Teeter Hang Ups F5000 Inversion Table

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Product Description

Teeter HangUps F5000 III Inversion Table

If you're plagued by back pain, stiff joints, or suffer from stress overload, consider the Teeter Hang Ups F5000 inversion table, which helps to counter the effects of too much time spent sitting, standing, or moving repetitively. It's also a great way to add extra crunch to exercises like sit-ups. The F5000 is specially engineered to provide a comfortable and secure inversion experience. The equipment features heat-treated, high quality carbon steel and triple-plated chrome.

The Teeter Hang Ups F5000 rotates on a pivot system. With simple arm movements (rotation is accomplished by shifting the weight of the arms), the table easily rotates to any comfortable angle. The smooth rotation allows for oscillation and intermittent traction. Adjustable roller hinges allow you to pre-select three levels to control the aggressiveness of rotation, and the tether strap allows you to pre-select the maximum angle of inversion. Comfortable ankle clamps hold you securely while inverting. Additional support can be gained by use of the optional Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots.

It's able to lock at full 90 degrees inversion (this is only possible when using the more aggressive roller hinge setting). While at 90 degrees, you can perform inverted sit-ups and squats. The table is self-controlled and can be unlocked with simple arm movements.

Feature Detail:

  • Removable, washable nylon mat with triple-stitched seams removes easily for cleaning
  • Teflon embedded epoxy-coated roller hinges for guaranteed smooth rotation with no squeaks for the life of the table; patented cam locks ensure proper assembly
  • Durable, injection-coated rubber hand grips feature an embossed guide to the angles of inversion
  • Adjustable tether strap allows you to preset the tether strap for worry-free inversion to any angle
  • Heat treated high quality carbon steel used in key structural components for increased strength and durability
  • Curved foam ankle clamps offer a unique design that allows for greater comfort and security while inverted
  • Self-locking hinges secure the table bed to the A-frame for improved security and portability
  • De-rattler knob reduces shaft movement to allow for quiet, shift-free rotation--the only design on the market to structurally engage the main shaft
  • Triple-plated chrome main shaft with steel wall thickness at least 20 percent greater than any main shaft on the market. Features embossed height markers in both inches and centimeters for easy adjustment
  • Height capacity: 4'8" to 6'6"
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Assembled dimensions: 45 x 28 x 58 inches
  • Folded dimensions: 66 x 28 x 14 inches

The F5000 Inversion Table folds compactly for storage in a closet or in a corner. The nylon mat can be removed for washing. Every table comes with an instructional DVD and laminated owner's manual.

Manufacturer's Warranty
Five-year warranty covers all components

About Teeter Hang Ups
Roger and Jennifer Teeter founded Hang Ups Inversion Products in 1981 and have been dedicated to manufacturing quality inversion products ever since. Roger and Jenny truly believe in the benefits of this simple, natural form of therapy that has been around since 400 BC. In the late 1970's, Roger tried many forms of therapy to help manage his pain. He finally discovered that by inverting, he was able to relieve his back pain and begin the road to recovery. He credits inversion for keeping him pain free, healthy, and active. Inversion has changed Roger's life, and now he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of inversion and quality products.

STL International, creator of Teeter Hang Ups brand inversion equipment, has pioneered standards for quality and performance in the inversion market. All Teeter Hang Ups F-series inversion tables are classified in accordance with UL 2601-1 (medical equipment in a clinical setting), a rigid specification that tests the structural integrity of the equipment.

