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Product Description

The Schwinn? No-Pressure seat is designed to limit pressure point content. It's crafted with high-density, comfort foam.

Founded in 1895, Schwinn is an American icon that has been synonymous with quality and innovation. They have built some of the best-known and best loved bikes of numerous generations--Aerocycle, Paramount, Phantom, Varsity, Sting-Ray, Krate and Homegrown. Today, Schwinn continues to be a leader in the industry with innovative bikes such as the new Sting-Ray, Rocket mountain bikes, and Fastback road bikes. With a continued dedication to quality, forever synonymous with the Schwinn name, America's most famous bicycle brand looks forward to providing another century of innovation, freedom and performance to people of all ages.

  • Limit pressure point contact
  • Durable, weather-resistant fabric for extended wear

Customer Reviews:

  • Better seat for smaller rider of new Schwinn womans bicycle
    We bought a new Schwinn Southport woman's bicycle.
    The stock seat although comfortable in some respects, the stock seat that came with the bike hurt my wifes inner thighs.She is 4'11" in height.I lowered the seat and made several adjustments to the handlebars to fit her to ride comfortable. She love the bicycle, but the seat was just too wide for her body. I ordered this new "no pressure bicycle seat" made by Schwinn and it is perfect! Make sure you tilt the seat slightly upwards to adjust to you rider. It may take a couple of adjustments to get it perfect. Worth the small effort with the adjustable wrench. Do not use priers. Ever!
    Happy biking!
    ...more info
  • Finally!
    I recently started biking again as part of a fitness challenge and renewed desire to continue to stay fit. So I combined going to and from work with biking and walking. Sometimes, I bike 15+ miles between morning and evening trips. However, soon after starting biking, my butt and thighs were hurting and getting men, you are not the only ones with this issue! I am of average proportion and like many others on here I wondered what happened from when I was a little girl. I rode everywhere for hours and the saddle was not even cushioned (I am in pain just thinking back)! I started to buy another gel cover for my saddle, but all they had in the store were whole gel I decided to give amazon a whirl and found this nifty stands to reason that without the horn, there should not be any thigh burn issues-and there are none. Changing out the seat was a snap-less than 3 min...I am not experiencing some of the problems with the adjustments that other have, so I am happy. I almost did not buy this because of some of the reviews mentioning this. I am not sure why someone did not come up with this idea eons ago...I know for rding hands-free the horn comes in handy so you can use your body to steer the bike, but other than that is is so 'superfluous'-and-as we all know: a pain in the derriere and places elsewhere. Now, I wonder if this is already out there in gle version. However, I will never ride a bike with a horn again...I want a booty-cradle (After all-if cradles work for babies-they also should work for our bums). Happy trails....more info
  • Little small seat
    Seat was comfortable, cushy and keeps me upright during my exercise routines. Worked great on the Schwinn 131 I bought for Christmas. My wife on the other hand could never get used to not having the separation wedge between her legs and felt off balance during her routines. This became a constant sore point, so I eventually returned the bike seat to Amazon and got my money back. Only wish the shipping fee was less considering the price of the seat. I would recommend this seat to any MALE out there....more info
  • Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat
    Excellent transaction and delivery time. Seat is comfortable but there was difficulty to stabilize seat - pivoting up and down. It would need a support bracket under the seat attached to the saddle post....more info
  • Spinner bike
    I bought a spinner bike for weight loss and the seat was so uncomfortable. A local bike shop put on a gel seat, but it wasn't much better. Got the Schwinn seat from Amazon and it is MUCH, MUCH better. I was afraid the Schwinn seat wouldn't work with a home spinner bike, but I can pedal like crazy with it! Now I can concentrate on cycling and not how much my butt hurts....more info
  • Hurts no more
    I gave up bicycle riding because it was so uncomfortable. This no pressure seat lives up to its' name. I recommend it for anyone, male or female.Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat...more info
  • my "blanks" are SAVED !!!!
    WOW.....if your "boys" are getting in the way when riding a conventional seat, buy this product....didn't take long to get used to, and was able to ride ALOT further thanks to this seat ! Highly recommend this one !...more info
  • Adjustment issues
    Seat comfort is as individual as the cheeks that ride it, but I bought this seat with really high hopes, and when it was installed on my trek, I eaither felt like I was sliding off the front of it, or riding across the front "ridge". I tried raising or lowering it, and different tilt adjustments to no avail. To be fair, this may be more an issue of overall bike geometry, but I couldn't get it right....more info
  • As advertised
    Having used this bicycle seat a few times now, I can say that it is comfortable and seems to be well built. Like any of these "no pressure" saddles (I suspect), the ride and position does take a little getting used to. No complaints....more info
    WOW!! This seat is great! I had an ileostomy about a year ago, and during the recovery process I gained a lot of weight. This weight, coupled with a very tender backside, meant that I needed an extremely comfortable seat. I saw a seat at Wal-Mart that had springs, gel, and was nine inches wide. When I pushed on it, it seemed like a very comfortable seat so I purchased it. After installing it, I rode approximately two blocks and had to get off, needless to say, I returned it, and purchased this one. This seat is truly a godsend! I don't know how they make it so comfortable, ( there are no springs that I can see ) but it is like sitting on a heavily padded bench. It also adjusts front to back, like a car seat, once it's set, tightening the mounting nuts locks it securely in place. I found this feature handy due to the fact that I'm over six feet tall and needed the leg room. A previous reviewer commented on feeling like they were falling off when riding downhill, I did not have this problem at all, maybe due to my weight. (?) I have nothing bad to say about this seat. Schwinn, ya done good!

