Fight Night Round 3

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Fight Night Round 3 brings back Fight Night, the undisputed champion of boxing games. It's one of the best looking and playing sports games on the market. Now it takes the action outside the ring -- where gamers can establish rivalries through pre-fight events, putting purpose and passion behind every hit. It's the closest thing to being in the ring without getting punched. Film-quality graphics - Gamers rely on facial expressions and body language to gauge an opponent's health and energy creating a more emotionally immersive experience Online gameplay for wilder boxing action against real-life opponents

  • 3 new Impact Punches, with high risk and high reward - put down your opponent or get knocked on the canvas. Players are only one punch away from the entire dynamic of the fight changing!
  • Clench down on that mouth guard, rookie! Super Punch lets you feel the impact of a devastating punch, as the boxer's face ripples from that blow
  • Design a fighting style all your own, and see how you match up against the authentic signature styles from the world's best fighters
  • Establish rivalries by intimidating opponents before the big fight with heated press conferences, trash talkin', and fights at weigh-ins
  • Watch ESPN Classic footage of real-life bouts or re-create the greatest fights from past and present

Customer Reviews:

  • Wow that punch actually hurt!!
    Watching this game in high def is like actually being in the ring. The superb picture quality and amazing graphics are what set the bar for this fighting game. A must have for anyone who just wants to show off their 360. EA sports has shown me they can more than create a great game....more info
  • Thank You!!
    Thank you very much your product was just as described and delivered faster than anticipated!...more info
  • Anyone will like it
    I belive anyone who plays this game will like it. The graphics are great on 360 and the fight scenes are really realistic. It is a good game over all and is pretty fun. Although I did get a little board after the second time I rented it. I only wish there were a few more options, but don't get me wrong I do like this game....more info
  • Great Boxing Game
    Fight Night delivers on visceral, entertaining, realistic boxing action. The game is fun, easy to learn, and addicting to play. The ability to create a boxer and go through the ranks, fighting some famous opponents along the way, is an added treat.


    The controls are tough at first, but you'll get the hang of it; after some practice, the controls become second nature and very powerful. The analog stick is used to throw most punches.

    In addition to the classic career mode, there is a multiplayer mode and a single, quick-fight type of mode. During career mode, you get to train before each fight to improve your boxer's attributes. This is great: the game improves as your boxer does, allowing you to tackle tougher opponents and actually get tougher yourself.

    Creating a boxer and guiding his career is fun and rewarding. I enjoy games with customization, so the ability to shape his face and body was entertaining.

    Graphics & Sound:

    Fantastic on both counts. The boxers look real--not perfect, but realistic. They sweat, bleed, and get visibly tired. Punches connect with bone-shattering realism: faces wobble, knees buckle, and eyes roll back. The explosive sounds can make you cringe at times. The environments are beautiful and appropriate.


    The game loses a star on this one; after fifty or so matches I was spent. There is no sense of ranking or progress in this game. You gain reputation with each victory, but no rank or other indication of your position overall. If your reputation is high enough, tougher boxes will offer a contract to fight you. It seemed a bit... magoo to me. The career mode should have been thought out better.

    For the current price, however, I'd highly recommend this one to boxing fans or couch potatoes--like me--looking to flex some digital muscle....more info
  • Great game
    Remember Mike Tyson's Punch-out? This game is like that but on crystal meth!...more info
  • Still lots of fun but not much different from NFR2
    I played NFR2 (Night Fight Round 2) and gave it 5 stars on the last review. NFR3 (Night Fight Round 3) for Xbox 360 is still a lot of fun but it is not much different from NFR2. I believe this game was released so that people could play it on Xbox 360 with better graphic on HDTV but the content and mechanism are almost exactly the same as NFR2.

    Overall, if you have played NFR2, still love it, and want better graphic, then NFR3 is definitely a buy. If you're bored of NFR2 and expect to see something a lot better, bigger, and different from the next sequel, I would not recommened to buy this game because you might be disappointed!

    If you are a newbie to NFR* and a boxing fan, this game is a must to have. It is the best boxing game so far on the market.

    I gave it 4 stars just because there isn't much different from the last release for Xbox. (But it is still very much fun to play).

