Fight Night Round 3

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Fight Night Round 3 brings back Fight Night, the undisputed champion of boxing games. It's one of the best looking and playing sports games on the market. Now it takes the action outside the ring -- where gamers can establish rivalries through pre-fight events, putting purpose and passion behind every hit. It's the closest thing to being in the ring without getting punched. Film-quality graphics - Gamers rely on facial expressions and body language to gauge an opponent's health and energy creating a more emotionally immersive experience Online gameplay for wilder boxing action against real-life opponents

  • 3 new Impact Punches, with high risk and high reward - put down your opponent or get knocked on the canvas. Players are only one punch away from the entire dynamic of the fight changing!
  • Clench down on that mouth guard, rookie! Super Punch lets you feel the impact of a devastating punch, as the boxer's face ripples from that blow
  • Design a fighting style all your own, and see how you match up against the authentic signature styles from the world's best fighters
  • Establish rivalries by intimidating opponents before the big fight with heated press conferences, trash talkin', and fights at weigh-ins
  • Watch ESPN Classic footage of real-life bouts or re-create the greatest fights from past and present

Customer Reviews:

  • Dare I say better than FNR2?
    The "slow" gameplay everyone whines about is REALISM. This game is a lot more fun than FNR2 because you actually have to be good, you can't just find a glitch and knock anyone out in any round you please. The stun punch is awesome, it reminds me of punch-out for NES. If you don't like this game it's because you aren't spending the time to enjoy it. It gets much better each fight. Keep playing and stop hating....more info
  • EA always comes out with a let down
    This game sucks compared to the Fight Night Round 2. Where is my rank I never get to see it. I LIKE rankins not popularity contests. All you do in this [...] game is fight in sponsored events. You dont get a list of like 6 Boxers to fight in FNR2, you have 3 choies and thats it.

    To get better fights you have to get your popularity up. I hate popularity contests its just stupid.

    The haymaker is so slow I can get up and go eat come back and he still is powering up to hit the opponent and when he swings you either miss, or is blocked, or you can't get a chance to hit the opponent, because he just hit you 7-8 times in like 2 sec or you just got haymakered.

    In FNR2 you could comb the crap out of the opponent really fast in FNR3 it's so S-L-O-W and you miss half you the time.

    You now can't pick your cut/swell man.
    You can't pick you entry music/fireworks.

    Career mode will leave you yawning because you have no one really to look foward to and you don't get to see any of the other boxers except the 3 you get to pick from.

    Overall this game is boring as crap and you will get tired of it.

    -->Whatever you do please don't waste your money on this! It's not even worth a paso.

    -->MY best bet is to go out and by Fight night Round 2 if you want to play a real boxing game with ranks and a fast pase.
    ...more info
  • EA low blows the fans
    If your a fan of Fight Night 1 & 2 then get ready to be disappointed. The game is much easyer then before and you hit "legendary" status alot sooner.

    Also companys like Burger King, a car company and a few others have their logo's all over the game. Infact you can evan have "The King" play as your trainer. ESPN has known to use companys ads before but this is ridiculous.

    Fight Night Round 3 is more of a game you would want to rent....more info
  • It's all about perfect timing...
    The first thing I noticed was the slower gameplay, now the only slow punches are the haymaker, stun and flash punches. Now it was very easy to defeat an opponent in FNR2, you just nock the s#@t out of him with haymakers, this game requires a little more skill. You can throw one punch to put your opponent in the KO moment(or on the canvass) but it has to be executed perfectly or else it's your ass. So instead of scull-cracking you actually have to think, and set up your punches, something alot of people don't seem to like. The only thing I missed was the instant replay accessible through the pause menu, but you can press square during the replay after a knockdown to see it over and over again. So FNR3 might not be as quick as it's predecessors' but it's more true to life in my opinion, so to all those who complain , I suggest you stop swinging and start thinking....more info
  • S-L-O-O-O-O-OW
    This game is terrible! I LOVED the first Fight Night,I never played Round 2 but I bought this game the day it came out. The gameplay is so sloooow! I feel like my boxer is throwing punches underwater!! This game sucks so much I tried to get my money back already....more info
  • Should have played it first!
    I was a big fan of EA's Knockout Kings games in the late 90's early 2000's and I was so looking forward to this game that I bought it without trying it first , bad idea!