    Amazon did good too, delivery in only five days!...more info
  • Couldn't keep my butt on the seat!
    I bought this seat as a replacement for the rock hard seat that came with my new Schwinn. After numerous adjustments and a couple hours of riding, I've decided that I absolutely hate it. I could not keep my bottom on this seat at all- it kept sliding off, regardless of what positional adjustments I made. Miles from home, I would have gladly traded this seat for the hard one that came with the bike! I will say though, for the few seconds at a time that my bottom was firmly in the seat, it was comfortable....more info
  • New Seat For Schwinn Airdyne Stationary Bike
    This is a great improvement over the original seat which was somewhat too firm and not comfortable after riding bike for over 30 minutes.

    This seat has a great shape and provides both good stability and comfort.

    Highly recommned it to anyone needing more comfort while exercising.
    ...more info
  • Seat not usable
    The seat is positioned several inches too far forward rendering it unusable.
    There is no way to position it further back....more info
  • Not as good of an idea as thought
    Albeit the saddle looks like it will actually "take the pressure off," it the Schwinn No Presser Bike Seat introduces other problems. Although the problems is not a male health concern, it interferes with normal biking. While pedaling, our thighs are continuously angling up and down as we pedal. The conventional seats allow this type of movement with little obstruction. With the "no pressure" seat, it either forces us to sit further forward or deal with the front lip under our thighs. Seating further forward will take us away from the comfortable sweet spot almost to where it feels as though we'll be slipping off.
    The best remedy I have found in a comfortable bike seat must fit three criterion. A firm seat (gel pad consistency), an open groove for the offending area and the ability to adjust the seat to angle a bit more downwards. I have yet to find something more suitable.
    ...more info
  • Very nice seat, very comfortable.
    I bought this seat for my Huffy cruiser and I'm very pleased with it. It rides really comfortable if your a big guy like me. I weight a little over 200 lbs. and it's nice to find a seat that I can actually feel supporting me. This bike came with a little hard seat that I don't know how anyone can actually ride on. This seat is nice and wide and just about like sitting on a small chair. If your going to ride very far and want comfort then this is the seat for you. This is the best bike seat I have ever ridden on and I highly recommend this seat....more info
  • Great ride
    I bought a new bike and the seat made it almost impossible to ride. I purchased a gel cover, but still was uncomfortable. Finally, in desperation, I went searching for a new bike seat. This one is amazing! I can now ride my bike for more than one hour without the slightest bit of discomfort. It's a great buy...more info
  • What a difference a seat will make!
    This seat is MUCH more comfortable than the seats that originally came with the bikes I bought for my boyfriend and I. We had decided to get healthier together, but those itty-bitty original bike seats made it very uncomfortable for our larger-than-we-want-them-to-be bums. So, I got both of us one of these seats. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Now we bike several nights a week and don't need to sit on a pillow for the next few days. Thanks!