    Enjoy the game....more info
  • Nothing held back
    This game is one of those titles that should inspire xbox 360 doubters. In my opinion Fight Night round 3 is the first game to realy show the pure power the 360 has. The graphics are absolutely ridiculous. I would say they're the most realistic of any game to hit any console yet. The controll scheme is very slick and provides the player with a full range of customization. This prooves to be very important especially in boxing games when the key to success is your variations and unpredictability. Another great feature of this game is the availability of boxing greats (They do not have to be unlocked!) You can fight with Muhhammed Ali, Joe Fraiser, Oscar De loya, Marvin Hagler (Go Brockton MA), Sugar Rey Leonard and a few others I've forgotten. If you own an xbox 360 you need to own fight night round 3.
    Graphics 10
    Control 10
    Game modes 8
    Fun factor 9.5 (slightly repetitive after extended play but not bad)
    ...more info
  • Great for the Boxing Fan
    Fantastic game. I'm a boxing fan and I get into the strategy of this game. Whether you're working the jab, wearing down your opponent's mid-section, parrying, or trying to land that 12th-round haymaker this game has it all. The punch system is awesome; you throw the joysticks forward as if you were actually punching. I like to throw a lot of punches, so this game actually wears me down in a 12-round bout. My only knock is that this game only has maybe 15-20 real fighters, but in actuality that is a lot for a boxing game. I've only played against a friend a few times but that is a ton of fun. Nothing's better than slugging it out with a buddy. Best boxing game I've ever played (this side of Punch-Out, saying otherwise would be heresy)....more info
  • If you like the other two, you'll like this one too.
    The graphics are amazing and the gameplay addictive. This game focuses more on landing combos and defense than in the previous two installments. Nothing has changed in that you still fight to gain money to unlock stuff and fight your way up the ranks in career mode. Overall I highly recommend this for any fight night veteran or newby...definetely worth it....more info
  • Consider me K-O'ed
    EA Sports' next-generation launch was as steady as the legs of a worn-out boxer. They ran a decent game with Madden NFL 2006, but missed a few tackles. They completely air-balled NBA Live 2006. FIFA 2006: Road to the FIFA World Cup was a decent game, but like soccer in real life, didn't reflect a lot of excitement. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 was also a decent game, but wasn't the 300-yard blast that Xbox 360 golfing gamers expected. Now, with Fight Night Round 3, they've proven something-even a worn-out boxer can come back and make a big hit to get right back into the game. Fight Night Round 3 is easily above and beyond everything that EA Sports has done so far in the next generation, and it stands as one of the premier Xbox 360 titles right now.

    Featuring two headline gameplay modes, ESPN Classics and Career, Fight Night Round 3 is chock-full of stuff for boxing fans. ESPN Classics puts you into the trunks of boxing greats and throws you into the ring against the star's biggest rival. For example, there is an Ali vs. Frazier match, a B-Hop and Jones Jr. match, and more. For boxing fans and those of you out there that know your boxing history, this is a real treat. Re-creating big match-ups is something that's always enjoyable.

    Career Mode is where the rest of the gameplay is found, and it lets you create your own avatar and make a name for yourself as a boxing legend. This mode forces you to train your boxer, earn money and hire trainers, buy boxing gear, and sign contracts to fight in upcoming matches. By the end of your boxer's career, you'll have fought in all sorts of events, like ESPN Wednesday and Friday Night matches. I enjoyed the Career Mode the most, as it allowed me to have full control of my boxer and his stats. For example, if I needed a power boost before an upcoming match, all I had to do was participate in the Weightlifting training game and my boxer would be a little beefier. Eventually throughout your career you'll form rivalries that are reflected by the action on the mat, where a rival might start throwing illegal hits and taunting your avatar.

    The on-mat gameplay is phenomenal, to say the least. Boxing is a test of stamina in real life, and this has been held up very well in the game itself. The punching controls are mapped to the right analog stick by default, and throwing punches is as easy as moving the stick into a certain direction. For example, quickly slashing the stick in an upwards-diagonal motion will result in your avatar throwing a mean jab. Swiveling the stick from down to up will execute an uppercut. There are even haymakers that are done by moving the stick in different motions. Though these punches are much harder to successfully execute, when they are landed on an opponent, the effect is dramatic. Once you wear down an opponent, he'll start to throw sluggish punches, he'll swagger, and he'll eat the floor when you land a clean hit. Of course, punching wildly and getting hit by your opponent will have the same devastating result on your boxer, and the finesse, knowledge, and stamina required in boxing is also required in the videogame in order to win matches. On harder difficulty settings, this game is truly punishing to any and all mistakes you make.

    The gameplay is actually enhanced by the visuals; something that I feel the Xbox 360 hasn't really accomplished yet. Playing Fight Night Round 3 in high-definition glory is an experience that truly has to be seen. From the sweat beads dripping down a boxer's chest to the skin ripples in his face when he's hit, Fight Night Round 3 delivers detail in every way. The bright lights make sweat glisten and will actually blind you from time to time, putting you right into the head of your boxer. The default camera angle is extremely close to the combatants, making the action up-close and personal. Sometimes, especially after a big hit, the camera will swivel or shak, representing the unnerving feeling of uncontrollability and pain that a real-life boxer would feel. Like I said, with Fight Night Round 3, the visuals actually enhance the gameplay. Getting hit with a big punch not only feels brutal, but looks brutal thanks to these visuals.

    The menu music is fitting, but I usually ended up listening to my Xbox 360 Custom Soundtrack anyway. Fortunately, the in-game commentary is actually worth listening to, even though some of the sound clips are played in a strange order. For instance, after each match, the commentator usually commends one of the boxers but sometimes won't specify whom he's talking about until he's finished complimenting. It's almost as if the sound team put in the different audio clips backwards. If there's anything worth bragging about in terms of sound, it's the sound effects, which do a fantastic job of signaling when your boxer's bones are crunching and when he's gasping for breath. And when the crowd gets into a fight, and starts chanting, you'll really feel it.

