Syphon Filter Dark Mirror

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Product Description

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror gives you a dangerous job to perform, as you push yourself to the limits. Become Gabe Logan, as you handle the missions that are too politically sensitive for a standard military strike.

  • Utilize deadly force and the most advanced weaponry and high-tech equipment imaginable
  • Take down hostiles who feature awareness, behaviors and communications based on player actions
  • Precision aiming, melee attacks and target enhancements provide plausible deniability to any action
  • Online strike teams (2 person teams) match up against each other in a battle for competing objectives

Customer Reviews:

  • Gotta pick this game up!
    Of all the games out there for psp, this is the one you want. With its awesome single player mode, and the robust multiplayer, Its a must have for all gamers. I've finished this game several times on single player, and have played tons of multiplayer. How can you compare other games to this one? You have to actually play DM before you see how a psp game should look and play. The feedback from the people who own this game are proof, and if you dont believe them look at the reviews, and the ratings its getting.

    Out of 14 reviews it still carries an average of 92% ! The highest rated game to date on the PSP!Do yourself a favor and pick this beauty up!...more info
  • Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
    this game was fun once I mastered the controls. I don't recommend the training level (it's boring and timed), it's a lot easier just to go into a mission and learn the controls by trial and error. As with all shooter games for the PSP the controls are awkward and take some time to get used to. There is plenty of ammunition and weaponry so that is never a problem. The game is interesting and isn't very hard once you get down the basics. I recommend this game for those who like shooters, just be patient with it. ...more info
  • best Syphon Filter yet!
    I've been a huge fan of Syphon Filter ever since Syphon FIlter came out for PS1. 1 was a classic, 2 a bit lacking in the graphics but great storyline, and 3 man, what a game!
    Omega Strain I didnt like too much. BUT, Dark Mirror is the absolute BEST to date. Amazing storyline, the graphics are unbelievable for a hand held game! While the controls took a bit of gettng used to, the training levels take care of that in no time. This is a MUST HAVE PSP game. If you dont believe me, try for yourself you wont regret it....more info
  • Must-buy for third-person fans
    Syphon Filter is definitely one of the best shooters for the PSP.
    It has console-quality graphics and gameplay. The CQC controls make the game more interesting. Instead of the safe MK23sd headshots, I try to sneak up on terrorists and knife them. The locations for the missions are very creative and not the usual Eastern European city, SE Asian/S.American jungles. They also feature interactive environments with oil barrels, artillery shells and other explosive/deadly items. Gameplay can be stealthy sometimes, action the rest of the times. Some levels can be done either way. Unlockable content makes you return to the missions to play them another way (stealth, sniping, environmental kills) to unlock new guns, abilities, and even missions. Unlocked content is available for use in online play.
    Online play in infrastructure is good, but you MUST play single player to understand the levels. If you expect a SOCOM style level with somewhat distinct bases, this isn't it: Spawns are randomly placed on the map. Good to prevent spawncampers, but less teamplay unless you play the single player-based objective games.
    Very dark-if you play in a car or on a bus you WILL suffer eyestrain headaches.
    Not as stealthy as some spy games....more info
  • In Love with PSP
    Although I am stuck at the moment, I really enjoy this game. Delivered fast and on time....more info
  • One of the best shooters on PSP - Better than SOCOM 2
    Syphon Filter is a great shooting game and it's mandatory for PSP owners to pick it up. The controls are great. Uses the analog stick to move. Uses the buttons to aim. Uses the D-Pad to take out items, jump, climb, crawl, and etc. It has a great online play. Up to 8 players in several maps. Best
    of PSP's online play. You can play in several different modes and chat, but most of the time you will get paired up with someone too easy or too hard which is a problem. The graphics and sound are great. The gameplay is similar to James Bond, but better. You can use plenty of gadgets and shoot with plenty of weapons. There is training and muliplayer. The game is fun and it is definitely something that will last you....more info
  • Simply Superb!
    "Dark Mirror" exceeded expectations by doing many things well, such as superb level design, smooth controls, sharp graphics, great sound, unlockable weapons, and a large variety of gadgets. The environment interactivity is impressive as well. The bottomline is gameplay far exceeds any shooter that has come out for the PSP. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE for all PSP owners!!!...more info
  • A must have...
    This game is incredible. This is easily the best game out for the PSP system to date. I read about it online and thought that it would be a good game to rent or borrow from a friend, but I purchased it when it came out and I have not been let down.