    My one gripe would be that one of them came missing a part, but we were able to cannibalize the original Schwinn seat to compensate. The seats themselves are comfortable, no rips, tears, etc. They arrived timely. Again, thank you!...more info
  • Seat is too Chubby!
    I felt the width of this seat interferred with the downward movement of my legs. I just couldn't get comfortable on it. Sit forward on the edge of a chair and try to bicycle your legs, you'll get what I mean. I took it back....more info
  • Not as Good as the Others Say
    I bought this seat pretty much on the recommendation of others who reviewed it here on Amazon. Unfortunately for me, it did not work out.

    The seat is not that wide (10 inches) compared to many other "comfort" saddles although the price is definitely right--about $30 cheaper than any other seat in the "comfort saddle" type category on the web.

    I used this on an electric scooter and I could not tip the seat forward like so many can do on a regular bicycle. Because of that, the full support effect of the wide saddle was lost. It was more uncomfortable than the seat I had, so I went out and purchased another saddle.

    I would say that if you can tip this saddle forward for your butt adjustment, you will be okay. But if you have a fixed seat post of some kind that makes forward/backward adjustment of the seat impossible, go with another wide saddle....more info
  • Bicycle Seat
    This seat was for my wife after trying several seat she is happy with this one. She rides several miles each day and the seat has mate the ride more confortable. If any thing happened to this one would have to have another...more info
  • Doesn't work for me
    I like the idea of this seat, especially its width, but I also feel less secure while I'm riding. I had no idea that I was using the horn/nose to balance and stay on the seat, but I must be. I probably could become used to this one, but life is short, so I've chosen a wider seat with a horn....more info
  • interesting idea, bad execution
    During my cross country cycling trek earlier this year, I tried out one of those Schwinn "no pressure" saddles. The experiment lasted all of 5 miles as I traversed Tallahasee, FL

    Waste of time and $20. I know what they are trying to do - which is recreate that short-lived rocker saddle from a few years back, but putting any real torque on this thing causes one (or at least me) to slide right off it - or I'd have to set it at a bizarre angle and not really be able to sit on it. Once I hit the St Marks trail extension, I swapped out my regular saddle and left the Schwinn saddle with the groundskeeper at the St Mark's trail Trailhead. I hoped that maybe someone else can make better use of it.

    A for effort, F for execution.