    In almost every way, Fight Night Round 3 is a sensational game that sports, fighting, or boxing fans will enjoy. In fact, I really can't find anything to complain about. If you own an Xbox 360, I highly recommend giving EA Sports' knockout title a chance. Of course, the game on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PSP share the exact same gameplay features, but they don't have the visual enhancements that the 360 version delivers so perfectly. If EA Sports can continue to hit this hard with their next-gen games, sports fans won't have much left in their wallet when Madden NFL 2007 and NBA Live 2007 release....more info
  • Burger King! (FIGHT) Dodge! (NIGHT) Under Armour! (ROUND THREE) ESPiN!
    I've browsed the previous reviews, and agree with most that's been said. This *is* the best of the series. The graphics are ridiculously good. The control is terrific. For once, you really have a feel for how the fight is going, rather than relying upon health and stamina bars that just (in this reviewer's opinion) take away from the realism -- although they are an option. On the hardest difficulty, the game is absolutely a challenge, at least once your career really gets underway. You will be knocked down, you may even lose some fights, this wasn't necessarily the case in previous versions. Creating faces on character generation is much smoother and more intuitive now. The sound is fantastic. The ring girl's breasts actually jiggle when they strut around the ring between rounds.

    Everything is great, really, it's a terrific addition to your XB360 library. Online is fun, there are ranked and non- matches, it's fast and easy to get a fight, another outstanding aspect to the game that will dramatically increase its longevity.

    Great! So we got all that aside, I can talk about the commercials.

    I've never seen a more over-the-top case of commercialism in the game. Is this a complaint? Yes and no. I mean, watch basically any boxing match, there are going to be ads on the ring canvas, on the ropes, in the arena, even on the shorts of some of the boxers. So there's just some realism here. Does it go overboard though? Yes, I'm absolutely prepared to say it does. Before some fights, you'll be 'treated' to a 360 degree view of a new Dodge truck while the announcer tells you about it. That doesn't seem too bad, right? Okay, later, Burger King's "The King" will escort another fighter into the ring and dance around before the fight. No, that doesn't get your goat either? How about after that fight, when "The King" actually becomes one of your available trainers? That's right, you too can be trained by, and have in your corner, a creepy guy with a giant plastic grinning mask.

    Look, I'm not one of those types that goes off the deep-end about stuff like this -- but EA, are you listening? If you're going to throw it in our faces like this, while lining your already deep pockets with the ad revenue that you get from these placements, how about giving us a break on the cost of the game? We're paying for it, the advertisers are paying for it, wouldn't it seem fair to throw the consumers you're force feeding ad content a bone? Here's the thing, it doesn't have to be a big bone, and it gives us less reason to feel as used and abused as many of us are when the suspension of disbelief within a game/simulation like this is *shattered* by having to train with "The King". In fact, then we can cheer the gross commercialism, because we got something out of it too, a few bucks saved.

    Terrific game. Worth buying, not just renting. 5 stars for the game, 1 off for taking advantage of me as a fan and customer. I should really ding it harder for that, but the game is too fun to let something sort of sleazy take away from it....more info
  • Hi-Def makes this great game even better
    I cant really say enough good things about this game. There are several improvements from previous versions, and they're all to the better.

    The controls take a good while to get the hang of, but once you have the controls mastered thats just 1/2 the fun. The individual styles of different fighters really makes a positive impact on gameplay and contributes to replayability. After getting used to a power style where I was routinely knocking people out in 2-3 rounds, I faced a faster fighter who I could barely hit, and had to outlast him and win on points. No single style of play is going to work.

    I recently added HD cables for a new HD TV and the result is amazing. The graphics were great before but they're positively spectacular now and add to the gameplay.

    There's so many aspects to this game to keep you coming back. The new customization is one of the most entertaining elements. In future editions I hope the announcers have more material added to avoid repetition and add some more style. Title bouts are just treated like other bouts; I had hoped for a little more flash and fresh commentary from the announcers but no luck.

    This game is a keeper for a 360 library....more info
  • Did EA nail it?
    As far as the mechanics of boxing, as a former fighter I can tell you that this game has me thinking like I was back in the ring.

    I'm watching for facial reactions to my body shots, I'm watching for rythem and changing my style from round to round in order to out smart the opponent.

    It's a game that think might (even in small way) help the sport itself.

    I can really see where the other reviewers are coming from reguarding the advertisements, but I the Burger King guy didn't bother me... it made me laugh. So I can't take points away for advertising considering you can skip it all by just pressing the "A" button. Except for the fact that when I'm replaying a fight from the 1940's I don't think I should see a burger king or dodge logo in the back... in black and white.

    So the graphics are indeed a true next-gen standard as far as the fighters are concerned.

    There are even things to make the games realistic in career mode. Like the fact that wou have to work even hard to simply keep your attributes from falling quickly... I felt like a true 40 year old trying to prove himself to the young up and comers that I was indeed the greatest.

