Bear Naked All-Natural Granola, Fruit and Nut, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Whole Grains Rule! Fruit and Nut is a delicious, soft-baked blend of whole grains, hearty nuts and tasty fruits. Try it with milk, yogurt or just Bear Naked. Do you get Bear Naked? We do! We both love great-tasting and nutritious food, active lifestyles and working together. So, Bear Naked was born. As so,[le as it may sound, we believe food should be hand-made from wholesome and natural ingredients you can actually pronounce. We also believe in eating smart carbohydrates (like oats), smart fats (like nuts), and lots off protein and fiber in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Where ever life takes you - up a mountain, down a trail, or through city streets - you can always Fuel Your Wild Life by eating Bear Naked.

  • Case of six 12-ounce bags (total of 72 ounces)
  • Made with real, whole grains; has a unique, soft-baked texture
  • All natural, vegetarian-friendly, kosher-certified
  • Voted “Best-Tasting Granola in the Country” (Men’s Health, Mar 2005, and Organic Style, Nov 2004)
  • Hand-crafted in small batches in Darien, Conn.

Customer Reviews:

  • Seriously Good Granola
    This is seriously good granola and extremely healthy as well. There is a lot of both fruit and nuts to make this something to look forward to in the morning....more info
  • Very Good, But...
    I agree with most comments made but it needs to be pointed out that if you don't like your food to be overrun with nuts then this isn't the granola for you. There are big Almonds that are a mouthful in and of themselves. So the granola is good but just FYI....more info
  • Fantastic product, questionable value on Amazon
    All of the Bear Naked products are great (Fruit and Nut being my favorite) but the prices on Amazon have become more and more unfavorable to the wise consumer - one 12 oz package is available for sale at my local Stop and Shop grocer for $3.99 - no waiting for shipping, either! Please support this fantastic product but purchase sensibly....more info
  • Best Granola Cereal!
    This is the best granola cereal that I have ever tried. I first found it at Sam's Club in 20 oz. bags but they do not stock my local store any longer. Many may think this is pricey but well worth it. Now I routinely schedule this for delivery and get a little more discount. I mix it with a pumpkin seed flax cereal and eat it with blueberries and banana. Wow! Its nice to look forward to when you wake up. Buy it! You will not be sorry....more info
  • The best granola
    I was very happy to see my regular grocery store now carrying Bear Naked. It's the best tasting granola I've found yet. It's great as a snack on it's own, or mixed into yogurt. ...more info
    I never expected granola to contain flax seed -- something I'm allergic to. I sat down to a nice bowl of granola, and it sure tasted good! Then my throat started to itch. Then my stomach started to cramp. I stopped eating and checked the label -- sure enough, near the bottom, 'ground flax seed'. My husband, who is not much of a granola eater, tried some a few days later, and although he isn't allergic to flax, he found it still made his mouth and throat itch. If you're not allergic to flax, by all means enjoy it, but if you are -- DON'T TOUCH IT!...more info
  • Tastes great, more filling!
    My husband adores this granola! It is dense and chewy, with toasted whole grain flavor. It's not overly sweet, with the raisins adding just enough sweetness to be satisfying. Of course, like all granola, they seem to think that 1/4 cup is one serving...yeah...right; I've watched my husband sit down with the whole bag and a spoon while watching television! I don't eat it that often (calories, doncha know!), because I can't seem to limit myself to 1/4 cup either! This flavor is his favorite (the ones with added protein have an additional flavor that he finds objectionable), which is why we buy it in bulk from info
  • Bear Naked Granola is Grreeaattt!!!!!!
    Much more nutritious than my usual//Mickey D sausage biscuit!!/very clean, filling snack..My stomach does much better when I have my granola//hooked on it//saw the birth of this product on the Food Channel several years ago!! I work for a health care agency and now several of my nurses are BEAR NAKED lovers!!!!! ...more info
  • SOOO healthy !
    SOOO healthy & good tasting.
    I started eating a bowl in the morning with added walnuts & almonds & blueberries, A healthy lunch & a healthy dinner & I have lost 62 lbs in the last 7 months.
    I have zero cravings.
    No exercise..just cut out sugars & white flour foods & ate healthy.
    This granola is the best !
    Amen...more info
  • Bear Naked
    This is the best granola I have ever eaten. It is so fresh and the fruits are large chunks instead of little pieces. The nuts are excellent. Just wish I could find it at more stores. But that's okay. Amazon has an excellent shipping deal. (Over $25 and it is free!)...more info
  • The Best!!!
    This is still the best cereal I've ever tasted. It keeps me full for four hours or more. ...more info
  • Excellent Bear Naked!
    Love it - could have a few more nuts but has great flavor and texture...more info
  • Best ever granola
    I had been buying Bare Naked granola as I came across it in stores, then my local SAM'S club had it for a while. Then they stopped selling it and I stumbled across it at Amazon Grocery!!! It is the best granola I have ever eaten; please keep on stocking it....more info
  • I love this stuff
    This is by far my favor flavor. The variety of nuts and berries is perfect. Love it!...more info
  • Get Bear Naked Granola!
    Never had this product before I ordered it, but I heard about this granola on the Food Network's "Unwrapped" show, and decided to try it when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It's a great way to get all the carbs, protein, and fat I need in a quick and healthy snack. Delicious! Nutritious! Fabulous....more info
  • Bear Naked Granola
    Bear Naked Granola, especially the Fruit & Nut, is a superior product, and we have used the product for some time. Bear Naked items tend to be expensive in local supermarkets, and the prices are a little better at stores such as Costco. Costco tends to be out of stock or does not hav the flavor we want. Purchasing through Amazon was cheaper then the supermarket, cheaper then Costco, and the shipping was prompt and free. ...more info
    DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Bear Naked or any of its subsidiaries or parent companies. I am an normal consumer.