    You're really better off getting a real saddle regardless of your physique. ...more info
  • Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat
    I had difficulty getting used to mine and actually replaced it with the original bike seat.I found controlling the bike uneasy and could not seem to get it adjusted properly. My wife really likes hers though....more info
  • Riding Comfort
    A great comfortable saddle for the leisure cyclist. You can ride for hours and your privates never hurt or go numb. ...more info
  • Great idea, but.....
    I am new to cycling and found my saddle uncomfortable to say the least. I tried this saddle, thinking that without the horn, my female parts would be happier. It's true there is little discomfort but I felt as if I being forced forward and my wrists took all my upper body weight. Plus, turning felt very unsafe. I am going to tough it out on my current saddle, and returned this one....more info
  • Requires Adjusting
    Just got this seat and my instant reaction was "oh my god this is aweful." Feel like I have to keep myself from pitching off the bike face forward by using all my arm strength. Will try lowering the seat, but according to basic bicycling ergonomics, that'll make the pedals too close, and I expect trouble there. Then will look at raising the handlebars. The people that love it here all claim you have to stick with it and get the adjustments ust right. I'm willing to try - but the message to Schwinn is clear --> you need to send some documentation with this seat about how to adjust it different than your old seat. Otherwise this product will be a real clunker. It *does not* just pop on and replace the old seat at the same angles. Still, I love my manly bits enough to tool around with it a little....more info
  • Bought for Schwinn Airdyne Bike
    This seat fits nicely on the Schwinn aerodyne style bikes. I purchased this seat because I ride bicycles (stationary and non-stationary) often. Article after article in men's health style magazines now state how terrible standard bike seats are for a man's "plumbing." I knew this wasn't fiction; the more I biked the more I noticed pain and other issues in the long term. After buying this seat, I noticed a return to normalcy. I can't give it 5 stars because the seat is not super comfortable and gives the feeling like you may slide off, though the "falling" sensation isn't profound. I got used to it after a few weeks of riding. However, I think its less than perfect comfort makes up for its health benefits....more info
  • Comfortable Seat
    Great seat. Million percent better than the original which was a pain in the ... Needs some easy adjustments. Worth every cent....more info
  • Seat small for adults
    This seat was too small for me, an adult of 6 ft and 150 lbs. I could not position it for comfort because of the size. I do not recommend it for the average adult....more info
  • great painless alternative!!!!
    I hate regular bicycle seats because i have a big butt and i am female and it hurts after a while. This seat is an excellent alternative to a saddle. there is no pain at all! the only thing i dont like is the frequency in which i have to re-tighten the seat to my bike, i am not sure why but it lossens itself very often. I would highly recommend this product!!...more info
  • no presssure bike seat
    this seat was just what my wife needed. she has had two knee replacements, and the original seat made it hard for her to ride just right...more info
  • Ow ow OW!
    I bought this seat for my Schwinn cruiser. I found it very uncomfortable and hard---I could feel every bump. I'm 5'5", about 130 lbs., not a big girl by any means. I could not get the seat to move back far enough; it made me feel like I was too close to the handlebars. It cut into the backs of my legs and they started to go numb, even after tilting it forward. It also made my back curve in, which started to hurt, too. I'm exchanging mine. ...more info
  • For Real Men, With Real Butts and Real Plumbing
    I bought a Raleigh GRUV bicycle a few months ago so I could do some riding with my girlfriend. The GRUV is an odd looking machine, but it was absolutely the most comfortable bike I test rode. Having not been on a bicycle for over 25 years, I wanted to build some endurance before I got together with my gal for a pleasant weekend ride. After my short "practice" rides in the evenings, I suffered from some mild but noticeable numbness in unmentionable, "manly" areas. I never suffered from this when I was a youngster, so I figured it would pass after I got used to riding again. I figured wrong. I went for my much anticipated weekend "date ride" (about 10 miles worth of nice, paved trails). By the end of the trip, the "comfortable" stock seat on that bike had caused many miserable and painful "sensations". So I did some research and came-up with the Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat. Ordered it right here off of Amazon. Installed easily on the seat post that came with the bike. Took a bit of adjusting to get the height set where I wanted it. It seems more comfortable when it is positioned a little lower than a regular style seat. GOOD LORD what a difference! It does take a bit of getting use to, but once you get the feel of it, you'll love it!! Now I can ride for hours and when I'm done, I don't feel like an alien abduction victim who's been "probed". It's not a 100% solution to the "male pressure" problem - but pretty darn close!! If you're a casual bike rider, looking for a comfortable seat, give this one a shot. I'm betting you (and your private parts) will be much pleased and satisfied!!...more info
  • Terrible
    I bought this saddle just to see how it would work. In order to pedal, the seat either has to be lowered significantly, or you have to sit on the edge of it. Either way, on the downstroke, the corners of the seat dig into the insertion points of your hamstrings. You lose a lot of power, and expend a lot of energy trying to stay on the seat. Don't buy it. Buy the E3 Form Gel instead....more info
  • Very nice seat, very comfortable.
    I bought this seat for my Huffy cruiser and I'm very pleased with it. It rides really comfortable if your a big guy like me. I weight a little over 200 lbs. and it's nice to find a seat that I can actually feel supporting me. This bike came with a little hard seat that I don't know how anyone can actually ride on. This seat is nice and wide and just about like sitting on a small chair. If your going to ride very far and want comfort then this is the seat for you. This is the best bike seat I have ever ridden on and I highly recommend this seat....more info
  • Works well on cruiser
    This seat works well on my Electra cruiser. The pedals are forward and I sit straight up. So there is no pressure on my hands.

    It took some tinkering to get the angle right. Tilt the seat a bit too far forward and you do feel like you are going to slide off. A bit far backward, the front of the seat hurts the back of your legs. But I was able to get it right.

    There doesn't seem to be any loss of control. There might be if you were doing hardcore racing or mountain biking.

