Haier HPE07XC6 7000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Product Description

7000 BTU Cooling Capacity - 115 Volt / Auto evaporation, No water removal / 3 Cooling & Fan speed / Multi-directional Airflow / Window Exhaust Kit included Multi-Directional Airflow Rotary Control Thermostat Dimensions - Width 20 7/16 x Depth 17 1/4 x Height 33 21/32 inches

  • Auto evaporation function allows continuous operation without inconvenience of water removal
  • Window exhaust kit included
  • Easy access air filter
  • Multi directional airflow
  • 3 Cooling and 3 Fan Speeds
Customer Reviews:
  • Cools the area down nicely, but there are caveats
    The unit does function very well, as far as actual cooling power goes. However, like many other reviewers, I find that the auto-evaporate function is utterly inadequate. I actually found this out the hard way, having ruined a carpet by running the unit for a week (in a rental apartment, naturally). Tucked neatly in a corner, all on its own, I had not noticed the leak previously.

    Well, after two months of not using this, the heat went way up again, so I drained the unit thoroughly, plugged it back in, and set it up in a room without a carpet. 45 minutes later, there was a puddle on the floor. I promptly mopped this up, drained the unit again, and 15 minutes later noticed another puddle accruing.

    I have also read that if the drain pan fills, the condenser is supposed to shut off. Well, that does not appear to be the case for me. This unit will happily flood my floors repeatedly. I must resort to building some sort of scaffold to support the unit over a tub. Hardly an ideal solution.

