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Box Includes:Scooba, 8 oz. of cleaningsolution (about four tanks full), built-in rechargeable battery, charging station

The iRobot Scooba Hard Surface Cleaner 5900 makes housecleaning so easy, it's almost a pleasure. This incredible little robot was designed to clean almost any floor surface, whether it's tile, linoleum, marble or even sealed hardwood. It's about the size of a dinner plate, but don't let that fool you -- this little guy can handle the big floor-cleaning jobs. It prepares, washes, scrubs, and dries tile, linoleum, or sealed hardwood floors, without human intervention. Using a specially formulated bleach-free solution, Scooba can clean a floor in about 45 minutes. It navigates around chair legs, ledges, and other potential roadblocks easily, thanks to the AWARE sensor technology that redirects it around obstacles. It's the high-tech replacement for your bucket and mop! Safe to use on most hard floors, including sealed hardwood, linoleum, tile and marble Cleans under furniture, tables and hard to reach places NOTE - Not suitable for unsealed wood floors or laminate wood flooring (e.g., Pergo?) Dimensions(HxD) - 3 1/2 x 14 3/4 Weight - 12.5 lbs.

  • Floor-washing robot that preps, washes, scrubs, and dries in one pass
  • Cleans under furniture, tables, and hard-to-reach places
  • Safe to use on most hard floors, including sealed hardwood, linoleum, tile, and marble
  • Simple to operate--fill tank, press "Clean," and empty tank when finished
  • Includes one 8-oz. bottle of cleaning solution; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • lemon--big waste of money
    Before you even hear my story, consider this: there are tons of negative reviews and there are tons of refurbished models--that should be enough proof the product is a failure.
    In my case, the thing has always had trouble completing the cycle without going to the death march and stopping. The company sent us a new battery and changed the instructions to let it run out or not... now the thing just can't go for more than 10 minutes without quitting. It cleans alright--but consider it lays down the liquid during the first part--then comes through to pick it up. The last few times I've tried using this, I've had to clean up its mess because it quits.

    The [...] was bad enough--but at this point I feel the investment into their dang cleaning product--and even the D-cell batteries into the virtual wall just seems like throwing good money after bad. If you want to constantly tinker with this... and end up cleaning by hand when it fails... then go for it. Just realize the product is not reliable AT ALL!...more info
  • Works like a champ
    I purchased the newest version of the Scooba and the newest version of the Roomba.
    I was kind of skeptical when I saw the Scooba demonstrated on TV,so I thought I would do a test myself.
    I have 4 dogs,who traipse through the kitchen many times daily,bringing with them leaves,sand,shedded name it.So...I swept the floor first.I then ran the new Roomba over the same area,kitchen floor.I let it run for about 15 minutes,turned it off,and inspected the brushes and dirt-catching chamber.I was amazed,and mortified...because all this time I thought I was doing a good job of sweeping.My old Roomba is still running well..I use it upstairs exclusively.
    The amount of hair and dirt the new Roomba collected was astounding!!! The only drawback to the machine is that it may get stuck under the lower kitchen cabinets,which it did,but it told me it was stuck,and I moved it. Because the lower cabinets are difficult to sweep even with a conventional broom,I forgave the robot.So now,when I want to use the Roomba,I just sweep under the cabinets.Which takes about 1 minute.No huge time sacrifice on my part.
    So,after the Roomba swept the floor,I mopped the floor using a conventional mop, and mop bucket.I used a good floor cleaner(vinyl floor).It looked pretty good after I was finished,and then after it was dry,I put the Scooba to work.
    First,it made a thorough sweep of the floor to sweep up any light dirt I may have missed,and that the mop might have missed.Then,it started its scrubbing cycle,and saturated the entire floor(after "learning"the layout of the floor) with the cleaning solution(you can also use white vinegar if you wish).I just let it do its thing and after about 45 minutes,it stopped and let me know the tanks had to be changed.Here came the moment of truth:I turned it over and emptied the dirty water into the mop bucket.It was as black as ink.Again,I was horrified.It is difficult to keep a house clean with 4 dogs,2 cats and 4 parrots,but I always thought I was doing a good job.Was I ever wrong,and was I ever surprised to see what the Scooba had accomplished.
    I am completely satisfied with the Scooba,and some of my friends will be getting them for Christmas!!I have told the absolute truth here:I am mad for the Scooba.Using any kind of mop is just not good enough any more.I have to use my little,faithful Scooba.Give it a try....more info
  • Poor Purchase
    Bought this as a gift 6 months ago and it worked without issue MAYBE 4 times....all the other times we had to deal with some type of error code. After writing to iRobot customer service and trying their 2 different solutions(without success); they suggested we buy a new battery. Okay...we spent another $60 to replace the battery, NOW there is a DIFFERENT error. Tech Supports next suggestion was to replace the machine! NO way, no how!! Can't invest any more money in such a poor product. I totally agree with the other review, if you purchase something at this price, it should last (at least) a few years without problems! ...more info
  • Scooba is a neat product, but expensive
    I liked the idea of the Scooba, but having to use the Clorox cleaning product (it doesn't contain bleach--actually it doesn't list the ingredients on the label) was a deal breaker. Then I read in other reviews that you could use white vinegar instead, which we use for cleaning anyway. That sold me and we've had the Scooba for over a year and a half with no problems (note: this is the 5900 model, which Amazon doesn't seem to carry anymore, though there is the 5800--would that be a newer model?). I have to admit after the initial novelty wore off, it isn't used a whole lot. Sometimes it's just easier to wipe the floor than get it out and empty and clean it afterward. But it does a great job on white kitchen tiles and also wood parquet floors, it cleans and dries the floors well and is fun to watch it work, though unless you get a lot of use out of it, it's a rather expensive toy. We have the basic Roomba too, which gets more use. Both Roomba and Scooba take up a fair amount of space, especially to keep plugged in and charged--I see they now have a storage caddy for the Scooba. ...more info
  • Unreliable
    I'm on my 7th unit now. I got my 1st unit in Dec 2007 which lasted 2 weeks. You name it, it has gone wrong. two times the unit only lasted a day before it went bad. I originally bought it from Amazon as a refurbished unit with a 90 day warranty. The exchange units are with a 60 day warranty. My 60 days are almost up and I've been using this one like crazy before I'm on my own. So far its still working. With my luck it will break the day after the warranty expires. When that happens, I trash it!...more info
  • Lazy Virgo Housewife thrilled with I-Robot products
    We have had Roomba for 4 years and Scuba for 2 years... I buy the reconditioned ones for gifts. I am thrilled with both machines and could not live without them. My advise buy it, read the manual, follow the cleaning instructions. Being a Virgo I clean them after each use. Second, buy the replacement packages like filters, new brushes,etc. After 4 years I bought a new Roomba battery. I had failed to remember the instructions that if you are not going to use the Roomba for some length of time, take the charged battery out. If you need more than 45 minutes of Scuba time then buy a spare battery and charger. If you haven't used your Scuba for awhile remember to use the little blue bulb and prime it. Amazon offers all the replacement parts... Back to the Virgo part, I probably own 6 vacuum cleaners and 3 carpet/upholstry shampooers... you can never have too many tools to make your life easier. Yes, I do have one daughter-in-law who tossed hers in the trash... wish I had been there to retrieve it... ...more info
  • Scooba - don't buy
    I brought a Scooba and it never worked well. It fails o clean for more than a few minutes and then quits. The manufacturer will not stand behind their product. It is a piece of junk. We are back to mopping floors. It works much better and is not the hassle that the Scooba was. Total waste of money....more info
  • Unserviceable
    I love the idea of household robots and purchased the Scooba for cleaning the hardwood floors in my house. It did not last long -- just long enough for the warrantee to expire before it broke down.

    That is when I found out there is no service for these units. There is an email help system, which is prompt & courteous, but outside of sending a new tire for the unit there is no actual service for these units.

    I was offered a replacement at a discounted price, which was a nice gesture, but I do not feel that these units, without an actual service option, are worth the money.

    Unfortunately, a bucket & mop is still the best option at this time...
    ...more info
  • Love iRobot
    I have owned two Roombas and already knew that iRobot is one of the most customer-oriented companies out there, so this purchase was a no-brainer. I have enjoyed using this product. As with all of the iRobot products, battery life seems to be a problem. The company replaces batteries quickly, but this will be an ongoing expense when the warranty is up. When I purchased my first Roomba, I found that I had to be inventive to clean the brushes. I was amazed to find that the company took my suggestion of combining a letter opener with a brush cleaner similar to the one that came with my dog's brush into a single product. This company does listen to its customers. The Scooba is easy to clean and the case of Clorox cleaning products lasts a very long time....more info
  • Constant problems
    Evertime I try to use the scooba to mop the floor I spend so much time getting it ready, dealing with error messages, then cleaning up after it, it makes cleaning the floors complicated and much longer than it should. The oldfashioned mop is so much cheaper, easier and quicker to use. I have also had battery problems, which many other people have also had. They have a lot of technical problems they need to work out. If you spend $300 on a product it should work for years, irobot should extend the warranty and stand behind their products. My scooba is going in the trash....more info
  • Charge circuit design flaw will destroy the battery
    A design flaw in Scooba's battery charging circuit, will destroy the battery if left connected to the power supply for an extended period of time, which in my case was about a month. I discovered this design flaw after the warranty period, because all previous charge cycles were done by removing the battery from the robot, and placing it in the charging station. The charge station will cut off properly when the battery is full. I only had at most 7 discharge cycles before the battery failed to hold a charge. When I phoned iRobot concerning this issue. I was at first told there was a design flaw in the software that caused the battery to be overcharge, and that I'd be sent a software update to fix that problem. But when I asked for a replacement battery, I was told that since I was outside the warranty window, I would need to purchase a new battery for the unit. Their explanation for why the battery failed changed to, you didn't use the product often enough, that is why the battery failed. Being an electronic design engineer with 25 years experience in circuit and software design, I found that comment to be pretty ridiculous for a product that has a nickel metal hydroxide battery.

    My advise, go out an buy a good mop, and forget about this product. You can use that money to buy something more useful, and avoid the hassle of fooling with iRobot's customer service. You'll also save the expense of another battery when yours fails after a few uses....more info
  • Scooba not yet ready for prime time
    I have a Roomba, Scooba, and Dirt Dog. These products do a fine job when they work. Except for the new Dirt Dog (so far) they are plagued with battery problems. The quality of batteries in these devices are absolutely the pitts. Do not throw away the box that your little robot came in as you will eventually need it to send it back to the factory. We have replaced batteries, under guarentee, in the Roomba and Scooba. If accidentally uplugged, the battery in the Scooba will be totally dead in one day. Works fine as soon as recharged overnight. The Scooba's tank has to be pried open with a kitchen knife per iRobots suggestion to get it open when it jams. My advice to iRobot is to correct the problems in their present products before coming out with new products. Especially the pathetic batteries. ...more info
  • Best results from Scooba
    bought a reconditioned Scooba at significant savings and while there was a good bit to learn from the user forums at irobot that didn't show up in the manual, I'm delighted. It took a couple of moppings to get the tile floor really clean (I have two dogs) but hey, they were moppings I didn't have to do! Corners, touch ups...I do have to do. Remove the chairs, take up the cords, clean those brushes and ports afterwards! Sweep before you run it. Some say it's okay on laminiate if you use vinegar instead of Clorox solution. I've tried it once in a month and have been happy....more info
  • iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner
    This is really a FUN product and it does pretty much as advertised. What impressed me most was the customer service. After comlpeting two great cleaning jobs on tiled kitchen floors, Scooby-Doo as we called it, died, right in the middle of cleaning the bathroom. Customer service walked me through several attempts to solve the problem, then decided to send me a brand new replacement at no charge...can't beat that for service....more info
  • Scooba
    Scoobs seems to clean well, but it does not dry as well as they say it will. I have to get on my knees with a towel to dry the floor....more info
  • Just perfect
    In the start we just look at the machine and said to our self "not possible to get clean tiles"
    Just perfect, and it saves a lot of time.
    Remember that its a machine, and they need cleaning, and thats no problem at all.
    Easy 3 min job, and you are all set.
    And the cleaning solution just smells nice.
    We now have 3 of them working for us (big house) and still no problems....more info
  • it's become troublesome
    When i can get it to work its fine, but usually I can't get it to work. I have emptied so many full tanks of the cleaner down the drain.

    Using canned air and turkey baser trick to get the thing to lay down the cleaner. And even then I think it only half works.
    Because only one side is cleared with the turkey baser.

    i have returned 3 of Scooba to irobot before the first year. Then its out of warranty. All of the Scooba robots that I got have the same problems. And I have only gotten maybe 10 cleaning total in 2 years. When I bought it I also got 4 large bottles of cleaner. I still have 3 full ones left.

    I am not sure that Scooba really picked up the dirt; I think that Scooba/Clorox solution dissolves the dirt to smaller particles and the dirt is still in the house. It dose not take much dirt to make water look brown. And why Scooba will not work with anything but there cleaner.

    Also it can't be used on Pergo or other laminate flooring.

    I had to hire the cleaning maid to do the floors, and cleaning with Swiffer WetJet gives the same results with out having to clean the equipment. º

    I wanted the robot to work; I would have bought more for my Mom and family as gifts. Trust me the scooba is not ready for prime time.
    ...more info
  • Great Idea, doen't last
    I've owned by 5900 for 14 months. In that time I've only used it about 20 times. It worked great for the first few months. Then the battery started acting up. It would stop 5 minutes into cleaning. I kept the battery in the charger as the documentation recommended. After contacting iRobot, they sent a new battery and recommended against the documentation and to remove the battery 8 hrs after putting it in. So now I have a new battery and a couple weeks later the vacuum fan started making noise. It would leave excessive water on the floor. Next problem, all the lights are on and it does't start (Service code 8, Power, Clean, Check Tank, Check Brush and I'm stuck). I follow the customer support recommendations for taking everything out of the Scooba, including the battery, waiting ½ hour and put it all back in. Same problem and the Customer Rep says that the 1yr warranty is over and that all they can do is offer me a new one at a slight discount from full retail.

    I cannot recommend it. It's cool and works well for a couple months, but it doesn't last. With only 20 washings until it died, it's about $18 per floor wash. I've made the mistake of recommending this early on to my friends and now they are having problems also. Most of them start having problems about 6 months to a year after purchase.
    ...more info
  • Didn't work at first, but I found the fix and it's great....
    It was disheartening when the Scooba didn't work the first time I tried it. It didn't put out any water. I went searching the net and found some posted comments about the problem Scooba has with its valve. You have to unstick it if your "check tank" light comes on. Once you do that, it works fine ever after (or until it dies, which mine hasn't done yet).

    Here's the fix: Get a drinking straw and, while there's cleaner and water in the tank, blow air into the tank via the little black valve (a dot-like rubbery circle). You'll see the water bubble if you're getting through the value and that lets you know the water will now flow.

    If you have trouble taking the battery out for recharging, just be aware that you need to have the unit standing upright to pull it out (at least that's the case with mine).

    I also found that putting the brush back in was impossible for me until I discovered that the unit should be sitting flat for that, and then you slide the brush in through the side opening.

    All this may be in the manual, but I lost mine before using Scooba the first time so I had to learn this stuff by trial and error.

    The cleaner costs too much on Amazon. You can get it cheaper right from iRobot in packages of nine 32-ounce bottles.

    The cleaning ability of this critter has really surprised me. I'm also impressed with the battery life. I think it lasts more than 2 hours on a charge, so I just started it up when it was finished with the kitchen and had it clean it all over again. And I must have a pretty dirty floor because I've had to empty the dirty water and refill the clean water tank as many as three times during the cleaning cycle.

    Bottom line: my floor has never looked so clean before. But be aware: you'll have to wipe up in corners and along baseboards and cabinet lines, etc. I just wet a paper towel and put some of the cleaner on it. That cleaner is good stuff. Some people think it has too much fragrance, but I'm very sensitive to fragrances and it doesn't bother me at all. I don't even notice it when in the house as it's cleaning. But if I go outside and come back in, then I'm aware of it. It dissipates rather quickly.

    I also have the Roomba and love it. My Dirt Dog is on its way to me; just ordered it....more info
  • Not ready for prime time
    I've had my Scooba for over a year now, and it has just never worked right. It's been really frustrating, especially since I paid $350 for it. I had such high hopes because I really value my Roomba red, which works well. Frequently the Scooba won't start, and I've done troubleshooting many, many times with iRobot over the phone. On the rare occasion that it does work it leaves a pretty thick layer of water and cleaning solution on my floors, which worries me since they're sealed bamboo. If you have a pet that sheds, like I do, you really have to sweep before using it, or use a Roomba, since the Scooba's vacuum component doesn't seem to work well either. Honestly, I'd recommend Gaiam's far more low-tech version of "Swiffer" (with re-usable cloth covers and a tank you can put your own cleaner in). The Scooba has just been too much frustration for too much money....more info
  • Beware of the Scooba 5900 battery problem
    Although my Scooba worked well when it was operating, after around 5 uses the battery failed. This, in itself, was not a problem as things can go wrong with anything. The problem is that I contacted iRobot 6 weeks ago and they have still not shipped me a replacement. They are on back order and iRobot says that it will be another two weeks.

    I would consider this pretty unacceptable, especially as their website says that they have them in stock. I asked about this and was told that new retail batteries and warrantee exchanges are separate.

    There has been a very high failure rate with batteries (they even have a dedicated phone menu item for battery problems) so the chances of you spending hundreds of dollars for one of these and then winding up with a doorstop for a couple of months are pretty high....more info
  • Poor battery performance
    Battery is completly useless after only a few uses. Later we find out that the battery has to be completly discharged after each use. The overall performance of the machine is ok, but not nearly as reliable as the Roomba. ...more info
  • Horrible Product and Customer Service AWeful!!!!
    When I purchased Scooba, I expected nothing but the same great experience I had with the Roomba products I have used over the course of this year. I have been extremely disappointed with Scooba's incredibly touchy behavior. The tolerance for error when mixing the cleaning product with water to fill Scooba is absolutely horrible. I am successful getting Scooba to actually clean my floors maybe 10% of the time most of the time it just dumps dirty water on my floors. I plan on taking this to the better business bereau because It now just sits in the closet, as I would rather clean my floors on my hands and knees than deal with the frustration of Scooba's error messages over and over and over....more info
  • Up with Roomba, down with Scooba
    When I purchased Scooba, I expected nothing but the same great experience I have had with the multiple Roomba products I have used over the couse of several years. I have been extremely disappointed with Scooba's incredibly touchy behavior. The tolerance for error when mixing the cleaning product with water to fill Scooba is absolutely nil. I am successful getting Scooba to actually clean my floors maybe 10% of the time. It now just sits in the corner, as I would rather clean my floors on my hands and knees than deal with the frustration of Scooba's error messages over and over and over....more info
  • fantastic
    i highley recomend this item quality construction and if you need others things they sell they easy to obtain....more info
  • Don't do it!!
    I have two Roombas and while one battery does not hold a charge, the other Roomba will do a quick "sweeping" of a couple of rooms while I'm doing work in another room, so it's useful.
    The Scooba, though, is a disaster. The battery I got with my Scooba (in Nov. 2006), never held a charge through a cleaning cycle and the charge has gotten shorter and shorter. My parents and a friend of theirs had the same problem with their Scooba batteries. iRobot agreed to replace my battery (July), but at the same time claimed that they didn't have one in stock and didn't know when they would get one--and this is when a replacement battery is listed as "in stock" on their website! So, clearly, the Scoobas have problems, but iRobot isn't willing to follow through on its warranty. I meanwhile have the bulky Scooba and battery charger to store, along with the boxes of cleaning fluid which I bought (and had to buy from iRobot)...while they simply don't get around to sending the replacement battery they agree that they owe me in exchange for the defective one they sold me. By the way, the Scooba is messy (pour in water, pour in their cleaning fluid, pour out dirty water, pull out several different parts to clean between uses), awkward to use (it's heavy, the battery is hard to extract), and takes up a lot of space, also an ugly blue on blue for their high-end model, and doesn't do corners...and gets stuck under the toe kick in our kitchen. All around, just not worth the time. Much easier to get a mop out--or even hand wipe.....and I say that even though I'll do anything rather than mop! iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner, Blue...more info
  • Terrible product, no customer assistance
    I used my Scooba only a few times and the battery stopped holding a charge. I sent numerous e-mails to the company asking for assistance and did not receive a response. I packed the battery up along with a copy of the sale receipt and mailed it to the president of the company. They replaced my battery. I used the Scooba twice after that and then it stopped laying down liquid and kept giving me a "check tank" code. Once again I e-mailed technical assistance at Scooba many times, never received a response. I followed all "trouble shooting" suggestions in the manuel, nothing worked. I will not be sending this back as I don't want to waste money on postage since this seems to be a completely useless product....more info
  • Poorly designed product
    I bought both Scooba and Roomba but I regret the decision. With Scooba I had the battery problem. The manufacturer says that the battery should last hundreds of cleaning cycles when used according to their tips. After following all their instructions, the first Scooba battery lasted 10 cleaning cycles. I got a replacement battery from irobot which has lasted 20 cycles. Now the unit is out of warranty which means I have to buy a new battery at irobot store for $69.99.So I do not believe any of their claims concerning the battery.The Roomba did not give me battery problems but it stops every 5 minutes in the clean cycle asking me to clean the filter. After struggling a lot with this I finally figured out that it works continuously only if you select Max cycle. I don't think these units are made well and the expense is not worth it.Don't buy!...more info
  • back saver
    I waited to do a review till I had this product for a year. Heard some pro and con comments and wanted to be fair. I think most people would like it a lot if they took the time to learn to use it effectively I found that it is better to do a smaller area at a time so you don't have to keep emptying and refilling it. It does a good job then and the little bit of wet it may leave behind is not more than I would do myself. You have to do corners and behind toilets of course but that's a minor inconvenience when I think of the back breaking jobs is saves me. My floors feel and look clean and are never sticky after I use this and I have a dog that is in and out all day. ...more info
  • good product
    I love this product. My wife is happy and she makes my life so sweet....more info
  • Very Disappointed! My Scooba is bad and IROBOT is worse!
    After loads of on-line research, I bought my Scooba less than 4 months ago through the Amazon Marketplace. MISTAKE! I called IROBOT yesterday because my robot is VERY noisy (like can't hold a conversation or watch TV in the same room kind of noisy). The staff at IROBOT very politely informed me that although my robot is defective (they listened to it over the phone), it is not covered under their warranty. I am shocked! I can't believe that they will not stand behind their product if it is not purchased through one of their "authorized dealers." They are willing to exchange it for me if I am willing to cough up another $179 plus shipping. What a racket! I found nothing on their website that stated these limitations to their warranty, so I feel misled and let-down.