  • Adjustable roller hinges allow you to pre-select three levels of rotation
  • Comfortable ankle clamps hold you securely while inverting; usable with optional gravity boots
  • Removable, washable nylon mat with triple-stitched seams removes easily for cleaning
  • 85% preassembled and includes tools for assembly; folds easily for storage
  • Five-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • returned it. didn't really work out for me
    This is a very well made machine. However, it really did nothing for mine or my husband's bad backs. Its uncomfortable to hang totally upside down and we never really got it at a lesser angle to hang comfortably for long enough to be helpful. Also, its hard to hold your feet stiffly for a long time frame. ...more info
  • Do Not Use This Item..
    ... without talking to your doctor first if you have ever had knee or ankle problems. I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee a year and a half prior to using this machine. My knee was the best it felt in years. No problems whatsoever. I was having problems with my low back and decided to get the F5000 instead of relying on a chiropractor. I used it for about 20 minutes at a time about 15 times over 3 - 4 week period. The first thing I noticed was how good my back felt to hang upside down. As time progressed, as I was using the machine, my right knee and ankles started to bother me slightly. It became increasingly painful until I stopped using it. I had changed nothing in my life physically during that period.
    It is roughly 1 year later and my knee has not recovered a bit since using the machine. I guess my ankle was not in the best shape to begin with prior to using the F5000 because my ankle has only become worse with time as well. All this pain began when using an inversion table and I'm probably looking at another knee scope as a result. It's very depressing.
    I gave it 4 stars because it did what it was supposed to do but I did not see a warning anywhere about the stress it will put on your knees and ankles. However, it's quite obvious in hindsight....more info
  • Coudn't use it due to WARNINGS about medical conditions
    I've heard such wonderful things about the TEETER hang-up. I have a friend who has this same model and loves it. It helped his back tremendously.

    It arrived on time, very well made, and a nice DVD for assembly/use.

    I purchased it online, put it together, THEN watched the enclosed DVD and read the documentation. I was very disappointed that I fell into a category listed in the WARNINGS as a DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. I have a hiatal hernia and the product documentation specifically stated NOT to use this product. I called my physician and he would not comment on it's safety (or not), only that I do indeed have this condition. : (

    NOTE: The list of medical conditions that should NOT use this product is quite extensive.

    It would have saved me a bit of time if this full list of exclusions would have been listed on the website for the product (excuse me if they were there and I didn't see/find them). ...more info
  • Who needs a chiropractor?
    My wife has been on me to go to the chiropractor ever since we have been together. I just can't get used to the snaps and pops and twisting. But alas, I have found a compromise. I love my Teeter Hangs Ups Inversion table. Most of my back problems are in my lower back and legs and inversion works perfectly. I sleep better and generally just feel better all around....more info
  • F5000 is very good
    Is a very good unit, is easy to put together and simple to fold. Very smooth operation. I would recommend, however, that if you are having back problems, you should get someone to help you put it together as some of the components are a bit on the heavy side.

    Have had the unit for over a month now, and my back is MUCH better. I don't wake up with back pain anymore. I used to have "numb" sensations that ran down my legs, and a constant "dull" ache in the lower back that would never go away... but now the pain and numbness are gone.

    An interesting "side-affect" of the table is that it also helps your sinuses! If you have trouble draining, just flip upside-down and get that nasty stuff moving with gravity! If you're prone to sinus-infections because it sits in a "mass" inside your head and can't drain, this will help....more info
  • It's All Good
    My recent purchase of a Teeter Hangup Inversion Table was a great experience. Service of ordering and shipping from Amazon was outstanding. The table has been instramental in relieving pain caused by a pinched sciatic nerve. Thank you for this opportunityto share....more info
  • Amazon and teeter hangup
    I ordered this product and it was delivered on time as advertised but the box and the product was damaged. I called Amazon, and they immediately ordered a replacement and delivered it on Saturday with no additional charge to me. The new product arrived undamaged and my wife is delighted. Unbelievable customer service from Amazon. The product was very easy to assemble and its definitely a high quality item. It works perfectly and we are very satisfied customers.

