Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots

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Product Description

Gravity Boots For EZ Up Inversion Rack

Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots provide an ankle-conforming fit through two "fine-tuning" buckles with micro-adjusting ratchets which fit the exact size and taper of your ankle. You can custom fit each inversion boot quickly; a custom fit typically takes less than 20 seconds per boot. The flexible shell is made of a tough yet pliable blend of DuPont Hytrel, which helps to minimize pressure points. A special blend of 5/8-inch foam is designed to give maximum comfort with minimum compression. Other features include:

  • Removable calf loops add comfort by placing a two-degree bend in the knees to help reduce the load on knee joints
  • Boot straps adjust to ankles varying several inches in diameter
  • Ratcheting, double-lock system ensures safety and security
  • Each boot weighs only 2.5 pounds
  • One size fits most

They can be used with the following Teeter Hang Ups products: the EZ-Up Inversion Rack, Inversion Bar and F5000 or F7000 Inversion Table.

Manufacturer's Warranty
Full five-year warranty coverage on structural and soft parts

About Teeter Hang Ups
Roger and Jennifer Teeter founded Hang Ups Inversion Products in 1981 and have been dedicated to manufacturing quality inversion products ever since. Roger and Jenny truly believe in the benefits of this simple, natural form of therapy that has been around since 400 BC. In the late 1970's, Roger tried many forms of therapy to help manage his pain. He finally discovered that by inverting, he was able to relieve his back pain and begin the road to recovery. He credits inversion for keeping him pain free, healthy, and active. Inversion has changed Roger's life, and now he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of inversion and quality products.

STL International, creator of Teeter Hang Ups brand inversion equipment, has pioneered standards for quality and performance in the inversion market. All Teeter Hang Ups F-series inversion tables are classified in accordance with UL 2601-1 (medical equipment in a clinical setting), a rigid specification that tests the structural integrity of the equipment.

  • Boot straps adjust to ankles varying several inches in diameter
  • Removable calf loops add comfort by placing a two-degree bend in the knees to help reduce load
  • Manufactured of a tough yet pliable blend of Du Pont Hytrel
  • Double-lock system ensures safety and security
  • Compatible with Teeter Hang Ups inversion racks, bars, tables

Customer Reviews:

  • Hurt my back from this
    To be honest I did like the product. It felt good to hang and do some ab workouts upside down. On the contrary, I hurt my back from hanging to long. The pain was really bad and I was unable to do any exercise for 2 weeks. Don't get this unless you get the inversion table first. It can be really hard on your back if you are not used to it. ...more info
  • Quality stuff
    Until I busted my knee playing softball, I used this thing every morning along with the inversion gravity boots. Great workout in such a short time! I would do crunches and "reverse" squats, come down and do a couple of pull-ups. It takes some getting used to as far as just hanging there, to help take pressure off of your spine for people with back problems. But feels good once your accustomed to it....more info
  • These boots are awesome!!
    This is exactly what I was looking for and they are perfect!! Thanks so much for great service!...more info
  • Great Product
    I do upside down situps with a 50 pound vest on and a 25 pound dumbell in each hand. I weigh 185 pounds. No creaks bends or falls, great product...more info
  • Good Product
    Good materials, no signs of soon deterioration in the future. It takes some getting used to being upside down but each time is a bit easier. The boots can pinch somewhat on the ankle area if used with bare feet but are fine with thick socks and/or shoes on. Helps reduce tightness and pain in back. Good product overall, recommended...more info
  • Great for your Ankles
    This is great if you have ankle pain when hanging these are what you need...more info
  • It worth any cent ! ;-)
    Nothing negative to say about the product! I am using 3 or more times per week. You just need to sure about your Bar fixation to avoid broke your neck in the floor.