    This stuff is GREAT! I was recently forced to go on a low-sodium diet due to congenital high blood pressure, and finding things with little to no sodium that actually taste good has been REALLY hard. I picked the Bear Naked All-Natural Granola, Fruit and Nut last night and it is wonderful. Its pleasantly sweet-not bland, and leaves a great aftertaste, unlike other natural granolas. the fruit and nuts in it are fresh, even without preservatives. Better yet, it has 0 (zero, none, nada) sodium!! A little Bear Naked and some soy milk in the morning and I'm set. I definitely will recommend this to all my family and friends. Thanks Bear Naked!...more info
  • Best Granola I've Found
    I really like Granola, and have tried many different kinds. Most of them are just too sweet, more like candy than a nutritious treat with grains and fruit. These are perfect, I like the Fruit and Nut, it has big whole nuts, so big in fact, I have to pick them out before giving them to my two year old Great Niece that I watch. My husband prefers the Peak Protien, which has very little fruit because he doesn't like dried fruit. Those are the only two I have tried but plan on trying them all....more info
  • Bear Naked Granola...normally great, but...
    Bear Naked Granola Fruit and Nut is our very favorite granola, but my order on 1/5/07 arrived, and the batch I ordered did not seem as fresh as the others I have ordered. Specifically, the raisins in each bag were so hard we had to spit them out. So hard you could not chew them.

    The other six bags I ordered on 1/5/07 were a gift. I sure hope the batch the recipient received was not that stale.

    Our previous orders of this same product proved to be just great!...more info
  • A little pricey for granola
    Don't get me wrong, this granola cereal is superior to all others I've tried. Whole almonds and raisins, cranberries, etc. But for the price, I was a little disappointed, I expected much more. The vitamins and minerals are a little on the short side of this product, but mostly beat anything comparable in the grocery aisle. Like another reviewer, I could also smell a "plastic" odor in the package, but the granola did not have a bad taste nor a bad smell. The resealable bags are nice, especially to keep the product fresh....more info
  • The inside of the bag smells like plastic.
    The first thing I noticed when opening the bag was the chemical stench of plastic fumes.

    The second thing I noticed was the lack of vitamins and minerals contained in the product.

    Despite these two flaws, I was at least somewhat satisfied with the product -- its only saving grace being that it tasted OK....more info
  • yumminess!
    so good - i love bear naked. i think the fruit and nut is the best out of their varieties. ...more info
  • Best of the best
    Bear Naked is my favorite granola and Fruit and Nut is by far my favorite flavor. I came across Bear Naked because one of my favorite breakfast's is granola mixed with banana and yogurt. When I went off of refined sugar I was having the hardest time finding a granola without sugar added. Bear Naked uses all natural sugars like pear juice and maple syrup. My favorite part of this flavor is the dried cranberries and the coconut, plus the almonds add crunch to an overall chewy texture. I recommend this brand to all lovers of granola and to anyone looking for a healthy treat....more info
  • cheaper than one by one at the store
    Good low sodium low sugar granola that I feel I can't afford at the onesie price in the traditional shopping venues....more info
  • Granola, Fruit and Nut
    This is a great tasting granola. It is good as a cereal or as a snack. I can save money when I buy the box at Amazon instead of at the grocery store. ...more info