    ...more info
  • Awesome product!
    Excellent quality, easy to set up, durable, smooth, and fun to use. I found it really helps my chronic low back pain and helps me improve my abdominal muscle strength....more info
  • Awesome Therapy
    This is a great piece of equipment very well made. It will pay for itself in reducing or eliminating my chiropractic visits. Great purchase and value. ...more info
  • This product is good.
    This item is what I was looking for. I have sciatica and I am hoping this will help. I used gravity boots in the past but its so difficult getting up and off the bar it reverses the decompression the boots provide.
    So far I am very impressed with everything about this product. The balance is so easy to go up or down in a very controlled easy manner by simply moving the arms up or down.
    I recommed this product.
    ...more info
  • Placebo effect maybe nothing more
    I don't think this thing is doing anything for me --- probably mostly placebo effect unfortunately -- EXPENSIVE and takes up a ton of room...more info
  • Works Great !!!!
    My husband and I both use this and I must say it is wonderful. The first time I used this was after a 600 mile work trip. I have multiple spine problems and osteoarthritis in every joint of my body. After driving on long trips I am always stiff and sore for days and usually have to resort to anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain, but I used the inversion table right after I got home and I woke up the next day feeling great. No stiff neck, no lower back and shoulder pain. My husband works in a lawn and garden center where he does a lot of heavy lifting and he uses it ever night and also gets great relief from using the table. He was not pleased with me when he first saw how much I paid for it, but now thinks it is worth every penny! It was easy to setup, it took about 15 min, and it is easy to store, although I don't think mine will ever be stored. I just fold up the legs and lien it up against a wall. I would buy this again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Not impressed
    I recently purchased the F5000. The construction seems good and once on the table it is sturdy. Standing beside the table it wobbles easily with just a simple nudge, but to my surprise it is very stable after climbing on.

    There are a couple of design flaws that nobody commented on. First, there is a support cross brace directly behind the nylon backing, which hits directly on my lower back area. I tried adjusting heights, but it still makes contact. The nylon backing has too much give and appears to already be stretching out and I'm only 5'9"/165. The other issue is the locking ankle clamps. It is somewhat difficult to get your feet in and out with shoes on. If you are fully inverting you are going to want to wear shoes.

    I think the best bet might be solid backboard with padding. However, I thought the nylon would be nice because it's breathable. As far as the ankle clamps go, straight foam padded ankle clamps or one of those easy-to-reach handle release bars might work better. I tried the Teeter Hang Up GL9500: the ankle clamps must have opened farther, but I don't remember if the cross bar was an issue. Think some pipe insulation may work for padding that annoying cross bar, but who knows. Happy hunting, it was a pain (no pun intended) to find a place to test different models and make a final decision. To me this machine isn't worth more than $150, hope this info helps you decide.
    ...more info
  • Back maintenance made easy
    I've used my Teeter 5000 inversion table for over 3 yrs, nearly every morning (I can't convince my other half to strap in on the luggage rack for trips out of town...). I don't do the full inversion, just 50-60 degrees. Gentle torso twisting and rocking motions with head to left and then to right after 5 minutes or so "inverted". This definitely helps keep my back and shoulders gently stretched along with my floor crunches and a loosening routine in a 90 degree exercise pool several mornings a week as well as taking Mag citrate complex caps daily . After 2 herniated discs, 1 epidural injection and untold grief with lumbar muscle spasms, I don't think there are any better conservative approaches without adding the cost of massage therapy. This table is really pretty solid once you are on it. It can be folded but we leave it intact on the upstairs landing. I did have a minor part issue when I first received it but that was quickly fixed by the manufacturer. Price is right on Amazon with free shipping. Local back stores often carry this and other brands if you prefer to try them out (in some cases). I would definitely purchase another Teeter F5000 should this one wear out or become damaged (with bugs or highway debris if my other half is convinced that it could be strapped on the luggage rack for vacation travel!)...more info
  • The answer to my health condition!
    This device is the answer to my health condtion. I have sacroiliac joint dysfunction which causes a pinched nerve in my lower back. By using the Teeter Hang Ups F5000 Inversion Table my pinched nerve is eliviated, without having to constantly go to the chiropractor. And not only is it GREAT for my back, I do exercises on it and in only one month I have started to flatten my abdomen. Anyone thinking about buying this inversion table, don't think twice, just do it!!!!!...more info
  • Great for the back, get the boots.
    This table works great on my back, but I had to purchase the gravity boots to use with it because the standard ankle clamps are very uncomfortable. It got to the point that I had to stop using it until I purchased the boots. With the boots, I can hang longer and have really enjoyed how my back feels. The table is easy to set up and use. It took me about 15 minutes to set it up and it's very sturdy. I'm happy with the overall construction of the table and the benefits for my back and neck. I would recommend this but would also recommend the gravity boots. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    Teeter Hang Ups F5000 Inversion Table Very pleased with the table. It has already made a difference in my life and I've only had it a little over a month. I am faithful every night before bed and in the morning when I get up. Also sometimes during the day when possible. I recommend it to anyone, of course with doctor's approval.
    ...more info
  • Great for back pain.
    I have lower back problems, slipped disc. Whenever my back gives me a problem, I invert and in a few moments, I hear and feel a clunk as my back realignes itself. Really feels good. I highly recomment this inversion table to anyone who has back aches and pains. Easy to use and set up. John Hayes, Kamiah, Idaho....more info
  • Its works right away and is great quality
    This product does just as advertised. It assembles very easy and the quality is top notch. Motions are easily achieved just by moving your arms up and down a little. You can literally feel the effects from the 1st time you use it. Your body will let you know its working thats for sure. I went way over what a 1st timer should use and felt it the next day ( in a good way). My back was stretched, legs muscles felt better and a overall feel of being more limber. This product is not the cheapest out there but give it a try, its completely worth a few bucks more than the competition. Prior to this I bought another brand but returned it quickly due to pain from the ankle clamps. The inversion angles and motions were not even in the same league as the F5000. The teeter brand of inversion products is simply a wonderful purchase....more info
  • Teeter Hang-Up
    I have scoliosis that causes painful pressure on my sciatic nerve. Using the Teeter Hang-up a few minutes each day helps relieve the pain and has enabled me to sleep better at night....more info
  • Inversion
    The Teeter is an excellent exercise for my back, I use it once a day after a heavy day at work.......more info
  • Beating back pain
    I bought this table to relieve the pain from a pinched nerve in my neck. It worked so well, I loaded into my Honda when I visited my mom for a week. She tried it for relief of her sciatica. (She's 68 years young.) It worked so well, I left it behind for her to use and bought myself another one!

