing good. Not too sweet & lots of whole nuts & grains. It's expensive in the grocery store ($4+ per bag). We purchase by the case on Amazon. It makes the granola affordable.

    It's definetely an adult cereal. Not sweet enough for the kids. Although they like adding it to strawberry yogurt for a great healthy dessert. ...more info
  • Tastes great going down but it's a bit heavy
    I have tried all the flavors by Bear Naked and I admit they do taste terrific. I'm not too fond of the Banana cereal but the rest are pretty good. The granola is done just right...not too hard, not sweet at all, and nice and chunky!

    My only gripe is that after it goes down, it lays very heavily on my stomach causing a terrible heartburn that lingers for hours. I thought it was just my body but my son has been eating it too and just this morning he asked me if it makes me feel sick. I said "not sick, but I do have indigestion." He said that must be what he is feeling.

    We both say it tastes great but I think it's good to use just a few tablespoons at a time, like just add it to yogurt, not to eat as a bowl of cereal. It's just too heavy.

    If it weren't for that awful feeling afterwards, I would definitely have given this product five stars based on taste and excellent granola-type consistency....more info
  • good post-workout snack
    This is a great post-workout snack. As a runner, I burn a lot of calories, so I'm hungry when I finish. This is a quick and healthy way to get some good nutrition. All the ingredients are natural, with nothing you don't want in there, such as fructose. This cereal is also an excellent source of whole grain....more info


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