    This game plays really well. I thought the controls would be fairly complicated and require you to play the game with instruction manual on your lap but I was surprised how easy it is to control your character in the game. After the Training Missions I didn't have to look at the manual to find out how to perform certain moves, combat techniques, etc. During Gameplay, certain button strokes appear when your character can perform certain actions making it very easy to work with.

    The graphics are amazing. You can tell the programmers spent a lot of time figuring out how far they could push the PSP system and it paid off. I was amazed at the detail of the characters faces and the surroundings during gameplay.


    Again, hands down it has the best online game forum and matches for the PSP to date. If you get bored or stuck in the single player mode, you can switch over to some great challengers in multiplayer. I like that the missions aren't just "kill everything in sight" but I like the multiplayer mission where you have to work as a team to accomplish certain tasks that are board specific.

    The game is rated M for violence and language and I don't think it would be appropriate for young children. There is some strong language (very limited but still present) and there is violence but not as much as you would expect from a game of this type.

    I was also very impressed with the price. I would expect a game of this caliber to come out costing upwards of $49.99 but I was very pleased to see it was only $39.99. It is very worth the price!...more info
  • Cleverly entertaining
    I think SCEA did a great job creating this game. I thoroughly enjoyed the single-player missions. It had a rich, in-depth storyline, as well as character development.
    In the single-player part of the game, there are over hundreds of weapons and gadgets to choose from. Most of the guns and gadgets you have to unlock though, which gives a point of playing the game. You can also sneak behind an enemy and break his neck, slice him with a knife, or shoot him in the head. Whichever way works good for you. I also love the fact that each mission didn't take long at all to load. And you can easily get over 30+ hours from the single-player missions.
    This game easily outshines in graphics from the other games. The characters look great, texture, maps, and almost everything looks clean and smooth.
    Now for the online playing, I enjoyed it very much, however, there are only 4 or 5 small maps and you can have up to 8 players in the online playing. The controls will take about a week of getting used to, so don't get discouraged when you die in the first 10 seconds of playing! Eventually, you'll get the hang of it and will be able to shoot like the vets. There's also an awesome rank system in the game as well as clans. (Known as "cells" in the game.) Most of the people who play Socom play this game too. So be prepared for the cheating and rude language of the online play.
    This game gets very violent, and I also heard a few "F" words in the single-player part of the game (Non-stop language in the online playing). I'd reccomend this game to anyone who is mature enough to know and understand the consequences of abusing violence and language in real life. I know it sounds strict, but I don't think any youngsters should have this in their head.
    The only way to find out the surprises and adventures this game offers is to try it out yourself. Highly reccomended. 4/5...more info
  • Best Shooter for the PSP

    I own 12 PSP games currently, and I've sold off about 6 more. This by far is the best game I have played that maximizes what the PSP can do. As much as I love Burnout Legends and Daxter, this one ranks a little higher.

    The Good - User friendly controls, great sound, absolute beautiful graphics. This plays like a expensive demo that was tailored to show what the system can do. The difference being it is a full game with extended playability and multi-player action. If you had to rank a game #1 based on everything you want in a shooter, it would be this game. It has stealth, action, cool gadgets that are easy to get to and creativity with the story line.

    The Bad? There really isn't any negatives, unless you don't like shooters too much. The frame rate is smooth, and even the training mode is well designed and plays like a mission. You would be hard pressed to find a game that takes as much care in putting the absolute best product out for gamers.