    With the stock seat, I felt like some things had been cut off down there after a ride, if you know what I mean. No feeling in certain appendages. Not a problem now....more info
  • Kind between your legs but better for high handlebar bikes
    I got this seat for my mountain bike because I realized that I wasn't a hardcore mountain biker who wants the lightest seat possible with best control; I'm a casual city rider who hates pain between the legs and worries about his man parts. So I was looking for a comfort seat. I compared this with the seats that have two pads and have glowing reviews from people with prostate problems and this was, well, cheaper. It also looks a bit more comfy.

    This seat is comfortable to sit on. Very comfortable. Like an office chair or better. If all we did on bikes was sit, this would be the best seat money can buy. However, we also pedal on bikes, and that creates a bit of a problem. Specifically, as you pedal your legs push down on the front edge of the seat on the downstroke and after a while it hurts. Normal bikes (not the cruiser kind) have the center of the pedals right under the seat. That's fine if your seat is a narrow ridge that is squashing your man parts and your legs are dangling off the sides, but if you are sitting on a nice comfy office chair seat, your legs come out in front. So the situation is not optimal. That's why most other prostate protecting comfort seats look really scary: the pads are out behind the seat post, so the post is precariously positioned between your legs. I haven't really tried them, so I won't comment more on them.

    Anyway, if you have a bike with a comparatively upright natural position (high handle bars and the like) and especially if you have a bike that has the pedals out in front of the seat, then you are going to absolutely love this seat. When you just sit in it, there really is no pressure. It's shaped like your backside. It's padded. It's really nice.

    But I don't have one of those bikes. I have a trek 4500 mountain bike. So here's how I handled it...

    At first I lowered the seat, but it feels funny because your knees go out in front and then bend almost underneath you, putting an undue proportion of the work on your thighs. So I raised it up to normal seat height (about the height of the handlebars). Then we run into the upper leg pain from the front edge of the seat. The manual says to keep the seat level, but what do they know? so I angled the seat forward. Ahhh, very comfortable to pedal. And if I want to just sit and coast, I can sit just a bit farther back, almost on the back edge. Not as comfy as an office chair, but pretty good still. I can sit or pedal on this forever (from a soft tissue point of view). Pain between my legs? Zero. Worries for my future sexual prowess? Zero. I love this seat and this setup. When I see a bump on the road, I don't worry about lifting myself off to prevent nasty shocks being transmitted to my most delicate areas. I just sit down and relax. Shocks are spread throughout your bottom. Ahhhh. Makes me want to invest in a recumbent bike next time.

    But is there a downside? Oh yes, having the seat angled forward puts a lot of your weight on your handlebars. Result: a crazy workout for your arms. I don't think I have sufficient arm strength to ride this all day long. I never really ride more than my 5 mile commute anyway, so I don't mind a bit. In fact, it's kind of nice. Now riding my bike gives me wicked triceps as well as amazing leg muscles.

    So what I'm saying here is, you need to adjust adjust adjust this seat until it's right. Try crazy positions. You might end up very happy like me. Or maybe not.

    There's some talk here about trouble controlling the bike. I haven't noticed any significant changes from a horned seat. I guess I wasn't using the horn between my legs much for control. I tend to keep my hands on the handlebars. One time I do notice things a little funny is when I get up to pedal hard for some reason. That's fine, but then when I go to sit back down, my backside has to feel around quite a bit more before I find the seat than it did when I used horned seats. It's not a big deal. Certainly it won't make me want to trade this seat in for anything else.

    What would I tell the schwinn people if I was giving them feedback? Well, they should probably address the issue of the seat positioning the rider too far forward on the bike. I wouldn't go to an extreme and start changing fundamentals, but they could have the little bars under the seat that attach to the post come forward just a bit more than they do. That would probably open up this seat to a lot of people. Other than that the design is pretty great.

    This seat has eliminated all my backside and between-the-legs pain, which was seriously hindering my enjoyment of cycling. Forget all those people saying you should wear special biking shorts (yeah right), get your seat professionally microfit (doesn't help), or just wait out the pain. This seat takes some adjustment and a bit of getting used to, but I would never go back. In fact, without this seat I won't cycle. ...more info


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