    I really wanted this product to be worth the money. The cleaning is not bad and I love not having to store a filthy mop, but based on my experience with a robot not working as it should after only 4 months of limited use and the lack of support from IROBOT, I certainly could not recommend it to anyone.

    ...more info
  • Poor product and suck customer service!!
    Before you buy, make sure is the authorized dealer of the iRobot.

    I Only used my scooba for 4 months, then it broken for no reason!!
    It showed error code 4, then I tried to contact iRobot customer service for repairing, but they said I need to pay extra $179.99 plus shipping, only because I bought it on eBay!!

    They said because I did not buy it from "authorized dealers", so they won't provide Warranty!! I even provided my order record to them to show I only purchased it for 4 months. However, they refuse me again!!
    iRobot corporation is a manufacturer, not a retailer. I don't think they have any exception to refuse any warranty repairs for a customer who didn't use their product more than 1 year. If I bought it from eBay, but I request walmart to repair it, then they can say I didn't buy scooba from them so that they can refuse me. However, hey...iRobot is the manufacturer, it's their problem, I even did not use it for more than 4 months, and they refuse to responsible to their product?

    A $[...] value product for only good for 4 months, then ask [...] for repairing!!
    Wow, such a great company and super awesome support and warranty!!...more info
  • Great . . . . when it works
    I bought a scooba 5900 from Sharper Image last spring. Thankfully, I also got the extended warranty. I returned my 7th one this past weekend and since Sharper Image does not sell the Scooba anymore, I got store credit for the purchase. As I noted in the title, the Scooba is great when it works. It really does clean wood and tile floors. We used ours about once a week to clean up the kitchen and dining area and occasionally to clean tile bathroom floors (we have four kids under 5). There were two main reasons we returned our 7 robots. First, eventually (~2-3 months) the batteries simply failing to hold a charge long enough to comeplete a cleaning cyle and second the mechanism that pumps the cleaning solution either stopped working or in one case never worked. I am considering getting one of the 5800 series, but I will only do so if I can return it locally and get an extended warranty. We also have a roomba and it has worked much better. I am a fan of irobot, but the scooba has too many faults. Hopefully they will come out with a newer model soon....more info
  • A Headache!!
    I looked forward to this for a long time only to be highly disappointed. I loved my Roomba when I had carpet, so when I moved to a hardwood floor apartment, I couldn't wait to buy Scooba.

    This thing never released any solution, the cover would NOT open without a fight and between the preparation for cleaning followed by the cleaning of the Scooba's more of a PAIN than it's worth! I am angry also because this was delivered to me, so now I have to lug it back to the store by myself.

    Seriously, it's back to Swiffer for me.

    Simplicity is best sometimes. Especially when a product is not yet ready for market like this. ...more info
  • I love my Scooba
    I love my Scooba so much. You can't know until you try one. I felt that I got a very good deal buying it through Amazon, as the IRobot direct site doesn't always have specials. She is worth every penny. ...more info
  • After a few months still like it...
    Just remember this product can be a little touchy. It has a filter, rubber part and brush that all need to be rinsed and set firmly back in place or it won't be able to pick up water. Its tires and sensors need to be clean. My worked great for a number of months and just recently it wasn't working well. Turned out it had a pebble stuck in it but now it is back to normal. You have to be the sort of person who can troubleshoot and not give up. My biggest problem is it gets stuck under my kitchen cupboards, so I put shoes and other items there so it won't get stuck. Sometimes it pushes the shoe along and gets stuck anyway *sigh* I do fuss with this thing but I still love it and it does a much better job of cleaning than I do. Wet swiffer sweepers can't clean the grout in ceramic flooring and this Scooba 5900 does a great job.

    UPDATE: After 9 months the battery went dead. I bought it at a kitchen site online and IRobot did honor my one year warranty. They sent me a new battery and an computer update for the machine. Now it works fine and the update is supposed to make it so the battery can sit in its stand for 2 weeks. I don't take chances, after 4 or 5 days I remove the battery off of the stand.
    For those of you who have problems you need to look at the Irobot troubleshoot site. It does help. Much better than throwing it in a closet.

    I like the Roomba vacumn better, it is much less touchy and works well. The Scoomba is a touchy complicated little thing and should be about $150. ...more info
  • Not worth the money or headaches
    I have had 2 of these pieces of crap now. My unit was a scooba 5900 that is no longer being made due to all the problems with this unit. The first one i had just stopped working after 40 days. The second one just stopped washing the floor no water out of it what so ever! I wrote scooba and they are replacing it again with a 5800 series since they no longer manufacture the 5900 cause its a piece of crap. Which is also 100 dollars less than the one i have now. I wanna see what they are going to do about the difference. I recommend not buying this product it really is not worth the money or headaches. If u decide to buy one of these make sure u buy it from a store like Target not mail order cause when u use it and u see what iam talking about u can return it and save the shipping cost. Also if it breaks like mine has. U have to eat the shipping costs to send there piece of garbage back. I bought mine direct from IROBOT. On there 30 day free trial. MIne broke on day 39!!!!! All they would do is exchange it. I honestly wish i never bought this product i kick myself in the butt you have no idea what a bad decision it was to purchase this item!!! I REGRET IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • wait another version or two
    I got this as a gift for my hardwood floors. I already have a Roomba which does a wonderful job or getting in and around stuff. Literally you set it down and it does it's thing.

    The problem with the scooba is:

    It is literally faster, easier, better to clean the floors with a mop. It is a decent first generation product, but I don't recommend buying this. It has several design flaws which need to be rectified before you can actually begin to replace the mop (I never expected the product to do corners, tight areas, and low-height clearances and stairs and stuff..lets be realistic..)

    The screen gets dirty if you don't roomba the floor first. it is flat out a poor design for the screen filter. or just poor suction so it doesnt use the whole screen.It stops mid-cycle almost every single time. So you have to babysit it.

    It seems to stick along the -edges- since I have to babysit it. I watch it, and it does up around the walls and stuff several times, and completely avoids the big open areas where you get the most foot traffic. It also have a -very hard- time making the transition between rooms so it will do like 1/2 of the area, and totally miss the other half sometimes it does them both, but it is a rarer occasion.

    When I first got this, I literally went through the whole bottle of solution just trying to get the 400 sq ft of floor downstairs clean. It was like 6 complete cycles.
    Before the floor got clean..and im not -that- dirty. there were tracks where i had walked acrossed the floor with wet dirty shoes (not muddy) on and it left spots on the floor.. It took 6 times to remove those..

    It gets stuck in certain areas the roomba finds its way out of. I thought I was ALL set as I had roomba proofed my house. I plunked this sucker down, and it failed miserably. It can't find it's way out of corners that only have a single entrance point.

    It bumps objects a LOT harder then the roomba does. It can get stuck because it hits objects like chairs so hard that it moves them an inch or two, and it can't bump its way back out.. The roomba doesn't do that..

    It doesnt detect edges or go over transitions very well. I can't use it upstairs in my house because it hits the stairs and gets stuck on the edge of them. It also can't go over the ledge between the hardwood and the linoleum in the kitchen like the roomba can. If you just put it in the kitchen,it gets stuck on the transition coming off the linoleum. which it only like a .5" drop at most. The roomba doesnt have an issue with this.

    It gets stuck in about a quarter sized whole in my tile around the fireplace where the tile has chipped and disappeared.The roomba makes it over this with no issues.

    It leaves streaks.

    The cleaning solution is pretty pricey.

    It will not self-charge on the base like the roomba does so you actually have to take the battery out, and let it charge, instead of coming home, having it already charged, empty, and clean it, and restart it.

    The pros are, it does actually -clean- the floor but you have to run it daily to keep the floors clean since it doesn't do a thorough job and since it doesnt do all the areas you are constantly fiddling with it. It doesn't save you any if much time or mess, over hand mopping.

    The design of the solution containers is not only messy, but it can get stuck trying to open it, You end up with a dirty sink,since you have to open it over the sink or risk having the dirty solution dump on your floor which is actually gross.

    I would have sent this product back had it not been a gift. ...more info
  • Scooba works great but.....
    I just purchased my scooba from and I didn't have to charge for the full 24 hours like recommended I guess mine had a charge still to it not sure. The recommended cleaning time takes about 45 min mine cleaned for an hour and fifteen minutes! I had just mopped my floors the day before so I didn't expect them to be dirty or so I thought! I couldn't believe when I emptied the dirty tank just how dirty the tank was! I also liked the fact that you don't have to sweep before hand!

    The only draw back to the scooba is it does not go flush with underneith the cupboards where the baseboards are it totally missed cleaning straight along so I did have to get the broom out and sweep in that area and then take a sponge and clean around the edges in fact I had to do that around my whole kitchen and breakfast room edges along the walls. But that took me less then five minutes which wasn't bad but buyers should know that you will have to clean along the edges of the walls and underneith the cupboards where the baseboards are.

    Another thing that I don't like is there is no shine to the floors with the clorox cleaning! But I have to say my floors are clean!

    Overall I am very happy with my scooba and plan to use it a couple times a week....more info
  • It doesn't work
    Had to return it. All it did was beep, it never moved. Called help line twice, and got no assistance...more info
  • Cleans fine, but very slowly
    We purchased the scooba to help us keep up with our two very messy boys. We have a fairly large kitchen, with a hardwood floor. The Scooba has a fairly small tank, so it cannot clean the whole kitchen in a single pass. We have to break the kitchen into two areas and do half at a time. The Scooba is not as fast or agile as the Roomba, so it cannot get around the chair and table legs very well. We have to move the chairs out of the kitchen to get it somewhat clean, and if we take the table out, it is very clean.

    It's still better than hand scrubbing, but you have to go and scrub the corners after the Scooba finishes, because it is too big to get close to the corners. So, if you have small areas or can easily break them up, Scooba is a good choice. You may want to purchase one or two electronic walls, because it only comes with one. If you have an open floor plan you will need it....more info
  • Good for some, perhaps, but not for me and my family
    Background: I bought the iRobot *ROOMBA* in December 2006 and it has turned out to be a TERRIFIC product. I use it everyday to keep the kids' carpeted bedrooms clean, plus on our tiled floor throughout the house. Liking the Roomba so much, I bought the Scooba, but I wasn't nearly as impressed.

    What makes the Roomba so nice is it takes no time at all to maintain -- dump the dust bin, peel away the dust from the filter, and every so often, clean the beater brushes. Easy.

    The Scooba, however, is a lot more work: clean a screen filter, clean a vacuum port, clean the brushes, rinse the water bin. That's not really too much work, but I there are two things that made this a deal-buster for me:

    1) It can't sense dirty spots on the floor and clean them well, like the Roomba does.

    2) It can't really clean that much floor space.

    Roomba is great because it senses an especially dirty area of the floor and it hovers over the area to clean it well. Scooba doesn't do this, so some floor stain which needs extra effort doesn't get the extra effort, and so you still wind up hand-wiping the spots afterward. That defeats the point of the product.

    With my Roomba, I can put it into two bedroom and a small family room and get all 3 rooms cleaned on one charge. Or, I can clean all the tiled floor on one charge (about 500 sq. feet). With Scooba, it says it clean up to 200 sq. ft., meaning I can't get all my tiled floor cleaned in one cycle.

    So, the Roomba stays, the Scooba goes. I'm looking at a Hoover All-Terrain steam cleaner to see if that can pull dual-duty: cleaning my carpets and my tiled floor.
    ...more info
  • Second Scooba broke today!
    I have to warn you, this gadget is a great idea, but finishes at the bottom. I had my first scooba and used it about 10 times before the battery went completely dead. (A new battery would have been $60, so I took my scooba in and exchanged it at the retail store where purchased.) I decided with my new scooba that I would spend a little more time prepping the floor to be cleaned with my upright vacuum in hopes that the battery wouldn't drain so fast. Well, my second scooba broke today, after being used about 6 times. Customer service said that the vacuum port and the filter needed to be cleaned. Let me tell you, with a 300 dollar price tag, I kept this thing METICULOUSLY clean. I can't afford to go spend $300 every time this thing breaks, which apparently is quite often. I decided to take this one back and get the Hoover Floormate, figuring that I was vacuuming the kitchen floor anyway, I may as well take the 10 extra minutes to clean the floor myself. Don't buy this product. It is SLOW to clean, but cleans well ONLY when it is working! Not worth the money, time, or hastle....more info
    I moved from a totally carpeted house to a tile floor expecting that it would be maintainence free. I was soooo wrong. I feel the sand all the time and mopping is such a chore. I was mopping every day. I bought this scooba and just turn it loose. I have to turn the TV up louder but I can definately watch it over the noise. It is not that loud and the job it does is spectacular. I am going to buy another one and set them both to work on different ends of the house. The floor looks and feel clean and there is very little effort involved in using it. It beeps you empty the dirty water put in clean and the soulution and wash the filter and brush and you are good to go again. I use it three times before it needs a charge. I would recommend this to everyone with tile floors!!! A must have. Can't live without mine!!!...more info
  • Great when it works
    This product is great, when it works. I ended up having to UPS mine back (all but the battery) after 4 months (AT MY EXPENSE!!!!)and received a new one. Now I'm having problems with the battery not holding it's charge. The customer service is horrible. They like to play the transfer game and then dissconect you. I spent two hours on the phone this morning. My advice is to wait until somebody else comes out with a similar product. ...more info
  • and thus, the mopping job passes from wife to husband
    This is a review in reverse. At the top is the executive summary. Then
    I ramble a bit.

    You should buy a scooba if:
    1) you have toddlers/grandkids you see often (I have 2 toddlers)
    2) you need to clean your floors often (see #1 above)
    3) you are modestly patient or have a man in the house who is interested in more than televsion (I love to tinker with stuff)
    4) you have a decent amount of hard floors (my home is 1850 sqft, of which 60% is hard floor, the rest being carpeted)

    You may not want *this generation of scooba* if:
    1) you are a perfectionist/ are a bit OCD about cleaning. (nothing wrong with that, some of our best friends are)
    2) only mature adults live in the house (less mess being generated)
    3) you have a home with less than 1500 sqft of space, most of which is carpeted
    4) you don't really mind mopping
    5) you expect a product that is "fire and forget"
    If these describe you, then, save your money for now. Perhaps in a year, a new generation will come out that will be better.

    Here is the ramble:
    The scooba does a decent job, but only because it will go over each section of the floor 4 to 8 times before its done. The first time it passes over some dried jelly from your toddler, it gets 50% of it. This is, of course, unacceptable. But the second time, 80% is gone. And by the time the scooba finishes your floor its 100% gone. So if you sit and watch it, you will be be unamused at first, but if you leave and come back, you will be pleased.

    But the scooba is also like the guy on the street corner who squeegees your car windshield for $1. He isn't perfect, but, you don't have to do it yourself. And your window needed to be cleaned anyway but you were too busy to do it. For example, my kitchen corners aren't as clean as could be. But then again, my toddlers usually drip jelly in the middle of the floor... not in the corners...

    To get my scooba to work, I had to
    1) Use the "baster trick" to prime the pump. This isn't mentioned in the manual, but is mentioned on the website.
    2) Then I had to eject the brush (there is a button for this) and reinsert. Perhaps during shipping it got bumped and was off a bit. Then it worked great.

    But there are some implementations that are flawed.
    1) The instruction book doesn't list step 1 and 2 above.
    2) At the end of the cycle when it is "drying the head" the "clean tank" flashes green and it beeps. The beeping is just not needed, because its not done yet! Why call attention to itself? They should have a "head drying" light and "finished" light so you really know whats going on.
    3) It should have worked without the priming and re-insertment of the brush.
    4) The scooba can't get around our toilets.

    As regards the cleaner and "prepping the area". My wife had to prep the area for mopping, so no time saved or lost there. And she would buy some cleaner anyway. She never used just plain water. And the manufacturer says you can use a vinegar and water solution, although I doubt I'll try that. When I hear people make these complaints, they are people who don't really need a scooba in my opinion.

    Maybe the Scooba doesn't do as good a job as a conscientious human. But our maid wasn't very conscientious (nor would I be and its my floor!). So it does a better job than her. My wife felt that the scooba did just as good a job. So we fired the maid. And our floors are cleaner. I just hope they come up with a "Dustba" and "Bathroomba" soon. Thats a joke of course....more info
  • This P.O.S. didn't work!
    Save your money and all the aggravation of shelling out 200 bucks, then packing it up and sending it back. This thing is garbage. They couldv'e used another 2 years of development before releasing this dud.

    I bought based on the positive reviews. Perhaps I had a lemon, but it's not worth the risk. Do NOT buy!...more info
  • Everything works; satisfied so far.
    An interesting, handy little robot! I agree with the below reviewer's suggestion of "scooba-proofing" the room first--though that should be common sense, it wasn't common sense for me.

    I bought (or rather, begged for as a gift) the Scooba because I'm lazy, but I do want my home to be relatively clean. Prepping the unit and the room for the Scooba takes longer, though, than just spot-cleaning with the wet Swiffer, of course. But it does a much better job, clearly.

    For me, it's more work than what I've been doing (because I barely did anything before), but I'm getting FAR better results. And I never fail to be thoroughly disgusted with the milky-gray cleaning fluid that I dump out afterwards, and shudder at the length of time I used to spend barefoot on that filthy floor!

    FYI, you buy the Scooba cleaner solution in the vaccum department of a store like Target--not in the cleaning department.

    In summary, I do recommend this product. I just wish it didn't cost so much money, and I do wish it came with more than one virtual wall. Though here's a tip--if you have pressure-mounted baby gates in your home already, you may find them useful with the Scooba, depending on the layout of the room in which you'll use the Scooba....more info
  • got babies, need floor cleaner
    Our Grandson is at the "scoot around on the floor" stage. His working mom is just at the point in life when there is never enough time to do everyting she would like. You would like the kitchen floor to be really clean before you put the baby down to scoot around - but maybe you need to be spending the time after work snuggling with the baby, not scrubbing the floor. The Scooba Floor Washing Robot takes very little time to set up for the night floor clean, and does get the floor clean. Mom has time to spend with the baby. The set up with cleaning solution, and the drain out afterwards to get rid of the dirty water is a bit cumbersom. The Scooba doesn't get back to its own charger as the vacuum robot does. These are the reasons I rated as just 4 stars. When they come up with a version that will take itself to the bathroom to dump out the dirty wash water, I will gladly award it a five star rating. ...more info
  • I hate robots! ... don't buy this online!
    I was excited and read all these positive reviews... I am sorry I purchased this item now. Waste of time. Mine came out of the box not working. The "Tank" error came up over and over again. None of the "trouble shooting tips" worked. I did nothing wrong during setup. After 2 days of trying to get IROBOT to answer their 1-800 customer support (oh you'll love listening to the music on hold for an hour each time!) they are having me UPS it back. Not a positive experience.