    Here is my wishlist for the next game.
    1. I would like to change the entry music and such like previous games. (though I can hook up my ipod and play anything I want.. it would still be nice)

    2. I think it would be cool if I could wear a robe while entering the ring. I love that part of a real fight as the tension builds up and the fighters show each other how hard they really prepared to battle.

    3. The Ability to save some of my fights... there were battles that I wish I could watch again. Race fans get this, why can't boxing fans?

    4. More real boxers. I understand not letting fight Ali in carreer mode, but I'd still ike to fight some real fighters. This is probably expensive, but out of around 65 fights I'd like to beat more than just Roy Jones Jr. 3 times.

    5. Let me come out of retirement. If I retire, but keep getting updated news about a punk who is calling me out, I'd love to be able to train up my guy again and kick his [...].

    6. Show my fighter age. I think it would be cool if some of his hair started to grey out, or if I kept some scars from past fights... imagine having Fight Night Carreer mode having a hint of Fable!!!!

    In conclusion I want to mention rivalry mode. This has the potentional to really make the game matter to some people. My rivals and I went back and forth, but one in particular.

    I'm not obsessed, but I do find this game to be the best boxing experience I have had ... without the headache of taking one to many. ...more info
  • Fun game
    It's a pretty fun game, playing against the AI gets a little monotonous after a while, but playing with friends never gets old. Overall 4/5...more info
  • Fight Night A Racist Game?
    I have been playing Fight Night series since its inception. Obviously I am a fan but is the game racist? Example: in FNR2 a player could buy his entourage which entailed a Ring Girl in a bikini. The whiter the Ring Girl the more money a player had to pay. Paying for one was essential because it was tied to "stamina/heart rating". I think most players would agree that the hottest girl was not and is not (she is in FNR3) the platinum blonde who is flat on both sides and has a strange look on her face. The hottest girls were the brunettes and the black chic. The trainers: the black trainer would be free and the white trainers were most expensive. In FNR3 that is the case the black trainer is free and looks like a bum and his specialty is "nothing you get what you pay for". The lighter skinned trainer is $25K and his specialty is "strength training". The whitest trainer is $50K and his specialty...wait for it is "speed training". Are you freaking kidding me? Look I am not even black and I noticed this. Oh yeah if you have a championship fight you could only choose the flat platinum blonde for maximum rating. That's some bull.
    Let's summarize the whiter the trainer/ring girl the more important and the most expensive. Tell me that's not racist? Now this is a boxing game. Come on people!

    Gameplay has improved. Less ways to cheat. Example if you try to live on Haymakers you will be exhausted before the first round ends. Should help Live gameplay.

    Character creation has suffered. In the previous game I could create a character that was very similar to myself but in this game I can't get it right.

    Direction: has suffered. Knock downs are less exciting. Camera work is dull. Sound effects are duller than FNR2. Replays suck in FNR3. They are less of them and only the dull replays are shown like jabs - oooh jabs.

    Ring Girls: look glossy and less BOOTILICIOUS. They look like drug addicts and manican like. There are only three of them. Can't EA create more ring girls or keep all of them from the previous FNR2.

    Animation is duller.
    Music has improved a bit.
    Graphics are an improvent.
    The most annoying thing is the product placement: Burger King, Dodge. wtf, who cares!

    EA has a monopoly on sports games. This is the only boxing game and I kind of like it with major annoyances. I think EA made FNR3 duller on purpose because FNR2 peaked. How can they have less Ring Girls. Mass advertising/product placement. Duller animation, sound effects, knockdowns than the previous FNR2? Coincidence, I think NOT....more info
  • awesome game
    Stunning graphics. Great controller layout. Great career mode. Super fun on-line gameplay.
    OXM (official xbox magazine) rated this game 10 out of 10 and I would have to agree. This is an incredible game. must have....more info
  • The game is great
    I haven't been big into gaming, and when I get the chance, I've been really impressed with the XBOX 360, and I'm sure the fact my large HDTV is helping with this all. Anyhow, onto the review... FN3 is the first of the series I've played and I love it. I've only played the demo, but I like the realism and the fact it's a challenge. You have to duck, weave, block, etc... it's not just a mash your buttons game and win.

    Also, for those who are saying there should be more of whatever, that's great, because you know what, the 360 gets patches, and they also offer more downloads. Think about it, MS is probably going to make some cash by not including these features you want in there, like ring girls, etc... they can offer them after market and charge you, and you will buy them if you really like the game. It's all about marketing strategy and milking the customer with the new on-line game rush....more info
  • FNR3 shows the power of the 360
    Fight Night Round 3 lets you pick up the gloves of either a legend known or your own boxer that you have created so he can battle his way with blood, sweat, and determination from the minor leauges to become the ultimate champion.