    akward controls
    Slow reaction time of fighters you control

    I have heard FN 1 and 2 are better versions. Maybe stick with those?...more info
  • Looks good but thats it
    I think boxing would be more funner to do then to play on a game.
    I did not like.
    But thats just me, Bc i lent to a friend of mine who really enjoyed it...more info
  • Great mechanics, but some major annoyances plague this game.
    This is the first Fight Night game I've played... and it may be the last unless some of the more annoying aspects of the game are cleared up.

    Since I am new to this series I must say that the mechanics of this game are great! The way you use the right analog stick to pull off punches is very cool. Dodging, blocking...etc are done very well also. If it weren't for some major annoyances (which I'll talk about soon) this game would be absolutely amazing.

    The interface for the game is done pretty well. Menus are easy enough to navigate. The graphics and sound are good enough for me.

    I mostly play career mode in this game. You simply pick a fight, train and then fight - there's not much more to it. There are training games which are okay but nothing special. The career mode is a bit shallow. You don't really get to see rankings or anything like that, you simply pick your fight and go to work. I wish the career mode was a bit deeper.

    My main annoyance is when the computer parry's your punch. It may sound ridiculous that this is my main annoyance but it really is. When the computer blocks your punch whether it be a jab, hook, upper-cut or whatever a lot of times your arms will literally drop to this side and you will sit there for a good two seconds before you can do anything again! This often results in deadly blows to the face. It's terrible... you might as well be leaning over to give the guy a kiss. While in this state you cant block, dodge, move or anything. It's like you are stunned for a few seconds just off a simple block. It's possible to do this to the computer but you will find that the computer does this to you VERY often. A lot of times it will happen two or three times in a row resulting in two or three deadly haymakers right in the face.

    Okay enough ranting about the block/stun. My other complaint is the shallow AI. Luckily this balances out the block/stun thing a bit. If I were able to do the block/stun move to the computer as often as it happens to me then I would completely destroy the computer opponent every single time. Once you get the hang of this game then it becomes pretty easy to chug through career mode without many losses. I wish it were a bit more balanced.

    Some things don't seem quite right such as if you try and throw a huge punch, such as a haymaker and the computer counters instantly (so you barely even start the punch... the haymaker takes a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time to pull off) then your health will still drain as if you threw the punch. Illegal moves also completely drain your energy and these are simple moves such as throwing an elbow.

    Even given the annoyances listed above the game is still fun. This is because the game has a great scheme for dodging, blocking and especially punching. It's not a button masher by any means. The game is funnest when you have buddies over playing multiplayer.

    If you plan on playing this game with your buddies mostly then this is a great game. Otherwise be prepared to be annoyed a lot of times....more info
  • Fun game.
    This game is fun just like the first one was. I didnt get a chance to play the second one but the super hard hit thing they have added to it sucks. really dont like it at all. kinda takes away from it for me. fun game though. the weigh in brawls were a good idea....more info
  • Awsome experience!!
    This game is totally worth the money!! There are alot of well known boxer's in this game(except Flloyd Mayweather but maybe he'll be in the next game). Anyways I love the career mode. You start as an ameruer fighting in the gym, then you grow into a superstar, and soon champion. It's really authentic too! Like when your fighter ages, he'll actually gain weight, and what sucks is you can't whip em back into shape either. Bummer. Another good thing is the tactics for dodging and power punching. It's based on how well you work the dualshock stick or whatever you call it. Anyways really simple and easy to get the hang of. Overall I gave this game a 4/5, because its pretty cool! Can't wait for round 4 though heh heh!!...more info
  • Sucked!
    The graphics pretty much suck and the game is fake. You seriously can't knock out Mohamid Ali in a fight. I hated it....more info
  • Crap!!!!
    Absolutely the most disappointing game I have ever bought. The game is totally sluggish, response is slow, and the pick of fighters is horrible, Floyd Patterson? Who is Brock? Dropped is Marciano, of the top 10 heavy weights of all time only Ali is present, ( no Joe Frazier is not top 10) wish I could get my money back....more info
  • Best boxing game available!
    Let me just say this game is nothing short of fantastic. The gameplay is smooth, controls are nice, graphics are great, and even the commentary is decent in this game.