    I recommend you buy one from a store so you can return it immediately without the hassel I'm going thru.
    GOOD LUCK with your new ROBOT!!!!!! I hate mine....more info
    I have lots of hardwood floor space to wash, and it was always a pain in the butt to drag the mop out and wash the floor. Sometimes I would even get down on my hands and knees and wash that way because the mop didn't pick up everything.

    When I purchased the Scooba, there was a special and it came with a free Roomba vacuuming robot, what a great deal for both. I could not pass it up.

    So, now every couple of days, I run the Roomba vacumming robot over the floors to pick up the dog hair and dust. Then on alternating days I run the Scooba to wash the floors.

    Both worked very very well. When I emptied the Roomba, I was very impressed with how much stuff it picked up! And when I washed the floors with the Scooba, they were very very clean. It did leave a slight wet trail though that dried in just a few minutes. My floors are always clean now, and I run these two every few days. I will spend some time once a month to get the corners and under the furniture, but that's nothing compared to all the work I use to do to keep my floors looking good.

    No, I wouldn't say they're PERFECT, but they both have made my life a lot easier, and they do a great job, they cleaned very well! Well worth the $289 I spend for both including the shipping (with my discounts).

    I highly recommend this product, but don't expect a miracle. It's a good product that does what it claims to do. ...more info
  • Couple of Tidbits
    I have to admit, the Scooba actually makes it fun to clean the floors. It is a light scrub, but I imagine with time and multiple, more frequent cleanings than you would mopping, it probably would be just as clean in the long run.

    I use vinegar which is approved by iRobot in the instructions manual rather than the somewhat sticky Clorox solution they sell at a premium price. It works pretty well, its cheap, readily available, and no worries about chemicals. You just have to get used to the smell when it's wet but, the smell goes away when it becomes dry.

    I have the Roomba Scheduler (which comes with a remote control) as well as the Scooba, and the remote control can control the Scooba to steer it to a missed location, steer it out of a wet floor, or out from under the bed or couch if decides to park there at the end of a cycle.

    If you are enjoying a Logitech Harmony universal remote, you can select the setting to control your Roomba or Scooba with the Harmony universal remote!...more info
  • Not worth the money.
    The device is very well designed and easy to use. That said, be aware that the batteries die after just a few uses and at $60 each to replace can be very expensive. Irobot's customer service is a joke, so buyer beware - you are on your own when it comes to troubleshooting a problem.

    The machine gets stuck easily and will go right through the virtual wall on occasion. It is not worth $300. You can get an upright floor cleaner that will do a faster, better job for the same money.
    ...more info
  • scooba is just a toy
    I've had the sccoba 3 months now, and used it several times. It cleans reasonably well. However, it's just as much trouble - to set it up, pick up cords, etc., that might tangle it, wait 30-40 minutes for it to finish, then clean it up and store it for recharging - as it would be just to wet mop the floor yourself. The scooba's cleaning ability is comparable to light wet-mopping, not serious hand scrubbing. Also, it doesn't move very well on a tile floor with pronounced grout lines.

    Overall, it's fun to play with occasionally if you can spare the money for this sort of toy, but you won't like it if you expect thorough cleaning.


    ...more info
  • Washed and dried tile floors surprisingly well...
    until it stopped working a few weeks ago. It repeatedly started the washing cycle and stopped after about 2 mins. I'll call iRobot and update here regarding their customer service; that is if Amazon allows second reviews. If their CS isn't customer friendly, then I'll buy another Scooba @ at a store that gives a Lifetime Warranty..a bit more expensive initially but not in the long-run w/the Warranty....more info
  • i robot scooba
    Seems to be okay, but has a tendency to skip some areas, and go over and over others....more info
  • Wow, I'm in love!
    Please click "See all customer images" at the top of the page to see all of the detailed pictures I submitted of my Scooba.

    Opening the Scooba box, I could see that this robot was much more complex than the vacuuming robots (I own the Dirt Dog and Red Roomba).

    Scooba is the same width and height as its brothers, Dirt Dog and Roomba, but it weighs a tiny bit more.

    The Scooba is easy to open, the handle doubles as a latch to flip up the tanks and makes you feel like you're popping the hood of a car. The tanks separate from the Scooba so you can fill and empty them. One tank is labeled "clean", the other "dirty". You fill the "clean" tank with the Clorox solution and cold or warm water and when the Scooba is done cleaning, you will find all the gross dirty stuff that it mopped up in the "dirty" tank.

    Scooba warns you to only use the Clorox solution it came with as other solutions might corrode the moving parts of Scooba. At first, I thought I would just use my own solution, but I'm going to stick with the Clorox solution from iRobot since it smells so nice (my fiancé always complains of the smell of Pine Sol or tile cleaner) and seems to really get the job done.

    Each replaceable part has a yellow label with the part number ... these guys think of everything! The filter, brushes, and hose are easy to put in and take out.

    When you turn on Scooba, it begins as all other iRobots do, it does circles and then goes off in a straight line, changing direction when it taps walls or cabinets. I specifically say "tap" because my other robots, Dirt Dog and Roomba, more so bump into walls ... I can usually hear them bumping into the closet doors and walls from another room if the house is silent.

    I intentionally did not mop the tile for two weeks. We had two parties within this timeframe. The floor looked pretty disgusting, to say the least. There were black marks everywhere from people dragging who-knows-what in from outside. It looked like someone stepped on spilt soda and danced all over the tile. I let Scooba loose, crossing my fingers in hopes that it would remove these marks from the floor (I know from experience that I would have to scrub it if I were using a regular mop). Scooba got the small marks out in one pass; the more nasty ones took two passes, max. I was pretty impressed.

    Scooba cleaned for about 45 minutes until its battery died. I limited it to only a small space, about 10x10, but it could have done probably about 15x15 in that amount of time. The floor looked awesome! It even cleaned the tile around the trash can, which has some really gross gunk stuck to it that I can't normally get out with a mop. I charged Scooba again, which didn't take long ... maybe an hour? And off it went again, to clean the rest of the tile. It crawls a little bit slower than the vacuuming robots, which is good though, since it's cleaning the floor not vacuuming.

    I couldn't find any documentation on this, but I think that the Scooba spot cleans. I know that the Roomba Discovery spot cleans since my friend has one. It will detect extra-dirty spots and do circles around that area to really get the job done. Well, Scooba did this quite a bit ... I thought maybe it just did it randomly, but it did spot cleaned in the same spots a couple of times, especially where there was lots of gunk stuck to the tile - so, I don't think it's a coincidence.

    Time to empty the dirty water ... ewww, the water came out completely black. It looked like I was changing the oil on my car. Just disgusting. I took the time to clean the filter too, all I had to do was run some water through it and all the dirt, hair and gunk washed right off. The vacuum hose and brush was just as easy too, just run some water through it and viola!

    Scooba lets you know what it needs, just look at the little digital display near the power and clean button. It will tell you when you need to clean the tank or filter, if the battery is not snapped into place right, if the left/right wheel is malfunctioning, if the battery is too hot, all sorts of cool things.

    If you have a big house like me (2000 square feet) with all tile, it might take you about 2 or 3 charges to clean the whole house (my entire house is tile, except the bedrooms, which there are 4 of). The battery doesn't last as long as the vacuuming robots, but you have to take into consideration how much more work the Scooba does. Scooba vacuums any dirt or dust, lays down the cleaning solution, brushes the floor and vacuums up the dirty water in a single pass.

    Scooba left a little snail trail, it didn't completely dry the tile, but it was pretty close. The snail trail dried anyways within 2 minutes.

    This is so much better than mopping because when I mop, it just makes the bucket of water filthy and then I'm just swashing dirty water around the floor. But the Scooba picks up the dirty water and really leaves the tile nice and clean. No more dirty feet or socks!!

    The price may seem a little scary, but wow, am I glad I spent the money on the Scooba. My floors have never been this clean, ever! All of my friends were completely skeptical, but their jaws were on the floor when they saw what these little robots could do.

    ** UPDATE **
    So, the Scooba just cleaned my entire house yesterday without needing to recharge! I charged the Scooba up for about a day and it cleaned every bit of tile in about an hour and a half or so. I only had to stop to clean the tank once. I am so pleased with this, I can't wait for my floors to get filthy again!

    Please click "See all customer images" at the top of the page to see all of the detailed pictures I submitted of my Scooba....more info
  • iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner
    Love it, love it, love it. Takes a couple minutes of prep time and a couple more to clean up after but it's worth it. Does a great job on tile floors. Fun to watch its cycle. ...more info
    I bought a Roomba and I liked it so much I decided to buy the Scooba for washing my floors, and I was not disappointed. It does an incredible job of cleaning and doesn't complain. Also, the smell from the clorox cleaner itself is very pleasant.

    I found that I didn't need to use the virtual walls to keep it from going onto the rugs, because the metal strips separating the rug from the tile was enough to stop scooba. Now, my only complaint might be that it doesn't get the far corners of the floor, but it's low enough to get in right next to the wall under the counter cabinets which I really like.

    Scooba is absolutely worth every penny I paid for it! I've owned it now for about 6 mos and use it at least 2x's a week. It's still working like a champ!
    ...more info
  • scooba
    Great housekeeping aid, however it does not stop running until completely out of washing solution even though the area is clean. Not too oomfortable leaving it to run on its own like the roomba....more info
  • Addictive

    I have had this 3 months now, & wil never go back to mopping! It cleans good enough - not the edges, not the grout lines, & not the stuck-on food, but it is good enough to call it clean. Because it is easy to set up, my floor is clean more often, which is the big reason I recommend it. On the down side, it is too noisy to have on when watching TV in the next room, or when sleeping. Also, it is not as smart as I thought it was going to be. I thought it might keep track of walls, and where it has cleaned, but it actually just moves in a (seemingly) random pattern until the dirty tank fills up. On my tile floor, it seems like it can clean about 100~150 sq.ft. before the dirty tank fills up, at which point you have to empty it. ...more info
  • Wow, I'm in love!
    Please click "See all customer images" to see all of the detailed pictures I submitted of my Scooba.

    Opening the Scooba box, I could see that this robot was much more complex than the vacuuming robots (I own the Dirt Dog and Red Roomba).

    Scooba is the same width and height as its brothers, Dirt Dog and Roomba, but it weighs a tiny bit more.

    The Scooba is easy to open, the handle doubles as a latch to flip up the tanks and makes you feel like you're popping the hood of a car. The tanks separate from the Scooba so you can fill and empty them. One tank is labeled "clean", the other "dirty". You fill the "clean" tank with the Clorox solution and cold or warm water and when the Scooba is done cleaning, you will find all the gross dirty stuff that it mopped up in the "dirty" tank.

    Scooba warns you to only use the Clorox solution it came with as other solutions might corrode the moving parts of Scooba. At first, I thought I would just use my own solution, but I'm going to stick with the Clorox solution from iRobot since it smells so nice (my fiancé always complains of the smell of Pine Sol or tile cleaner) and seems to really get the job done.

    Each replaceable part has a yellow label with the part number ... these guys think of everything! The filter, brushes, and hose are easy to put in and take out.

    When you turn on Scooba, it begins as all other iRobots do, it does circles and then goes off in a straight line, changing direction when it taps walls or cabinets. I specifically say "tap" because my other robots, Dirt Dog and Roomba, more so bump into walls ... I can usually hear them bumping into the closet doors and walls from another room if the house is silent.

    I intentionally did not mop the tile for two weeks. We had two parties within this timeframe. The floor looked pretty disgusting, to say the least. There were black marks everywhere from people dragging who-knows-what in from outside. It looked like someone stepped on spilt soda and danced all over the tile. I let Scooba loose, crossing my fingers in hopes that it would remove these marks from the floor (I know from experience that I would have to scrub it if I were using a regular mop). Scooba got the small marks out in one pass; the more nasty ones took two passes, max. I was pretty impressed.

    Scooba cleaned for about 45 minutes until its battery died. I limited it to only a small space, about 10x10, but it could have done probably about 15x15 in that amount of time. The floor looked awesome! It even cleaned the tile around the trash can, which has some really gross gunk stuck to it that I can't normally get out with a mop. I charged Scooba again, which didn't take long ... maybe an hour? And off it went again, to clean the rest of the tile. It crawls a little bit slower than the vacuuming robots, which is good though, since it's cleaning the floor not vacuuming.

    I couldn't find any documentation on this, but I think that the Scooba spot cleans. I know that the Roomba Discovery spot cleans since my friend has one. It will detect extra-dirty spots and do circles around that area to really get the job done. Well, Scooba did this quite a bit ... I thought maybe it just did it randomly, but it did spot cleaned in the same spots a couple of times, especially where there was lots of gunk stuck to the tile - so, I don't think it's a coincidence.

    Time to empty the dirty water ... ewww, the water came out completely black. It looked like I was changing the oil on my car. Just disgusting. I took the time to clean the filter too, all I had to do was run some water through it and all the dirt, hair and gunk washed right off. The vacuum hose and brush was just as easy too, just run some water through it and viola!

    Scooba lets you know what it needs, just look at the little digital display near the power and clean button. It will tell you when you need to clean the tank or filter, if the battery is not snapped into place right, if the left/right wheel is malfunctioning, if the battery is too hot, all sorts of cool things.

    If you have a big house like me (2000 square feet) with all tile, it might take you about 2 or 3 charges to clean the whole house (my entire house is tile, except the bedrooms, which there are 4 of). The battery doesn't last as long as the vacuuming robots, but you have to take into consideration how much more work the Scooba does. Scooba vacuums any dirt or dust, lays down the cleaning solution, brushes the floor and vacuums up the dirty water in a single pass.

    Scooba left a little snail trail, it didn't completely dry the tile, but it was pretty close. The snail trail dried anyways within 2 minutes.

    This is so much better than mopping because when I mop, it just makes the bucket of water filthy and then I'm just swashing dirty water around the floor. But the Scooba picks up the dirty water and really leaves the tile nice and clean. No more dirty feet or socks!!

    The price may seem a little scary, but wow, am I glad I spent the money on the Scooba. My floors have never been this clean, ever! All of my friends were completely skeptical, but their jaws were on the floor when they saw what these little robots could do.

    ** UPDATE **
    So, the Scooba just cleaned my entire house yesterday without needing to recharge! I charged the Scooba up for about a day and it cleaned every bit of tile in about an hour and a half or so. I only had to stop to clean the tank once. I am so pleased with this, I can't wait for my floors to get filthy again!

    Please click "See all customer images" to see all of the detailed pictures I submitted of my Scooba....more info
  • Life quality improvement
    This is a great product to do an icky chore! BEWARE! It did get stuck under the lower kitchen cabinet doors the very first time I used it and I had to practically break it to get it unstuck. I went to my local lumber yard and had sticks cut that block the Scooba from going too far under the cupboards now so it doesn't get stuck. The Roomba has a similar problem under some cupboards so these sticks do double duty. As you see I have both the Roomba and the Scooba. I have textured vinyl floor (looks like ceramic tile) with little teeny pits that the Scooba cleans real well. I first did a major floor cleaning before using the Scooba and the Scooba has been doing it ever since for four months now. I use a swab to wipe under the cabinets where the Scooba can't get and corners. No big deal....more info
  • Scooby-Does It
    I can honestly say that my floors have never been cleaner - I vacumed and mopped my floors prior to using Scooby and then used the device - I was amazed at the dirt and cat hair that it picked up - even after a thorough cleaning. My tile floors and grout have never looked better - it's also nice to be able to do other chores while the floor is being cleaned.
    There are a few design glitches that need to be addressed before I'd give it a 5,such as not getting corners clean, dripping water all over the floor when you pick it up, and I think some small cleaning brushes for the device should be included with it - you have to clean it thoroughly after each use - and it is a bit of a mess - battery life could be longer - if you have a lot of tile like I do - over 2000 sq ft - you'll have to re-charge it after 3 sessions - and an additional battery is expensive - get an extra virtual wall - luckily I have one from my roomba, so I didn't need to get one - overall - I love this machine and the way that it cleans my floors...more info
  • great if you have kids
    If you've got young kids, this little robot is invaluable. My son throws up 50% of what he eats. The doctor says he'll outgrow it, but the kid can go for distance. It's nice to have a robot friend to wash up the formula and yams. My two year old is also really into helping mommy cook, which mostly involves spilling things and sprinkling crumbs on the floor. The scooba takes care of that as well. I figure it saves me from breaking out the mop or crouching with a sponge at least five times a day if not more. Plus, it's entertaining as heck and my little girl really loves it. Fortunately, it has a safety shut off so there's no worry if she tries to play with it....more info
  • You'll Be Amazed!
    I admit, I was skeptical on the ability of this little robot to clean my tile floors...but it did a great job! Also, watching it was kinda cool too. Wondering if it'll get the spot it missed. It always does. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • iRobot Scooba
    I love my Scooba. It does a good job on the floors and is easy to maintain and use. It doesn't do a great job on long narrow stretches of floor or under the cabinets in the kitchen. I also wish it was a bit quieter. You can't turn it on and leave the house. It needs quite a bit of baby sitting. I do think it was well worth the money. My house has a lot of white ceramic tile which I used to hate. The Scooba makes it easy to keep clean....more info
  • Perfect match to Roomba
    After having such great results with the Roomba Discovery, we decided to purchase the Scooba. I HATE to mop and subsequently don't! Now that I have Scooba, I have mopped my kitchen, laundry area and our rather grubby looking entry area several times...since Christmas!

    I disagree with some of the other reviewers about the noise level. I find the Scooba to be very quiet compared to some of my other appliances. It is definitely quieter than the Roomba. The Scooba moves slower than the Roomba which allows it to do a thorough job mopping. I did vacuum the first time I cleaned the laundry area because there was a lot of "junk" around the baseboards. It cleaned spotlessly. I have not vacuumed first since.

    The entry looks fantastic. Scooba did a great job and didn't fall off the raised area. Cleaning Scooba is no more difficult than cleaning up after mopping the "old-fashioned" way. Since I have to move nearly everything out of the kitchen to mop, using the Scooba is no different. I am VERY happy that I don't have to mop and my husband is happy that the floors are clean!...more info
  • Picks up dust ..that's about it
    This thing does little more than a good dusting of the floor. Even with that it cannot clean corners at all and cannot pick up debris. It would not pick up a small piece of puppy-size kibble. It could not pick up a blade of grass. Left most of the floor wet. ...more info
  • A great way to mop...
    The Scooba is a great alternative to routine mopping. It does clean exceptionally well - I had a stain on my floor that didn't come off after multiple cleanings that was removed by Scooba the first time I used it. I have used it on vinyl tile and wood with good results. It does not get corners. One also needs to beware of areas where Scooba can get stuck (eg, small changes in floor height, obstacles such as chairs or tight corners and wires). Scooba also requires a bit of cleaning after each run. You need to empty the dirty water tank, clean the brush, remove and rinse the filter and remove and rinse one of the hoses. It takes about 10 minutes for me to clean it after each use. I have found the invisible walls reliable but have found that the Scooba's sense of a drop-off not to be reliable (eg, stairs) and always use an invisible wall. The cleaning solution leaves the room with a freshly cleaned smell. I have found that the floors are slightly wet when the Scooba finishes (depending on the humidity)....more info
  • Pretty good for an early model
    I bought my Scooba from a store that offers extended maintenance service on all appliances it sells. When I declined, the clerk looked at me askance and commented: "Computer, dirt and water: seems like a risky combination to me." She may be right -- I have definitely had my share of troubles with the thing. The first one I bought just didn't work, so I returned it and got another, which works except for the fact that it rarely gets through a cycle without some type of error message, which as far as I can tell seem to be false errors. I treat it like any other misbehaving computer: turn it off, then turn it back on. After that it always works fine. I've also found that it works better with more cleaning solution than is recommended, and that it does have a way of escaping the infrared barriers on occasion. I think three or four generations down the line this will be a great machine. For now -- it mops when I wouldn't get around to it, so my kitchen is cleaner than it would otherwise be!...more info
  • It's not an appliance, works more like a computer!
    I LOVE my Scooba but I must withhold a star as it can be a little difficult to use. But it cleans so well that if you want CLEAN this is the machine! However, I have run into more situations when I need to fix and restart the thing than I'd like. I have not felt that I can turn it on and go out for an errand yet and I've had mine 3 months. Once it went on for an hour and a half and when it stopped I found the dirty tank almost empty and clean tank still full???!!!??? This machine needs maintenance, like a computer to work well, don't expect to just plug it in like a toaster. I still can't get the virtual wall to work but the furniture I move can usually be used as a gate. Overall, if you want clean kitchen floors and don't want to get on your hands and knees, this is so worth it! Good Luck!...more info
  • Great Robot! A lot of fun to see it working
    This robot is just fun. And most importantly it does its job perfectly. We have a hard wood floor and this robot just cleaned every bit of it flawlessly. The only place it need some help is those corners, but I guess I can live with it by just mopping the corners myself, takes no more than 1 min to clean those places Scooba missed, but if I were to clean the whole room, it would take hours. This thing can be programmed so that it cleans when no one is at home. Just how marvelous to leave the home with a messy floor with food crublings and all and returning to see a shining clean floor.