    Overall, 5 stars and worth the money. If your thing is multi-player you will definitely like this game. Huge replayability here. If you prefer solo, the game will last you a long time and be challenging. This one is somewhat of a hidden gem based on the few reviews, I highly recommend it for shooter enthusiasts. ...more info
  • Flagship game for the PSP
    When Sony decided to go into the handheld gaming market, I think they wanted to appeal to the same demographic as their big brother console. And that means attracting a more mature audience. Nintendo tends to capture the "family" market, which isn't a bad thing.
    I say this because if there's any game that truly defines and epitomizes what the PSP is all about, then Syphon Filter Dark Mirror is that game. This game represents all that the PSP is capable of. It is to bad that other developers have not pushed their resources for their games to be this good in so many ways. Everything from graphics, controls, to the all-important fun factor is on point with this title. The storyline is engaging, the levels are beautifully rendered, and the missions are diverse. You really do feel like the character you're controlling in the game, that's how good it is. I have read complaints about the boss characters not being so over-the-top like in other games. That doesn't matter so much to me, because as you go up against them, it still requires skill, patience, trial, and error to beat them. That's the challenge and the fun of any video game. If anyone gets a Sony PSP, then this is the first game they should buy....more info
  • this is NOT a first person shooter people!
    I've read reviews here that say it's a first person shooter. It's not, it is a third person shooter I don't know where they got that idea. The cover system works very well. There are a nice array of weapons, although some of them are just the same gun with a different look. The darts are a nice feature too. Single player is surprisingly lengthy. Once you beat it you'll want to go back and use the mission select to try and meet certain objectives such as killing a certain amount of guys using stealth, knife, head shots, dart, and environmental kills to unlock new weapons and equipment. however it can be very difficult. the controls work well for general aiming and shooting, HOWEVER once you need to zoom in to take out an enemy or make a precise head shot, controls are troublesome. And it does take a while to fully get used to the controls.

    overall, one of the best psp games ever. Hopefully the sequel will be tweaked to fix some of dark mirror's flaws. (yes there is going to be a sequel)...more info
  • hitherto, the best game for PSP
    To sum the whole thing up - if you had only one game you could buy for your PSP, let it be this. Even if you don't like first person shooters, get it.

    Syphon Filter is the best first person shooter - action game out there for PSP, hands down. You get a single player mode "story mode" which runs like a charm. The graphics are astounding, taking the PSP to another level. The controls feel right - finally, developers have thought to take full use of all the pads and buttons in a reasonable way.

    You play as a super-secret, ex-delta force type, undercover agent. Your mission is to find and destroy Project Dark Mirror. You get a wide range of weapons, but if you are good, you can use a special mode (using a range of goggles) to find secret passages and ways of finishing a level. This means that you can sneak your way without causing much trouble. One of the wonderful things about this game is stealth and the ability to `snap-on' to walls and boxes. You can peek over the side and take out enemies without stirring a mouse. Alternatively you can jump out and take on dozens of enemies.

    This leads to the only two points of the game that are a letdown. The AI is predictable, and sometime stupid. It's not uncommon to see enemies fall victim to their own mines or walk into your path as you destroy them with your EDT gun. Or you can use hand to hand combat, a knife, special darts, or normal guns. Using these things earns points for earning rewards and unlocking bonus levels. The other thing is - why isn't the game play longer? Seven acts with around five scenes per act make for too short a game.