    Nilton Fernandes - I happy end user....more info
  • Very Valuable tool for Back pain (read method below.)
    I tried a couple of inversion tables but found that they weren't very comfortable on my ankles. Note: It is important to only buckle these gravity boots as loosely as you can without slipping out of them for maximum comfort (transfers pressure off achiles tendon and onto heal bone.) You can use these gravity boots with some inversion tables, but If you have the strength/coordination you may find that hanging from a bar (teeters brand) allows for more options (more hip/body movement.) Scientific studies have shown that traction is of questionable benefit, so I never bothered to persue inversion as the mechanism at play is obviously traction. However, recently, after many many years of back pain, I've started a program of inversion. I find that out of all the things I have tried (of which there are a great many), the inversion is probably the most beneficial. It hasn't cured me by any means, but it has provided some improvement. I think one thing to stress is that it is not sufficient to simply invert and lay still. Rather, it is probably much more beneficial to alternately contract the abdominals in a way that shortens your spinal length by aprox an inch or two. As if you are trying to pull your belly button up into your pelvis. or pelvic bone down into your belly button, perhaps? Do this every five or ten seconds. Not only will this strengthen your abs, but it will also fatiuge your stabalizing muscels so as to more fully stretch the spine (the abs, if not fatiuged, probably limit the stretch, as they are trying to protect the spine and hold it in place.) Also, by contracting and relexing the abs, you are likely expanding and contracting the disc space, moving fluid around the connective tissue (which has no real blood vessels of thier own.) Lastly, by doing these contractions, you may in effect be loading and unloading the spinal ligaments, which might strengthen them the way a bicep is strengthened by contracting and relaxing through bicep curls. There are many people, myself included, who believe that weak ligaments are the primary culprit in many lower back problems (even if bad discs are present....ie, many people have bad discs without problems, as shown by MRI studies.) In my case I believe it is my Sacroiliac joint ligament (si joint dysfunction.) I'm quite convinced that my improvments are not placebo in origin, as I was quite pessimistic about trying this (due to studies on traction that had me convinced this was fairly futile.) In addition to the abdominal contractions, I'd also reccomend do full inverted situps, hula type hip rotations while inverted, try to stretch the front of your hips (flexors) while inverted, and also twisting and side bending motion. It is probable that all this motion and stretching while inverted ads flexibility and elasticity to the connective tissue as well as moves fluid around. I invert twice a day for ten minutes each time....more info
  • These boots are great!
    I got a pair of these boots for Christmas and even though I'm not sure what all they can be used for, they are great! The construction is top-notch, they're easy to use, comfortable, etc. I seen cheaper boots on the market, but when I'm buying a product to let me hang upside down a few feet above the concrete/tile floor in my house, I want the best product for the job. ;)...more info
  • Easy to install
    I have wanted my own inversion set ever since I tried these at a gym a long time ago. Well constructed, easy to put together and to install in a doorway (you do need a power drill to make it easier). Boots are well padded and easy to take on/off. Great on my back and neck. I love the sit ups you can do on these, I feel my abs completely lifted and 'in'. Because of the way you mount and dismount, I'd say you need to be more on the fit side to use this type of inversion. There's not much to the DVD, but then there's not much to using this. . .get up there and hang, mostly. I love it....more info
  • Great product
    Great product, I do upside situps with a 50 pound vest on and a 25 pound dumbell in each hand, no problem. I weigh 185 pounds....more info
  • They work, but they don't seem safe
    The brace is this crappy plastic thing. It seems like it would be really easy for the brace to fail. But they work....more info
  • Hang Me UP
    Being a bodybuilder, I hoist heavy weights all the time; a major stress especially when it comes to squats. I ordered the boots when I realized I had shrunk to 5'10.5" from being 6'0.5". I was thusly very happy when after approximately 5 weeks of hanging (5 times a week, 10-15 min intervals) that I am nearly back to my original height (6' 0.25"). I highly suggest this product as a supplement to good [emphasis on good] chiropractic care.
    To those who have/will order this product, don't be discouraged if it seems to hurt your back at first; that's totally normal because your back is trying to readjust while the discs [which cushion the vertebrate] start rehydrating. Also, it will take some time to find the strap tightness that's right for your legs. Generally, tighter on the top strap and looser on the bottom is a good combination.
    p.s. Hang from a real pull-up bar and make sure you have someone to spot you if you are not strong enough to pull yourself back up the bar to unlatch yourself.
    ...more info
  • Excellent product. Teeter delivered exactly what they promised.
    I have been very happy with the hang-ups and have used them for the last month. I have not had any issues and they look to be built very well....more info
  • Hanging like a bat...

