Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop Kettle Corn Popcorn, 3-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn is the perfect snack to share with the family, and it's available in Movie Theater Butter, Butter, Butter Light, Smart Pop! 94% Fat Free, Kettle Korn, and many other great flavors.

  • Case of 12 boxes, each box containing three 3.5-ounce bags (total of 36 bags, 126 ounces)
  • High-quality gourmet popping corn for the microwave
  • 94% fat free; just two grams of fat per serving
  • Each bag yields about 13.5 cups of popped corn
  • Features slightly sweet and salty flavor

Customer Reviews:

  • Popcorn tastes like crap
    I ended up with a huge box of Orville Redenbachers Smart Kettle corn and I can tell you that if you want an absolutely tasteless popcorn, buy this one. It's horrible. It's not even the huge pieces of popped corn. Now...what to do with a large box of Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop Kettle Corn Popcorn, 3-Count Boxes (Pack of 12) box of this good-for-nothing box of junk????? Hope I can send it back. Wish me luck! ...more info
  • Covered with OIL
    First AMAZON's Packing Box Came Opened ??? ~N~ Second Complaint This Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop Kettle Corn Popcorn, 3-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)Product is TOTALLY:

    1. smeared or covered with oil; greasy: any oily road surface they could find.
    2. of the nature of, consisting of, or resembling oil.
    3. of or pertaining to oil.
    4. full of or containing oil.
    5. smooth or unctuous, as in manner or speech: an oily hypocrite.
    6. in an oily manner

    GET The Meaning: ~ OILY ~ OLIY ~ OLIY ~ OILY ~ OLIY ~ OILY ~ OLIY ~ OLIY

    We Have Had This Product Before ~N~ It Was NEVER This OILY ~ NOT EVEN CLOSE ~ There Was Enough Oil in These Bags ~ That U Could Run A Aircraft Engine For Hours ~ Well ~ U GET What We Mean

    We Will NEVER Purchase Any Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Ever Again...more info
  • Very Yummy in my Tummy!
    Any of you popcorn lovers. This is a great thing to have easpecailly when you have the munchies. Just don't take my word for it! Buy some and when you have it in the microwave, Make sure that the inside is completely dry or it will not pop. And the quanity is great so that you can have some nice movie party's and any one from the AWK Unreal Tournament or any other's this will help you out because I have found that when you are playing or when I am. I get the munchies....more info
  • Tasty
    This Kettle Corn is almost as tasty as the kind I get at the Farmers Market. The package is more than enough for two people to share and makes a great addition to movie night. I am not sure how it can be 94% fat free as the taste is so sweet and good. I have tried several brands and Orville Redenbacher's is hands down the best, it also has the highest percentage of kernels popped. Be warned the popcorn is very sticky....more info
  • I Found Out I Don't Like The SMART Pop. :(
    The SMART pop doesn't have enough flavoring. :( I do not like it sam I am. ...more info
  • Great buy
    This is a great product - especially for dieters, but not easily found in local stores. Amazon's automatic delivery system is perfect!...more info
  • i'm addicted to this....
    I don't know what it is....i don't like artificial sweeteners either, but i can't stop eating this stuff. i never had a need to eat a particular product on an almost daily basis. but this kettlecorn just calls to me. it's crazy. it's delicious, and pops up well (less than 5-10 leftover kernels in the bag ususally), and again....i can't stop eating this. it's a bit irritating.

    But, luckily, it is, as one reviewer said, the healthiest of the microwaveable commercial kettle corns. i even saw it listed on the men's health book "eat this, not that" as the product one should eat, if you're going to eat the stuff anyway. and eat away i am.

    i just went through a 36 count package in less than 2 mo. kinda sad, really, but i'm not gaining any weight because of it, at least.

    if you must eat instant popcorn, don't mind artificial sweetener (even if you do mind it a bit, and avoid it usually) i have to say, get this popcorn. i can't NOT get it. i really really like it. *sigh*...more info
  • Good popcorn, good service
    I love popcorn and especially Kettle Korn. The Smart Pop helps keep the weight down. Great combination....more info
  • kettle corn
    Have enjoyed the popcorn which pops well. Since it's the healthy type no trans-fat) it's not as tasty as the other kind but I do enjoy it and have it oftener than I would the other....more info
  • The NASTIEST Stuff I've Ever Had!!!
    OK...so my daughters had a Halloween party on 10/27 (the Saturday before). We ended up receiving three bags labeled 94%FF SPOP KETTLE KORN-P (this was the only indication of what type of popcorn it was. Other than that, it had Trick or Treat single serve mini bag. My daughters (4 and 1) happen to love popcorn. Come Monday after lunch, I popped a bag. All was fine, until we had eaten the first piece. My older daughter's response was EWWW! THAT'S DISGUSTING. I tried a piece and agreed. My one year old wanted to keep on eating it, but she loves just about anything, a very good appetite. I quickly took the popcorn away from her and threw it away. I was concerned the popcorn had expired or that we were being poisoned. Not only was the initial taste frightening, the aftertaste has been persistent for two hours plus a can of coke, glass of water, a different brand of Movie-style popcorn, and a tooth brushing. I attribute this persistent aftertaste to the use of Splenda, as in another review. Although, there is no indication on the packaging that Splenda is used. Finally, when things settled down and I was more convinced I was not being poisoned, I took to the web. I was trying to determine if there were possibly both Trick AND Treat bags and maybe I just ended up with the Trick. Of course, the answer was no and it looks like this is how this stuff is supposed to taste. Now, we don't use any Fat Free stuff, or any sugar substitutes, so I'll have to give Orville the benefit of the doubt. I wish you luck in trying this popcorn....more info
  • artificial sweetener
    This product contains sucralose (splenda). That accounts for its sweet taste. Now I have 12 boxes of popcorn that I don't want to give my kids. I'm annoyed. ...more info
  • Great flavor for low cal
    This is a very good flavor pop-corn, 94% fat free. This is the best brand of all out there for the lower fat keettle pop corn. ...more info


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