    Pretty basic boxing story, and it's right to the point. You can use the analog stick to aim and co-ordinate your punches (for instance you actual make an uppercut motion on the analog and your boxer actually does an uppercut) or you can set it up so that you have to press the buttons on the X360's controller to punch. You can grab, give headbuts and punch peoples pieces (both illegal moves), block, or and lean to dodge attacks.

    Throughout the game you earn money which can be used to either buy new gloves or other equipment that will help your stats, or buy a more skilled and expensive trainer to give you higher stats while working out. Thats another thing - in order to get faster or stronger you have to hit combo dummies, punching bags, and lift weights.

    You fight in various pay-per-views and other sponsored fights by big names like Under Armour, Burger King, and Dodge to either win belts, unlock online achievements, become more popular, earn a shoot load of money, or unlock new equipment.

    Lets talk boxers now. There are ALOT of big name boxers that you can battle or play us such as Muhammed Ali, Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones Jr., Sugar Ray Leonard, Bernard Hopkins and many more. There are also random, made up boxers for the 60+ fights you'll have to trudge through to be the best. In FNR3, any one of these people could become your rival meaning they will hate you and challenge you over and over and over again.

    During matches, just like real boxing, if you take damage you have to heal yourself. This includes placing ice on a swollen ice or taking care of a cut. If you fail to do these, your boxer becomes weaker and unable to throw decent punches.

    Graphics are excellent. You can see each particle of sweat dripping down & off your enemy, blood pouring out of cuts, broken noses, hair swaying as punches are thrown, lights pounding down on both the crowd and boxers.. its amazing and really makes it feel like the boxers are actually not in a game but are really battling it out in front of you. The arenas are great - and though the crowd attendants are sometimes recycled - they look realistic as well. Easily a 10.

    The soundtrack to this game can be annoying, but its still good. EA Sports did a great job liscensing real life musciains like Akon & Sean Biggs to perform in FNR3. It really fits and it helps pump up your & your fighter for his battle. The sound of a fist pounding into the face of your oppenent, then his jaw cracking as you destroy him with a hook, the sound of his blood squirting out of his mouth, his cry of pain & anguish, and finally the sound of his body slamming into the canvas is GREAT and extremley rewarding (especially if your a heavyweight and fighting a welterweight). I love it.

    Three downfalls to this game is the fact that everything seems to tire your boxer out. For instance, you'll throw a quick jab, your enemy will block, and your guy will just stand there staring stupidly for a few seconds giving your enemy a chance for a counter hook. Secondly, when you reach the higher 30s in age, your character becomes old and useless - he literally loses stats after each fight and becomes bald. They make it seem like he is thirty years older than he really is, and forces you to retire him. Finally, if you care about your boxer's appearance then doing speed training is a bad thing - I had a boxer who had a solid & tight 6 pack, I did one session of speed training and he had a loose gut. I was forced to lift weights for three sessions to get it back. Its not really that bad but kind of annoying.

    I'm not a big sports fan, but Fight Night Round 3 is filled with so much content and plain fun that it's easily one of the most addicting games the X-Box 360 has to offer. Sure it can be repetitive, but each fight is more rewarding then the last - especially when you drop a rival, earning $10,000 and taking his title - and just watching your created boxer rise to the top is just so satisfying after all the hardwork you put into him. I highly suggest you buy this game...more info
  • Jab, jab, uppercut, KO
    EA finally brings something very worthy to the table in the form of an excellent boxing game. I dont even like boxing all that much, but this game deserves a must play.

    The graphics are extremely realistic for an early 360 game. The player models and cinematic view makes you feel as if you are actually there. The sweat just gleams off the boxer's realistically modeled bodies. When you're about to knock your opponent out, the game slows down,and if you connect on a good hit, the boxer receives a devastating blow and blood spews, which is great.

    The gameplay itself is nicely done. You can box using the 4 buttons, or using the Total Stick Control. Both allow for smooth gameplay, and it doesnt ever feel off balance.

    Overall the game deserves a must play for anyone looking for smooth boxing fun. It can get a bit tedious at times, and repetitive in the long run, but the game is too good to pass up. ...more info
  • A true next-gen gem...
    If you've played the previous 2 incarnations of Fight Night (formerly known as Knockout Kings), you know what to expect: solid analog stick boxing, with great graphics and a lively soundtrack. So what's new in 2006?

    The GOOD: The graphics are amazing. One of the first games to truly look next-gen in terms of its realism. The lighting is gorgeous, and the whole presentation is top notch. Even on a non-HD television, this game shines. The controls are as tight as ever, and the haymaker is less prevalent, which is a good fix from last season's gameplay. The game is rewarding in terms of strategy, because you will NOT be able to get very far without some basic strategy (ie: learn to block and dodge, and conserve energy).

    The BAD: The menu interface is a disaster. One of the worst I have seen in 20+ years of gaming: it's cluttered, counter-intuitive, and the button presses sometimes register late. There is no rankings list, just a vague "popularity meter". More stats would be nice. The soundtrack is repetitive and not all that great. The unlockable items, while cool, are buried within the depths of the aforementioned interface, which makes it actively unfun to customize your fighter.