    The quality is excellent. It's heavy enough to feel solid but still light enough that I can move it. It adjusts easily for multiple users. It takes up a lot of space but folds up small enough to go in a closet. It's GREAT!!...more info
  • Inversion has worked well for me
    I purchased my Teeter Hang Ups F5000 inversion table in December 2008. I'm a 43-year-old, physically fit, very active male. In my late 30s, I started to develop lower back pain. An MRI revealed compressed discs in my spine, the result of playing basketball most of my adult life. My doctor said I could either refrain from high-impact activities, or take a chance and keep playing. I kept playing, and the pain kept returning. I tried to address the problem through regular stretching and strengthening exercises, along with occasional trips to the chiropractor. All of this helped, but what really did the trick was inversion. Since I started inverting a year and a half ago, I've been virtually pain-free in my lower back. I suppose this could be coincidental, but I don't think so, judging by how much basketball I've been playing. I invert for about 5 minutes every morning. That's it. Occasionally, after a long session of basketball, I'll hop back on the table for a second time in the same day. I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm such a convert now that I've recommended inversion tables to all my basketball buddies who are suffering from lower back pain. Having said all this, I recognize that inversion may not be for everyone. Hanging upside down does take getting used to, and the inversion table itself takes up a lot of room in the bedroom. But considering the results, I'm very glad I bought one....more info
  • This is the real deal
    My general rule of thumb has been if a product qualifies for "as seen on TV", stay away - it's a scam. Here is the exception to the rule.

    The Teeter Hang Ups is a well designed and quality built product that has brought me relief from pain for many years now. I have both cervical neck and lumbar back problems resulting from a drunk driver slamming into my car at freeway speeds as I sat at the top of a freeway offramp 30 years ago.

    This device uses gravity and our own anatomical construction to provide a safe and controlable amount of traction that is as effective as what a physical therapist can provide. For best results (and for your safety), you need to educate yourself as to what traction does to the body and calculate what your personal needs happen to be. This is not a big deal.