    Battery life is good enough to clean my kitchen and living room (the only place we have wood floors). Some reviewer complained about the noise, I don't think the noise is too loud, actually a very funny sound the Scooba makes so I know he's working hard.

    I would highly recommend this robot!...more info
  • Works great......but for only about a year!
    The Scooba works great. I have a large kitchen with ceramic tile. I would set up the Scooba about twice a week. It works awesome. It was even whitening my dull grout. The problem is that it only lasted about a year before it started to have mechanical problems. For this kind of money, I expected it to last much longer....more info
  • iHuman will have to do for now
    Ok, it cleans... I realize this contraption is meant to transform how we mop the way dishwashers did to washing dishes. And here comes a big BUT (a few actually)-

    1. Trips over and gets tangled in wires (speaker wires, power cords, etc)
    2. Gets stuck under fairly low furniture- it hurts me to see it trying to get out in convulsions like a little puppy. Of course, a manual intervention is required.
    3. Leaves puddles of water here and there
    4. Cleaning pattern isn't so random (rather very inefficient)- I observed it going over the same area in a circular motion at least 3 times, but it left other area untouched.
    5. Needless to say, it doesn't get into the corners, but given the round shape of the scooba I can't really put this as a flaw (more of a design limitation).
    6. Battery life- this model (5910) is supposed to have an extended battery but it dies before 45 min of a cleaning cycle are complete ! I can only imagine how poor the previous model must've been. Perhaps mine is a lemon, but it's new.

    I'm not sure where all those who write rave reviews live, but in case of my (not so cluttered apartment) this thing needs more baby sitting that it's actually worth. The time I spent getting it "unstuck" is probably the same as I'd done the job myself. I suppose it can do a good job on wide-open floors or in a large kitchen with a minimum of furniture, but it's really a joke for any more realistic use model, such as cleaning a multi-bedroom apartment.

    So as the battery is charging for the second time, I'm writing this review). It's been almost 2 hours and I've managed to clean only about 50% of my 1000sf 2BR apartment !

    This thing is nothing more but a toy to impress your guests (and make you part with over $300). But don't waste your money unless you're planning to clean an open floor space with it.
    Wait for the 22 century to arrive- for now, regular iHuman mopping will do....more info
  • my issues with it
    Well my biggest issue with my Scooba is how loud it is. Its as loud as my regular vac. Other issues I have is you cant leave floor rugs down it gets stuck on them. It gets stuck on the edge of the carpet leading into another room. It left black marks on my carpet. I would use the V wall now that I know. I also think its best for light in between cleanings like the Roomba. Still need to do a real mop job every so often. I also noticed not good at cleaning grout.

    Now that I gave you the bad here is the good. Its great for busy moms like me who would rather not be moping the floor all the time. As for being loud just use it when you leave the house. I love my i robots. I have the Scooba 3 Roombas and just got the new Dirt Dog for my garage. The bad points of all of the I robot vacs/mop could never stack up to all the good. It worth the money and heck they are fun to watch....more info
  • better than a mop
    This little guy actually does a better job with the floors than I would. I mean, what does a mop actually do beside spread the mess around? The Scoob is different because it actually vacuums debris off the floor, then does its cleaning and brushing thing, and then -- and here's the key part -- it suctions the now-dirty cleaning solution off the floor and into its tank. That's where it's more efficient than me and a mop.

    It's also pretty idiot-proof, nothing to worry about if you're a technophobe like me. Basically after you get it set up all you have to do is set up the virtual walls (so it doesn't mop your carpet), press a button to make it go, and afterwards empty the tank down the bathtub drain.

    The only bad point is it doesn't return to the charger on its own, you have to put it there yourself. I guess that makes sense, though, because if you didn't empty the tank then you wouldn't want it sitting in its charging unit with all that dirty liquid in there.

    Basically, I'm a happier and lazier man for it. Which is all I could want....more info
  • a difficult machine
    I had trouble with my Scooba from Day one, 11 months ago but kept working with their customer service to try to get it to work. I've had to make many telephone calls to customer service, but finally got help from an unofficial WEB site. If you enjoy fiddling with technology this might work for you, but although it does a fine job cleaning when it is working properly, it has not been easy to get it to do so.

    It is a lot of money for what you get.

    I just received a replacement Scooba. Same problems as the first about not putting water on the floor. I'm going to look at the IRobot WEB site to try to get some help on this.

    ...more info
  • A useful robot for the home.
    I thought my kitchen floor was fairly clean. I ran Scooba over it and was amazed at how dirty the water was that it had collected. Scooba has a clean and a dirty water collection tank so only clean water goes down on the floor. It will not get into corners but does a bang up job on the main floor areas (where most of the mess ends up). It leaves the floor moist, but not actually wet. My floor fully dried in about five minutes. The actual cleaning time was about 40 minutes.

    One word of advice, order an extra bottle of cleaning solution. You cannot use just any cleanser with Scooba, only the specially formulated Clorox (non bleach) fluid is recommended.

    It seems a little bit expensive but if you place a value on your spare time, the Scooba is well worth the money. Mine is cleaning the kitchen as I am writing this. I'll need to get the corners manually but the 30 minute job now takes a few minutes (and it actually cleans better than I can).

    Ken...more info
  • A Robot That Cleans Better Than You (Mostly)
    After testing the Scooba, the proof is in the tank. Man, is that water it sucks up off the floor nasty! Sure, it has a problem with corners (it's round, after all), and at least in my experience it needed a little supervision to avoid going under furniture you don't want it to (though the virtual walls generally do a good job), at least you don't have to do most of the work yourself! I found it almost does too good a job of cleaning my vinyl kitchen floor, in that it strips the "leading brand" (starts with F) no-wax shine treatment off my decades-old vinyl, so I'm limited in using the Scooba for regular cleaning, unless I want to re-apply the shine. Cleaning the Scooba is simple, and it's very thoughtfully designed with the carry handle to load and unload the tank. Now if they just made a shower-cleaning robot......more info
  • roomba good--scooba bad!
    i've had a roomba for 4 years and love, love, loved it, just recently it died after a series of different problems, but it worked so well for years i really feel i got my money's worth and bought a new 1. i was so excited about the scooba and bought it just a few months after it came out --- it doesn't compare at all.

    the scooba is horribly sensitive, it stops it's clean cycle all the time pretending to be stuck, even though it's standing free in the middle of room. and, it never actually drys the floor. but, judging from the amount dirty water pouring out of the dirty water bin, i imagine my floors have been cleaned. the last time i used it, it didn't use all of the clean water, which is strange because it usually tells me it has run out of clean water a few minutes into the cleaning cycle. this tempermental mistress was a complete waste of money, though i still recommend roomba to anyone that will listen....more info
  • Scooba-I love it
    I love the Scooba, it does a great job and saves me from being a slave to a house full of off white porous tile. It is finicky some times though. I had a bottle of the cleaner that was real prone to making excess bubbles, I kept having to wash out the Scooba to get them all out to get it to work. Also, for a while there the handle wouldn't release the lid some times, but now it's working all the time again. My tires look like they are loosing their tread as well, been using it like a work horse! I have had it since Sept and can't live with out it!...more info
  • Worked only once
    While the Scooba did a moderately good job of cleaning my kitchen floor on my first attempt, after getting stuck multiple times, it has not worked since. The vacuum fuction seems permanently disabled. Lovely idea but..... DONT BOTHER...more info
  • Good but could use a few improvements
    It works well when you use it often enough to keep your floors a consistent level of cleanliness. If they get too dirty, or have dried spills, the mop doesn't work as well and you may need to let it run more than once. It's a great feature that it picks up the dirty water, but i wish it were a bit better. The floors are consistently fairly damp. I had a hoover mop/vacuum that did a better job of squeegeeing, but then again, it ran on house current. The mop barely gets stuck, but unfortunately our stove is just at the right height. If the mop approaches it at the right angle, it gets stuck every time. It's'd think the mop could sense a tight squeeze clearance-wise and back off like it does with stairs....more info
  • Highly Recommend This Product!
    I have had my Scooba for several months now, and do not know what I ever did without it! It sweeps, mops, and then dries our fairly large floor, leaving it more spotless and shiny than I was ever able to accomplish with the various mops, swiffers, and other products that I have tried. I also have the Roomba for vacuuming our carpeting. On the weekends, while my kitchen is being mopped by the Scooba, and the carpeting is being swept by the Roomba, I am able to either do other necessary work, to talk on the phone, or to relax by reading a book! I would highly recommend this product! We have had absolutely no problems with it, and it does a fantastic job!...more info
  • Wow!
    Scooba has made my life so much easier. We have lots of tile and hardwood floors and it does a great job!...more info
  • Sold on Scooba
    Who'd believe it's possible to actually get your floors scrubby clean without doing the scrubbing yourself? We were so enamored of our Roomba, Scooba's miraculous vaccuming sibling, we decided to give Scooba a shot at an embarrassingly dirty lanai (Florida's version of a screened porch) tile floor. It took a couple of scrubbings, but in an amazingly short time, Scooba had removed three and a half years of indoor/outdoor grime, leaving us with a very clean floor and absolutely no regrets. Our only wish is that the next version come complete with a gismo that will also take care of the baseboards! ...more info
  • Need Your Prompt Response
    Unfortunately, I am not able to rate this product as looks like after going through a lot of expense and problems of purchasing the the special chlorx non bleach liquid from USA, the rubber strip from the MOP got detached after 1st use. What happened is at the first round, it did a great job of cleaning and drying, however, on it's second round the rubber strip fell out and I have no way to put it back as I do not see any special slot gor it to go back. So ever since I am using the MOP as is. Although it is doing ok job it does not dry or clean as well as when the rubber strip was attached. I really do not know how to get hold of some one from Amazon to complain about this. As you know I buy quite a few items off the line with you, this is my 1st dissatisfaction. And since I feel it is just for a defective merchandise, I ought to report it to you before discrediting your services. I also did not get a 15% off coupon for the assessories as mentioned in the registration. I certainly hope you will advise me as how to have this problem eradicated through your system, without me actully chasing the manufaturer.
    Your prompt attention will be greatly appreciated....more info
  • I love my Scooba!
    I have had my Scooba for about a month now and love it. It does an awesome job on both my kitchen tile floors and hardwood floors. I am always amazed at how dirty the water gets from cleaning and how much debris it picks up.

    The Bad:

    It does not do a good job drying after itself but it only takes about 5 minutes for the floor to dry on its own. To me, this is not a big deal.

    Cats may be scared of it! I have three doesn't mind it & is intrigued by it...the other two hide when its running. This may be because it is a bit loud when it runs. That actually may be the worst thing about the Scooba is the noise it makes while cleaning.90

    It does have some issues with cleaning doesn't do a very good job. So a person would still need a broom or handheld vac to do corners and wall edges.

    The Good:

    It can run a long time on a battery charge. I have no had the battery die yet on a cycle. I have even ran it twice on one charge for a total of 90 minutes.

    I run it everyday and it is great picking up cat litter around the litterbox and other debris on the floor like dirt, crumbs, and hair. It picks up more then I thought was on the floor! It does a great job of actually cleaning the floor, as well. Honestly, my floors have never looked this clean.

    It's a nice looking machine. The stainless steel handle is great for picking it up and not having to get any debris or solution on yourself.

    Customer Service is amazing. At least my representative was. He knew exactly what he was doing, very helpful, and friendly. The iRobot brand is a very reliable, customer geared business.


    Personally, I clean it after each cycle. I just use a Q-tip and clean out any thing that is stuck in the tunnels. I think this will keep it working well in the long run.

    I just had to order more solution and was able to use my 15% off Registration coupon at the IRobot site plus they have a special thing where if you use the Google Checkout you get $10 off your I got free shipping. So 9 bottles of solution for $24 shipped to my door...and it only took 6 days to arrive. So I was pretty happy about that and hope 9 bottles of the stuff will last awhile. (I used the vinegar solution suggested by others-use the same amount of vinegar as you would solution and fill the rest with cold water- when I ran out of the special Scooba solution...and in my opinion the actual Scooba Clorox solution works much better and doesn't smell as bad!)

    Anyways, Scooba is great for a daily surface type of cleaner. Just like with the Roomba, you are going to want to have an alternate means of cleaning every week or couple of weeks :)...more info
  • Fraudulent Company Warning
    I give this a 1 star because there is no 0 star option.

    I had a Scooba for 2 months before it totally failed. After 1 month I required replacement parts which were difficult to install.

    I sent in the Scooba and followed iRobot's instructions exactly. That was 3 months ago. When I called the company, they "didn't have a record of receiving my machine." Their solution? Too bad - nothing we can do - NO OTHER OPTIONS! I've called 2 other times to speak with different people, higher in rank. Can't get through to even a low level supervisor and the company line is the same. Sorry, nothing we can (actually WILL) do.

    I wish I had taken my $400 and flushed it down the toilet. I've never, NEVER delt with a company that so causually and CRIMINALLY failed to honor a warrently. I could have let it go it it was $25 or so, but for this much money, I expected honest treatment. I've been angry about it for the last 3 months & am just trying to let it go, so iRobot wins another big chunk of money from another sucker.

    In summary - faulty equipment that doesn't live up to promised performance coupled with, can't say poor customer service, have to say NO customer service. ...more info
  • great time saver and fun device
    I have to say I am amazed at this little device! I have a husband who works in construction, 2 teenage boys, 1 big dog and 3 cats. And all white tile floors. If it can clean mine, it can clean for EVERYONE. I love this little device. No, it doesn't get corners, but who does when mopping unless you are on your hands and knees. I work full time and my kids are in sports so I'd rather not use what precious time I have cleaning my floors, which stay clean for 1 minute. In fact, it is in my boy's bathroom doing the floor while I'm typing this. Highly recommend to everyone. Its easy to assemble and use. And being a sucker for new electronics, I like the beeping noises it makes when starting and when its finished. I only wish they had a longer lasting battery....more info
  • Misses corners, other spots, can't remove caked dirt, leaves floor wet, gets stuck easily.
    Just got our Scooba and have been testing it out in the kitchen and bathroom. We're not too impressed. For one, it can't reach corners, nor does it really get the very edges of walls, so you end up having to mop those us yourself. Then it leaves the floor pretty wet, and during the many times that it gets stuck, if you stop it and lift it up, it leaves a dirty puddle of brown water behind. It seems to get stuck easily, as well as not recognizing the carpet (though it does get stuck on carpet, so at least it doesn't venture out into a carpeted room). Certainly not comparable to the Roomba, which we have and love!...more info
  • Needs another generation or two
    Our kitchen tile floor gets pretty sticky since we have four kids under 10, so we really wanted this to work. Figuring there would be a few bugs, we decided to wait until the second generation came out and then give it a try. After about 45 days we returned it.

    1) Great customer service when we called when it wasn't working properly.
    2) Does clean the floor - mostly

    1) We have a fairly small kitchen. Even so we had to divide it into two sections.
    2) Clogs pretty quickly unless you get everything sweepable off the floor.
    3) Very noisy and then makes very loud beeps when it is stuck or out of water or finished and sometimes keeps beeping (which eliminates the option of running it after you have gone to bed)
    4) The corners have to be cleaned manually
    5) Everything in the room needed to be cleared out and the barriers needed to be set up.
    6) Required a final clean up mop to get the spots in the middle that it missed or didn't get completely.

    In short, by the time we did everything to make it work it was at least as easy just to mop the floor ourselves. If you don't mind the noise, and would prefer moving chairs and fiddling with gadgets to mopping this may be the item for you. As for us, I figure by generation 4 they will have figured things out and we will give it another try.

    ...more info
  • Okay, but requires a bit of attention
    We moved into a larger house with all tile floors on the main level. We hated mopping and swiffering all the time so I bought a Scooba now that I could find one for less than $300.

    The packaging and instructions are excellent. It really builds a high expectation. The very first time you turn it on you just want to watch it like a little kid, and I sort of expected it to perform magic. But it turned out to be rather anti-climactic for us. There is only so much smarts and functionality you can buy for $300 I guess.

    For starters, it's pretty loud, like a regular vacuum cleaner. And it's slow, frankly. You cannot stay in the same room as it for very long or you just get tired of listening to it.

    Also, unless your room is of regular size and dimensions without too much junk in the way, I felt like the Scooba just didn't go where I wanted it to. I learned pretty quick you have to cordon off the spaces you want it to focus on or else it will run out of fluid before it's done. It says it will clean up to 200 sq.ft. on a single tank. That's really not that much, not in my house anyway.

    One thing that annoys me is if it stops before it is done cleaning the room because it's out of fluid or battery, there is no way to tell it to pick up where it left off. Same thing if it gets stuck and you pick it will not start where it left off. You have to re-fill it, then just place it down in a different area if it didn't get everything.

    I also find it works best to remove all the chairs from the room by putting them up on the table or placing them on a rug so Scooba doesn't have to worry about navigating around them. It will waste A LOT of time bumping around chairs before figuring its way out.

    Remarkably, it does clean the floor very well and leaves a very nice scent. Even when my tile floors look clean to begin with, the dirty water tank is always brown and filthy afterwards.

    Because I have to move chairs around (12 of them) and cordon off the spaces I want cleaned reliably, there is still a bit of work involved and I go through about 4 tanks and one complete battery recharge every time I clean. So don't think you can just push one button and never have to do anything. It requires some patience in the beginning. This is not a product I would buy for someone who is not technologically inclined to be honest. This is for gadget types.

    The thing I like most is that I can run it as often as I like and it really doesn't cost anything. I can go work on the computer upstairs while it happily cleans downstairs. I will probably use it 2-3 times a week whereas I would only feel like swiffering once every 2-3 weeks, so my floors should be MUCH cleaner from now on.

    For less than $300 it's worth it, but be patient and LEARN how to use it and how to section off your rooms so you know it's cleaning them all reliably. Because the solution dries pretty quick, you can't actually tell where it's been unless you watch it the whole time. It would be fun to take some video of it and speed it up to see how it's really doing.

    UPDATE: It's been almost a year and a half, and I'm still using Scooba. BUT, if you can believe it, my original Scooba started making crazy sounds on the very last day of its warranty. I called, and they replaced my Scooba FREE OF CHARGE with an upgraded model. Now THAT is customer service. They will not let you down if you have problems. They always shipped me free parts no questions asked when a few of the components started wearing out. Batteries do not have a very long life, you will need to buy replacements in less than one year, and they are on the pricey side. Still not sure this is better than my swiffer, but it's fun to watch!...more info
  • Bait and Swithc
    I've had my Romba Discovery for about a year, and its worked pretty well. Now the battery is dead, and Irobot won't replace it. They say the batteries are on back order, but offer a discount for a trade in. It's been 2 months since I ordered the battery and Irobot can't tell me when I can get this replacement part, but they can offer a good deal on a new unit. THIS IS CLEARLY A BAIT AND SWITCH AS WELL AS A DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE. THIS UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR MEANS I WILL NEVER DO BUSISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY AND I ADVISE EVERYONE TO AVOID I-ROBOT.

    DO NOT BUT THIS PRODUCT....more info
  • 9 months of scooba
    i bought a romba and a scooba last december, 9 months ago. the romba is excellent. the scooba(s) is/are built-in obsolescence at best. the first one was replaced after about five months during which it had gone through only one complete cycle without interruption. the 2nd one has been better, but i'm presently waiting on a $58 battery because the other one only lasts about 5 minutes after a full charge. i wish it performed as intended but it hasn't for me after four consults from technical help line. sc...more info
  • It doesn't work
    I purchased the 5800 and couldn't get it to work. The Scooba wouldn't recognize the tank. I traded it in for another 5800 and the battery didn't connect properly to the robot. I traded it in for a 5900 and after 1 week it broke. I called customer support and they wanted me to mail it to them so they could replace it. The quality is poor....more info
  • Cleans your floors and gives you more TIME!
    This thing is perfect for people who are just plain busy. Whether it's a career or a family or obligations or who-knows-what, the Scooba puts a few extra hours into your month. For me, I know that when I'm not working I don't want to spend all night or part of a weekend cleaning up the apartment. I figured that since I already had a Roomba doing a great job on my carpets, it was time to complete the robotic job by getting a Scooba for the tile -- so I can relax instead of worry about housecleaning.

    Anyway, let's talk about the product. What's particularly cool here is that it's not just a mopper but a vacuumer, too. It gets up all the loose dirt first, then sprays the cleaning solution, then scrubs the floors with its brushes, then sucks up the dirty solution into its tank. That last part is the genius part. Instead of leaving the messy solution on the floor to dry, as a mop would, now you're taking it off the floor completely. The technology is the same as the Roomba in that it bounces off walls and furniture until it covers the entire area -- I have to say it's pretty entertaining to watch this in action. There are "virtual wall" sensors you can set up so it doesn't go beyond the hard surface where it might otherwise try mopping your carpet.