    Between fights you manually heal your cuts, which is cool. Your trainer will give you pep talks specific to your situation. Example: "You really need to block that right eye, or the ref is going to stop the fight, that cut is awful."

    The controls are beautiful. There are 5 different configurations you can choose from.

    Career mode is alright. Rivalries are random, and there doesn't seem to be much importance put into championships and such. The rivalry thing is rather lame. Before you fight a rival it'll show you at the weigh in and your opponent always punches you and you have a little mini fight in first person view. Not my favorite, but again it's not bad enough to deduct from the rating of the game.

    Character customization is pretty cool. You can buy different pieces of gear including trunks, boots, mouthpiece, gloves, etc, all having attribute additions to your figther. Ex: Speed +20%.

    The only major drawback to this game is that it is extremely easy. Even on the hard difficulty, with a weight class or two lower than your opponent, you almost have to TRY to lose.

    I love this game, and I can't wait for round 4.

    PS. This is an open challenge to anyone that plays this game that has an internet connection :) Email me!...more info
  • just what I ordered
    The item came in plenty of time for Christmas and without worry.
    Just what I ordered. Thanks....more info
  • Fight Night same as 2
    This game is very similar to FN2. the difference is in a new Haymaker mode which isn't all that great and hard to control, and a career mode that no longer shows rankings but rather loosely organized fights were you "sign" a "contract." to fight an opponent. Over all pretty similar to FN2. And for the idiot below; "Brock" is Calvin Brock a ranked heavyweight you bleeping genius. A current pro fighter. Why don't you do a little research about the sport this game is based on. Also, the reason Marciano is not in this game is because they have to license the boxers names and images. Which means that every boxer listen in this game receives royalties. Since Marciano is long dead, that means that the executor of his image and name receives this money. It is likely that the cost of using his image was not worth paying. ...more info
  • Never two in a row for this series...
    I give up. Every time EA Sports comes out with a good boxing game for PS2, they have always followed it up with a disappointment. After finally getting on the right track with ROUND 2, the train derailed again. Way to go, EA! At least you're consistent!


    Here's the big one. I don't know if they sacrificed the quality here for another feature, but believe me, it's not worth it! The "punching under water" reference one reviewer gave is right on the money and not just on the haymakers! I'm trying to fire off a jab-right-hook combination, and after the right, I'm just standing there like a drunken apple woman!

    Probably more annoying than the controls is the slow motion instant replay of the knockdowns. The screen freezes on the connection for about 4 seconds, and the sound...THE SOUND!!! "Yiiiiiahhh!!!!Booooom!!!!ssssplat!!!!" If I had my eyes closed, it would sound like my dad crashing his '75 Merc into a display window full of grapefruits! Oy vey!!

    There are too many repetitions of boxers through the weight classes. EA, ever heard of variety? Can't acquire a license for a particular fighter? Try another, you numbskulls!
    It was nice to see Ricky Hatton in there, but where's Floyd Mayweather? So much for THAT dream match! Maybe a code to unlock? Don't think I'll be playing this long enough to acquire that one!

    Come on guys! If nothing else!!!! When a boxer commits a foul, he's doing it to get a break. Surely the damage it can cause is a nice perk, but that's not the main reason to break the rules. Don't believe me that this makes a difference? Remember Trinidad vs. Vargas? (low blows) Coralles vs. Castillo I (spitting out the mouthpiece)? Kind of critical if I recall...

