Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Microwavable Popcorn, Natural Simply Salted 50% Less Fat, 3-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)
Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Microwavable Popcorn, Natural Simply Salted 50% Less Fat, 3-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn is the perfect snack to share with the family, and it's available in Movie Theater Butter, Butter, Butter Light, Smart Pop! 94% Fat Free, Kettle Korn, and many other great flavors.

  • Case of 12 boxes, each box containing three 3.5-ounce bags (total of 36 bags, 126 ounces)
  • Gourmet microwave popping corn with added salt and soybean oil
  • Half the fat of regular natural popping corn
  • Each bag yields about 11.5 cups of popped corn
  • Made only with all-natural ingredients

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful!
    This is the best popcorn. You can't find it at the grocery store anymore so I'm glad Amazon is carring it. It's the only popcorn my Husband will heat!...more info
  • Not the best
    Natural didn't mean less fat or carbs, and it was pretty tasteless, actually! It did pop fully, not alot of unpopped kernel's, but I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it again....more info
  • Truly "natural"
    First let me correct the amazon.com description (how did they get so far off?). The bags make under 5 cups each, and the fat used is palm oil which doesn't go rancid like soy oil at room temperature and the palm oil contains health-promoting natural carotenes which account for its orangish color.

    The popcorn is delicious. You can get popcorn w/no added fat, but that is not satisfying so you tend to eat more. Eaten in moderation this product is healthful. The small amount of fat also allows you to add herbs or spices or garlic to it if you want, and it will stick to the corn. I make mine very peppery so I get a wallop of flavor and eat less. This variety is hard to find in the supermarkets even if they carry other Redenbacher popcorns, so thank heaven amazon.com is selling it. Enjoy....more info
  • Too little for way too much
    Redenbacher makes great popcorn, but this is ridiculous. Go to your local Cosco and buy a box holding 36 bags of this for $12 or less. Sheesh!...more info
  • Extreme disappointment
    In Sept of 2008 I ordered my customary case of this popcorn....after realizing that the name had been changed but the ingredients were the same. At least half of that case of 3-packs were dry and burned when cooking. These bags were tough and tasteless, not light and fluffy as I had come to expect. I have not received satisfactory treatment from the manufacturer, but I'll be persistent and hope to get at least half of my money refunded as half of the popcorn went into the trash. ...more info
  • super!
    Really good-"no old maids". Good buy. Also gave as gift to kids in college dorm. Fresh....more info
  • Best Popcorn Ever
    This popcorn is the best microwave popcorn ever made. It is the healthiest, tastiest for natural light popcorn you can find. We are addicted to it and eat it for a evening snack every night. If you try it you will be delighted and order a subscription too. ...more info
  • Plenty of Popcorn!
    We love popcorn, but we prefer a lighter version. Can't get this in the local stores. A better alternative to regular popcorn. My Family loves it!!...more info
  • Popcorn fanatic
    This is the best popcorn that I have ever tasted. I cannot find this at my local grocery store. When I ruin out, I will order more!...more info
  • Great taste that even the kids love!
    I like it because it's not greasy, and not so salty that my lips burn. Just the right amount of salt to give it some flavor. My kids and their friends even like this popcorn, and I feel better serving it to them. If you normally get regular buttered popcorn, you'll notice a difference, but Orville's Light Natural might surprise you with its great taste....more info
  • Terrific Popcorn
    We bought Orville Redenbacker's Lignt Natural Popcorn online because we haven't been able to find it at grocery stores in a long time. Perhaps the proliferation of different types of popcorn has crowded out this item from store shelves. Whatever the reason, it is as good as we remember. It has the moisture and the moutn-feel of full-strength popcorn without the calories. ...more info
  • Best popcorn ever
    This "simply salted" is popcorn the way Mom used to make. She'd pour in a little oil and shake it over the burner. She'd add salt and yum! Brings out the true flavor of the popcorn.

    I've tried both the regular and the reduced fat and both are good. I hardly notice the difference in the Less Fat version.

    I cannot find this item in stores so Amazon is the way to go.