    My time is valuable. Between a hectic work schedule and obligations with family and friends, I don't want to spend any more time on housecleaning than I need to. A few hundred bucks to take a few hours out of my month *every month* from here on out? I'd say that's priceless....more info
  • Utterly Amazing
    First time out of the box, took me 5 minutes to setup (after charging the battery overnight), and the Scooba immediately proceeded to clean up ink and marker off our light tan hardwood floors. Utterly shocked it cleaned so deeply so quickly. It does leave a little dampness behind, but not enough to ruin the floor or leave watermarks.

    Like the Roomba, the Scooba is easy to maintain and does a good job working around obstacles in the home. One weird behavior is that the Scooba gets stuck over our floor air vent, in which case it beeps, displays an "I'm Stuck!" message, and we just move it.

    Best of all, I get to play XBox while "scrubbing the floors!"

    ...more info
  • My floors have never been cleaner
    Edit - January 2 2006 - new rating is three stars
    Having used it now for several months I make the following comments:
    1 - The battery had to be replaced after 20 uses - the replacement was free but still that's not much of a lifespan when you follow the manufacturers instructions on charging to the letter.

    2 - This thing doesn't deal well with long human or pet hair. I found that I had to flush the dirty water reservoir to unclog the tank - and the filter is supposed to prevent hair from getting in there.

    3 - I have to fiddle with the lever that detaches the reservoir from the unit whenever I have to refill it - no luck getting a replacement because of this issue.

    4 - Taking apart the unit's many pieces to clean it seems to negate most of the fun I had when I first received it as a gift. Maybe the reviewer who said it was quicker to whip out the swiffer was right...

    Original rating - 5 stars
    This product has limitations but my floor is cleaner than ever. Let's face it - mopping isn't up there on the list of fun things I want to do on weekends or after I get home from work at 8PM. My wife feels the same. We received the Scooba as a wedding gift a month ago and I offer the following comments:
    1 - Setup is amazingly easy. Charge the Scooba, fill the tank and let it go.

    2 - I find that my living room requires two cycles to get it really clean. It is a big room however so I don't consider this a problem with the device.

    3 - Prepping the room is important. Though Scooba will find its way around chairs, I find that putting the chairs up while it is operating results in better overall results. If you have pets, I would recommend vacuuming first - Scooba doesn't pick up pet hair well. Scooba actually fits under my couch - an added bonus. I would not use this device in a room with rugs on the floor.

    4 - Purchase some extra cleaner when you make your Scooba purchase. The included cleaner lasts only a few cycles and you will save on shipping if you purchase a couple of extra bottles of cleaning solution now.

    5 - So why are my floors cleaner now than ever before? Because they get mopped weekly. I turn on Scooba in a different room a couple of days a week as I walk out the door to work. When I get home, I empty the tank and plug Scooba back in to the charger. It's not only frequency of cleaning though - Scooba sprays only clean water on your floor. This is so much more effective that using a mop and bucket full of increasingly dirty water.

    By the way, I have a cat and use clumping litter. Every now and then some damp litter ends up on the floor and sticks. Scooba even cleans up this mess - my wife is thoroughly pleased.

    As far as corners... Nobody has noticed that they don't shine quite as brilliantly as the rest of the apartment....more info
  • exceeds my expectations
    recently bought scooba, used it several times large areas, small areas, hardwood ceramic tile linoleum... works flawlessly so far. in goes the water and cleaning solution (which smells really good, not soapy or perfumy, just a really good clean smell) out comes the brown water. in my opinion this thing is a no-brainer, very easy to clean-up (dump, rinse, three parts pop off to rinse and done) I have a roomba too and it has served me well. yesterday I vaccuumed and "mopped" almost 1000 sf in my house while I was in the basement doing woodworking...

    i expect there will be some maintenance or troubleshooting down the road, but my roomba is two years old and has only had one issue requiring time to fix (hair wound around the wheel) heck even a basic vaccuum is not going to be mainenance free (just had to repair my $$$ dyson's hose).

    Buy scooba, I think you will be pleased if you can get it on sale. my only complaint is that it is supposed to clean while you do other things... instead I find myself watching it wander around the room doing its thing because it's so cool....more info
  • A MUST HAVE even if not perfect
    This is THE product. I hate to clean...and cleaning floors on my hands and knees is not something I would do, yet I wanted to be sure my floors were clean for the baby and I have a big sloppy dog doing his best to drag in most of the great outdoors.

    Because Scooba is easy to use, I run it on my high traffic areas about every other day. My entire house is hard wood, so my Scooba gets a real work out. Although it doesn't get corners (and it seems to blow the dust bunnies into those corners), it definitely cleans the floors cleaner than any mop. I tested it (by cleaning on my hands and knees and then running the Scooba over my work), and I will vouch that it is definitely a cleaner clean than I can do on my floors (as I noted by the dirty black water that was in the tank AFTER I thought I cleaned that area).

    Bottom line, you will run it more often than you would clean floors with mops and buckets, so even if you have to listen for it getting stuck or do a quick papertowel wipe up of your corners after it runs, you will not regret owning one. I set it up and go to the gym or store and come home to it flashing happily at me.

    One suggestion, buy the replacement part kit. After doing almost 3000 sq ft of hard wood in my house in the last 4 months, the brush and squeege need to be replaced.

    Oh and if you are worried about the cost of the Scooba "juice" consider the cost of other floor cleaners (and new mopping supplies, or disposable pads from those Swiffer like things) and you will see that it is about the same if not less.

    ...more info
  • GO SCOOBA!!!
    WOW! I am a single mom of 4 children. 2 of these (twins) are toddlers who constantly drop everything on the floor, 1 is almost three and habitually spills drinks, etc., the fourth is 7 and always tracks stuff in from outside. My floor is a wreck!!

    I got my scooba today, thank God!!! So, I put it to the test, the ultimate test of cleaning around my table. This hadnt been done in nearly a week. Could it really clean dried up spaghetti sauce, smashed up bananas, smooshed peas, amoung the unrecognized funk??? YES!!! It cleaned the ENTIRE floor!!!

    Now see, Ive got a really big kitchen too so I had to use the sensor to close it into the area where the table is located. So then I proceeded to another part of my kitchen where the kitty litter box is...there was kitty litter everywhere. Could it clean the floor AND vaccuum up the litter?! YES!!!

    I am absolutely amazed by this product. It is extremely easy to use, very-very well made, and does a fantastic job. I am still in shock as to how well it did.

    Buying this product has saved me nearly 1 hour a week, which I once spent on my hands and knees cleaning my floor. Now I will be able to position the sensor, fill er up with cleaner and push a button - and then walk away with ease knowing that SCOOBA will get the job done!

    Well worth 250...I was hesitant about the cost at first but now that I have seen what a phenomenal little machine this is, I would pay even more....more info
  • And I thought FLOOR-MATE WAS GREAT....HA!
    I thought FLOOR MATE was a great invention.....till I found SCOOBA. No comparison! Floor Mate took me 1.5 hours to do my approximately 1000 square feet tile floors. And gave me blisters. But I liked the concept of it sucking up the dirty water rather than moving it around with a manual mop. So when I saw Scooba at the local Sams Club I was really skeptical. I was VERY surprised at the results. Yes, it doesn't do corners well. Yes, you should vacuum first. Yes, its battery charge doesn't last as long as you'd like. And yes, you have to break up your house in sections. But, wow--no hands on! The recommended liquid detergent smells nice and cleans well. But this was the real test: I live on a highway right across the ocean. The exhaust from cars gets into the house with the tradewinds. So even though the white tile looks white, your feet will be dirty. After using Scooba regularly, I noticed that our feet aren't as dirty. And the housekeeper reported that the mop water isn't as black as before. Scooba is a great in-between cleaner-upper. The "virtual walls" work well. Scooba does get stuck once in a while. But I sure love it!...more info
  • does what I need (after unjamming solution valve)
    I got the Scooba a few days ago. I'd been fighting with eternally dirty floors (old apt with former tenants that didn't clean well). Now, after only cleaning the apartment once (kitchen twice) -- all 500 sq. ft. of it -- I feel like my baby can actually crawl around on the floors and not be eaten by the dirt. Don't expect a perfect device, but it does a great job (I vacuum up the big stuff beforehand and do the corners myself). At first, all I got was an error message. Using, I found a way to get the solution valve unstuck (took a heavy-duty plastic straw and a bike pump...) and everything's been great ever since....more info
  • Wow!
    I love robots! I expected to be sending this back no way! It's so easy to use and does such a good job. When I fist tried it I thought it was going to miss quite a lot but it went over the floor several times and by the time it was done my floor looked great. It's true that it doesn't do corners but I've found it pushes much less up against the walls then my mop does so it takes less time wipe up the corners then it used to take to wipe along the walls. My floors are almost completly dry when it's done. My mops couldn't do that. ...more info
  • good but not perfect
    just got it.
    good points - save a bundle on cleaning supplies by using vinegar and water (which scooba says you can do) for my hardwoods.
    does clean up odd particles of dust etc.
    easy to clean - cleaning brush, lint after each wash is fine.
    I have big amount of hardwood floors and just let it do all on one take (more than they recommend) but because the floors were just a bit dusty it did clean it all which I am pleased. So if you do it regularly and not just use it when floors are dirty you can clean a bigger amount of space.
    bad points - a lot noiser than I thought like a hoover on all the time. It does get stuck on nothing sometimes. It dosn't dry as well as I would like. No corners are cleaned and does sometimes miss edges or push debris onto edge. sometimes won't go under my table.
    but overall so far am pleased. Just need to take that swifter out for the corners. but you do need to keep it clean after each try....more info
  • Piece of junk
    I got a Scooba 5800 yesterday. I followed instructions exactly (charged overnight, appropriately filled tank, etc.)and when I pressed clean I got an error code. I used the manual to troubleshoot with no success, I called iRobot tech support and they were closed for the 3-day weekend. I called the Sales number and they were open and more than happy to sell me accessories for my $400 piece of junk but refused to help me troubleshoot. So I'm draining the tank and packing it up now. Don't bother with this product. Scooba and iRobot get one star because zero wasn't an option....more info
  • Just an average product
    Unlike Roomba, I don't think Scooba works great. Here is my experience:

    I bought Scooba 4 months ago, I discovered Scooba has a problem of not picking up dirty water. Do you know how frustrated it was when I turned on Scooba and went to do something else and later on found out my dog was licking the dirty solution on the floor that Scooba hasn't pick up.

    However, if I clean and dry filter, tube and brush after each cleaning cycle, the problem seems to go away. The room need to be cleaned is 600 sq ft, and I divide it into 3 sections. Scooba takes 3 cycles to clean it which is 135 minutes. That means I have to clean filter, brush, tube 3 times (for each cycle) which takes about 20-30 minutes. If I mop the floor myself, it would be 45 minutes. Using Scooba, it takes 20-30 minutes of my time; mopping the floor myself, it takes 40-45 minutes. Well, it does save 15-25 minutes. Whether it is worth $300, you have to decide yourself.
    ...more info
  • Time Saver for busy people!
    I purchased the Scooba because I have been so happy with my Roomba vaccuum. The price was finally down enough so I could justify the purchase too. I am very pleased - it is a little more complicated than the roomba, but it is worth it to get freshly scrubbed floors without the mess and toil. With two dogs in the house, and four seasons, this purchase will pay off pretty quickly....more info
  • It Does Exactly What It's Supposed To
    This robot does exactly what it says it will do. The cons listed are right: it doesn't get corners, it doesn't always get everything, it can get stuck.

    However, I have the kicked-up Hoover Floormate, which cost about $300 at the time I bought it. It also doesn't get the corners and doesn't get everything. It doesn't get stuck because I'm hanging on to it. And there is my point: while the Floormate is undoubtedly a better cleaner, it is in the closet because it's a pain to use. The Scooba, on the other hand, is out there cleaning every day!

    Last night, for example, I finished the dishes, then wiped all the crumbs off the counter and the table onto the floor, knowing Scooba would get them. I then started Scooba and went out to the pool. When I returned, the floor was clean. Yes, I had to wipe the corners - but, again, I have to do that with the Floormate too.

    Bottom line: if you have the right expectations (i.e., don't expect the Jetson's Rosie), this robot is AWESOME. I wish I had two, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom....more info
  • Mops better than the cleaning lady! More fun, too.
    After our regular cleaning lady moved out of town, we bought a Scooba. Despite that our floors were mopped every two weeks, we couldn't believe how much cleaner the floors were after the Scooba. Our floors were never this clean, even right after a visit from the cleaning lady.

    And the Scooba makes mopping fun! Our toddler begs to let him turn on the robot. I doubt there's anyone who actually likes to mop, but the Scooba will never mind. Mop every day, if you like. Spill something on the floor? Turn on the Scooba!

    The build quality is very solid, much better than the Roomba. The Scooba should last for many years, and iRobot seems to have a good selection of replacement parts.

    The only drawback is that it obviously does not reach into the corners. But the effort to clean a few corners is nothing compared to the time it saves in the kitchen....more info
  • Great cleaner very happy
    My wife and I couldn't be more pleased with our Scooba. It does a very good job in cleaning our kitchen floor and it beats doing it yourself. It does a better job than me getting on my hands and knees scrubing the floor. We love our scooba and may try a roomba next....more info
  • Not sure about the Scooba
    I have a Roomba that I love so I thought the Scooba would continue to improve my life. Not so. Returned the first Scooba as it worked properly ONCE. The newest Scooba works but has a similar problem as the first as it picks up very little water from my floor. It lays down solution and scrubs around, but then I have to complete the job with a mop. Great idea, but the scooba is not worth the work....more info
  • Put to shame... by a robot!
    This morning my Sweetie woke me up and said "You should see this". Thinking he had been watching the news and something was happening I jumped out of bed and stumbled through the house, trying to shake off the sleepiness. Then he produced this strange looking blue disc shaped object and placed it on the kitchen floor, he pushed a couple buttons and stood back.

    This thing started scooting around the kitchen, and I stood there in amazement! My floor was actually being cleaned... by a robot! As the sleepiness cleared I thought to myself well this is cool, but I bet I'll still have to do the floor myself to get it really clean. I've always washed the floor on my hands and knees "it's the only way to get a floor really clean" I used to say.

    WRONG! This marvel of modern technology wins the battle and has put me to shame. It cleaned my floor better than than me and my trusty scrub brush. The floor looks cleaner, feels cleaner, and actually is a bit squeeky on bare feet, just like when it was new nearly 20 years ago.

    The Scooba is super easy to use, just fill the water container, add the cleaner (a handy little measuring cup is provided) set it on the floor and press the buttons.

    I thought as I watched it scooting around the kitchen that it'd be a bugger to clean, Wrong again! It is so super easy to clean it's almost ridiculous. You pour out the dirty water - and man oh man is that water dirty! Then there's a few pieces to remove (and they pop out very easily) you rinse them and that's it!

    My Sweetie said he couldn't stand it anymore to see me scrub the floor on my hands and knees. It'd always make my knees sore and red for hours afterwards. Now I'm freed from the worst job in the house! I can relax and put my feet up while cleaning the kitchen floor, and knowing that the Scooba does such an excellent job, well what can I say... I'm tickled pink!

    Some have complained that the floor isn't completely dry afterwards... hello, it wasn't completely dry after I'd be down there scrubbing it either! Mine was mostly dry, just a few damp spots that dried in a few minutes.

    Others complained that you can only use the special Clorox brand cleaner in it. Hey, it works! The cleaner is worth it, it does a great job, my floor shines and is cleaner than with anything else I've used on it. Yea, it runs for 45 minutes and I can clean the floor faster... but the scooba can clean the floor better, AND it doesn't hurt my knees.

    Ok, so here's the facts:
    The Scooba works great, my floor is super clean with no residue!
    The Scooba is very easy to use.
    The Scooba is very easy to clean up, it takes just a minute.
    And the best part... NO MORE scrubbing the floor on my knees!

    I Love My Scooba, and my Sweetie's thoughtfulness for getting me one... and I didn't even have to have a birthday either.

    If you're considering purchasing a Scooba For yourself, for a loved one or as a gift.... My recommendation is Do It!

    ...more info
  • scooby doo would do better
    I bought this based on company reputation and raves over the roomba vacuum, but this is one of the worst products i have ever purchased. Had I known it would stop in mid cycle for no apparent reason, leave a film on the floor, be difficult to fit into small areas, etc,, I would never have purchased it, especially through Amazon which then made me pay two way shipping costs, which were not cheap, to return the product.
    Caveat emptor! If you really want to purchase this item, go to irobot who will stand behind their product, as Amazon does not....more info
  • Scooba 5900 is a winner!
    On Monday morning we mopped and scrubbed our large tile floor in our kitchen until it was sparkling clean.

    Monday afternoon my Scooba 5900 arrived.

    Tuesday morning I ran my new Scooba and thought it was cool to watch it go round and round.

    A while later it chirped and was done.

    I went to empty the dirty water out and almost fell on the floor when I saw what came out.

    Filthy black tar like water came out of the dirty water chamber. Off of my clean moped and hand scrubbed floor!


    Charging, filling, cleaning, operating and emptying are all extremely easy.

    No, I do not work for Scooba and this is not a bunk review, I really bought one and it really, REALLY works....more info
  • Scooba - Great time saver!
    The only part of my house that isn't ceramic tile is the bedrooms and I had become a slave to keeping the floors clean. With Scooba, just move items that you don't want Scooba to try to maneuver around and pick up any large items of debris, put the cleaning solution in, fill the tank and hit the power button. That's it! Go do something else and it will alert you when it's finished. It won't get the corners; those will periodically have to be done using other methods, but for regular cleaning this product is incredible. It can also get under places that ordinarily wouldn't be cleaned. I've run it through three complete cleaning cycles on one battery charge. I haven't tried four, which would complete the entire house....more info
  • Efficient and Time-saving
    From my prior use of the Hoover upright floor machine I expected Scooba to leave small pools of water in the grout of my Kitchen & Dining Rm. floors. It didn't! iRobot's team designed a winner w/their first floor washing machine! Scooba is very easy to use, and to clean up after use--top priority for me as I own 3 Roombas, too.

    To anyone who has a problem w/this machine, my experiences w/their customer service have been a pleasure. So, DO call them. They will diagnose the problem, and if need be they'll replace it free of all charges. They really care about satisfying their customers-a dying virtue w/many companies. Most importantly, Do Read and Follow their Instructions Exactly as Outlined. There are reasons for every instructional step they list. (No, I do not work for them..just a very, satisfied customer:)...more info
  • Lives up to it's claim
    I bought the Roomba Discovery and was so impressed with it that I went to the web site to see what other products were offered. I purchased the Scooba 5900 and just received it yesterday. I put it to work last night and I was totally impressed. The product lived up to it's claim. I had read several complaints about how it leaves water on the floor. In my opinion, there was no more water left on the floor than what would have been there if I had used the mop myself. You do have to take a rag and clean along the edges, but in the grand scheme of things, this is not a huge task. The bottom line is that I love it! Instead of saving the cleaning for the weekend, I can get it done during the week. Last night the Roomba was going in my living room, the Scooba was cleaning my kitchen floor and I was out in my garden doing what I love doing the most! ...more info
  • Gave me a new floor!!!
    When I received Scooba, I ran it in my kitchen. It is very large, so I sectioned it into two with the virtual wall. The first half looked great. It did leave the floor a little damp (not as dry as I would have hoped). The second half (with much more traffic) did ok...not very impressed.

    I ran the Scooba a second time on the second half of my kitchen and couldn't believe what I saw!! The floor must of had some type of sticky film on it. The floor was once again white, instead of dingy grey!!!! And, when I cleaned the brush, I noticed the sticky substance that it apparently cleaned up. I ran it one more time on the second half of my kitchen and I am completely blown away at how my floor looks!!! I never thought it would come this clean. Really!! The floors are old and not well taken care of. You could never tell now.

    Very easy to use. Not as tempermental as I've read. No problems so far. Very easy to clean and maintain. The only thing I've noticed is that it doesn't dry as completely as I thought it would. Other than that, I really love it.

    Thought I was going to have to return Scooba, but now it's a KEEPER!!! Thank you iRobot!!!!...more info
  • Horrible
    I own a roomba and was looking forward to owning a scooba, but to my disappointment I could only find cons.

    -Leaks water from the side while running
    -Leaves water on the floor
    -Spilled water when tank was detached

    I received it in my mail this afternoon. I have already printed out the return slip and packed it back up....more info
    Move over sliced bread and the wheel!

    This is the greatest invention of mankind ;-)

    After it did the kitchen, I then put it on my tiled green house, both are cleaner than they have been in years!