    This all, I could live with, but the reason I ranked this unit at two stars rather than three, is that the manual is not very helpful in setting the unit up -- and while I generally do not use manuals, it recommended using duct tape to secure the widget to the window to seal out air gaps. Duct tape? In a rented apartment? Are you insane!? No way am I going to ruin the walls or paint, in addition to the carpet. Glad I paid no attention to that one....more info
  • Works very well
    I spent a lot of time researching which portable air conditioner to buy for my room. My room is quite large, and this baby is able to cool it down. It's relatively cheap compared to most air conditioners out there on the market. I was actually able to find this air conditioner for $249.00 from an official online Haier portable a/c distributor store =]. Shipping was $60, so in the end I bought it for around $312.00 including tax. I love this product! Warning: After buying a portable a/c, it's recommended that you leave it upright for 24 hours before operation in order to balance the cooling oil if it might have been rested on its side during transportation. ...more info
  • Haier HPE07XC6 7000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
    I love this portable A/C unit! I am in Lodi, California, a place where it gets very very hot in the summer. This product arrived on time and undamaged and the delivery guy even came to my door with the box! It is NOT Loud! I read other reviews on this unit and was hesitent about buying it but was relieved to hear it was way quieter then I expected. I have only used it three times because it really isn't hot yet. As far as the drain plug, I inserted a hose to a 1/2 gallon sealed container so catch any draining water. It may or may not evaporate but it is a small inconvenience to keep it running, to dump it, but for the three times I ran it no water went into the container. It cools my room nice and that is all I am hoping for. April-October are my town hot months, so now I am prepared. I reccommend this A/C unit happily! Raymond....more info
  • Terrible Product, Awful Customer Service at Haier
    This unit has cost me a bundle of time and energy. When I first plugged it in and started it, I set the temperature on the unit for 72 when the room temperature was 81 during the hot summer month of June. The room temperature never went below 78 even after 4 hours of having it on in a small 10x12 bedroom. There is something seriously wrong with this unit, but when the service technican contracted by Haier arrived, he declared that there was nothing wrong with the unit after turning it on for a few seconds. The man insisted that it was functioning fine. I concluded that there was something wrong with this technician because he was so quick to jump to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong within seconds of looking at the unit, without even listening to my words. I called Haier again and they said that the service call has not yet been entered into their system so I would have to call again in a few days. Because it is so difficult to talk to a human being when you call the Haier service line, it took me another 5 months to call Haier again. You have to go through a series of voice prompts and if you miss one, you have re-dial them. It is one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had with any customer service dept. the first time they scheduled a service appointment, no one called me or showed. I had to call them again. As I was walking to run errands, the second service technician showed up without calling me 30 mins in advance as promised by the company. This service tech said that the unit was working fine. I explained to him that the air conditioner never cools the room to its set temperature and he responded that the unit is working "fine." He did not seem to think that the fact that the unit will never cool the room to a temperature anywhere near its set temperature was a problem....more info
  • Good Supplemental A/C unit
    I work for the Air Force and due to budget cuts they (Air Force Leadership) has been trying to save money by shutting off A/C in our offices on the weekends and increasing the temp during the work week. Not the best thing to do in west Texas in my opinion. Anyway we work a lot on the weekends. This unit works great at cooling down our office. As the other reviews have stated it is a bit noisy. It ran for about 4 hours a day for two weeks and almost 8 hours last weekend and it hasn't had to be drained yet. I did drain out about a cup of water before writing this review. That tells me that the auto evaporation is working fine. I would recommend this product....more info
  • works great
    We purchased this air conditioner for our 3rd floor bedrooms--we have casement windows in one room and only a sliding glass door in another . Like other reviewers I found the installation perplexing but I finally went to a local plastic company who made me custom clear plastic inserts -- took my screen from the window and they made the plastic the size of the screen with a hole cut out for the vent. For the sliding doors the insert was made about 7 inches wide and the length of the door. Both inserts work well. As far as the unit we are very happy as they cool the room quite comfortably. I have emptied the drain once a week for about a month now and I've never gotten more then 1 cup of of water if that. My only complaint is that it is rather noisy but not much more then a regular room air conditioner. Since we are not home much during the day we rarely turn on the central air--just use the portables for sleeping--has cut down our electric bill dramatically. Overall very happy with this
    product...more info
  • Very good. But really loud
    This air conditioner is excellent for the heat of living in the valley near Los Angeles. But it gets really loud, especially when changing over from cool to fan mode ( when it reaches the desired temperature). However, it is not much louder than the multiple fans I had to use before, so I would rate this as excellent...more info
  • Loud, but works
    Okay I haven't had any of the drainage issues, but I live in Southern Cali and the humidity isn't too bad. It was easy to install, if you live in an apartment before you begin also pick up some HVAC duct tape and some weather stripping. Because I have the glass slide windows I wanted to make sure I was keeping the cold air in. We use the AC in our bedroom only approx. 300 sq. ft and it easily drops down to 71- 73 F. The only drawback is the noise, but it eventually fades to white noise and you can sleep with it. Personally for summer comfort while sleeping this unit does a good job. ...more info
  • Good, if a little loud.
    Getting the package was a little bit confusing. I recieved multiple emails saying that my order had been processed and such, but I did not receive my tracking number until AFTER the package had already been delivered. I'd expect a little more for that much money paid in shipping. THe unit arrived in good condition though, and works nicely in my small space. I haven't run it enough for the unit to need draining yet, so we'll see how that goes, but so far it's been a good deal, no complaints....more info
  • Installation
    The unit works fine and there was no dripping on the floor. However, installation was close to impossible. The contraption to be used to vent through the window has a hole placed in such a way that when you make the sliding panel fit the window, the hole does not line up. I had to use all kinds of jerryrigged ideas to get it to vent. The panel has a sliding insert, when you line up the holes in each, it will no longer fit in the window. The unit it replaced fit perfectly. Another annoying thing is that when you turn the unit on, it automatically goes to whatever it was on before. So if it was on a/c and you turn it on, you have to push the buttons to cycle from a/c through dehumidifier to fan. The lowest setting of the fan is higher than I would expect and appears to be identical to medium. The unit that was replaced had a nice low speed that was quiet. This does not. It is quite loud....more info
  • Delivered on time but the shippment box was badly damaged
    I have to rate the delivery time for this to be a 5. The product arrived on time.