    ...more info
  • Best pop corn - EVER!
    This is by far the best - and probably healthiest - popcorn money can buy. Unfortunately, it is only intermittently available. Local grocery stores do not carry this item so I appreciate Amazon for getting it to us - KUDOS!...more info
  • Great Light Popcorn
    This light popcorn is full of flavor & fits any food regimen. The light natural without the butter still has a slight buttery & salty taste though it has neither. My husband & I love it....more info
  • Gotta Have it Natural!!!
    Having moved from a state where this popcorn was always available, we were aghast that no one carried it in our new area! It appears that very few here like this wonderfully natural tasting, lightly salted, lower calorie popcorn, but preferred those that heavily tasted of thick butter with lots of salt and coats the mouth with film. This popcorn pops fully, leaving no kernels unpopped, and doesn't need any additives. Ease of ordering and prompt shipment make this a wonderful way for those of us who just have to have it! Thank you, [...]!...more info
  • good for all except dieters
    Amazon's description of this items is wrong;
    it's 2.9-ounce bags (total 36 bags, 104 ounces)
    each bag yields about 4.5 cups of popped corn.
    it contains Palm oil, not Soybean oil, and the
    ingredients are not all "natural"; it contains an
    organic Tocopherol preservative. Palm oil does
    give this popcorn a light buttery high note, but
    with triple the Salt and fat-calories compared to
    Lightly Salted Bearitos, dieters should avoid this.
    However it is a great alternative to full flavored
    salty microwave popcorn from most groceries....more info
  • Popcorn Review
    I am so happy to be able to find popcorn that is NOT butter flavored. It is difficult to find anything in the store without butter....more info
  • Juicy Popcorn
    Get your Popcorn when a Movie is on or a music concert is on your tv.i've been down with Orville redenbacher's popcorn for the longest time. i do like mine with extra butter but this is cool and it pops really well. real tasty....more info
  • partially hydrogenated-ladened extra butter popcorn? PSHAW!
    this is all you need! it satisfies even my need for movie theatre popcorn - i sneak a bag with me in the movie theatre and it works!...more info
  • Too Darn Salty
    This popcorn was okay, but it was WAY too salty for me. I think they should change the "simply salted" to say "seasoned with salt" or "nuthin but salt" something that indicates that this is a very salty product....more info
  • Taste is good but too much "mystery fat"
    Taste is good but just not very "Light" at all IMHO. I peeked inside the bags of this creature and there is a large amount--looks like 3 or 4 pats worth of orangy-looking "mystery" fat there. You can remove some it and reseal the bag by folding over... which I recommend that you do with this, but it's a lot of trouble. Why bother the Orville Redenbacher 94% microwave popcorn is the real article but Amazon does not have it yet as of 1-1-2009. Look again later, their buyers will probably get it in soon. I really, really like Orville 94% Fat-free popcorn and it is the one to beat. Act II has about 50% more salt than the other brands for no apparent reason. Popcorn is a very healty snack if not adulterated. ...more info
  • Revue of Orville Redenbacher Natural Light Popcorn
    I love this popcorn! Unfortunately you didn't send me what I ordered. You sent me Natural, not Natural Light....more info
  • Fluffy and Nice
    This is a light, fluffy snack, with no oily
    residue. It seems better than most microwaved
    popcorn. Salt content is not too heavy. Would
    have given it 5*, but there is nothing like
    freshly-made popcorn, from the stovetop, or
    from a popper. All microwave types that I
    have tried leave a bit of a sensation of a
    certain flavoring added to the corn,
    thus diminishing a "pure", authentic corn taste....more info
  • one of my faves
    I take microwave popcorn seriously. This one is very good (3 stars). I'd rank it third after Newman's Organic Natural (5 stars) and Pop Secret Homestyle (4 stars). ...more info
  • 5 star popcorn!
    The product as well as the price and shipping was fantastic I will be a repeated customer.
    Thanks again amazon!...more info
  • Orville Redenbacher Natural Light Popcorn
    We eat a lot of Orville Redenbacher Natural Light Popcorn--it is lightly salted, not full of butter, etc., taste great, and has to be better for us than most other popcorns on the market. Much easier to fix than popping the old time way. The only local store that carried it switched to some off brand popcorn. We were so pleased when we found it at Amazon.com--got it at a good price--and had free shipping. Thank you Amazon! ...more info
  • Popcorn
    Amazon is the only place we can find Natural Light Popcorn. My husband will only eat the Natural Light and it is good that we can find it on line....more info
  • Delicious.
    When I first tried this I thought it tasted bland, but on my second attempt I shook the bag prior to opening it, and it was much much better. Now I eat it all the time. Compared to the "Natural" flavor which is extremely salty, the Light Natural flavor has a great buttery taste (palm fruit oil) and just a hint of salt. Perfect.

    Other customers recommend Bearitos No Salt No Oil brand, but for me that's like eating paper (or foam packing peanuts). Redenbacher's Light Natural provides just enough flavor to make the popcorn palatable while still being very low in fat (2 grams versus 4.5 grams) and calories (110 versus 120).

    ...more info


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