    The Teeter Inversion Table is a great device, but you have to be smart about how you use it. As far as your "bang for the buck," this is as good as it gets!...more info
  • back pain...
    My pain in my back in a long history.

    I was in a car accident about 2 yrs ago. Ever since I have been on the rack I like to call it (Spinal Decompression), Physical theropy, medicines, chiropractors, etc... I had pretty much give up. I have my back days and good days, even as much as good months and bad months. Thing is when you feel good you try to be careful not to hurt yourself again, which is hard since the pain is gone you dont know where its going to strike again. I actually have 2 herniated dics and osteoarthritis at the age of 32. I played lots of sport, I still weight lift often, but I cant stay in the gym long enough to loose the weight I gained after my accident. Seems like when I start loosing the pain comes back 10 fold. I just cant take it. It was also really bothering me when people said your back is messed up because im overweight, well numb nuts ever thought I might be over weight because my back is messed up???? DUH! I was in great shape before my accident, it sucks when old friends see me I have to explain what happened.

    Ok on to teeter, I will write another review if anything changes. I just put it together before work, pretty easy, and jumped right on, its quite nice and comfortable. I went 90 right away, I am physically fit and can take it no problem. It was a nice stretch. I dont know about the whole sit-ups thing though haha but after getting off I felt like a new man. I was actually in some decent pain today. What is nice is alot of time I left the chiropractor in more pain then I went in. Off the teeter I felt great, felt light, felt like I could do anything. Here I am at work 2 hrs later and still feel good. If I can do it before work and after work, man o man will that be nice... I hope teeter is my savyour....more info
  • extreme hip pain relief
    Use table every morning so I can walk some. Job requires standing for 8 to 10 hours per day. Sometimes I have to sit down during the day to relieve the pain, so the table helps quite a bit....more info
  • Inversion Table
    My husband and I both love this table. Conbined with other morning exercise, it makes you feel like you have also had a quick morning massage. The construction of this table is excellent. We highly recommend it....more info
  • Works for me!! I love it!
    I bought this Inversion table for lower back and neck pain relief. After going to doctors(with zero help from them) and then doing some research. I discovered that the inversion table makes sense and works. It does help to relieve neck and back pain due to the compact spinal disc caused by age and force of gravity. I find it very relaxing and just absolutely love mine!! Also, easy to assemble.
    TD in Va.Beach...more info
  • It's quality and it really works!
    I've had my Teeter Hang Ups 5000 for a year now. I purchased the Teeter Hang Ups 5000 to alleviate pain and pressure from two herniated lumbar discs. This device works very well. My suggestion is to use it frequently to keep the pain away. I seem to climb on when my back pain flares up again and I keep telling myself I should use it regularly. Another benefit is a general good felling after stretching. It does decompress the spine and makes movement easier.

    My impression while setting up the unit was fantastic. The quality of the unit is top-notch and the instructions were fairly straight forward. I had a bit of confusion when setting the tabs that connect the table to the frame relative to the weight of the user. I must admit I skimmed over the instructions first. When you place the 'table' on the frame, it's good to have help as it is somewhat akward and a bit heavy. It is also easy to fold up the unit to lean it against the wall. Don't think you're going to easily move it any distance, like to put it under a bed in another room. It is slightly akward and heavy to move - but know that it is so because its so well constructed.

    BE SURE to watch the DVD that comes with the unit. It makes using it so much easier. I spent some time trying to recline and it seemed so tough, then once I got vertical, I had a hard time coming back. After the DVD, it was a snap, and achieving the `balance' point on the board made it effortless to go back and come up.