    I rate the shipping of this product to be a 2. The box was badly damaged and I was skeptical if the air conditioner would work or not due to the condition of the box upon arrival. It was during a time of the weeklong heat wave so I took the chance and accepted the product with damaged packaging. So far, the unit has worked without any problems. Then again, I've only used it for two days.

    I rate this airconditoner 3. First of all, you need to install it with the included hardware to your window, which didn't take too much time. The unit is really loud when it's operating and for some reason there are only adjustments for the airflow to blow to the sides, not vertical so, cooling the air will take some time.

    Also, you may need to install a drainage hose even though; the box says it does not need one. There is a small rubber stop at the bottom of the unit that you can unplug and install a rubber hose (from Home Depot). I ran my AC for two days and noticed some water run off from the hose.

    One more thing. My roomate also ordered the same AC as mine. His order was shipped to someone else by mistake so, he had to order another one and was credited for the second order. His AC also arrived with a badly damaged box but accepted it anyway due to the heat wave. So far, he has had no problems with his unit just like mine.

    In short, I wish amazon had a wider selection of room portable AC but, if your looking for something semi decent just to cool a hot room for a few days and can put up with the loud continuous noise then, this is the way to go.

    PS: don't forget to hook up that drainage hose just incase!...more info
  • Gets the job done. Slightly quirky vent hose system.
    During Calif.'s late July, 2006 record-breaking heat wave, I searched in vain for a local appliance store who had portable a/cs in stock. They were selling them as fast as they got them in and I was sweltering day and night with nothing but a box fan blowing 80f+ air on me. In this part of town, NO ONE rents apartments with air conditoning. "Oh, you get cool ocean breezes here" the building managers say. Yeah, sure, except during the Summer or heat waves.

    My apartment's living room where I spend a lot of time has tall sliding
    glass windows so it's impossible (and not allowed) to install a window unit.It had to be a portable like this, and until a few years ago these kinds of a/cs couldn't be had for much under $1000.00. A friend surprised me and ordered one of these Haiers as a gift (nice friend!) with UPS Blue second day shipping from J&R in NYC. UPS screwed up and missed the delivery by a day so my generous friend got the nearly $100.00 shipping cost refunded.

    Once I received the unit and saw the condition of the outer carton, smashed in on all eight corners, I feared it'd be damaged. Luckily, Haier uses huge styrofoam caps around the a/c inside the carton so the a/c came out of the box in flawless condition.

    Setup took about an hour as I read the badly-worded instruction manual and
    assembled the exhaust hose / window vent system which consists of a bunch of plastic pieces, some of which have to be screwed together, and a length of five inch diameter rubberized wire-reinforced hose that will stretch and bend to just about any angle or position you need it to go. The plastic panel that goes into the window and receives the exhaust hose only extends to about four feet high (or wide) - it's really designed more for casement windows than vertical sliding windows, so I have about four feet by five inches of screened, open window above it. Eventually I'll get a clear plastic panel cut at a hardware store to fill that gap but Haier could be more generous with the plastic hose mounting panel and realize some people have tall vertical sliding glass windows, not casement windows.

    After sweating (literally) through the installation (the a/c itself needs no assembly; it's ready to plug in and go, once you get those exhaust hose
    assembly parts put together), I fired her up and learned the controls, which are simple and straight-forward. Freon-based a/c with three fan speeds, fan only with three speeds, and dehumidify with cooling with one fan speed.

    Everything is controlled by soft touch pushbuttons (no dials whatsoever..)
    .. which beep when pressed and a digital display shows the temperature
    you've set for 15 seconds, then reverts to displaying room temperature. I
    don't know where the unit's room temperature sensor is - front? back?
    bottom? The manual doesn't say.

    It has auto turn on and shut off timer functions which increment in full
    hours but I haven't used those yet. I stored my old box fan in another room and when I'm not using the Haier in a/c (cooling) mode I just switch it to fan-only mode.