    There is a multiplayer mode as well, for people who like that. (Ad-Hoc + Infrastructure)

    GRAPHICS: 9/10 (Best graphics and cut-scenes of all time)

    SOUND: 7/10 (The sound is really great - not complaining, since you can't have it all)

    CONTROLS: 10/10 (Flawless - you can crouch, look over corners, activate a scope, zoom, and snipe, all at once, without getting frustrated)

    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (Moderately difficult - some guys are mounted on turrets! Difficulty falls tremendously since you can sneak around, using stealth to eliminate much of the opposition)

    LOAD TIMES: LOW (The load times are not bad at all - plus, you get briefed during the loading screen)

    OVERALL: 9/10 (Isn't a 10 where you see god or something? Just kidding - the game could easily be a ten if it was 50% longer)

    ...more info
  • Dark Mirror
    *This game has great graphics for the psp and the controls worked well (i didn't use the targeting). It is a long game compared to many other PSP titles.
    *The levels were fun at first but then it got repetitive and none of the bosses were challenging until the last, and he was only challenging because i had a quarter of my health when i started the battle.
    *The story was pretty good, but the end seemed rushed.
    *My main problem was with weapons and the fact that a pistol could get a headshot from way further than its actual range.
    *The AI is another problem. When an enemy comes out of cover and one shoots them, they go back into cover, then come back out in the same exact position. This eliminates the challenge since i was not using auto-aim (since it wasted too much ammo).
    *I heard online for this game was amazing, but found that it pales in comparison to several of my other games....more info
  • True potential of your PSP comes to light with Syphon Filter. The best FPS for PSP..
    I already own a lot of games with my PSP, but i shoulf say Syphon filter is my all time favourite. The story is awesome, really thrilling and keeps you hooked to the psp till you finish it and know who is the "Bad-guy". Game play is the best, i mean The Best.... I loved the game play of Burnout legends the most till i played the Syphon filter.. Its a stunner.. very smooth, uses the potential of the PSP to the max, you'll actually forget that you are playing on a portable console.. The day i got this game i played for 6 hrs straight with out even a bath room break.. Its got killer graphics.. The weapons are great and real fun to use especially the one which "Electricultes" the enemy.. The learning curve i would say is 30-45 mins depending on your gaming experiences with PSP.. i took 35 mins to flawlessly use the controls.. The game play is not very tough nor is it average.. Its definitely not a easy grass-walk !!!! I would say its in between medium and tough which is great because it can keep you on for a longer time and would be nice and challenging rather, unlike burnout legeds which was really easy and i could finish it in 2 days..

    Fun: 9/10
    game play: 10/10
    graphics: 9/10
    story line: 9.5/10
    how does it compare for me: Better than 100 percent of the games that i've played..

    Recomended: Absolutely. A Must have PSP game !!...more info
  • It doesn't end after you beat the game.
    You can unlock all kinda weapons in mission mode. Secrets galore. More than one way to play a mission and more.........more info
  • Awesome game
    This game is very awesome! There is a wide variety of guns to use. The enemies are pretty smart and won't be killed that easily. The new gadgets add a bit of gameplay into the game. The plot wasn't that good, but overall the game was great....more info
  • Syphon Filter - Dark Mirror made me fall in love with my PSP.
    Syphon Filter - Dark Mirror made me fall in love with my PSP. Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of first/third person shooters.. that is unless the physics, controls, and gameplay are downright fun and then I give in. Syphon Filter ranks up there as one of the best games I have ever played. I know that's a tall statement.. but this is definitely one of the best PSP games on the market and the effort put into making this play so well on a portable unit is huge. Most easily said -- its fun. The control scheme lets you mimic dual-analog control by using buttons creatively while the menu and weapons interfaces are intuitive. This game hasn't left my PSP since I got it last week.. I think GTA is getting jealous. ...more info
  • The best syphon filter ever
    I bought this game when it was $50 and have no regrets. This series is the best on psx and psp is taking it to another level. Graphics are great and gameplay is awesome. There is tons of options to unlock and you can sync it with ps2 syphon filter. In conclusion i would like to say is that SYPHON FILTER IS THE GREATEST PSP GAME OF ALL TIME. Also I'm playing syphon filter 3 on ps1 and that is one of the best games for that system. If your thinking about buying this game do not hesitate. Also multiplayer is feature is awesome. See you on line. ...more info
  • One of the best PSP games
    This game is really a treat. I was a huge fan of the old Syphon Filter games on the PS and this one continues the legacy....more info
  • Best PSP game ever made!!!!!!
    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror is the best PSP game!! Its far better than the PS2 game Omega Strain. The controls are very easy and the weapons rock! The story is great! I would have to give this game 100.0...more info
  • Very nice FPS game !!!
    This is my first FPS game on PSP and I must say that the
    implementation and the gameplay went beyond my expectations.
    +Reasonable controls, easy to get used to.
    +Varying degrees of difficulty.
    +Low cost!

