Bear Naked All-Natural Granola, Banana Nut, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

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  • Case of six 12-ounce bags (total of 72 ounces)
  • Made with real, whole grains; has a unique, soft-baked texture
  • All natural, vegetarian-friendly, kosher-certified
  • Voted ¡°Best-Tasting Granola in the Country¡± (Men¡¯s Health, Mar 2005, and Organic Style, Nov 2004)
  • Hand-crafted in small batches in Darien, Conn.

Customer Reviews:

  • i love this stuff :)
    what an awesome product it taste great i will be trying all the others asap.thanks for the great and fast service....more info
  • Bare Naked a great snack
    Great product, wonderful flavor and texture, would highly recommend. I am now sprinkling it in my egg white each morning. ...more info
  • YUMMY!
    Quite frankly, this is comparable to the Banana Nut Crunch from Post except this is better. I look forward to the crunchy banana slices and the almonds that are hidden in this granola. Great with fat-free milk! Everyone in my family is in love with this cereal!...more info
  • It is addictive!
    If you're like me, one handful of this stuff and you'll never buy any other granola again. If you really want to be impressed, look at the ingredients on the label. There isn't one artificial ingredient, just pure, wholesome, REAL food. You have to note the serving size, especially if you are watching your weight. This stuff is not light on calories, so a little goes a long way. Highly recommended!...more info
  • good post-workout snack
    This is a great post-workout snack. As a runner, I burn a lot of calories, so I'm hungry when I finish. This is a quick and healthy way to get some good nutrition. All the ingredients are natural, with nothing you don't want in there, such as fructose. This cereal is also an excellent source of whole grain....more info
  • Bear Naked All-Natural Granola, Banana Nut
    Has a great banana taste and plenty of almonds. I find it very filling and so I don't have to eat much of it to feel satisfied. My husband doesn't usually care for granola but he loves this one....more info
  • The best darn granola on the planet
    Bear Naked Granola is just fabulous. I've tried every granola around, and Bear Naked strikes the right balance between crunchy, sweet, and ostensibly, good for you. And Amazon's price certainly beats what you'd pay at the store. ...more info
  • Not natural, contains highly processed soy protein isolate = cancer
    I tried some of this, it is BAD. not enough fruit, very flat flavor. Plus it contains highly processed soy protein isolate which has been linked to cancers (all the studies showing a soy/cancer link involve people who eat a lot of this highly processed food product, rather than natural soy). Seriously NOT "all-natural"....more info
  • Good enough to start eating breakfast again!
    This stuff is awesome. A great-tasting mix of all-natural granola, WHOLE almonds & walnuts, and banana chips that make breakfast the best meal of my day! I'm not a huge banana fan, but the flavor here is perfect: the bananas don't overpower the nuts and vice-versa. What I like the most is that every mouthful is a little different, depending on the mix of banana, granola, and nuts you happen to get. Great with milk or as a snack. Even though the bag looks small in comparison with the boxes of cereal on the grocer's shelf, you get nearly the same amount of stuff, and the quality is 1000% better than any other granola on the market (just compare the list of ingredients and you'll see what I'm talking about.) Highly recommended, also try the Apple Cinnamon and Fruit & Nut varieties.
    ...more info
  • cereal
    This cereal brand is awesome, and the apple cinnamon flavor is the best!! The only down sides I find are the high fat content per serving and the high price for what you get, but it's definitely worth the splurge every now and then....more info
  • Seriously Good Granola
    This is seriously good granola and extremely healthy as well. There is a lot of both fruit and nuts to make this something to look forward to in the morning....more info
  • The granola hunt is over.
    Bear Naked All-Natural Granola is the best tasting, natural ingrediant granola I have found and I love it! The texture is soft but has the crunch from whole nuts that I find satisfying. My favorite is the fruit and nut variety. You will not be disappointed by this product....more info
  • Delicious!
    Guess what I'm eating right now?

    You guessed it...Bear Naked Banana Nut Granola!

    I was in the organic section of a grocery store the other night, looking for low-fat granola. (I'm on a low-fat diet to help combat elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. *wince*)

    I bought myself a 12 oz. packages of the Banana Nut, as well as the Bear Naked Peak Protein Granola. The latter was so-so, but the Banana Nut? YUM!

    It's delicious plain, in my opinion, but you could certainly eat it with milk/soy milk as cereal, or mix in with some yogurt.

    There are 11 servings per bag (about 1/4 cup) and here are some nutritional facts per 1/4 Cup:

    140 calories (60 from fat)
    Total Fat 7 g (10% DV)
    NO Trans Fat
    NO Cholesterol
    5 mg sodium
    17 g carbs (3 g dietary fiber, 5 g sugars)
    3 g protein

    If you love organic, hand-made, nutritional products, Bear Naked Banana Nut is wonderful! It contains almonds, and tastes a bit like dried banana chips + tasty granola.

    (P.S. The price here at Amazon is a STEAL! I would have paid over $10 more if I would have bought the same quantities at the grocery store!)...more info


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