    In closing, I'd buy this model again and recommend it to you.
    ...more info
  • Long-term owner
    I'm 42 and have had one of these for I'm guessing 12 years. Before that, I was using some inversion boots. I use this almost every evening. I got it because after heavy jet-ski riding in my 20's, I had some nerves pinched in my lower back. The doc wanted to put me on medication. The chiropracter wanted to crack my back 3 times $$$ per week. I tried my own solution - inversion. During all these years of inversion, I've never really felt a back or neck pain. Haven't had any side effects from its use. When someone new get on it, they usually don't like it. It takes your body a while to used used to being upside down. I like to invert before going out in the evening - perks you up taking a load off your spine. IMO, this is an under-recognized anti-aging device. This is a good model to buy - looks like it hasn't changed since I purchased mine a long time ago....more info
  • Great Product
    We were a little worried about hanging upside down from something we built ourselves that was shipped in the mail, but this thing is great and rock solid. Plus it was very easy to build, folds up small enough to put in a storage closet, and most importantly, it works great. Both my fiance and myself have different back issues, and this table really does wonders for both of us. It took about two weeks to get used to hanging fully inverted but now I try to do it at least once a day for 5 minutes or so and its great. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Does wonders for my back
    Got it 1.5 months ago and have loved it. It takes some getting used to, but my lower back feels much better. When I do it routinely, I don't wake up in the morning with back pain! I was a bit nervous about the whole upside-down and am I going to fall and break my neck thing, but I don't have to go to an extreme angle to get a lot of benefit from it.

    Even my neck feels a bit better (pinched nerve), though this is not as much much help for that issue as I had hoped.

    The trick is making it part of the daily routine. I have it folded up in the bedroom, so it is easy to ignore it until the pain comes back....more info
  • pain reliever
    I have been using my teeter for about 3 weeks for relief of pain from ruptured lumbar disc.(I have had 3 epidurals this year with so-so results).I have also had a neck fusion. My leg pain and neck tension is greatly relieved by inverting 10 to 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a day. I love this product and highly recommend it. It is sturdy and you want to feel safe when you are in this position. The video is very helpful and it was pretty easy to put together. Shipping took about one week. Well worth the price. ...more info
  • They made good.
    Order was shipped quickly. When I received it though, it was missing parts. After contacting Amazon, they made good and shipped another fast and provided free shipping to return the other. Great business....more info
  • Top Quality
    This product is of very high quality material. Unlike the cheap products you find in a department store. Teeter has done its research to ensure that the customer will feel safe and comfortable using this product. Well worth the cost....more info
  • Teeter Hangups: medical considerations
    Teeter Hang Ups F5000 Inversion Table
    There is a long list of medical contraindications with this product, including people who are using blood thinners, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and circulatory problems. Anybody with any of these characters should first check with their doctor before purchasing an inversion table....more info
  • Very solid product, similar issues like others.
    This is one of the high end inversion table. Built with high quality material. Easy to assemble. Overall I'm happy with the product.

    There are 2 minor things that needs improvement. These are common problems not unique to this device. But as a high end product, they are worth mentioning.

    1) It is not very easy to in and out from the ankle holders. They are made of some soft rubber material, but still needs some force to get out.