    I loved the Roomba, and love this more.

    (But a friend questions if I run them both at the same time, will I find lots of little robots about a few months later?)
    ...more info
  • good product
    purchased 2 months ago and so far very happy with it, however it doesn't pick up sand very well and its circular design prevents it from doing the corners requiring some washing manually however it is great as this was bought for my grandmother who has a hard time washing her floors now and now loves this new addition to the family lol a few more complaints- i does leave the floor a bit wetter than i expected and it is a bit noiser than i expected but otherwise and excellent product...more info
  • Limitations~~who cares?!?!?!!?
    I can't say enough about this little dynamo!! Pick up the big bits, filler up, and let it go. I get it started on one side and "scooba-proof" while it runs. Cleaning it is a breeze!! Yeah, it doesn't get corners, yeah, it's not smart enough not to get stuck on floor registers occasionally. . .SO WHAT??!! I haven't touched a mop in MONTHS!! HINT: I include cleaning the corners of the rooms with a rag as just part of the "set-up" also, it is a "stupid" machine (no artificial intelligence there!)it doesn't cooperate well with troubleshooting. . .I don't hesitate to call customer service if there is even the tiniest problem. Runs fine on vinegar but I like the cleaner better, vinegar smell (eeewwww) it's cheap enough if you don't have to pay shipping....more info
  • Love the downstairs maid!!
    Yippee! It works! It works! My tile is sparkling clean and they allow you to use vinegar instead of toxic chemicals!! Even my husband was impressed. I absolutely love my Scooba. It VERY easy to use. Great instructions. I love the instructions on the product itself. Can't say enough good things about it!!...more info
  • Important news for Scooba users!
    I got mine for 2 weeks and used it a couple of times. I told my maid it did a more thorough job eg. it mops the floor underneath the ovenette. She does gave me that worrying look. But hell I still need her to mop those corners scooba cannot reached. So her job is safe until iRobot come up with a perfect Scooba that washes corners too. The tech support is quite available and a pleasure to speak to someone when I needed some answers.

    Oh I just spoke to iRobot Tech support and was told some good news. Now I can share this news with you Scooba fans. You can actually use "white vinegar" instead of their special clorox solution if you are too stingy to buy. But it has to be white vinegar and nothing else. Otherwise your warranty might be void. White Vinegar is fine. Same 2 oz per full tank like the clorox solution.

    Wish I had known earlier. Wasted my monies buying those clorox at $7 per bottle plus shipping charges!...more info
  • My Floors Have Never Been Cleaner!
    I have had my Scooba for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it! I also own a Roomba Vac, which I have had for over a year, and it is also a truly great product. The Scooba does everything I expected it to do and meets or exceeds all expectations thus far. It cleans the floors extremely well. It doesn't have any problem recognizing my area rugs. It is easy to refill and clean/maintain. It recharges quickly and runs for a long time on one charge. It is extremely easy to operate. The Scooba is a superior way of cleaning floors over mop and water because it actually sucks-up the dirty water instead of just spreading it around like a mop would do. My floors have never been cleaner! Thank you IRobot for Roomba and Scooba! I'm buying stock in this company!! ...more info
  • 5900 Scooba Floor
    As many Californias, we have tiled floor in the bath, kitchen and dining rooms. We cut the iRobot loose and the job is done. Covers most areas, most of the time. Now and then, we empty and fill the unit for a second cleaning. I plan to continue to get on my hands and knees for serious cleaning of nooks and crannies, but the twice a week clean up is much easier with the iRobot. Now, we are watching for an industrial model of the iRobot for cleaning our patio [yes, I still scrub the patio by hand]. The iRobot Scooba is not a toy. It is a home cleaning tool. We cannot comment on the longevity of the unit, but the manufacturer currently offers replacement parts, as needed. I would not put this item on credit, however if you have decretionary funds around, the iRobot is a reasonable purchase. We happen to be fortunate to have less time than money. ...more info
  • Happily Surprised
    I really didn't think I was going to like it. My husband gave it to me when I had back trouble. I thought the Scooba looked like a frisbee on steroids -- how was that going to replace me and my mop? My husband got it all charged up for me, and prepared the cleaning solution too, and as we set it down on our tile floors I realized that at the very least it would be far more entertaining than any pet.

    The first thing you notice is that it seems to be crashing all over the place, bouncing into walls and the bottoms of our counters. The second thing you notice is that it leaves a trail of cleanliness and shininess in its wake.

    I'm a bit on the skeptical side of things. I kept waiting for it to go straight through its "virtual wall" and onto our carpets -- didn't happen. I kept waiting for it to get stuck beneath our kitchen table in the maze of chair legs -- it got out just fine (and hasn't got stuck yet). I kept waiting for it to emit some alarming beeping sounds and burst into flames like R2-D2 getting shot by Storm Troopers -- not a chance. What was an even greater surprise was that the floors were both clean and relatively dry after the Scooba was finished.

    The greatest proof for me that this thing was working was when my husband picked it up at the end and emptied the tank into the bathtub. Going down the drain was the filthiest, most vile brown liquid I'd ever seen this side of a toilet. "That?" I said, horrified, "Has been on our floors?"

    I'm doing better now, thank you very much, and I could mop again if I wanted to. But I've got my trusty little Scooba cleaner (we've somehow taken to calling him "R2"), so why in the world will I ever mop again?...more info
  • World's worst housekeeper
    I love this thing. I am the worst housekeeper, but if I can pick up all the junk on the floor, this little bugger will do the rest. It even does under the couches! The dogs and cats get out of the way in a hurry, when it comes by...their reaction is priceless. [when I mop they just lay in the path and look at me until I shoo them off] I've started running it before I goto bed and the floors are done the next morning. Now if only there were a robotic laundry and ironer.......more info
  • Scooba Dooba Do
    Well, I am still undecided about this little creature! Unique yes, but I would not say it holds up to the advertisement. I use it on my hardwoods and tiled floors. I love the job it does in smaller areas like my tiled bathrooms. On my sealed hardwoods...well the floors are left very wet, and I have yet to see it not miss areas, leaving streaks I can see when the sun shines in. My entire first floor is hardwood at about 2000 sf of space. Although I use the virtual wall and keep it in smaller areas to clean at a time it still misses areas and my floors are wet for about 20 mins after cleaning. I do agree it is handy but I could clean the floors myself alot faster and better. I aslo have trouble with Scoobie Doo, we call it, requiring alot of attention for checking the tank when it is full or just wants some attetnion it seems. Funny little robot. I will keep it for another 30 days and make my final jusgement if it is worth the $$$. :)...more info
  • Fun to watch, but...
    I started it on a floor with uniform dust, so it was easy to see where it had been. It made a lot of mud on the first pass (40 min) but cleaned most of it on the second. 200 sq ft is very ambitious for anything other than a superficial clean. If the floor is moderately dirty, I estimate it will take two passes to do 150 sq ft. My room is long and narrow, and it consistently missed about 5% along one wall. Both passes! It also got stuck in one spot, and was drawn back to it as if by magnetic force--3x in 5 minutes. But, it does an adequate job on a fairly clean floor and it's fun to watch but oh so frustrating when it misses the same place over and over and over....more info
  • Cleans like a Pro!
    I'm delighted with my second floor-cleaning robot! Scooba has done a wonderful job of cleaning my floors, inlcuding refinished hardwood. The floors didn't look dirty, but emptying the dirty water from the tank told the truth - ugh!

    Just like Roomba, this is a well-made, serious piece of equipment, with features that are well thought out. It's a piece of cake to prep Scooba, and then empty it when the room is finished. I've done my 12 x 20 kitchen on a single fill, and covered my large living room, dining room, and entry by refilling the tank midway. The battery runs for about three tanks, so you can cover a lot of ground.

    Keep in mind the limitations that other reviewers have highlighted - Scooba requires a neat floor without cords or excessive obstacles, it works more slowly and methodically than Roomba, it won't get a small triangle of floor at each inner corner, and it requires a special cleaning solution (actually, mine came with the direction that plain old vinegar will work, cheap and unscented). If you keep your floors NEAT, Scooba will keep them CLEAN! ...more info
  • iScooba, do you?
    If you don't have this wonderful little machine, you are missing out. Lucy(what we have named our little Scooba Bot) cheerfully cleans our hard floors more often than this human would ever want to. What bliss to walk barefoot on completely clean floors after Lucy has done her job! My Scooba works well and really does clean thoroughly. One downside is that most times I do not get two complete cleanings out of the battery. The battery recharges fast so this is not such a giant problem. My kitchen/eating area is large and must be divided into two sections so that the floor gets evenly clean. Please note that the instructions say normal size room and large country kitchens are not "normal" apparently. All things considered though, this little machine sure saves my time while housecleaning. I do not know what I would do without my Scooba now....more info
  • No reliability, No quality control
    One Scooba lasted 3 months, then it lasted less and less time, until it was finally only running for 2 minutes. I exchanged it for a new one. The new one never worked, it never put water on the floor. The next day, I exchanged the second one for a third new one. It also never worked, it never put water onto the floor. My Scooba then turned into a refund! I'll wait for the second generation when this product might actually have some reliability, hopefully....more info
  • It died after 2 months
    I own 2 Roomba Schedulers and love them, so I was really interested in the Scooba. I love my Roombas so much that I gave my parents and my brother each one as presents. That being said....

    Living in Florida I have a house that has 2400 sf of tile floors alone so the Scooba would be perfect. I really wanted to wait until the *second generation* to buy one, but the prices dropped from $399 to $299 at many retailers so we said - why wait??!!!

    The Scooba is not as awesome as the Roombas but it initially did a pretty decent job on the floors. I have 2 incontinent dogs so it was a godsend. At any rate, after 2 months of using Scooba once every 2 weeks and fastidiously following the instructions, it started to only work for 30 seconds then stop and flash Service Code 1. The iRobot site was (very) unhelpful so I did a Google search and found that I was not the only one this had happened to. I back-flushed the vacuum system and found it had *eaten* a chunk of grout!!!! I don't know if this was the cause of death, but the vacuum part of the Scooba flat out is not working, and it fails diagnostic codes 11, 12 and 13.

    I called iRobot and they told me to exchange it at BestBuy where it was purchased. I then called Best Buy and they said they weren't carrying it anymore. What does that tell you?


    A dedicated ROOMBA (not Scooba) fan. ...more info
  • Love my Scooba
    My daughter brought her Scooba to my home to show me how it worked,. The white tile kitchen floor looked so great I bought one. It does a large area. It cleaned my breakfast nook turned the corner and did the bedroom hall and turned into the bathroom and did that too. Easy to clean. I have a dog so I do swifter first to get hair so that I do not have to clean so much hair from the brushes. When my daughter used it,we did not swifter first and it still did a great job. Cleans all the hair. If you hate to mop or scrub and want a clean floor this is for you. I have white tile in all but the bedrooms and this is just great.
    Does not get corners and you do need the special cleaner.

    ...more info
  • Amazing product. Time saver and life maker.
    I love this product! I have three cats and a dog. My work schedule does not allow me sufficient time to clean as much as I would like. I bought the Scooba and now my floors are dust free and shiny!

    Irobot Rocks!
    ...more info
  • So nice I bought it twice
    As the proud owner of four dogs, three cats, three kids, a cockatiel, a turtle, and a husband, I've spent approximately 34.8% of my life with a mop in my hand. Well, no longer. We learned a long time ago that carpets were not a good thing in our household. Now we have tile flooring everywhere except the bedrooms.

    Not long after tiling most of the house, we bought a Scooba. Before running it, we have to do a little pre-Scooba prep work (basically removing obstacles and animal leavings from its path), but then we let it do its thing. Its thing consists of not only scrubbing the tiles but also sucking up the now-dirty cleaning solution, which leaves the tile mostly dry. Afterwards, my only job is emptying the tank of dirty (and boy do I mean dirty) cleaning solution into a sink or tub.

    The only problem, considering the vast amount of tile in our house, was that one Scooba wasn't enough. We often needed more Scooba-ing while the poor, tired thing was recharging. Now I am the proud owner of four dogs, three cats, three kids, a cockatiel, a turtle, a husband, and two Scoobas....more info
  • Not ready for prime-time
    If I had written this review within the first month of owning a Scooba I would have given it a fairly high rating. However, over the course of two months, it's become troublesome. It no longer vacuums (I have to sweep first) and occasionally pours dirty water onto the floor, to boot. Little things trip it up -- a piece of Easter grass, for example -- and I'm finding the maintenance annoying. In the time it takes to clean out the machine -- removing the brush, et cetera -- I could easily run a Swiffer Wet Jet through the kitchen. This product has great potential, but I wish I had waited a year before purchasing it, giving the manufacturer time to work out the bugs. As I recall Roomba was bug-gy its first year. The manufacturer successfully repaired the bugs and the price dropped to less than half of what it debuted at. Give this one some time before purchasing -- I wish I had. ...more info
  • This is a GREAT tool
    I was very skeptical about this robotic mop, but I have a very large family room/kitchen with tile floors, and kids and dogs making a mess. Even after I used the Swiffer wetjet, I would find that running a white paper towel over the floor would come out black. Not anymore! The Scooba is fantastic. The first time I used it I watched how it worked, and now I just set it to go every night and it cleans the whole room, working its way under furniture and around 2 island counters with no problem. Surprisingly my dogs don't even bark at it! The two caveats: (1) don't throw away your mop - even though it is very thorough, it can't scrub off everything (like the strawberries my son mashed into the floor), or get every single spot in a big room, so you will need to mop those areas it can't get; and (2) it's a little loud, not quite as loud as a vacuum but close - the first night I ran it while we were eating dinner and I had to shut it off because it was too loud, so use it at a time when the noise won't disturb anyone. I use it at night after everyone is gone to bed and just shut the door. The parts are really easy to clean and setting it up was a piece of cake. I am so glad I bought this - worth the money!...more info
  • "Okay" First Attempt at Robotic Floor Cleaner
    I have a large expanse of tile flooring in my house. It is a lot of work to keep it all clean, so I decided to try the Scooba. I am returning it today because:

    1. It emits a loud noise. This would be bearable if you were doing only one small kitchen floor or bathroom floor, but is not bearable for anything larger. Just imagine your vacuum running for a long period of time...The Roomba is only slightly quieter.

    2. You can only use the liquid cleaner that comes with it and nothing else. It does not have a very pleasant odor and if you are sensitive to artificial perfumes (as I am), it will be unbearable. They need to come up with something unscented or naturally scented. I guess what I mean is some choice in scents.

    It is really cool to watch, though, and I'll bet does a fine job. Probably better than I can do with a mop and bucket. Bottom line, though, is that it is only good for a small amt. of floor. ...more info
  • Scooba-dooba-do
    I had the vacuum model and was a little let down by it's small capacity and low power. It was ok for hardwood but always left the dust that most vacuums do. This does a really good job. In my opinion, it's a better clean since it's constantly using clean water and solution instead of re-applying dirty water. If you have a lot of smooth surfaces, it's a good investment. ...more info
  • Very impressed
    When I bought this a couple of months ago, I didn't really expect a whole lot. I live in an area that gets pretty muddy in the spring, and with kids and 2 dogs, a fair amount of that mud ends up on my kitchen floor. At best I was hoping the Scooba could pick up the major stuff during the week between regular moppings. But after using it for 2 months I have to admit I am very impressed. I have a good sized (approx. 375 sq. ft.) irregularly shaped kitchen and eating area that includes a large island, trestle table and in floor heating vent. The ceramic tiles are light gray 8 inch squares and have a slight texture to them. The Scooba deals with all these obstacles without a problem. In less than 1 minute before leaving for work I can move the chairs, pick up the throw rugs and put the Scooba to work. When I get home the floor is clean and it takes me just a couple minutes to empty the dirty water out and clean it, so it's ready for the next time. It picks up all the paw prints, dog hair and small debris, even along the baseboards. While it is still too soon to judge it's long term reliability, I am very happy with its initial performance, and recommend it to anyone as a great time saver....more info
  • Only useful in VERY SPECIFIC circumstances
    Yes it works. However, it's a lot slower than just getting out a mop and bucket and doing it yourself. Unlike the Roomba, you have to fill this with water and soap beforehand, and empty it out afterwards. You have to take the thing apart to do so both times. Furthermore, you really have to sweep beforehand, so you're only saving half the job in any case....more info
  • Great............For their first attempt
    Have a Roomba and love it, so had to get the Scooba.
    I think both Roomba & Scooba are great _maintenence_ cleaning tools, you still have to deep clean yourself every few weeks.
    My first Scooba arrived, it wouldn't dispense the cleaning solution, went to and followed the 'turkey baster' instructions! still didn't work, so I sent it back to Amazon.
    Second Scooba works fine.
    Like others I've found:
    1)Section off your room with virtual walls (you can use your Roomba ones-they're compatable)
    Make up a quart of cleaning solution and half fill the tank for each section.
    2)I did not find it dried really well, so I just run the drying cycle again when it has stopped (press 'power', then press 'clean' twice) this leaves it pretty dry.
    So, for their first venture into a wet/dry mode, I think iRobot have done well, I'm sure future models will improve.

    For those who don't want to get rid of their mop & bucket I would recommend the Hoover Floormate Vacum/Floor scrubber (works on hardwoods, tile, linoleum) I've had one for years and will continue to use it for 'deep cleaning'...more info
  • great job
    I have 2 Roombas - one for 7 years now - and love them. I just got the Scooba and LOVE it too! I does a great job. I let it go where it wants and does a very good job of getting everywhere in the room. It's lower than the Roomba, so it doesn't go over my area rugs (like the Roomba does). It also doesn't go over the saddles that are between rooms-which is fine for me.

    Some of my wood floors do not have a great seal anymore and actually have spaces between the planks. I was concerned about this since the Scooba specifically mentions these as problems. I do not have a problem at all! The floor is not soaking wet, full of puddles, so it does not drip down into the cracks.

    I have a dog and the Scooba does a great job of catching stray hairs that the Roomba may have missed.

    It is slightly louder and slower (it has more to do) than the Roomba.

    I will recommend the Scooba to everyone I know!...more info
  • Effective and fun

    This is another great product from iRobot. I have several Roomba models for vacuuming my carpets and was very excited to add a Scooba for mopping my hardwood floors and tile. The Scooba performed better than I expected. It really does get the floor clean and it is so much easier than mopping it yourself. My floors are now much cleaner because I can run the Scooba several times a week, while I never would have found the time to mop manually that often. It's an incredible luxury to have your floors mopped by a robot while you do something else (or while you do nothing at all). I suspect most people purchasing this device probably have experience with the roomba. There are some differences that aren't obvious at first. 1. New roomba models allow for preprogrammed scheduling, the Scooba can't do this. 2. Roomba charges as a unit (older models plug into the wall, newer models dock to charging stations). Scooba has a detachable battery pack that charges separately. Therefore, it is necessary to open up the unit and remove the battery after each use. This is an easy process, but on several occasions I have set up the Scooba and carried it upstairs, only to realize that I have forgotten to install the battery and need to go back downstairs to get it. This can be a little inconvenient. 3. Scooba is slightly taller than Roomba. It isn't that perceptible to the eye, but my Scooba unit gets stuck in my kitchen under my lower cabinets while the Roomba has no problem. 4. The Scooba is not as good about freeing itself from obstacles as Roomba. Roomba has more effective escape behavior. Scooba is much more likely to get stuck and issue its little audio alarm for assistance. 5. Unlike Roomba, Scooba cannot clean corners. In fact, if the floors are dirty, Scooba may leave a little arc of dirt in the corner when the edge of the used mopping water isn't picked up by Scooba. Overall, despite a few minor limitations, Scooba works surprisingly well. It does a very nice job of mopping and suctions up most of the mop water leaving the floors slightly damp. You need to use proprietary cleaner with Scooba, but it isn't expensive and readily available. Overall, I highly recommend this robot to fellow lazy gadget-lovers.
    ...more info
    I have all hardwood and tile on my first floor and I use Scooba just about every other day on it--it picks up crumbs/dirt/pet hair...and the more i use it the better my floors look--i never realized how incredibly dirty they were before. expensive? yes, but worth it--on thing i'd pay attn to is rinsing the filters as directed...the more rectangular 'dry vaccuum' filter says to rinse it, but if you replace it wet in the scooba and store it, it will kill your poor scooba. lesson learned the hard way. so don't forget to let that filter dry completely before replacing. ...more info
  • Simply amazing
    This product is amazing and very well-designed. Most importantly, it does an incredible job cleaning tile floors, which I have throughout the house. It cleans more efffectively than a person with a mop by far and is even a bit better than getting on the floor with a scrub brush. I have lived with the accumulation of tiny dirt particles in the "holes" in my tiles for years, but Scooba got them out the first time I used it! I also couldn't believe the amount of detritus in Scooba's filters - I had previously thought my floors were fairly clean, but I was quite wrong.