    The UGLY: While the boxer models are very realistic, the ring girls are a bit alien-looking, and feel like a cheesy afterthought.

    Overall, this game is great fun. If you want a semi-deep sports game which rewards patience and practice, pick this up!...more info
  • Excellent
    This is the first boxing game I've played that really captures the feel of an actual match. The demo is downloadable from the XBox Marketplace, but the controls have changed from that version to the final release. The button-mashing has been replaced with the Total Control system, utilizing the left and right control sticks to throw punches. A little more difficult, but much more rewarding.

    The control scheme is adjustable, however, using six different configurations, so Total Control is optional....more info
  • A WINNER!! A must have for Boxing Fans...
    The true power of the Xb360 is definitly shown is this game with unbelivevable graphics and gameplay. Every fight is so intense and lifelike..EA definitly gets an A+ for this Boxing game....keep it coming EA..can't wait for NCAA football 2007!!!...more info
  • one of the top games out
    there are too many good things about this game to list...the amazing graphics which you HAVE to have an HDTV because the detail is crazy!, you have the option to create your own boxer starting from the ground up... and when i say create i mean CREATE. you can basically make the boxer look EXACTLY like you. its unbelievable to me how they do this. you also have the chance to reenact famous fights... ali-frazier, b hop-de la hoya, etc. theyve also made this slow motion knockout replay that is intense. you have to see it...its awesome AND hilarious between the ripples in the face and the sweat,spit, and blood flying from their head. the only beef that i have is as you get deeper into the game it obviously gets harder. its definatly not a button masher game. thats what i do in fighting games (because i suck at them)but you cant just go in there and press a bunch of buttons and get away with it. you actually have to block and parry. but thats a minor discrepancy. i still love this game and definatly recommend it to everyone who owns a 360....more info
  • puta mucha la mera talegA!
    compren este juego si esta el `merisimo pene erecto!! ta buenisisisisisimo!! puta mucha la mera talega!! uuuu siii la mera verga!!...more info
  • Excellent Game
    The game was great, the price was good, and the time it took to get it was super! Thanks!...more info
  • Awesome.
    Amazing game. Has provided me with endless hours of play. Great for multiplayer. I love this game....more info
  • Best game of the serries
    If you are a fan of this series than you have to pick this one up. Graphics on the 360 are incredible, very life like action, and great game play. In round 2 it was too easy to throw and land hay makers, round 3 tones that down a notch and really hits the mark. You can land hay makers but it takes much more skill now, and wears out your boxer if you can't connect. Bottom line, great game, I look forward to round 4....more info
  • Fight Night 3 KIcks A$$
    WARNING: This game is addicting! In a good way!...more info
  • Fun game
    This is a fun game for about 1 day. If you sit down and play it you can beat the game in 6-8 hrs. There is an upside to this though, it will give you 1000 gamerpoints when you unlock all the achievements!!...more info
  • Fight Night Round 3 -- a decent offering
    This game is VERY GOOD but it could have been GREAT.

    The actual boxing is well done - it's everything else that lacks.

    After you play this a few days, you're going to compile a record the likes of, say, 20-4. Pretty soon you forget the guys that have have fought. It would be nice to keep track of the statistics so that you know, for example, that your record against Tyrone Sharpe is 3-1.

    Also, they've clogged the game with a bunch of completely unrealistic items...boxing shorts that cost $700,000?!? C'mon. Plus, once you choose your outfit that gives you a 20% boost of some kind (power, speed, stamina, chin, etc. -- you decide), the items that are less than 20% aren't anything you're going to drop down to. You should be able to "closet" all the clutter you're not going to use. I like the tattoos but you should be able to upload your own.

    Having the Burger King guy as your trainer is just plain stupid. Funny that he sounds IDENTICAL to the loser trainer that doesn't cost you anything to use. I don't eat at Burger King so don't appreciate it splashed all over the place: in the ring, on the walls, on your boxing gloves, the trainer in the corner...LAME.

    Again, the gameplay and graphics are fun but I need STATISTICS to make Career Mode meaningful. ...more info
  • Disappointed....
    Well what can i say, amazon service was great but when i got this game and try it in my console it wont work. It says like version incompatiblity, well i check out amazon specs and didn't find anything that might prevent for not playing this game. if only i knew regarding region games that can only work in other region i wouldnt spend time and money buying this game at amazon....more info
  • Great game, but there IS room for improvement...
    Fight Night Round 3 was one of my first experiences with the Xbox 360 and next-gen gaming in general, and I was definitely impressed. Graphically speaking, this game is beautiful...the level of detail is superb; 2 years later it is still hard to find games that outshine this one in that regard. The controls were very intuitive with a low learning curve; within 1 or 2 practice rounds I was able to pull off some great combinations...pretty impressive since the last boxing game I played for more than 10 minutes was Mike Tyson's Punchout about a billion years ago. If you're looking for a button-masher then this is not the game for you...this game does well to encourage you to box strategically, through blocking and parrying to well-timed counter-punches. If you're the type to run out swinging, be aware that while you can bully your way through your first few fights, you will quickly be knocked down once your career starts to take off and you start fighting some real opponents. Fighting your way through career mode is very rewarding, and through the training mini-games you can really tailor your fighter to fit your style of playing, be it as a hulking powerhouse or a lightning fast counter-puncher.