    2) Like most of the inversion table, this also gives pain on ankles and feet when used for more than 2-3 minutes even with tennis shoes on. It would be nice to put enough padding material. Don't even try without shoes. ...more info
  • teeter inversion table review
    Great product. really well made and easy to operate..have
    used it for about 3 weeks now, and my back feels a whole lot better..
    Great not only for the back, but stretching out all the muscles
    from the ankles on up.....more info
  • Great Product
    I use the Teeter Hang Up every day. I was having so much pain from sciatica that I could hardly walk. The Teeter has helped get the pressure off my nerve and I almost feel normal again....more info
  • Will It Work For Me
    I'm 65 and have worked a physical job most of my life. I worked on concrete floors anywhere from 4 to 24 hours at a time. My lower back hurt when I leaned over to do any kind of work and my hips were painful, especially my right hip just getting out of bed in the morning. I started going to a chiropractor about 5 years ago and that helped me to continue to work. He also had me do stretches which I continue to do. But I needed more. I wanted to be able to make my back and hips better. The question in my mind was will the Teeter work for me. It works. My lower back feels much better and my hip pain is gone. No pain getting out of bed in the morning anymore. I can even run now. I hang 10 minutes a day. They say to take it easy when you start but I really wanted to stretch my back out and so I inclined even with the lower leg for about 2 weeks. Then I wanted to put more stetch on my back so I unhooked the strap and went to a free hang. That put more weight into the stretch. Its boring hanging there so I do inverted sit ups, obliques,arches and twists. That takes about 5 minutes then I just hang limp and totally relaxed. After 10 minutes, I pump (rock back and forth) about 6 times and thats it. When I first started I got a little dizzy for the first couple of weeks but that has since gone away. This therapy makes perfect sense. I'm in my second month now and I'm only doing it about 4 times a week or more if I'm working. The Teeter is well made and feels very sturdy. The results are unbelievable. ...more info
  • Works Great!
    I had a small back injury that never seemed to completely heal up. Later on, when I aggravated the injury pretty bad, I broke down and bought my Teeter Hangup. After a week of using it 1 to 2 minutes a day, I had no more back pain. Period. It's like I never hurt my back. And occasionally, I will start to feel my back hurting again, and I jump on my Teeter Hangup, and in no time, I'm good as new. I recommend this item to someone that is 230-220 lbs or less, and is athletic to somewhat of a couch potato. Hanging upside down from your ankles takes some getting used to. About a week, but the benefits are excellent. It's great to treat back pain without a doctor and/or medication. ...more info
  • Hang me up
    I was thinking to get a bigger bulkier more expensive model, but glad I didnt, this is just fine - light, compact, easy to use, comfortable. DVD is nice and includes assembly instructions (I recommend watching b4 assembly) and has some pointers on how to use for stretching and exercising. What's the opposite of buyer's remorse?...more info
  • great for my lower back pain
    This and a pullup/dip tower has done miracles to my back. I am no longer dependent on the one-every-2-weeks chiro visit to feel comfortable. I bought another one for my dad who hurt his lower back years ago at work. After using it for the first time he told me that the pain shooting down one of his legs for weeks went away. I high recommend this to anyone with lower back/neck problems....more info
  • DVD information didn't play
    The DVD did not play anywhere. I tryed on 2 DVDs players and a computer.Could you please send a new copy to me? Also I saw on tv that they are offering the same product for $14.99 for a try-out, but I payd $299 for mine. What's going on?

    Luiz Coelho...more info
  • hanging in ohio
    we love the teeters hang-ups. it is very helpful to my husbend who has had a broken vertebrae. just remember to check your pockets for loose change. lol...more info
  • Teeter Hang Ups F5000 Inversion Table
    Inversion table is as described. Is easy to set up and use. Well balanced and you feel secure. Padded ankle bar is a plus. It has helped with my lumbar spine....more info
  • Excellent piece of equipment

    My mom, who has severe scoliosis and sciatica, has gotten much relief from even a mild 30 degree inversion routine. Product is very high quality, was easy to assemble, and I would recommend to anyone with back problems! I use it myself to help decompress a bulging disc in my back, and it works GREAT!

    It's also very fun to use!...more info
  • I am very happy with the Teeter F5000

    I am very happy with the inversion table. One of the clips that hold the bracket busted and i need to replace it under warranty. The video did not play on my computer or the home dvd player and I wrote to amazon but i got no response to that issue ! but i love the table and it has helped my back tremendously. Just might rethink ordering thru Amazon though !...more info
  • Great product
    The Teeter F5000 is very well made and the instructional CD is very helpful in it's use and assembly. I have hung with inversion boots for years(trapeze style) and this is a wonderful replacement...old body having difficulty dismounting! I am very pleased with this product....more info
  • Inversion table okay, but not up to expectations
    Arrived timely and in good condition. Not as easy to use as I thought it would be, but it's okay. In the beginning, it is best used when having another person near by....more info
  • Poor shipping Box
    Excellent design and quality. Very thin box arrived damaged with multiple holes and dirt on the nylon bed but fortunately intact table. ...more info
  • Upside Down And Pain Free
    Quick shipping, easy assembly. I am glad I srepped up and paid for a beeter product. I got what I paid for. The F-5000 is incrredibly styurdy and easy to adjust and use. Immediately upon my first use, I felt all the tension in my lower back release. I try and use it every day now, and have been completely pain free since it came in the mail. I was a bit sceptical about the inversion tables, but my back hurt enough that I was willing to try anything. These things work and I highly reccommend getting one....more info
  • Turn Your World on End and Feel Better for It
    I have had the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table for several months now and have found it to be very helpful in easing neck, back, and hip pain. It is very well made and feels very safe when you are using it. It far exceeds the several other inversion tables I have tried which all lacked the stability and security that the Teeter Hang Ups provides. Everyone in the family uses it including our two teenagers. The adjustments from one user to another are very easy to make. This is the best piece of health related equipment I have purchased. Easy to use and we all feel better and taller for it. ...more info
  • Works great
    Product works great, high quality and craftsmanship, wish more stuff was built as well as this. The ankle holders feel much better with shoes on, create pressure points on bare feet....more info
  • Excellent Quality
    Everything about this product is high quality. It is built with quality materials. It's sturdy. The instructions were clear. Even the packaging was high quality. Whether it is helping relieve the sciatica in my leg is debatable, but honestly I don't think I have used it regularly enough yet to tell.
    ...more info
  • happy customer with a happy back
    I was somewhat reserved when I ordered the F5000 because it doesn't have as many reviews as some other inversion tables. On the manufacturer's homepage, they claim it as the most sturdy as compared to other brands. I thought I would take a chance.