    Installed the Inversion Rack in my living room doorway. Only door way suffice for adequate use! It's very sturdy and serves its' purpose beautifully... One thing I did though, I went to the Home Depot and bought 2.5 inch steele screws to mount it with, instead of the 2 inch screws that came with it. This rack along with my Teeter Gravity Boots, I'm in Bat Heaven... Purchase this about two and a half weeks ago and am already doing Bat sit-ups!!! It's a great stretch/workout tool...

    Rock-On!...more info
  • A must for every home
    I wanted one of these for a long time. I just didn't know it. I always loved the Hangup Boots, but never bought them because I didn't want the big inversion table. Then I woke up one morning with a drive to get the boots and just find something (a jungle gym perhaps) to hang from. And then I saw this rack that hangs in your door. It was perfect! It installed easily in my studio doorway. It can be used for pullups or just something to stretch out with everytime I walk in and out of the room. Our daughter is constantly climbing on it and inadvertantly getting great exersise. I did get the inversion boots as well and try to find ten minutes a day to hang upside down. It gets blood to the brain and takes pressure off the spine. You can get a totally different work out being inverted. I highly recommend this to everyone, but especially fellow yogis. Yoga is great for working out back problems and this rack (paired with the Hangup boots) really helps with strengthening and lengthening the back. Cobra pose without a floor!
    I am glad I didn't hessitate in getting this. I use it everyday....more info
  • works for me!
    I'm fit and athletic and I don't mind a little blood rush to the head...if you are too than you'll like these boots. It takes about one minute of hanging to get comfortable on the ankles - then after that it's almost like meditation.
    I hang about every other day for 10-20 minutes at a time. I usually do it with only socks on for a bit of extra cushion. Feels great, good stretch, very relaxing. And if your strong enough, just hang from a pull-up bar as they are cheaper than 'special' bars and just as strong.
    And it's fun to get the ladies into the boots!!;)...more info
  • These boots are made for hangin'
    I got these along with the Teeter Hang Ups door rack. The boots are sturdy and comfortable. Feel confident in getting them. They work....more info
  • solid, comfortable, fun
    If you're looking for something different to do with your workout, and you have a strong chin-up station, try these boots. They're an investment at close to $100, but they are comfortable and sturdy, and they do seem to help nagging pains that might have been caused by spinal compression. ...more info
  • Great
    I've owned these for about 6 years now and I am totally happy with the money I spent. I use them a couple of times a week and I have to say they have helped me maintain great abs. They are comfortable and most importantly fun, which helps me stay motivated. The only negative I can think of is that they won't fit people with huge calves... not my problem, but some of my friends had trouble getting them on....more info
  • No complaints, seem solid, haven't used much yet
    Seem to the best value on the market. I didn't research too much, but found them to be the apparent best value....more info
  • good quality boots
    they not the easiest boots to put on, but once they on, they are secure and comfortable to wear....more info
  • Teeter Hang Ups are pretty nice!
    I just got these boots a few weeks back after doing some research for an inversion machine and realized these would exactly fit my needs/wants without taking alot of my cash and alot of exercise room space. I had a pre-existing pullup bar which was situated next to the I-beam in my basement and these boots fit PERFECTLY over the bar. So to use the boots I simply grab onto the I-beam and swimg my feet up to the pull-up bar and hook on then let myself down, and when I'm done I pull myself back up to the I-beam to hold on while unhooking. The boots themselves are great. Lightweight but feel very study. My only disappointment is that the calf support don't seem to do much, and the foam around where the front of your foot hits the boot while hanging could be thicker/softer. After hanging for a few mins if I go totally relaxed the front of my foot hurts a bit. I guess i could tighten the boots more so that my foot doesn't hit the boot at all.
    All in all its a great product and I would recommend them to anyone wanting an inversion machine but doesn't want to pay the price or give up the space necessary for a full inversion machine, although my method does require you have the stength to pull yourself up to unhook yourself....more info
  • hanging out
    Pretty neat product that can give you KILLER abs! Only been on it a few times and I already have a more cut tummy! Lots of fun but man oh man I cant stay upside down long or I get a headache~...more info
  • Best thing for my neck
    I have had cervical fusion on C6 & C7 and also have degenerative athritise on C2 & C3. This has been a god send. I have no room for a large inversion table. The Teeter Hang Ups with the gavity boots are just what the doctor ordered. If you're of little physical condition, you may have a problem getting on and off. If that's the case, go for the inversion table....more info