White 10000 BTU Window A/C

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Product Description

Electronic Control with Remote / 10000 BTU, 9.8 EER / 115 Volt / All Top-Discharge Airflow Pattern / Ultra-Quiet Operation / Modern Family-Look Design Hydrophilic Resin-Coated Indoor Coil 3 Cool Settings, 3 Fan Settings Dimensions - Width 19 11/16 x Depth 17 11/32 x Height 13 9/16 inches Weight - 68.5 pounds This unit cannot be mounted in an existing wall sleeve

  • Safety Power Cord
  • Electronic with Full-Fuction Remote Control
  • Digital Time & Temperature Display
  • 24-Hour On & Off Timer
  • Dehumidication Mode
Customer Reviews:
  • So far, a great unit, with a remote
    Before I got this unit, I had never seen an air conditioner with a remote controll. Now I am noting that many units due that are haier brand. So far, this unit is doing great, works good in about a maximum of 500 SQ ft, prefered around 350-400 sq ft. 110v plug-in makes it easier to place in the house without having to hook up a 220v outlet. Quiet as well. I'll have to see about the durability, but I have a Haier dehumidifyer that I am pleased with. Check this one out. Available here on amazon, or check at many major retailers as well....more info
  • BAD BAD BAD - Do Not Buy
    Do not buy from this maker. They do not work at all and to top it off the unit that was in the box was not what was described on the outside of the box. Based upon the outside of the box, my unit was supposed to have 4 funtions - it came out of the box with only 2. It was supposed to have 3 fan speeds and it came out of the box with only 2. It is a glorified fan - does not cool past 81 degrees. The company does not back their product and told me that they are packed in China and that Haier is not responsible for what happens in China. Go with another maker unless you are just wanting to have a headache. ...more info
  • I bought this unit for my bedroom..
    I have a larger bedroom, and this unit cooled my bedroom ok.. and my hallway if i leave my door open. It was a bit tricky to put together, my neighbor helped me.. and in a couple hours we'd put it together. Mine came with a remote.

    It was heavy and difficult with 2 people to lift it into my window, and there is a gap on the bottom of it where alot of misquitos were getting in. I stuffed some foam padding in the gap and seemed to work to keep them out.. and i noticed once i did that it felt cooler. Chances are most of my cool air was escaping outside.

    I did need to place a fan in front of this unit because it was so far away from my bed i couldn't feel the air, i used my tall round oscilating floor fan and just aimed it at the bed. It works. Most of my issues are with the weather here (Texas) and not with the unit itself.. it's just super hot here.

    It beats feeling like i'm having a heat stroke, only problem is i don't want to leave my bedroom.. lol. I will need to buy another for the other end of my house....more info
  • I'm Loving It...
    Update 11-28-08: I've had this for 2 summers now & it still works like new...

    +...It works great for my medium-sized apartment, keeping it cool.
    +...It's reasonably quiet on low fan speed; at least quieter than my last air conditioner. (An inexpensive G.E. model)
    +...Sleek, modern design with good looks, electronic keypad, temp sensor & remote control.
    +...Multiple settings, with 3 fan speeds (high; med; low) for each: "Fan"; "Cool"; "Energy Saver"; and "Dehumidifier".
    +...Great price! (At least at the time I bought it) :)

    -...Installation instructions are a little weak- it's best to have experienced help- drilling involved.
    -...The included side flaps have a number of air gaps. I recommend white duct tape for extra sealing.
    -...It advertises "Whisper Quiet" on the box- seems like a bit of marketing exaggeration, in my opinion.
    -...Temperature sensor seems to be a bit off at times.
    -..."Energy Saver" seems tricky- instructions say it'll shut off for 3 minutes periodically- mine seems to shut off for good.

    In spite of these issues, I'm giving this 5 stars- I'm exceedingly happy with it! We get a number of searingly hot 100+ degree summer days with humidity here in Chicago, and my apartment is keeping cool to say the least. I even have to switch to fan sometimes to keep it from getting too cold; it's really that effective. 5 Stars!

    P.S. This review is for White 10,000 BTU Window A/C by Haier- Amazon ASIN B000CSXTF8....more info
  • horrible install manual, no customer support
    I bought this unit and the manual is basically non-understandable with practically microscopic drawings of installation. Further, those instructions are both incorrect and misleading, both. Called Cust. Serv and they never got back to me. Fiddled with unit for a couple of hours and was able to install correctly. I have an engineering background and it still took some thought.

    Once you purchase unit and find you cannot install you are either left to try to figure it out yourself or return to store.

    Also, unit ac does not turn on unless an exact menu sequence is pressed. I guess this to be a hardwired logical procedure fault in the board. I think most people would discover this correct combo on their own. I think most people would be able to install without return but terribly inconvenient.

    Two stars only for quiet and cold.

    Mike in Missouri...more info