    The table came disassembled in a big box. It weighed some 50-60 pounds. Assembly was straight forward. All components were made of thick steel so it seemed quite sturdy.

    When I laid on the table, with hands by my side, the table remained pretty level. If I move my hands so slightly to my chest, the table will start its inversion. It is very sensitive to arm movements. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. With my arms above my head, I was able to get the table to invert to about 70-80 degrees. It came with a strap that allows you to limit the tilt of the table so you can ease into it.

    To get to 90 degrees of free hanging, I need to pull against the frame of the table or walk with my hands on the floor. Once I'm there, my body hangs only from my ankles. I was only able to stay in that position for a minute or two at a time because the weight made my ankles uncomfortable beyond that.

    I've had the table for about a month and it's making a big difference. I've had back troubles since December 2006. One day last week was the first time I had absolutely no back pains. If you have back pains, you'll know how amazing the pain free feeling is. Just that alone was enough reason to buy an inversion table. I haven't tried other inversion tables, but as my physical therapist said, gravity works the same way in all inversion tables. My advise is to buy a sturdy one and it will serve you well....more info
  • Anything that relieves back pain is worth 5 stars!
    I am on the computer 8+ hours per day and experience low back pain every day. It is very rare for me to be able to bend over and pick something up off the ground without at least a little reminder from my back that it hurts. I bought this table after reading TONS of positive reviews and it really has made a big impact. After using it for a few weeks, I can honestly say that I'm picking things up off the ground with 100% no back pain. I truly believe that this table has resolved my back pain. I am a very athletic person in my twenties so I don't mind inverting and sometimes I will do sit-ups while inverted which is VERY challenging.


    1. My back doesn't hurt anymore when I pick things up off the ground.


    1. It kind of hurts your ankles... I used the table for a week and then decided to buy the boots because I had already noticed results from the table. The boots really fixed the ankle pain for me. My roommates didn't complain about ankle pain though so I think it depends on the person.

    2. It's going to cost near $400 with the boots.


    If you are like me, the PRO listed above should be repeated 10 times, fixing back pain is practically priceless. Add up the costs to go to a chiropractor and you'll realize that this is a smart investment. (I think it has a 5 year warranty too) You will not regret this purchase and everyone in the household will benefit.
    ...more info
  • Inversion Table
    This table came and it is easy to put together with ouot much problem.

    It works well.

    I have a back problem and I don't know if it helps yet.

    I know that I have not had back problems for the last several days....more info
  • Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table
    We got this inversion table after my sister showed me hers and it has been a regular part of our routine ever since. It definitely has helped my slight scoliosis and vertebrae popping, and my husbands lower back pain and sciatica. It's worth the price as it is very strong and sturdy. Also the ankle locks are comfortable, which is 'muy importante'! The DVD was somewhat helpful, but drags on tremendously long....more info


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