Kellogg's Cereal in a Cup, Favorite Assortment Pack, 1.5 - 2.8-Ounce Individual-Serving Cups (Pack of 60)

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  • Case of 60 individual-serving cups; variety pack of six flavors
  • Includes Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran Crunch, and Cocoa Krispies
  • Low-fat, no-cholesterol breakfast; a good source of several vitamins and minerals
  • Prepackaged individual servings allow for easy breakfast on the go
  • An assortment of delicious, fortified cereals that will please everyone in the family

Customer Reviews:

  • the sweet taste of breakfast cerial
    being ine the US Military, and having a wife and three children these
    assortment of cerial comes in very handy, weather it's for breakfast or just a midnight snack, these cerial pack a satifing punch to hunger.
    so enjoy kellogg's breakfast cerial, any time of the the day or night....more info
  • Great - despite broken cup
    Out of 60 cups of cereal in one box with no insulation( there was no popcorn or plastic air bags) one cup exploding was not that bad of a deal especially for the price - great delivery time!...more info
  • Great for college students
    Easy, convenient and tasty snack or breakfast. Particularly good for college students....more info
  • Yummy!!
    I love the way the cereals come in the box sorted out so that I don't have to dig for my favorites. The cereal is fresh and the individual bowls are very convenient....more info
  • Kelloggs
    excellentKellogg's Cereal in a Cup, Favorite Assortment Pack, 1.5 - 2.8-Ounce Individual-Serving Cups (Pack of 60)...more info
  • Good Value
    I had a coupon for this so it was a good value. Otherwise it is to expense for what you get. My box had a couple of opened cereals in it so I didn't get the full value of all......more info
  • Needs more variety
    This is a fairly decent package with an uneven distribution. Instead of receiving 10 cups of each product as one might anticipate, the box has twice the number of cups of Frosted Flakes and about six cups of Cocoa Puffs. Unfortunately, the Raisin Bran Crunch is the spoiler in this package. The raisins are tough, difficult to chew, and lay on the bottom of the cup so don't expect to find any raisins until the cereal is just about gone.
    ...more info
  • Varied number assortment
    Use promo code: KELOGKEB at checkout to save $20 off $50+, expires Sept 30th, 2008

    I just got my box today, no problems. Every cup was fine, not one crushed or busted open.

    My box assortment came as follows, as well as printed on the carton they were all in:

    16 Frosted Flakes
    6 Fruit Loops
    10 Raisin Bran
    10 Apple Jacks
    10 Corn Pops
    8 Cocoa Rice Krispies

    These cups are just enough cereal for a quick snack, or fast breakfast. You pour the milk right into them. Great for taking to the office, as long as you have a spoon to eat them with and some milk. Very convenient. I switch up the different cereals daily, and not have to worry about them going stale since each one is sealed individually. Get this if you want the convenience of taking cereal on the go as well as a snack anytime of the day. Fresh cup everyday!

    Hurry and buy them before the coupon expires. Time to stock up! ...more info
  • Not an even Variety Pack
    You will get 60 cups of cereal. Each cup gives you enough cereal and space to pour a 6-8oz of milk. It is very convenient to have the single serving on the go cup. I would of gave a 5 if the quantities were even.
    16- 2.1oz Frosted Flakes
    10-2.8oz Raisin Bran Crunch
    10- 1.5oz Apple Jacks
    10-1.5oz Corn Pops
    8-2.3oz Cocoa Krispies and
    6-1.5 oz Froot Loops
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    After reading other reviews I was hesitant to order the cereal, but after receiving it was glad I did. It's true that the varieties are not equally divided in the order, but I still received an adequate amount of each. It's so nice not having to wash another bowl and there's a nice choice waiting in the morning without having to worry if the cereal has gone stale because the lid was left open. ...more info
  • Great, but not an equal distribution
    This is really a great way to have breakfast at your office or practically anywhere. However, they don't give you an equal distribution of the various cereals. Here is the breakdown (from the side of the box):

    16: 2.1oz Frosted Flakes
    8 : 1.5oz Froot Loops
    12: 2.8oz Rasin Bran Crunch
    10: 1.5oz Apple Jacks
    10: 1.5oz Corn Pops
    4(!): Cocoa Rice Krispies

    The main reason I got this over using regular boxes was that I wanted a variety of different cereals. However, there are way too many Frosted Flakes and far too few Rice Krispies. Kind of takes the "variety" out of variety pack....more info
  • The one box that we all like
    This is the only box of cereal that has choices for all 6 of us. Don't forget to recycle the plastic bowls!...more info
  • Useless and expensive to anyone but large families
    All the rgocery items found on Amazon have to be bought in EXPENSIVE bulk.I'm one person and my $2.75 per week can of generic coffee pleasees me just fine.Paying $33 for a giant can that will go bad on me long before i can use it does me know good as well as drains $30 of cash i need for other groceries away from me.

    Like i said, fine for large families,organizations,clubs,work places,etc., but no good or use at all for couples,singles and/or small families i.e. "the little guy" who needs the price breaks the most....more info
  • Wrong order
    We ordered the Favorite Assortment Pack, but that is not what we received. When we questioned our order, we were told they were out of stock on our original order, and we could not return the order we received. We won't order again....more info
  • Worth a purchase, I suppose.
    Frosted Flakes - Classic, and just sweet enough to get you through... 4.25 stars.

    Pops - Another classic cereal, but rarely liked. Gross to me, good to some. 1 star.

    Fruit Loops - Newer than the others. Mildly enjoyable. 3 stars.

    Raisin Bran Crunch - Good, newer than others. 3.75 stars.

    Cocoa Crispies - Gross to me, but another classic cereal. Reese's Puff beats the PANTS off of these! 2 stars.

    Apple Jacks - Classic, new green Jack, addictive. 4 stars.

    A decent package all together. Not without its faults.

    3 stars....more info
  • Kellogg's Ceral in a cup
    These were wonderrful! I have to get up real early and when I get my breakfast all I have to do is grab one pour the milk in and eat. No mesy bowls to worry about. At 5 AM in the morning that is great!...more info
  • Portions too big!
    Great Kellogg's cereal, all our favorites, but the portions per cup are way too big for any of us - we'd do better with about half the size. ...more info


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