    +Way TOO short !!!
    ...more info
  • And I thought Gta was good
    Wow, I thought GTA was good, I thought battle front was good, I even thought Socom was good,but this game kills them all. If you like a good shooter, mixed with quick thinking and smart tactics with loads of actiong, this is the game for you.

    Now some of you know that some games that were on home video counsels are crying for another analog stick, not this one. They made it simple, and perfect, I myself, have only done 2 missions and all the tranings (to beat the record of course), and I know the controls off the top of my head. If you're noy sure what game to get, like stuck on splinter cell, and this, you should definitely buy this. Because splinter cell NEEDS a second analog stick, you could tell the creaters had a huge struggle trying to put splinter cell on a portable coucel.

    And you may be wondering if the graphics are any good? There amazing, literally ps2 graghics and the best graphics on the psp system. I know this because you must update your psp to "2.6" before you play, and this is the highest the psp has seen. The closest was king kong (which was too short of a game so don't buy it) with a "2.5" update. And gta,bf,socom, are all "2.0" updates. Meaning if you thought the graghics on gta were good, imagine what 6 extra points will do.

    Overall, I find the game perfect and well thought out. The company definitely worked away at it to get it just right. And to give you an idea of how great the game is, in training, you don't actually kill people like in spiderman 2, they give you a paintball gum.A paintball gun! That's going the extra step right there. Oh, and if your afraid of the game not having any cool stealth kills, there are some, and yes, of course, there's the knife kill.

    SO I hope you liked my review, but now, get off your ass and make 40 bucks as fast as you can and buy this game, GO RIGHT NOW! Stop reading review's to see if it's good, it is. SO GO !

    P.S. If you want some movies and/or screenshot of the game go to info
  • Revived my PSP...
    ...well after beating Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max on my PSP numerous times I got tired of my PSP in general and stopped playing it for a while. One day I was at the store and saw this game, so I decided to pick it up, after all I decided it could not be as bad as the piece of crapp Rengoku or Dead To Rights for the PSP. Let me just say this: this game impressed the heck out of me. It has a great story, great controls (you can adjust them), and various difficulty settings. After having started playing it I could not stop so for a week I played it non-stop until I beat it. Another great thing is that as you beat the game and find secret evidence you unlock new weapons, which you can later use if you replay a mission. There are also a bunch of bonus missions which are fun. I hear the multiplayer is good too, but I couldn't tell you since I've only played single player. This game will definetely make a worthy addition to your PSP library. ...more info
  • a kid's review
    This game is the best action packed shooter/ fighting game EVER If you want to have fun shooting guys and blowin them up and cuting their throats and electricuting them go fr it relllllly fun...more info
  • Instant Classic
    This game is the kind of game that you will remember playing 10 years from now. This game is belongs in the videogame hall of fame. It was extremely well done and the developers, designers, etc deserves a great deal of praise. I play this on the train to work and it makes a boring trip pass by. This is my favorite PSP game. SOCOM is a great game, but Syphon Filter makes that game seem boring by comparison....more info
  • Best FPS on psp that I have played
    I got this mostly because of the "greatest hits" title. It most certainly deserves its title.

    Graphics - The graphis are stunning. I haven't experienced a single glitch. You get to see all kinds of amazing settings and they all have bright and seemless visuals.