    I heard a rumor about a year ago they were going to try this. Obviously this got shelved too. For a boxer you create, you could choose from a series of first names and a series of last names, and the CPU would combine them... Nope! It's back to the ridiculous nicknames (or pseudonyms) I wouldn't even name my dog! COMEBACK KID! THE ASSASSIN! ...yippee skippee.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against rap and R&B. However, when you choose Arturo Gatti, Mickey Ward, and the 1950's Gillette motif as the center of your ad campaign, you might want to conform the soundtrack to that as well. I mean watching Sugar Ray Robinson walking to the ring to the sounds of Black-Eyed Peoples or even imagining Mickey Ward jamming with his family in his Lowell Massachusetts home to the eclectic beat of Obie Trice is just a little hard to digest. Best of both worlds, huh? Yyyyyeeeeah! Boyeeeeeeee!!!

    Way in the dark ages when this series was called Knockout Kings, there was this really cool feature where if your boxer was in danger, you could actually go down to one knee and take an 8-count. Sadly, that feature has never returned, and it ain't starting back now! Ahhh, memories...


    Believe it or not, there are a few neat features on Round 3. On one of the POV's you can actually utilize full 360 degree ring movement while still keeping the same camera angle. It's a little tricky, but definitely refreshing and a nice challenge.
    Also, sometimes your opponent may not be hyped up for a fight with you. He trudges his way to the ring and even tries to leave the ring once he steps through the ropes. His trainer has to keep him from making a break for the exit. Nice little Martin and Lewis there!
    The volume of the ring announcer's introduction of the fighters in accordance with the crowd noise...That's an improvement.
    The boxers' motions (leaning on the ropes, knockdowns, defensive postures) have been improved as well. However, with the slow control problem, it's kind of hard to prioritize that in your recall.

    Overall, ROUND 2 is still the best professional boxing game out there for the PS2. Hopefully the makers of ROUND 4 will learn from the mistakes on this one. It can't hurt to hope, but I'm not holding my breath!
    ...more info
  • Almost got it right
    The game play is wonderful. There are many different types of fighting styles. The create a boxer mode has improved. However, I would still like a little more detail for arm length and body type. The career mode is very boring and repeats itself. There just is not much there to work with. I would also love to see more fighters. I know that it is hard but having Tyson, Foreman, Mayweather, and Holmes would be great. If the game had more fighters and a better career mode I would have given it five stars....more info
  • The best boxing game to date!
    This game tops Fight Night 2004, and in turn it beats out the great Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing from a long time ago. (Of note, I didn't much care for Fight Night Round 2; in my opinion it had too much of a reliance on haymakers and not enough of a reliance on boxing.)


    - This game is fun!
    - The play control is good.
    - This game has a lot of replay value.
    - The play by play commentator is actually pretty decent.
    - You can move and block at the same time in this version.


    - The CPU opponent is way too easy even on hard.
    - There are too many variations of the super punch.
    - There aren't rag doll knockdown physics in this version.
    - There's only rap music in the soundtrack (you can turn it off).

    In closing: if you're a boxing fan, I'd say it's just about a surefire bet that you're going to like this game a lot....more info
  • Fight Night
    I got this game for my husband for Christmas a couple years ago. We love the Fight Night games. We had borrowed a copy from a friend of ours before so we knew we liked it. It's fun to play in career mode or 2 player. When my husband is playing in career mode I always help him train his boxer because he's not the best at it. My brother likes to get online with his game and play his friends....more info
  • Wahoo Wushu Yahoo Master of nothing
    For the moron Wushu Master who called my dad an idiot, we know who "Brock" is, we just wonder about why he's included since there are a ton of better heavyweights out there. He's another "managed" fighter accumulating an impressive record against career journeymen fighters. Sort of Jeff Lacy in the making, bet you called him a winner too, and by the way try using spell check next time before you publish your review.
    The lack of speed and response is the main criticism about this game. Of course having James(I can't believe I ate the whole thing)Toney and Floyd Patterson as player choices instead of Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, Vitali Klitchko, Lennox Lewis, or any of a host of of other current or recently retired heavyweights is obviously not as much fun. As for "realism" how real is it if it takes forever to counterpunch? Haymakers? you can use haymakers the same way you did in Round 2, the delivery is just slower. Try using Marvin Hagler, you'll see what we mean. We've played this game on XBOX 360, wow what a difference, we also suspect that the game play will be more acceptable with the new Playstation 3, but for the time being do not expect this version to match up with the speed and response time of FN Round 2....more info