    Scooba is very easy to use and clean. If you plan to do a lot of cleaning, get an extra battery and charging station. The virtual walls are also very useful because Scooba is best at dealing with roughly rectangular spaces. If your home has awkward floor spaces, it's best to divide them up into large, rough rectangles so that Scooba's floor traversal algorithm will function properly.

    If you have lots of rugs on your tile floors, as I do, don't let that scare you off - Scooba seems to push up the edges of the rugs and clean underneath the outer perimeter. My Scooba has never climbed on top of a rug and gotten it wet. He also seems to have an incredible ability to get under things - I don't have to move very much before setting him loose in a room....more info
  • The heigth of laziness yes, but I'd bet my floors are cleaner!
    Listen nothing is perfect it cant quite get about an inch in the corners and cant get behind the toilet. But it never stops! I get about 90 minutes per chatge roughly two tanks and I told the clerk that I was saving the reciept cuz I knew this would be returning it after sacraficing it in the swimming pool as the biggest piece of junk ever made! After about 5 45 minute sessions I covered approx 900 square feet inspiring enough confidence in its cleaning ability to eat a piece of peparoni that fell on the tile without hesitation. It covered every square inch atlrase 5 times I even whiped behind it with a paper towel to see how clean it was and I was suprised, no sprised is understatement this has to be the best mothersday gift of all time! Day 3 I was so inspired I bought a years supply of cleanser back up battery and quick charger and replacement parts kit, long live scuba! Cant wait to see whats next a smaller 18 volt version? that can get behind a toilet? one can only dream!...more info
  • Cool product
    Product does a good job of cleaning with few exceptions of drying and narrow areas. It is little bit noisy during the cleaning cycle. You might find it short on battery run time and tank capacity incase you are planning on using it in the bigger or more rooms within single usage. More quantity of cleaning solution might also be needed if water quality is not good. iRobot technical support is terrible to reach at this time. Most of the times you will have to leave voice mail requesting call back which is subject to 48/72 hours waiting period. Product comes with single bottle of cleaning solution which is good for 5/6 refills. It is good idea to buy extra battery and cleaning solution up front to avoid any waiting....more info
  • It did work, but.............
    First time out of the box the unit did its job. I did have to run it four times to actually get the floor clean.

    After it sat a while, it no longer worked. I had to prime the pump, like many others, to get it to work again, only to find that the battery, which had been kept on the charger the entire time, would only power the unit for about ten minutes.

    This however is not the worst part; I tried contacting iRobot customer service through their web site. After wasting fifteen minutes filling in their form page, the page would not work. After calling and waiting 25 minutes for a rude customer service rep to refuse to transfer me to a supervisor and then hanging up on me, that's it.

    I will never purchase another item from this company. Their products are not ready for consumer use and their customer service is nonexistent. If I could give them zero stars I would. DO NOT PURCHASE THE SCOOOBA. Treat your self to something else that doesn't end up costing $500.00 and causing endless frustration.
    ...more info
  • What an odd and handy Mother's Day gift
    My first impressions of the Scooba, the floor-washing robot on the iRobot line (the makers of the Roomba, the vacuum). It was a present this Mother's Day from my grown son and daughter. After reading the specs on their website and letting the son and husband play around with it before setting it to work on the kitchen, I certainly enjoyed watching it go! It picks up dirt and large particles of matter before scrubbing with the Clorox cleaning solution. I was skeptical about the drying ability but the Scooba did a siphoning motion and sucked up the used cleaning solution. It took about 40-45 minutes (which I think is standard but I'm not sure yet) for the Scooba to mop and dry our 11 by 13 kitchen. I drained the dirty fluid into the sink, rinsed out the chamber and patted myself on the back for all my "hard work" that Sunday. Definitely a great tool for the busy individual. ...more info
  • The Scooba Has Restored Our Tile Floors
    With three kids, two dogs, two cats, and all our kids' friends running through our house, it's no surprise that our floors can get a bit dirty. We were always vacuuming and mopping. Even though we'd been mopping on a regular basis, I took a good look at our tiles recently and saw that they were this dingy, off-white color, and I remembered they were gleaming white when we first bought the house. What happened? When we mopped, we didn't remove the mud from the floor; we only pushed it around.

    I was pretty skeptical about the Scooba when my wife first bought it. How could such a little machine do better than a person with a mop? After its first minute in the kitchen, though, I saw a gleaming white trail of tile where the Scooba had just been, and the same old off-white, dingy tile where it had not been yet. After about forty-five minutes (it's pretty amusing to watch the Scooba careening around drunkenly), all the kitchen tile was gleaming white. And when I emptied the used cleaning solution into the sink, I saw all the mud and grime that had ever made its way onto our kitchen floor in the past six years.

    Now every Sunday evening we run the Scooba in the kitchen and the bathrooms, just so our tile stays as nice as when we bought the house. It's frightening to think what our tiles would look like if it weren't for the Scooba....more info
  • Not what I thought
    Scooba does a great job cleaning, but without the ability to pause it and move it elsewhere, it will easily use up its allocated 45 minutes on only a small portion of a room. That means it has to be run again, only -- at least in my case -- that required yet another 3-hour charge. I also had problems with my unit the first time I tried it and only after a lengthy conversation with customer service (and a ridiculous measure involving a turkey baster) would the Scooba work properly.

    Now it's several weeks later. I was all set to use it for only the second time. I had given it a full charge after my last session. I figured it would be good to go. NOT. I apparently have to recharge it again (which I'm doing as I write this.) The booklet encourages keeping the Scooba always plugged in to the charger, but it certainly doesn't say it's a requirement. Clearly, it actually is. And from my perspective, that's a problem. I don't have space and a spare plug to keep this always charging.

    It cleans and it isn't as noisy as I thought it would be. But in the end, if I have to run it several times for it to reach all of a kitchen floor -- and with a 3-hour charge in between -- well, then I will feel like I've been taken for an expensive ride....more info
    If your idea of "mopping the floor" is filling a bucket with soap and water, then pushing a spongemop around a few times (a 5-minute job), avoid the Scooba. It's not for you. You've been warned.

    If, however, you are comfortable with, say, sweeping the kitchen floor, making sure all electrical cords, etc., are out of the way, filling a small robot with water and cleaning solution (a one-minute job), then letting this little doohickey get your floors cleaner than they've ever been (really) while you do something else, buy the Scooba.

    Some are amazed by the fact that a round object cannot clean into a corner, pick up croutons or a mound of cat litter. It's not *meant* to do that. It's meant to clean the floor of dirt that you can't necessarily see. ...more info
  • Nice but no cigar!
    Design & robotic execution outstanding. Floor was swept prior to use. On laminate flooring (ALOC) when completed, unit left little wet piles of derbis in several locations. When floor completely dry, Streaks were noticible. Takes 45 minutes to do a 5 minute job & then floor has to be touched up. Not a timesaver & not a worksaver.
    Returning item this date but I have to pay the S&H charges, BUMMER. I guess I have to rethink on continuing a long & what has been up to now a happy relationship with info
  • Amazing Robot! My Aunt's Favorite House Appliance!
    I got this robot along with iRobot Scheduler for my aunt because she had a backache.
    My aunt was, at first, very skeptical about the performance of these little round gadgets because she was a very hard working, obsessively-clean, non-machine-relying housewife. However, after using these robots for only for weeks, she already fell in love with them. In fact, she now calls them her favorite "children".
    I know that this sounds a bit weird but it was a metaphor used by my aunt to shows her appreciation towards these robots.
    The most amazing performance by the iRobot 5900 Scooba was from the fact that it succesfully removed a hard-bound sticker on the floor which my aunt scrubbed so many days to get rid off. She told me that after seeing what the robot has done to her floor (which is now glazing-shiny), she can finally get her tiresome hands off from wiping the floors.

    You should also appreciate the fact that these robots can reach beneath sofas and beds (which is unreachable by adult humans). However, since these machines are still robots, you will face situations where only you can clean the house by yourself (at least once a month). These gadgets should greatly assist you in cleaning the floors, but it will not permanently replace human touch. Also, buy Chlorox refills from iRobot web site because they are much cheaper than if bought individually, even from our dear!...more info
  • my floor-cleaning friend
    First, I will confirm what others have mentioned: Scooba works well, cleaning floors effectively. It is a real pleasure to be free of one of the most loathsome of chores. I can't understand wanting a Roomba, since vacuuming is such an easy, painless task anyway; but floor washing, with the (momentarily) clean water, the dirty water, and all the rest, is an entirely different order of unpleasantness and complexity.

    What was unexpected is the degree to which I have instinctively anthropomorphized little Scooba. He is truly my floor-cleaning friend, my buddy, my loyal helper, and I feel a tremendous rush of goodwill towards Scooba, as he industriously washes away my nasty dirt, then chirps happily when he's finished.

    The kids are locked in their rooms, playing video games, doing drugs, downloading porn, who knows what. The wife is coifing her hair, painting her face, making cryptic remarks from the bathroom. The cat is perched on the mantle, giving me the evil eye. But Scooba! Loyal helper! He's sleeping under my table, flashing his green light benevolently, charging up for the next time that duty calls....more info
  • Great investment
    I've owned the Scooba for about 3 weeks now and it's been fantastic, it does a great job cleaning the floors, and it's really easy to use and to clean afterwards. I recommend that you start the Scooba on the dirtiest spot you have because it will start going round and round at the beginning until it "bumps" with something, then it will continue on different patterns like heading for the wall and clean that perimeter. I suggest that you place your dining room chairs over the table upside down like they do in restaurants when they close, that will allow the Scooba to clean more effectively instead of getting "stuck" with the chairs, when Scooba finds a chair, depending on its size it will likely clean "a lot" under that chair because it's kind of trapped. About the virtual walls, I haven't found them as necessary because if you don't want the Scooba to get into someplace you can just put a physical barrier there, like a box, a large bag, whatever you find handy... so don't spend your money purchasing extra virtual walls, one is more than enough, also notice that these virtual walls are battery operated they use the fat "D" batteries not included. About the rechargeable battery, it will take about 3 hours to charge and will last for about 2 cycles (one after the other otherwise it discharges by itself), if you don't use the Scooba for a day the battery will discharge so you need to charge it I would think every time before you want to use the Scooba... I think purchasing an extra battery could also be a good idea if you intend to use it a lot. There's someone that asked if they needed to purchase the Roomba as well, the answer to that is that they have different purposes, the Roomba is like a vacuum cleaner great for places with carpeting and rugs, and the Scooba does have a vacuum for the floor (that's why no need to sweep the floor prior) and also washes the floor, but it's good only for tile, mosaic, linoleum floors, not for hardwood floors. By the way the Scooba does sound like a vacuum cleaner while functioning, that's why everybody complains it's noisy, I can be on the phone with someone and they immediately think I have the vacuum on, yes, it is kind of loud. If you have a very large area to clean you can put the Scooba to work for 2 or 3 cycles and you can start it on those parts of the house where it hasn't been before. Did I mention it does a great job cleaning under the bed? just make sure it doesn't end its cycle there because it would be difficult to retrieve the Scooba from there. If everybody in your house works and don't have a lot of time for doing sweeping and mopping this is a really great machine for you, and if you do have time for cleaning floors, wouldn't you rather do something else with your time?...more info
  • I Love robots...
    I asked for this for my birthday. I was blown away. I was very very sceptical and also very fed up with washing floors. The outcome is this is a very good product with a few glitches. Nothing is perfect. I purchased a second battery (around $60) and that solved one problem of not being able to do an entire house at once. Also, I had to send one unit back because it died. I am never ever never going back to a mop. Even if you have to come to its aid occassionally, and wait for the cycle to complete, I know this is the way to go and highly recommend it. Hopefully the future Scooba will be even better, but I love mine just the same. If you read the manual you will easily be able to communicate with it. My kids laugh at me when they hear me call back to my Scooba when she has finished washing, "I'm coming, sweetie!"...more info
  • May be just too delicate
    First, if it works, which it appears to for most people, this maybe a great product. However, it required a call to customer service when it wouldn't work the first time - this problem was "solved" by puttin one tablespoon more cleaning solution in it. This made me wary, but I let it clean and it did an OK job but something seemed lacking - and it was because it had not scrubbed with the cleaning solution. The dirty water tank was empty.

    So I went to the web site, this being beyond customer service hours, and read how to clean the filter - which remember should not be dirty because this was the first time it was used. I did everything the web site said including (I kid you not) using a turkey baster to try to unclog the filter. No luck - this time it used a teeny bit of cleaning solution and I once again had to manually turn it off after an hour.

    So I'm returning it, and I will go to my local store and try again - my kitchen floor is constantly filthy and I'm hoping that another one may prove better - if not I can just return it locally without shipping costs. ...more info
  • scooba works great for dog owners
    I have 2 dogs with short hair who bring in a ton of dirt every day. The scooba has saved our house from the endless trail of dirt. We run it every 3 days on our kitchen floor, and end up with perfect results. It is so easy, I drink my coffee and read the paper in the morning while the robot does all the work! ...more info
  • moody, unreliable
    It has to finish it's cycle or it gets confused. It constantly has error lights flashing and the instructions don't say how to reset it. Very irritating and disappointing....more info
  • Great Product
    We recently received the Scooba as a wedding gift and were pleasantly surprised about how well it worked. We also have a Roomba and have to say that the Scooba works a lot better! It does a good job of vacuuming up small crumbs & lint and leaves the floor looking clean. Of course it is not going to do as good of a job as getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing, but it's great for maintenance. It is much quieter than the Roomba which is a big plus. The only issue we had was that our kitchen is too big so we have to split it into two cleanings. Other than that the Scooba has been great!...more info
  • I love it!!
    I can't believe I waited so long to get this. Everyone who has a floor should have a robot. I have a big kitchen, and it is also an odd shape, with an island, and a table. The Scooba got around everything, to all the corners and didn't miss an inch. The kitchen smells clean and fresh when the job is done. It is easy to use. It's very user friendly. I love how all the parts inside and outside and labled, just in case I ever need a replacement. Go for it, you won't regret it!!...more info
  • Dont buy it!! It doesnt last more than a few washings
    I bought my first Scooba from Linens and Things. I was impressed with it the first time I used it. Then a couple of weeks later, I tried it again, and it wouldnt work. I called IRobot customer support and she couldnt resolve the problem. Luckily, I was able to go to Linens and Things and get another one. I hoped I just got a lemon. The next one worked great for the first time too. A couple of weeks later I tried again and it wouldnt work. I charged the battery for over 24 hours (it should only take 16 hours max, per the manual). But when I pressed Power, it wouldnt turn on. Customer Service could not resolve my problem and told me to ship it back. Of course, I get stuck with the shipping costs. 2 units, and neither worked after the first week. Coincidence? I dont think so. DONT BUY IT. Its not reliable!!...more info
  • Works mostly ok, slow service
    I was one of the first to order the Scooba, in Dec. 2004. The unit was very easy to use out of the box. It vacuums and washes simultaneously, but the vacuum does not pick up everything. Little dustballs became wet strands of dust which the vacuum would not pick up.

    The floor washing works pretty well, but with ceramic tile, it will not clean the grout lines. The robot required multiple 45-minute runs to cover all of the floor area without missing any spots. I would typically run 2-3 cleaning passes on a floor area and it does get a full three 45-minute cleaning passes on a single charge. It leaves the floors slightly too wet, and the recommended cleaning solution leaves a nice fragrance on the floors at the end of the cycle.

    When emptying the chamber at the end of each cleaning cycle, it is amazing to see the dirt that was picked up. Emptying and refilling the chambers is an easy process. One needs to pay attention to cleaning out the vacuum grills after each cleaning pass.

    The `virtual wall' was easy to use and worked as advertised. It easily had a ten foot range.

    Now for some negatives. While the Scooba got underneath my cabinets just fine, it was low enough to go under my sofa (I have ceramic tile in the living room) but just high enough to get stuck under some portion of it. It started grinding its wheels before it realized it was stuck and beeped for help. The wheel grinding caused the little rubber treads on the wheels to disintegrate and I had to request new wheels.

    I called customer service and was informed that the wheels were `out of stock' but would be in `shortly'. Customer service insisted that there was nothing to do to get the wheels in stock sooner. After three months, the wheel finally came in (I thought that only one was damaged, but both were damaged). and I replaced it on my robot (an easy process).

    Now, although the robot had been left on the charger for three full months, it wouldn't run for more than three minutes without giving the `dead battery' sound and stopping. Various calls to customer service gave me advice such as `reseat the battery' and recharge and call us back. Ok, did that. Still fails. Next: Reseat the battery and charge for 72 hours and call us back. Ok, still fails. I call them back and they finally agree to replace the robot after I first pack up the robot and ship it back to them. Oh, but there is a problem. The Scooba is `out of stock' and they don't know when it will be in stock. They think soon because they have another shipment coming in.

    Well, this is where I am in the process. Trying to ship it back to them. Is the Scooba better than floor mopping? I would have to say `yes', since I hate to mop floors and it is easy to refill the solution and dump the used solution at the end of each cleaning cycle, but service is horribly slow at the current time and most components seem to be out of stock. So, here it is four months after purchase and I only got to use it a few times. If I get a new unit by June I will feel lucky. Also, owners of linoleum will probably be happier than ceramic tile owners as the robot does not `do' grout.
    ...more info
  • stop wondering if it really works--it does
    This is one product I can't say enough good things about. I must admit that I waited until after the scooba had been out long enough for others to review it because I too wondered if it would really work. I have had a roomba since the first holiday season they were out, so I should have been beyond that, as my roomba has been used on an almost daily basis for years. Well, the irobot guys got it right again. I ran this immediately after it was charged and couldn't believe how clean the floor was. I was afraid it would use tons of the cleaner, but it only uses 2 ounces for each 45 minute cleaning cycle, so one six dollar bottle goes a long way.

    Who needs a scooba? The crazy clean freak housewife who cleans the grout with a toothbrush needs one--the whole center of the floor cleans itself and it does it as well as she does, so there is that much extra time to mess with toothbrushes in floorboards. The "I hate to clean" set needs one, with minimum effort, the floor is clean.

    A couple of minor recommendations--if the floor is pretty dirty, run the roomba or vacuum first, it is just better equipped to pick up more than minimal crumbs than the scooba is. Also, it will be slightly wet when you finish, but not as wet as if you had done it with a bucket and a mop. It isn't completely silent, but it isn't so noisy as to be oompletely annoying.

    Since I am of the latter category, it would be meaningless to say that it cleans the floor as well as I do, so instead I will say it cleans the floor as well as my grandmother in law does, which is pretty darn clean....more info
  • Jury still out on Scooba
    not as refined as my roomba discovery, which is really a great product.
    still, i can drop it into a bathroom, close the door and later the floor is spotless.
    it is a bit temperamental and i wouldn't start it and leave the house (which i would do with the roomba).
    on the other hand, with a little supervision it does do a good job and frees me to do something else while it is working so in that respect it does what i wanted. (in fact i am cleaning my kitchen floor as I write this ;-)...more info
  • NO
    ...more info
  • So Far So ...Broken
    My Scooba broke after about 1 and 1/2 months. The unit will not power on. iRobot is replacing it, but I have to pay to ship it to NY....

    I have about 900-1000 sq feet of large textured tile with 1/4" recessed grout lines. Foam collected in grout lines so I reduced cleaning solution to half and that has helped with great tile cleaning results (Scooba is not really cleaning the grout due to it being recessed). I give low marks to the virtual wall -- it has a wide hallo shaped beam so it is not very useful to partition areas. The manual does not give a recommended maximum cleaning area per cycle which is annoying because I know the engineers must have tested for this. I am still experimenting on how to best partition my home to get maximum results per cycle without missing small areas. I did five partitions the first time and it did miss some spots. The unit does not completely dry my tile so I can see exactly where it has been. And yes -- you do have to clean corners by hand....more info
  • Don't buy it if you have Pergo or other laminate floors!
    Awaited its arrival and was greatly disappointed to read in the manual that it can't be used on Pergo or other laminate flooring.
    My whole house is Pergo or laminate flooring! Why don't they list this in the product specs so I would have known before I bought it and had to return it? Good thing I actually read the manual before using!...more info
  • Not ready for prime time
    Well, the floor mopping robot I ordered from arrived last week, so I let it mop the floors Saturday and Sunday. It's not ready for prime time yet.

    It did a lousy job in my large dining room on Saturday. In fact, I had to go around with rags and clean up the mess it left. It did a pretty good job in the smaller kitchen on Sunday, but it wasn't smart enough to figure out when it had already done a section. It just kept cleaning and recleaning until it ran out of cleaning solutiion. The kitchen floor was really clean, though.

