David Seeds Pumpkin Seeds, 5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

DAVID Seeds Pumpkin Seeds are lightly salted and roasted, providing rich flavor and a great crunchy taste. DAVID Pumpkin Seeds are all natural, healthy, and convenient for snackers on the go! Break open a bag and share the fun with DAVID!

  • Case of 12 5-ounce bags (60 total ounces)
  • Made from all-natural pumpkin seeds; roasted and salted
  • Contains no trans-fat and excellent source of protein and minerals
  • A healthy snack choice at the game, on-the-go or anytime you crave a fun, tasty snack!
  • America's favorite sunflower seed

Customer Reviews:

  • Unbearably Salty
    I can't eat more than a few of these at a time. Way too salty. This 12 pack will last me for years....more info
  • Nutz
    I've been eating these pumpkin seeds for years. Now I get them delivered to my door, free, and at a better price than the supermarket....more info
  • Enjoyable snack, very high in sodium
    I really love pumpkin seeds and this is a great deal. You could expect to buy these in the store for $1.99. All the seeds were very clean and had a delicious flavor, although not nearly as good as the ones I make each Halloween after carving pumpkins. The backside labeling is deceptive. It states that a serving (1/4 cup) has 10 mg of sodium, but if you read down further you will find that 1/4 cup actually has 940 mg. Since most people eat these in the shell, or at minimum shell them in your mouth, you do have to watch your sodium on these. The price is great on Amazon, and the quality of David seeds is excellent. Each 5 oz bag states it has 4 (1/4 cup) servings, but it actually lasts about 6 servings for me. ...more info
  • Love 'em of leave 'em
    What can you say? They're pumpkin seeds! Either you like them or you don't. My wife can't get enough of these things and when they had a 50% off sale - well we bought a ton. David brand is always good....more info
  • Frances May's review
    This product--DAVID pumpkin seeds--is sometimes hard to find in the stores. I like that I can find if, reliably, on Amazon. I can ship it with my routine purchase each month of books.

    They taste fine--crisp and fresh...more info
  • Not Labelled As Containing the Shells
    Obviously you can't tell from a picture whether pumpkin seeds have the shell on or not, so we assumed since they were salted that they were probably without the shell. Well, if you buy these, I hope you are the type that likes eating pumpkin seeds shells (we aren't). The seeds themselves were not very large and the shells were not easy to open. I was very disappointed. These, in my opinion, are only useful if you like eating the shell and all....more info
  • The best out there
    David Pumpkin seeds are the best. Most pumpkin seeds have such a thick outer shell (or layer of salt) that you can't eat the whole thing. These are light and crisp and you can either eat the whole seed, or bust it open and just eat the inside.
    My only complaint with these are the price. After signing up for the automatic shipments, Amazon hiked the price up. So, after my first automatic shipment, I had to cancel. I guess from now on, I'll have to wait for them to be on sale, (Conagra is the maker, and Amazon puts Conagra items on sale every few months), and stock up on them when they are....more info
  • Salty Luxury
    These pumpkin seeds fulfill my craving for something salty. I can keep
    I like these with the shell on them.The crispy,salty shell is what I like best.
    I avoid using salt since I was 12,when my granny stopped using it,I followed her habit ever since.
    This is just a delicious way to fill the salt cravings I get occasionally. This small bag is gone in one or two days.They are completely irresistible.I can't control myself to have just a few at a time.Low in calories too, they're a nice snack.
    I haven't tried making them at home. ...more info
  • David Pumpkin Seeds
    Great way to pass the day at work.
    Fresh and tasty....more info
  • pumpkin seed review
    this item came up on amazon at the right time i was getting tired od s seeds and was craving pumpkin seeds ...more info
  • pricey
    This is a great product but I can get the bags for 99 cents at my local Meijer....more info
  • Yummy for the tummy!!!
    OMG, I am so glad to finally be able to get these delights in bulk! They stay fresh almost forever and are super delicious!!...more info
  • Very pleased with this product

    Since we discovered this product through Amazon, there's no turning back. We love these pumpkin seeds. Our local grocery stores are going to wonder what happened to the "pumpkin seed" customer, because we were in the habit of clearing the shelves of pumpkin seeds every time we shopped in the stores. ...more info
  • Yummy seeds
    My wife and I love these pumpkin seeds and can only get small bags where we live so it is quick and easy to order a whole box from Amazon. They are a great source of fiber, but tend to be a little on the salty side. A delicious snack for people on the go....more info
  • These are salty and have the shells on.
    Just an FYI these have A LOT of salt, so if you're thinking about losing weight-not a good idea as salt retains water. These are also naturally low in carbs, so if you're doing a low-carb diet this is a good choice. But besides the fact that these are loaded with salt and if you don't mind eating the shells these are really good. I have tried other pumpkin seeds that are out there and by comparison these have a lot less salt. I saw one brand that had well over 3000mg of sodium while these have 940mg per serving. Also these aren't as big as some other brands, but give them a try. They are good. The reason I gave this review a 4 instead of a 5 is because they are salty and I've seen bigger ones....more info


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