    However, there are some far the most annoying thing is the fact that this game is one giant advertisement. While prominent placement of brands like ESPN and Under Armour is to be expected in a game of this nature, and the Dodge stuff is almost excusable, the ridiculous amount of Burger King flair detracts from this game quite a bit...I mean, c'mon, the Burger King himself is a trainer (whose specialty is "heart")...wonder how much EA made from that deal? Also, the repetitive nature of the ring-side commentary gets a little grating at times (you'll hear the same phrases over and over and over again). Another gripe is trainer'll hear your corner-man bemoaning the amount of "blood in your eyes" or "swelling" quite often...regardless if there is cuts or swelling at all. All in all, a little more work could have been done on the AI in this respect.

    Much more minor gripes: The customization level is really good in terms of shaping your fighter's face and body, but other areas leave something to be desired, such as hairstyles (both head and face). A little more variety would have gone a long way in this regard, and being able to change the color of your gear would have been a great addition (I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to wear all black :) The soundtrack is pretty limited...I love hip-hop as much as the next guy, but hearing the same tracks over and over again gets old also. Luckily, it's only between fights, but an import feature for music would have been great, or even a little more variety.

    All in all, despite these flaws, this is still a great game. Since it's pretty much as cheap as 360 games get at this point, it's value is hard to deny. I can honestly say I'd recommend this to almost anyone. ...more info
  • Fantastic game in every way
    This is an amazing near-launch title. This game has great simple controls that take skill to master rather than just being difficult to control. Great graphics, fluid framerate, nice replays. All around the game engine is great, the only downside being that since they had to release it as fast as they did there isn't a ton of content....more info
  • A great game
    This is one of the better games out on xbbx360 right now. The graphics are great the game play(for the most part) is fun and pretty easy to handle. Besides ghost recon 3 this is the best game out right now. The multiplayer is also a lot of fun. Having these intense brawls. I could play this game all day long! I thought that i wouldn't like because it is a boxing game, but i was really surprized! get this game....more info
  • Franchise on the decline
    This game franchise, in my opinion, is on the decline. Why? Aren't the 360 graphics just incredible? yes they are, but that is not enough in some cases. Consider this....over the three installments of the series, the graphics have gotten better, that much is true. But they have stripped features from each installment, without exception. Far fewer customization options, no entrance effects or entourage anymore--none of the extra features that really made the first game fantastic. It wouldn't be such a big deal if those features were never in the game to begin with, but explain to me why you would take it away? NEVER take steps back in video games.

    The other often praised feature of this game is the lack of power or energy bars and its apparent increase in realism. This is garbage and I'll explain why. In a real boxing match it is true that there are no bars to tell you how well you or your opponent is doing, and you must rely on your own observations in judging the condition of your opponent. But the silly part is that in a real boxing match you would be able to FEEL your own damage, fatigue, etc. You would know how much a flurry of punches would tire you out because you could feel it. So although you think the absence of the bars is more realistic, it isn't, because you will never have the ability to feel your own boxer like you could in real life. Those energy bars allowed a close approximation. At least make them a feature that can be toggled on or off.

    In short, the game is solid but losing serious ground compared to the second game, and they've both lost serious ground compared to the first. Fit and finish on the first game is what made it great. You saw your guy walking to the ring and could really customize him from head to toe. Not anymore. I think they need to stop ruining what should have been a fantastic continuation of the franchise. ...more info
  • Great boxing game!
    If you like boxing or any kind of fighting sport, then you will like this game. I'm not a huge fan of boxing games...I think the last one I played before this one was Evander Holyfields game on Sega. Obviously it's been a while. But I was once addicted to that game also. Train, fight, train, fight, train, fight. repetitive, but that's how boxing really is. Great game and highly recommended....more info
  • Boxing in HD wow
    The game is a sweet thing of beauty. The graphics are some the best, the sound is good the online play, great. Oh and the create a boxer(career mode)is good too, have fun and agian see online. ...more info
  • Knockout KING
    This game is hands down the BEST boxing game out there. Boxing fans will appreciate this game more simply because of the realism and past/present boxers featured. On top of it all you can create your own fighter. Play it once and tell me you dont like it....more info
  • Fight Night 2004 + Fight Night Round 2= This!!!!!!
    Pretty much its the past Fight Nights with a few twist that can change the fight around in 1 punch. The graphics are STILL some of the best on the 360 and whats scary (lol) is that PS3 looks WAY BETTER!!! Single player is pretty much the same as Round 2. The only redeeming quality is the online which can be fun as hell or wishing your oppenent will go to........yeah. Online is just duking it out with people online across the world. The lag is present due to some connections but oh well. All games have some lag at one point in time. Now, be prepared for people cheating by:

    Pulling: disconnecting the ethernet cable and inserting again to save theirselves a loss

    Turtling: Only throwing one punch and then moving their fighter in a circular motion thus making him MUCH harder to it. Its possible to hit them, but by the time you've hit them enough your fighter is already punched out. Also, they won't throw a punch at all and as soon as you thow "ONE" uppercut, they counter with a haymaker to knock you out.

