Kellogg's Cereal in a Cup, Wellness Assortment, Individual Serving Cups (Pack of 60)

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  • Case of 60 individual-serving cups; variety pack of four flavors
  • Includes Smart Start, Special K, Special K with Red Berries and Smart Start Healthy Heart
  • Low-fat, no-cholesterol breakfast; a good source of several vitamins and minerals
  • Prepackaged individual servings allow for easy breakfast on the go
  • An assortment of delicious, fortified cereals to add variety to your health-conscious breakfast

Customer Reviews:

  • Warning: "Assortment" is a stretch
    Like the writers of many other reviews I read, I got a disproportionately high amount of plain Special K - around 30 of my 60 bowls. I got no bowls of the Kashi cereal. The net weight of a bowl of plain Special K is 1.5 oz, whereas the other cereals weigh in at around 2.5 oz. Special K is also the cheapest cereal to make of the four, making it extremely suspicious that many shipments of this "assortment" seem to be unbalanced in its favor.

    I'm pretty upset that I purchased a "4-cereal assortment" that ended up containing only 3, and an undesirable mix of those. Be warned; based on the reviews here, you're likely to have a similar experience....more info
  • convenience for breakfast
    I'm a big guy. One of these just doesn't cut it for breakfast. But they make great snacks throughout the day. The packaging makes it very convenient to keep a bunch in my credenza at work. Sometimes I reuse the bowls to make hot oatmeal. Just remember they're not microwave safe. Don't ask me how I know! They just aren't okay?!

    Unfortunately, I've learned that I'm not a Special K fan which rules out half the shipment. I'm referring to the regular Special K. The berry version is quite tasty....more info
  • Great!!
    I was a little skeptical ordering this based on other reviews, but was very glad I did. There was a good assortment, though not equal. I was fine with it! However, keep in mind that with the larger individual serving size you are consuming more calories than from the suggested size in the big box. ...more info
  • Ideal and handy.
    These kellogs cereals in a cup and ideal for people on the move and people who sometimes miss breakfast due to a heactic lifestyle.Still as tasty as normal kellogs cereal, except you can have it while your on the go!Ingenious!...more info
  • Wonderful to keep in the desk at work....
    My husband and I loved these. Great design idea - a small plastic tub that you just pull the top off and add milk (too bad they couldn't incorporate a small spoon in each package). Great to keep at the office if you need a quick lunch that's not loaded with calories. The selection is also the healthier versions of cereals on the market. Delivery was quick and the package arrived undamaged. If the price is right, we'd definitely buy these again....more info
  • Helped you lose weight
    This is a great breakfast that you can store in your desk. I would bring 5 packages to work and then eat them for breakfast at my desk. They are a single serving size and can help you get the time to eat some breakfast in the morning instead of ordering a doughnut or a danish. It kept me full at least till lunch. Highy recommended....more info
  • No Kashi!
    There is NO KASHI at all!!!
    35 Special K
    25 Smart Start

    ...more info
  • Good variety, but not good packaging
    The various cereals included in this 60-pack box are health-promoting and very convenient. Each cup (more like a medium-sized bowl, really) contains about 2.5 oz net weight of cereals. Some have more calories than others, but all are quite tasty. I eat these with skim milk so I hope my cholesterol level can come down soon.

    My complain is these are packed into a large box and some of the cups at the bottom were crushed from the weight and probably rough handling during shipment. Out of the box, two cups were completely gone and one cup had the thin cover open so I wasn't sure if the food quality was still acceptable so I had to throw it away....more info
  • Good but too much Secial K
    Mine was securely packaged, good quality but half is plain old Special K (which DOES have the fewest calories) and I ran out of my 2 favorite flavors way too fast. 2 Special K varieties are WAY too much! ...more info
  • A great buy
    I am very happy with this purchase. The only con is that you don't get as much of the good cereal (Kashi, Smart Start) as you would like and get a ton of Flakes, Rasin Bran, and Rice Crispies. Its very convienient in the morning for a quick breakfast and unless you are ultra picky, this is a great buy....more info
    This is an attractive item; however, I am disappointed that the Start Smart has partially hydrogenated oil in it, and therefore will have to forego this nice convience product.

    Also, it would be nice to see the nutritional breakdown, i.e., calories, fiber, carbohydrates, fat, et cetera. ...more info
  • Convenience and healthy taste
    These ready to eat bowls are easy to use, have generous portions and my kids love them. No more stale boxes of cereal!...more info
  • Assortment??
    First off, I love the fact that I can take them to work and just add milk. I also like this variety better because it doesn't have a bunch of sugar cereals in it. The only catch is the assortment isn't anywhere near what it is supposed to be and I only got 57.
    I haven't found any other place to find this product. All the stores have less variety and smaller sizes. Did anyone else find anything better then this?
    Would I reorder...yes because the pros out way the cons until I find something better....more info
  • Still a great "Adult" selection of cereals, but
    I first reviewed this product last year (now 2008, but showing original date for some reason). I used them for traveling, eating on the go, and for portion control. Great! Amazon has since raised the price by more than $5 and it is cheaper for me to buy them at the grocery store individually. Also, they took out the Kashi. There is too many regular Special K containers. The Smart Starts, which I do eat, are similar so it doesnt feel like an "assortment" any more. ...more info
  • Unless you've never had cereal, you know what to expect!
    Bought it for the size and portability, and it keeps it's promised benefit. If you're looking for healthy cereal options on the go, this is it!...more info
  • Good value, easy to use, nice selection
    The product is a bit expensive, however, for the convinience it's worth it. Never need to get a creal bowl again, good portion for guys / grown ups. It's a bit too much for my wife to finish in 1 shot, it's actually perfectly fine for 2 breakfeasts, so it works out. Luckily I have 2 nephews, so 1 cup is perfect portion for them as well.

    Personally, I like the convinience of pouring milk right in it, no need a bowl. Good for someone who eats breakfeast at work. Deducted a 1/2 star because it could have been a bit more variety, on my 2nd case now, getting a bit bored of the taste. Deducted another 1/2 star because the cups really could have been made of paper instead of plastic for environment sake. I try to find uses for the plastic cups, but after 1 case of these, there's really nothing more I can use the cups for.

    ...more info
  • Too much Special K
    Silly me - I thought 60 containers meant 15 of each of the four types of cereal. Instead, I got 22 of the plain Special K (my least favorite of the four) and only 4 of the Kashi (the one I really wanted). I'll eat them because I paid for them and they are convenient but I won't buy this "assortment" again.

    Unless you're a big fan of Special K, don't bother....more info
  • wonderful
    I eat these cereals everyday, and I would buy the box, the put in bowl everyday to take to work. With my hours most peoples lunch is my breakfast. The cafeteria where I work sell these at 1.99 a pop, which is even more costly than buying the box. I bought these when they were running on the extra specials and it is great, I just pop one in my lunch bag, buy either milk or yogurt at work and i have breakfast.
    Because of the sale, the price was right, the product is awesome.
    Could not ask for more. ...more info
  • Trans Fats and "Wellness" really don't go together!
    I'm apalled to see something that contains trans fats billed as a wellness product. Anything containing "partially hydrogenated" oils is BAD for you! ...more info
  • No Kashi
    I didnt get Kashi either. I called and they sent me a replacement, well see what happens, that should arrive today. CS told me if it doesnt have any Kashi to call back and they will give me a full refund. They dont take returns on food so I am quite satisfied that I will have gotten 120 cereals for thirty four bucks! (there is a twenty off code right now). If there is no Kashi.. great, ill get 120 cereals, for free. Amazon CS is great, even if the packaging sometimes stinks....more info