    Controls - this was the most suprising part part of the game. It was incredible what they were able to do with the psp's controls and cramped space. It is easy to do everything that is needed. Very creative and easy to pick up controls.

    Gameplay- All kinds of cool weapons. Great missions. Captivating storyline...more info
    this game is great! i got it and couldn't stop playing. its like splinter cell but better. you can ghost people blood goes every where. you can play online and chat with friends it's pretty cool...more info
  • My Opinion:Syphon Filter:Dark Mirror is the Best PSP game at the moment.
    Why do people think GTA:Liberty City Stories is?,Rockstar did a great job with it and it is remincent of its PS2 counterparts,but GTA has turned from a simply FUN series to the most over-rated thing to be put onto game-store shelves,thats why I no longer like GTA anymore,I honestly prefer Mercenaries:Playground Of Destruction to GTA:San Andreas.
    Anyways this gem,Syphon Filter:Dark Mirror is nothing short of subperb,in both single player and online,its SOLID.
    It being a stealth-action game puts the crad-based Metal Gear Ac!d games and Splinter Cell:Essnetials to shame,although not as heavily based on stealth as they are.
    There is a new Metal Gear game coming to PSP winter 2006,its called "Metal Gear Solid:Portable Ops" which will be the first true Metal Gear game on PSP,you play as Big Boss or Naked Snake,the guy you play in Metal Gear Solid 3 on the PS2(which is a GOLD game),six years after his mission:Op:SNAKE EATER where his former unit FOX has revolted against the government,he must stop him,but this time he can`t go alone so he must recruit people in to his own squad of mercenries to fight against FOX.
    People say MPO(Metal Gear Solid:Portable Ops) will be better than SF:DM,and i personally think so too,but I`ll have to wait and see.
    MPO has also be announced to be recieving several sequels,so my PSP is about to get even more hotter than it is now.
    lol =)...more info
  • Best game ever
    OK....if you are reading this then you probably have or want a psp...if so then you want a game.....BUY THIS GAME!!!!!
    This game is the best avalible for the PSP. Yes there are other good ones but this does for the psp what Halo did for the XBOX and what metal gear solid did for the ps2. It is a shooter ( the only good one for the psp).
    You are like a special ops kind of guy that does what you are told....but who cares...this game kicks BUY IT!!!! ...more info
  • Strongly Recommended
    This is an outstanding PSP selection. The creators somehow made me feel like I was actually completing a James Bond mission on my train ride to work. I don't know how they made the weapon handling work so well on the PSP, but it does. GET THIS GAME! (I have no association with any of the people or companies involved with Syphon Filter Dark Mirror.)...more info
  • Great Game
    Definitely one of the best games available for the PSP. Resisitance Retribution is also fantastic game so make you check that one out if you like shooting games....more info
  • One of the best PSP games I've played to date.
    I was worried when they started bringing shooters out on the PSP. I've grown accustomed to the dual analog sticks on the PS2 and Xbox. And was worried how I would be able to pull off the move and shoot. After about a 30 minute learning period with Syphon Filter, I was already smashing the time records in training mode. Which was definitly another benefit to the game. There are four training missions you can choose to play to get accustomed to the game. They range from basic movement to a sniper mission. The controls will take some getting used to since you use the analog stick for movement and the x, circle, square and triangle buttons to look in different directions. But once you get used to them you'll be running and gunning with the best of them. On easy mode the game took me approximatly 12 hrs to beat. However, I take my time trying to acheive every side mission. The average gamer will get a good 8-10 hrs out of the game. You also have the option to replay any level that you have already beat to attempt to get more steath, environmental, dart, or headshot kills. When such goals are acheived you can unlock alternate levels and weapons that you can used in the mission mode. I have about 22 hrs total in the game and I still have not unlocked everything. So there is some replayability in the game. Unlike Daxter for the PSP, I played it through and even though it was a great game I had no desire to pick it back up.

