Air Purifiers - Alen Corporation A375UV Ultra UV Anti-Bacteria Room Air Cleaner - White

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Product Description

Free Shipping! Authorized Alen Dealer. Recommended For: Smoke, Pollen, Dust, Animal dander, Dust mites, Molds, Bacteria and Viruses Used In: Entire homes, Hospitals and Labs, Schools or Offices Coverage Area: 800 Sq ft, 400 Sq ft for best performance Filter Type: Carbon, HEPA, UV, Ionic With two UV lamps for bacterial control and an activated carbon filter for odor removal, the Alen A375UV Ultra Air Purifier delivers the most comprehensive air-cleaning performance, at a price that s far below its premium counterpart. The A375UV Ultra Air Purifier also is easy to use and maintain, with features such as remote-control operation, a filter replacement indicator, dust and odor sensors, quiet operation and more. Competing models have up to three separate filters that must be changed at different times, but the wall-mountable A375UV Ultra Air Purifier has one combination pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter for quick changing. Simply remove the front cover and replace the filter. No tools required. It effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses. This air purifier features four speed settings, 12-hour timer, built-in ionizer that minimizes pollutants without producing ozone, digital display with simple, intuitive touch-button controls, and unique safety feature with auto-off protection when front cover removed. It also has 99.97% of HEPA filter efficiency and covers room size up to 800 square feet, 400 square feet for best performance....

  • Image May Vary - Please See Product Title for Actual Size and Color!
  • Pre-filter + HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon Filter all-in-one makes filter changing easy
  • Effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses
  • Enhanced activated carbon for even greater odor removal
  • 2 UV lamps for bacteria removal
Customer Reviews:
    works great - had none of the problems others have voiced - ordered a 375 after good results from a 350 because it has a couple more features which I have found useful since i recieved it...more info
  • Good portable Air Purifier
    Do recommend to anyone who want to have a portable air purifier. It is easy to operate and use. It really work great for a smaller space. We love it....more info
  • It works & the cost is right.
    I have been looking at and searching for a decent air purifying unit for at least 3 years, I find the cost runs way to high and the looks of the unit definitely wasn't designed by anyone with designing taste! And even though the germicidal UV light should be completely hidden from view most of the air filtering UV units I have looked at had obvious glowing of the eye damaging UV lighting.
    Now for my review of this item,

    The looks-acceptable.
    Noise level-acceptable on low speed during sleeping.
    Controls and adjusting-My wife has no problems working it! (Now that says a lot!)
    The Glowing of the UV lights-Almost literally impossible to see!
    Does it work?-my wife thinks Claritin cured her of her allergies. It took about 6 to 8 weeks letting it run 24-7 but it will clean up the impurities in the house and before you know it your not sneezing! Well it worked for me wife.
    Would I buy another unit-Yes if needed.
    The cost- acceptable
    My only problem with it is "How would I know if one of the UV germicidal lights go out?"
    I'm the type of person that probably never give out 5 stars to nothing, but I will give out 9.5 out of a 10 point scale for this item.
    ...more info
  • Just a Fluke I'm Sure
    I researched this product online and decided to take a chance ($500?!)...figured I had 30 days to decide. I waited a bit impatiently for it to arrive but when it did I immediately ripped open the package, plugged it in and....NOTHING. The thing wouldn't even power on. I'm sure it's just a fluke but for the money I decided not try this company again. ...more info
  • Great filter
    This is a great filter. We got it for our baby daughters room when she was having some problems. She's been good since. We put the filter in a room that we had been operating a Sharper Image model they pimp on TV commercials and the Alen immediately kicked on high and showed particulate on its indicator....even though the other filter had been on continuously (highest setting) and properly maintained.

    Another reviewer complained about the noise on auto...just leave it on setting 2 and it should be good from there. I have allergies that I get shots for (now) and have had no problem leaving it on this low of a setting....more info
  • Too expensive, and replacement filters are expensive...BUT...
    OK, so it costs a lot of money. They say you should replace the HEPA/Carbon A375 UV filter every 6 months (for $49 each). That's a bit excessive. However, the filter is pretty quiet at high speed (which I leave it on all day and all night long because my dust/dust mite allergies are THE WORST). I have one in my bedroom and one in my living room that run constantly on high speed. I have no idea whether the UV lights do anything or not, but I will try anything to help reduce my allergies. It is easy on the eyes and has a nice display, and it doesn't take up too much room. I also did research when I bought these (about 7 months ago) and they scored highly in air filter tests. If they were less expensive, I would definitely recommend them....more info
  • Not what I expected
    Not what I've expected for almost $500. I got it three days ago. It produces ozone smell. On auto mode it can wake you up in the middle of the night because it suddently decides to go full speed. It's not programmable, so you cannot set it up to be turned on two hours before bed time for example like my other ones. Instructions are incomplete and difficult to match with the buttons on the purifier. If the smell doesn't go away, the purifier goes back. I have two other different brand purifiers, I have to admit that they are nosier, but don't smell. ...more info
  • Alen A375UV works as advertised!
    Excellent product, works very well with tobacco smoke and cooking odors. Just set it to automatic, it is silent most of the time but will automatically adjust if it detects smoke or odor. Worth the money....more info