    It's basically more trouble than getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing with a rag, so that's not a good thing. If I can block it off into a small enough segment it does a decent job, but then I have to wait 3 hours for it to recharge prior to doing the next segment. My kitchen and dining room would require dividing into 3 segments, so it would take 45 mins x3 segments for cleaning plus 3 hours x2 to recharge between segments. That's 8 hrs 15 mins. Plus, I'd have to fill, empty, and rinse the robot 3 times. Pretty bogus for the price, huh? I guess I'll have to learn Amazon's return policy shortly.

    It was fun watching the cats' reactions to it though. They couldn't figure out if it was a new toy, or a monster sent from hell to kill them. Bunny, after watching awhile from a safe distance, voted with his feet that it was a monster as he headed for parts unknown. Cleo stalked it cautiously for an hour before tentatively swiping at it with a paw once I'd pulled it's battery out for recharging. They give its disemboweled, recharging remains a wide berth. It's a little too expensive for a cat toy, though.
    ...more info
  • Fun product, has limitations.
    It does a nice job mopping flat sealed surfaces, as long as you "scooba-proof" the room first. I did find that you can't let it roam around rooms as large as those you can let the Roomba go in, as Scooba does need to go over the same spot a few times to really get it clean, and also as the cycle is only 45 minutes. I also found that it can be much more temperamental than I expected, stopping mid-clean because it got stuck in a transition area (like between tile and wood), stuck on a flat rug it didn't detect, didn't like the amount of cleaner you put in, or needs the dirty water and filter's checked. I've also found it doesn't always obey the virtual walls. Unlike the Roomba, there is no mechanism for it to clean corners, so those you have to manually mop. It sucks up most of the water, leaving the floor in a damp-dry state - I read people saying the floor is dry, but that has never been the case with mine. Because you're stuck with only using the Clorox cleaner (which is pretty general-purpose), you have to manual go over those floor types you want to shine or polish (like hard wood) with something else. It is a lot quieter than I expected, and on those times when I had an issue not covered in the manual and had to contact their phone support, they were very responsive. All in all, if you understand that it is an in-between the full manual-cleaning maintenance product, and you like the Roomba quirks, Scooba is a good product....more info
  • Caveat emptor
    In brief- It does do a pretty good job cleaning floors. However, it gets stuck under cabinets, on the edge of the carpet, on the transition between my wood and tile floors, etc. The cleaning solution is hard to come by, it leaves too much water on my tile floors, and due to my experience with iRobot "Customer Service" (see my review of Roomba) I cannot recommend this product. ...more info
  • just tried Scooba this morning
    I ordered Scooba just a few days ago and received it as promised yesterday. I charged the battery overnight in accordance with the very good instructions. I used the measuring cup for the special cleaning solution that came with unit to pour the solution into the cleaning tank, and added water to fill the tank. I did spill just a bit of the solution on the sides of the opening to the tank due to my clumbsiness. It was very easy to install the charged battery into the unit. I set the unit on my kitchen floor that had not been washed in months and pushed two buttons. The Scooba then proceeded for most of an hour to move across my kitchen floor. It worked its way systematically and hugged walls and the legs of my kitchen table. When done, it had covered 95% of my floor thoroughly, and it took just a few minutes for me to touch up the remaining 5% that had only been covered once or twice by my Scooba. The Scooba removed hard to remove tar-like spots. I now want to be careful not to track dirt from my rug to my kitchen as opposed to the reverse. I no longer yearn for another Condo just to get a clean kitchen floor....more info
  • great job at cleaning - with minor improvements suggested
    Scooba is my second attempt at home robotic products. (The first one was a lawn mower - love it!)

    First, some basic info. I'm using it to clean mostly hardwood floors plus some tiled area in bathrooms. I bought one a week ago at a local store and today exchanged it for another unit.

    I agree with the other reviewers about the pros of this product:

    (1) It cleans very well and covers most of the area. It is round so it won't cover the corners. Water from the dirty tank convinces me time and again that this is a good investment. It does seem to me that it tends to cover some areas of the room more than others. This may have something to do with the algorithm. TIP: Try to start it in different places of the room to see if there is a particular place that works better than others in terms of room coverage. It probably is a good idea to start it from different places of the room every time anyway.

    (2) The cleaning solution smells very good. As one other reviewer said, it won't run without it. I tried to see what happens if I just fill in water. It tries to start for a couple of seconds, and then the "check tank" light would stare back at me. It WILL function with less than the recommended amount of cleaning solution. Not to be frugal, but I have a general tendency to use as little chemical as I can.

    (3) Charging is very easy. You can remove the battery from the unit and put it in the charging unit that comes in the box, but you don't have to. The unit has a side charging opening to be plugged in directly into the wall outlet.

    (4) Cleaning Scooba after each cycle. To me, all of the parts are very easy to clean. Yes, it has multiple other units to clean in addition to the water tank, but they all come off very easily. Most will flush clean. I would suggest that you remove the gunk before putting it under the tap so it won't clog the drains. (I do have to manually pull out the hair that Scooba has picked up on the roller of the brush unit.) After running it the first time (on hardwood), I looked at the air filter and the vacuum opening and thought I was cleaning a carpet. Never thought there was so much lint-like stuff on the hardwood floor. I was glad that Scooba picked it up.


    My first unit had a small problem with spraying water. Every foot or so, it would leave a rather large drop of water (with cleaning solution) along the left edge of the cleaning path. I tried it on different surfaces and this persisted. It also tended to leave the floor a bit wetter that I had imagined. The replacement unit does not have this problem, and seems to pick up more cleaning solution than the first unit. When I first started the second unit, it did not spray any solutions for about 3-4 minutes. I thought it was malfunctioning. Then the spraying started. I've used it for two cycles and spraying seems to be working properly now.


    (1) The floor can be left even drier. Right now it is damp immediately after it passes, but it dries up in a few minutes.
    (2) Slightly less noise. It is not bad, but a bit louder than I expected.
    (3) Virtual wall - wish the key hole pattern can be changed to more of a straight line pattern. Right now, if you imagine a straight line coming out of the virtual wall unit, Scooba actually stops about a foot before it hits this line. The farther away down this imaged line, the farther away Scooba makes its turn (sometimes even at close to 2 ft).

    Like I said, overall I'm very happy with the unit. I've only had my second unit for one day, but I've used the first unit almost daily for a week. Very pleased with the results (except for the spray problem mentioned above). I'll see how this second/replacement unit works and report later if I observe anything else worth mentioning.

    I give it 4 stars because of a few things that could be improved upon, and because I did experience one slightly defective unit. Quality may not be uniform, so don't be too surprised if yours does not work the first time. Take it back for an exchange and see if a different unit would work better....more info
  • Love my robot!
    I got the Scooba because I have a slate floor in my kitchen that has been the bane of my cleaning existence. It is a dark color so it shows every drop spilled, and the grout is difficult to clean as well. I have been using a steamer for the last several years, and it does clean very well, but it is a chore to keep the cleaning cloth on with the uneven surfaces of the slate.

    I charged up the battery as soon as I got the Scooba ... I was excited at the possibility of something working for me after all these years. I was not disappointed. It is such a joy to have a product that works as advertized! The Scooba does an excellent job on the floor, even dealing with the odd shape of the room and an island underpass. It cleans the grout indentations and only occasionally gets caught under the kickspaces, and it lets you know it's stuck with a sound and troubleshooting light code.

    I am also very pleased that the Scooba is quick and easy to clean after using. It stores in a small space, which is good for someone like me with a small house and limited storage.

    Although it is expensive, it is worth every penny to me. Like my Dyson vacuum, which also solves years of complaints with vacuums, it is a case of investment paying off in efficiency, time saved, and an end to a series of smaller investments in products that fail to live up to expectations.

    I was so happy with this product I called friends to joke they could put me on the "I love my robot!" ads....more info
  • Awesome but needs to have a way to clean other floors ....
    I love the Scooba on the tile floors - it really is nice. I do wish they would make a floor polisher version for the wood or wood laminate floor (kind of like the Oreck Orbitor - but lighter). The Roomba is really good for cleaning those floors, but it would nice if they would add the polishing feature to it. I am eagerly awaiting their next robot :)...more info
  • It works really well but.............
    Ok this is a really intersting device. I got this as a gift from a friend and my house is set up with half carpeting and half tile floors. Obviously you are not going to be stupid enough to use this on carpeting....... So for me this does work pretty well. You have to use your virtual walls to make sure you keep this from going where you dont want it to go. It really does clean your floors nicely. My only complaints are that if you have a house made of all tile floors, you will have to reset this and empty the tank..... It is expensive.......almost 400 have to use a special cleaning solution which is not readily available. Lets face it, it is a unique gimic......... It really does not work any better then a mop and some spic and span. Use your money, spend it on something frivilous for yourself....... Really how long does it take to mop your floor??

    One other thing this is battery operated......if it is anything like my rechargable battery things, it will not be working for long....more info
  • Does not work well on slate floors
    The scooba was very easy to setup and use. The little machine whirrs its way around the room vacuuming and cleaning. The concept of scooba is a great one. However, there was one problem that made this not the right solution for me.

    My kitchen, breakfast room, and foyer all have slate tile floors. The slate tiles have natural grooves in them. There may be a slight change in height (3/16" max) within the tiles and between the tiles. While cleaning, the scooba detected these changes as a barrier and would change course. As a result, it cleaned some areas over and over again while entirely missing other areas.

    I tested the scooba on the mosaic tile floor in my bathroom. It worked well in there. Of course, the corners and the area behind the toilet were not cleaned. However, that is to be expected given the size and shape of the device.

    Potential buyers should keep in mind that there is still time involved in the set up and take down of the scooba. The dirty water must be emptied, the brush cleaned, and the filter rinsed. It only comes with 1 virtual wall so you will need to create a physical barrier for any additional areas. Users will need to also go and clean the corners of the rooms that were cleaned by the scooba. Regardless, the time spent performing these tasks will be less than if you mopped the floors in a traditional manner.

    I gave scooba 3 stars because it does clean well. I would have given it 4 stars had it been able to clean the slate floors as well as it cleaned the mosaic tiles....more info
  • A totally Amazing robot!!!!
    I thought Roomba was the greatest thing ever until I bought Scooba. Scooba does a great job, a mop or any other floor cleaner could never compare to this. It is very efficient, and sucks up its own water. The floor behind it is completely dry. It is very similar to Roomba in floor coverage, as well as size, although it is just a bit bigger than Roomba. It is very easy to maintain, and I use it on hardwood floors because it does such a great job drying the floor afterwards that it isn't harmful to the wood. Using Scooba makes your floor cleaner than it has ever been before! I have had Scooba for a bit over a month now, and I don't know how I functioned without it! This is a very worthwile purchase for anyone with non-carpet floors! I would recommend this to's even worth having to eat peanut butter sandwiches for a month if that's what it takes to pay for it! :)...more info
  • Incredibly effective!
    Had I not had a Roomba and been impressed with its cleaning ability, I probably would never have bought a Scooba, thinking that something so small couldn't possibly be all that good. Well, I bought it, and it's AMAZING. My floors have never been this clean - not with a regular mop, not with a Star mop, not with a Swiffer, not with those wet towels. Not only was the tank water filthy - far more dirty than my mop bucket ever got - but I can see how clean the floor is; there are no faint traffic patterns that I always thought were ground into the floor and just would never come out. I am totally impressed, and very happy I made the investment....more info
  • Waiting for Scooba to slice Bread....or even make a loaf.
    I received my Scooba yesterday and immedatly put it on the 16 hour charge. Last night, put a combination of Grape Jelly, Beet Juice and ketchup on the floor and then proceede to wipe up the excess as anyone would in a spill situation. leaving only the stain for Scooba to take care of this morning. Scooba did it. Took it all off and wow the water wasnit was pitch black. (Probably says something about my carbon based humanoid abilities or lack of it).

    The only error I made was that I thought I filled the little measuring cup with the Scooba Juice to the top. I didn't realize until I was done that it only needed to be filled to the fill mark. I went to the manual and the manual doesn't say to fill to the mark and I guess I didn't read the measuring cup soon enough. However, It didn't affect perforamnce and there was no foaming. I have it running in our main bathroom now with the proper amount. (just one ounce for the smaller area)

    Also i am disabled and can't bend and not walk very well. This little girl ( I call her Fifi) is really a major help.

    Like someone said..."Scooba Rocks." I am very impressed and seeing the warning light system they created tells me that it will probably be incorporated in the next generation of Roomba designs.
    I like the way it goes over a stain to loosen it and then back over again to remove it....more info
  • Its the best invention ever
    I have had my scooba for about 4 days now and I have used it a dozen times. Its absolutely wonderful. It cleans my tile and hardwood floors wonderfully. I'm ready to throw away my mop. The floors are cleaner than I could have got them scrubbing by hand....more info
  • My floors have never been this clean !
    One thing I don't like to do is wash floors so a Scooba was very tempting to me. I love my Roomba so thought I'd give Scooba a chance at my tile floors. First I use Roomba to vacuum my floors because I think of Scooba more for washing even though it will do vacuuming also. It is amazing to watch. Scooba goes over every section many times and really gets it clean. Cleaner than I would. My floors look and feel so clean. I like the clorox solution they use . Safe for pets and not a strong odor - very clean smelling. You can buy the bottles separately online or at Target. Scooba is so much fun to use that I wash my floors more often. The neat thing is I can be on the computer, working out, whatever I want and my floors are being washed by Scooba ! Scooba is pricey but I will never go back to a bucket and mop. Well worth the money to me. Roomba and Scooba are sure making life easier. ...more info
  • I love it
    We bought the Scooba at a local store, and I was really surprised/amazed at how well it cleaned our hardwood floors. I expected to use this to do minor floor cleaning, then I would have to wash the floor myself every few weeks to really get it clean. I was very wrong, this thing does a great job by itself. I don't think I will need to wash the floor myself again as long as Scooba is functional. The cleaning solution has a very pleasant smell to it.
    The only complaint I have is that I cannot yet purchase additional cleaning solution at any local store I tried that sells the Scooba, I had to order it on the web (I bought 6 big bottles of it). I was so impressed at the cleaning quality that I just ordered a Roomba Scheduler from Amazon to do the vacuuming in between floor washes....more info
  • If you have the money, buy it! You'll love it!
    As a full-time college student, wife, and mother I rarely have time to wash my easily-dirtied lanoleum. About six months ago, I bought a Roomba. Since my Roomba is literally the best thing ever, I decided to buy a Scooba, but was doubtful how great of a job it would do. It is AMAZING!! This thing completely vacuumed, washed, and dried my floor! In fact, I think it did a better job than I would do if I scrubbed the floor myself! Seriously, if you have the extra $400, do yourself a favor and buy it! Imagine yourself, lounging on the couch reading a book, while your Scooba cleans your floors....Oh, I love Robots:).......more info
  • Don't throw away your mop!
    I had high expectations for the Scooba floor cleaning robot. Even at $400, the promise of eliminating manual mopping of my kitchen's linoleum floors was attractive. I was ready to jettison my Swiffer WetJet and move into robotic age. Alas, all is not as it seems.

    I was greatly disappointed in the capabilities of the Scooba vacuum. So much so that I kept it less than 24 hours before returning it to my local Sharper Image store. Here is why:

    The target cleaning environment was a combination kitchen and breakfast nook area with linoleum floors. The kitchen area was a rather complex series of angled cabinets and center islands. The breakfast nook area was a nearly square floor space with slight nooks and crannies in two corners.

    To give Scooba the highest chance for success, I decided to clean only the square breakfast nook area. Using some furniture and the included virtual wall, I sectioned off the breakfast nook for testing. I removed all of obstacles in the room. Scooba had free reign of the floor. The cleaning area is just under 200 square feet.

    The Scooba documentation also claims that you do not have to sweep your floor before running a cleaning cycle. To test this, I left a few clods of dog hair and some small sprigs of grass clippings on the floor.

    The results: After running the 45 minute cleaning cycle, Scooba had "cleaned" about 90% of the room. During the cleaning cycle, I noticed that it covered some areas of the floor several times while missing others. Consistency is not one of Scooba's strengths. Scooba completely missed one whole wall edge in the room, yet cleaned the opposite wall edge three times during the cycle! It is also very noisy during the cleaning process; noisier than my full size Dyson vacuum.

    Given iRobot's experience in robotics, it is extremely disappointing to see the lack of coverage on such a simple room geometry. If the Scooba couldn't cover 99+% of a square room, it likely would fair very poorly in the more complex portion of my kitchen.

    For those areas Scooba covered, it cleaned reasonably well. In an area with no debris, the floor was clean, similar to cleaning with my Swiffer WetJet. Conversely, while it would pick up the dog hair and grass clippings on one area of the floor, it had the tendency to drop them back on the floor when it was changing direction.

    The Scooba is also supposed to dry the floor immediately after cleaning it. It doesn't do a real good job here either. After the cleaning cycle completed, there was still enough water on the floor to warrant drying with towel. I don't have this problem with my Swiffer WetJet.

    Finally, the documentation lists several components of the Scooba that should be cleaned after each 45 minute cleaning cycle. These components include the filter, vacuum tube, and brush assembly. This cleaning itself took an additional 15 minutes, far longer than the 10 seconds it takes to remove a Swiffer WetJet cloth and toss it in the garbage.

    On the plus side, the Scooba is easy to setup and use.

    Bottom Line: After 60 minutes (45 minutes of the cleaning cycle and 15 minutes to clean the machine), I ended up with a floor that was 80-90% clean and 400 less dollars in my pocket. I still had to go back and manually clean the rest of the floor. I think I'll stick with my Swiffer WetJet. It is much cheaper and faster.

    I know of others that have had success with iRobot's Roomba vacuums, which is why I gave the Scooba a try. Unfortunately, my experience with Scooba was not positive. Given it's $400 price tag, iRobot needs to seriously tweak the Scooba software alogrithms before it is ready for prime time....more info
  • Best thing since sliced bread
    I've had my Scooba for about a month now and have been running it almost every day. I LOVE it. It gets my floors cleaner that I have ever been able to get them with a broom and mop. It was able to get up fine construction dust after our remodel that I could not clean up any other way. It cleans both my hardwood floors and my tile floors with grout. It scrubs the grout! No more scrubbing on my hands and knees! And it vaccuums up dust bunnies, pet hair, etc.--you don't have to sweep the floors before using it. In fact, I DON'T SWEEP MY FLOORS AT ALL ANYMORE! I don't have to--I just run my Scooba every day!

    You have to use the Clorox solution that comes with it to run it; IT WILL NOT RUN WITHOUT IT. But you can use half the recommended amount and it will work, and the solution smells great. Buy lots of extra bottles of the solution, as you will need it. The reason Scooba can get your floors so clean is because it squirts out the cleaning solution mixed with water that you add, then scrubs the floor, then squeegees the floor and sucks the dirty water up into a separate storage tank for the dirty water. So you are not washing your floor with increasingly dirty water as you do using a broom an mop.

    Just like the Roomba, the Scooba is round and it cannot clean all the way into corners, so you do have to do a little bit of clean up after it is done, but it washes 95% of your floor, and it is sparkling clean when it is done. I set it to clean before I go to work in the morning, and I come home to a clean floor every day. Heaven! Well worth the steep price. It is different from Roomba in that it does not sense that your floor is clean and stop. Instead, it goes until it runs out of washing solution, about 45 minutes. But running it regularly has given me floors so clean I could literally eat off of, something I have never had in 20 years of keeping house. And it does it while I'm gone! Is there such a thing as the perfect product?...more info
  • I love my Scooba!
    Scooba does an incredible job of cleaning my tile and hardwood floors. I have always hated mopping, especially having to lug around heavy buckets of water and repeatedly rinse and squeeze the mop. I've tried every type of mop and cleaning solution, and several Swiffer-type cleaning devices. At best, they would only get the surface dirt, and left streaks on the wood floors and accumulated grime in the tile grout.

    Scooba gets it all. It did a better job than I ever imagined it could, and boy was the dirty tank water DIRTY! I'm glad no one was there to see it. Scooba scrubs the grout as well as the tile, and leaves no streaks. The cleaning solution (made by Clorox) has a nice fresh scent and does not leave any sticky residue. My floors are squeaky clean, and you truly can SEE the difference.

    You may think that $400 is a lot to pay for a cleaning device, but to me it was worth every penny. Remember that it vacuums as well as cleans, so you are getting two devices in one.

    One tip: The first time (at least) you will want to move chairs and all other loose objects so that Scooba can do a complete job. It will go under chairs and tables but obviously can't clean under the legs. And, as the instructions recommend, confine Scooba to a reasonable area so that it can cover the area before running out of water. The battery life is quite good; I did my living/dining area in one pass, and after recharging was able to move Scooba to my kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a bedroom without draining the battery.

    Scooba does such a great job that I am inspired to keep my whole house cleaner. And I have the time to do it while Scooba takes care of the hard work....more info