    You can control air flow through the "smile" shaped vents side to side only, but not up and down. There are fancier units like this on the market that have remote controls and motorized louvers. At $300.00, this one lacks those features, so if you want or need to change modes, you have to get up off your couch potato rear and walk over to it and press the buttons.

    Overall, I'd give this unit four out of five stars. It's a little on the
    noisy side when the a/c compressor kicks in, (no more so than a window unit though..) but quite quiet in fan-only mode. During the heat wave, I had it running basically 24/7 for about a week and did not seen its internal humidity-removal water level warning light come on once, nor
    have I had to pull the drain plug on the bottom of the rear side to drain
    excess water, so unlike another reviewer, I'd have to disagrre and say this unit DOES perform its self-evaporation function as advertised. If you're going to buy a portable a/c, get one with auto-evaporation like this one unless you want to tediously empty a drain pan every hour or two. This unit has NO drain pan at all, thank goodness.

    In in dehumidify mode, the air coming out the vents
    feels as cool to my hands as it does in cooling mode. I bought a pencil
    thermometer at an auto supply store (the kind you shove into your car's
    a/c vent) and it reads 45f when the Haier's a/c compressor is on, so that's the temperature of the air as it exits the vents.


    I would have bought one of these portables years ago were it not for the high cost. Now that they're down at the $300.00 level, they're affordable.

    You should not expect to cool an entire house with a 7000 btu unit like
    this, but it does a fine job in a single room, (even one over 300 sq. ft.).. and if your situation prevents installing a window unit, a portable like this makes a fine alternative. Only time will tell how long it'll work "like new" but I'm pleased with it and unless you need a fancier unit with a remote control and motorized louvers, go for this one. J&R's customer service is top notch. And a bit of advice - don't buy a used one even if it saves you a few bucks. An a/c with electronic controls is a complex unit.

    With a used unit, you have no idea how many hours of use it's seen, or how
    it was used or abused. Make sure the one you buy is brand new.

    I'll come back and add to or modify this review if the unit has any problems in the future, but after a week of use, I'd give it a (cool) thumbs up.

    [...]...more info
  • Happily surprised
    I got this item at BJ's Wholesale for $279. I bought it because of the dehumidifier function and the self evaporation process advertised. At this price, despite high hopes, I was relatively skeptical on its efficiency and was ready to returned the unit if I was disappointed. I never buy an appliance without checking Consumers Reports but the most recent article, published in June, covered only Windows AC units. If you need to place the unit in its side during transportation to your house, it is advised to wait 24 hours before turning it on to allow the coolant to get back in place. The unit is heavy and you might need help to move upstairs or downstairs. Once on the level you like, the build-in wheels will make moving to the room you choose easy. The flexible hose is relatively frustrating to work with if the space you have is restraint. My bedroom is small and I have a chest of drawers by the window I connected the exhaust system to. It took some time adjusting but with transparent duct tape, it worked well and stayed in place. On AC setting, the machine is adequate and the cooling is thorough. However, what I am most impressed with is the dehumidifier function. This option runs only on medium fan and, despite the heat wave we are experiencing right now in Massachusetts, I haven't had to switch to the AC option! I was sure I would have to do so, eventually. It was close to 100 today and the temperature in the bedroom was at 70. Now, it is nightime, in the low 80's and very humid but the unit, still on dehumidifier function, is reading between 70 and 73. The unit can stop if it needs to be drained but has worked non stop for 5 days, 3 on AC and yesterday and today on dehumidier, so far, without problem. I couldn't get any info but plan to contact the maker to know how much energy, if any, is saved in this function vs. A/C. I am happy with this machine and, so far, don't regret the price I spend on it. If my satisfaction with this product changes, I shall make an update. ...more info
  • Not Exactly as Advertised
    Although we have come around to liking this product we were initally disappointed in what was sold as a unit that did not need draining. It does need to be drained or it will automatically shut off after an hour and a half usage. We have it on top of a bowl so that it can drain and thus stay on. It cools the room well but is more work than we expected. Just know what you are buying-an air conditioner that is not self draining! ...more info