    Lagging on purpose: When they are about to get knocked out the game "suddenly" starts to slow down and then they "miraculously" come back to win.

    Illegal blows: Yep. They a elbow you in the face and cause you to bleed on both sides which they take advantage of.

    * Deep breath * Now, if you can overlook these aspects of how the core gameplay hasn't changed since 2004, the repitive single player career, and the cheaters online then you'll find one of the best sports games ever.

    Now it seems like I'm bashing it but its not that bad at all its just that it the only improvements from the past iterations are the graphics and the slower hay-makers(thank God). Its a good game to have just to play but if you're going online, proceed with caution....more info
  • Fight Night Round 3
    This game is probably one of my favorite and most played games! The controls are easy to use and it's just non-stop action. I like the create your own character. Also rebuilding a legend is great also. Playing this on XBOX Live is the perfect way to sharpen your skills. Game play is always different and keeps you on your toes. I hope EA keeps this franchise alive!...more info
  • Very solid effort from EA Sports....
    Fight Night Round 3 is yet another good effort from EA Sports, and their dominance over sports-related gaming.

    We all know EA Sports from the Madden series, the Tiger Woods golf series, and so on, but they make a very good boxing game as well.

    The game includes many of the older fighters such as Ali, Frazier, and Patterson; also features some of today's fighters - examples being Roy Jones Jr., Oscar De La Hoya, and various others.

    The career mode in this game steals the show. You can customize your boxer every which way, including fighting style, appearance, and individual boxing traits such as speed, agility, strength, stamina that make your boxer unique. As you progress in your career, the fights get bigger, the matches more challenging, and the purses worth more for the winner. You can also pick which trainer you'd like after you accumulate enough wealth.

    Overall, a very in-depth, solid effort from EA Sports. They (EA Sports) have a tough challenge on their hands trying to top this third installment of the Fight Night series. But, for now, this game won't make you long for that particular installment to release....more info
  • diamond-solid fighting game
    Years after it has been out, I bought this game and still find it holds well against current titles of similar nature. This game is so realistic and relieves stress so well, it could have won the noble peace prize. The fighting mechanics and gameplay are so fluid and tight, that it is a true skills game. Novices will get massacred in one haymaker, so don't go blindly into hard modes thinking that it is just a button-mashing game. At the price you can get this game used, it gets a gold rating from me. Not perfect, but overall a benchmark for fighting games everywhere....more info
  • My Brother's Favorite
    After Madden and Bouldergate, this is his favorite XBOX 360 game. He doesn't even like to watch boxing but he loves this game...more info
  • Lots of fun, especially stress relieving.
    I come home from a long day at work and I enjoy just being able to just beat up on some computer generated character. I haven't tried the online mode yet and fighting with other people on the net, but I am waiting for my Gold Subscription card to come in so that I can challenge some guys on the net. I don't have a HD tv yet, so I can't see the true graphics of this thing, but so far it is great even on a regular TV. Some of the mini games to train are a little hoaky, but the game play outweighs that. And I don't mind that some of your oppenents throw the same punches over and over again, makes it a little easier to beat em. But even then, some of em are pretty tough cuz they are fast and can take a lot of punches.

    Overall... great game and can't wait for the next one....more info
  • Best boxing game...period
    you like boxing? you like playing two player games against your friends? like kicking ***? this is the game for you. I had this on the ps2 and had to get it for the 360, the graphics are amazing.. controls are good but you can configure the controller to use the yxba or the sticks. no mike tyson or lynnox lewis but there is day la hoya, holyfield, ali, sugar ray leonard, as well as many others. you can create a boxer and go thru a career in your weight class. very good game, i hope they make a new one!! ...more info
  • True Next Gen
    This game is simply amazing. One of the trademarks of the Fight Night franchise has been the amazing gameplay, and that is still there. In addition, this game looks almost photorealistic. It certainly has the best looking digital people I have ever seen.

    If you have an xbox 360, you MUST get this game. There simply is no better way to see the power of your console. And besides, it is great fun. Especially things like the hay maker moves are great fun, since they keep even seemingly stronger oponents on their toes...

    I am not a boxing fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this is a must-have game....more info
  • Grest game, wish for better Boxer selection
    No problems with the game except for the commercials. You would think that EA would be able to afford to include fighters like Foreman, Lewis and Louis, Tommy Hearns,and Marciano after receiving the big bucks from Burger King and Under Armour. Instead we get Calvin Brock, guess his management team paid to include him too. Lots of money to be made on a marquee fighter, ask Jeff Lacy's team. A fight game should have respect for the fighters, historical and current, that elevated the game...more info


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