    Syphon Filter is a great action shooter game. It combines the usual elements you expect and even some steath and spy maneuvers. In fact several levels are signifigantly easier if you take your time to use steath to eliminate your enemies. You can always go in guns blazing but that does not always work out. Again there is about a 30 minute learning curve. But it is fairly easy to get accustomed to the controls and go about your merry way stabbing and shooting. The only real complaint I have about the game is several times I performed a steath kill, it would not register on the player stats page and could not reach the goal for a level. Which was pretty annoying at time since I was so close to unlocking another weapon. Other than that its a great game....more info
  • Worth getting a PSP for.
    First off, I'd like to say I wasn't expecting this game to be at all what it is. I was expecting a half-assed game that was similar to the crap heap Syphon Filter; but I was wrong. Why? Because this game is amazing. I saw the reviews of 9 and above all over the net, so I decided to rent this. I am glad I did. It is just a fantastic game that blends in Goldeneye 007 gameplay in with Spinter Cell. Here is my review:

    Graphics: 9.5/10. Some of the best graphics ever on a PSP game. The ingame graphics are great, but the video's ( like the one at the beginning of the game ) is absolutely stunning. They look damn realistic, the only real problem is that the lips don't move realistically; other then that; these are some freakishly nice looking graphics even for the PSP.

    Sound: 9/10. Nice voice-overs. Nice gun sounds. It's all really good but nothing special. Hell, there is music in the background at times; and you hear chitchat among A.I. characters.

    Control: 9/10. Really quite similar to SOCOM Fireteam Bravo in ways... you can use L to lock on, and R to fire at the guy, or to look around you can use the triangle, circle, X, and O buttons. The controls can definitely be frustrating at times though because it can be a matter of life or death depending on how quick you can line the crosshairs up on a guy long range before he kills you.

    Fun: 9/10. I've only played single player ( my wifi is broken at the moment ) and so far I am amazed at how spectacular this game is. It took me about 10-15 minutes to get used to the controls, the graphics look amazing, the sound fits well, and it's just an awesome game to play. If you like playing games like Splinter Cell, SOCOM, or hell, just shooting games in general, you have to play this. It's confusing, hard, and aggrivating at times, but after you get through it you won't experience it for awhile. This game really is just a some-what difficult game, but for the most part, it isn't bad at all. Even if you don't like shooters; this is still worth a look. I haven't even PLAYED the Multiplayer yet; that has to be some killer stuff. Have fun.

    9.2/10...more info
  • PSP game -Syphon Filter Dark Mirror
    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror

    Not for small and young children - rated M
    Grandson like this game....more info
  • Fun, but not as good as some of the hype
    I got this because somebody on Gamespot said that it 'defined the PSP platform'. Well, it's a pretty good game anyway, and probably the best shooter for the PSP.

    The good :
    It is pretty long and has beautiful cutscenes and fantastic sound. The levels get better as you play. Some of the first levels were really small and cheezy. Towards the end, there are some pretty neat things.

    The game physics are really nice (you can shoot someone in the knee with a 357 and they will fall on their face, then get up and limp, explosions cause rag doll effects etc).

    The sniper rifle is a lot of fun once you get it down. Its pretty fun to pick off the bad guys using it.

    The not so good :
    The bosses in this game are LAME! Regular guys in bulletproof suits of some kind except for one tank. When you throw a grenade
    (which you need for the last few bosses), the whole PSP grinds to a halt so you can't switch easily to a gun in time to shoot the boss when his suit is powered down. (I guess it is calculating the grenades effects and can't hear the buttons).

    A lot of levels are dark so its hard to see in normal lighting.

    There usually are no more than 2 or three enemies on the screen at once. Probably not enough horsepower for more. Good bosses would have made up for that. Even Sonic on the Genesis had enough horsepower for a challenging boss every level....more info
  • terrific.
    I have everything unlocked, tons of game play. Better than Metal Gear solid acid. At least you have freemode, and don't have to take turns fighting, or choosing a card to use on your enemies....more info


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