Panasonic SR-NA10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker/Warmer with Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology
Panasonic SR-NA10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker/Warmer with Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology

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Product Description


  • 5-1/2-cup rice cooker/warmer with advanced Fuzzy Logic technology
  • 8 menu settings include 6 rice functions, plus steam and cake baking
  • 24-hour clock; 2 preset timers; 12-hour keep-warm; nonstick-coated pan
  • Dishwasher-safe steaming basket, measuring cup, scoop, and holder included
  • Measures 13-1/5 by 9-8/9 by 7-8/9 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Maces great rice and plays music too!
    I assume this one works pretty dang well too, but I realize that this is the one we bought for a relative, and that I actually own this one: Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White...more info
  • Good product
    I love the timer function - super convenient. It's a good size too - doesn't take up too much counter space, and it's not an eye-sore either. The very first time I used it, though, the rice kind of had a chemically taste, so we just tossed it. I've used it several more times and it hasn't had that taste since... so I would recommend making a test/practice serving. This is the first rice cooker I've had, and I'm very happy with it (look forward to trying the steam function!)....more info
  • Very handy appliance
    This product does what I want it to do. My last rice cooker was a cheap $25 model that I rarely used because I wasn't satisfied with the rice it made. I was a little surprised by the price of this Panasonic model, but I'm very satisfied with it. I've been using it about once or twice a week since my purchase two months ago.

    I've not been too adventuresome--just regular white rice or brown rice--but it does a very good job. I'm especially pleased with the heater (keeps rice warm for hours), the timer, and how easy clean-up is.

    If there's a negative, it's the user manual. I own a number of Panasonic appliances, and they all have lousy manuals. Fortunately, most of the commands are intuitive....more info
  • it cooks rice really well
    it looks very trendy and also works really well. i find the timer option really useful....more info
  • Outstanding design. Outstanding product. Outstanding rice!
    The Panasonic SR-NA10 is a fantastic appliance for preparing rice. We've used several different rice cookers in the past, but none have been as versatile as this unit. Very easy to use interface, great non-stick rice pan, easy to clean, and the easy to read countdown timer allows you time everything getting to the table together.

    As for food quality, let me summarize like this: Our children both now love brown rice.

    Great product. Well done!...more info
  • Excellent small rice cooker
    I purchased the Panasonic SR-NA-10 unit as a replacement for a National SR-EA-10N that was destroyed by an extreme electrical power surge at my home. The National unit was made in Japan and a very solid performer making excellent rice if a somewhat basic fuzzy logic design. I selected the Panasonic unit as a replacement because it appeared to be the model most similar to my old cooker and I wasn't disappointed.

    It has more features, is a bit smaller outside and cooks more types of rice using its own logic. I have been quite satisfied with both white and brown rice results to date although it takes quite a bit longer to cook than the old unit did. The quick cook selection is fast and produces results close to the National unit. The only complaint I have with the unit is that it is difficult to see the exact water level inside the dark pan and it is important to get it right for good rice. The price of the Panasonic unit is much less than I paid for the old model several years ago, so all considered it is an excellent product for the money and produces very good rice, both white and brown.

    It is now plugged into a surge protector as everything connected through surge protectors survived the high energy surge that destroyed the transformer on the power pole.
    ...more info
  • Perfect rice
    This rice cooker does a great job with brown and white rice - I have not tried the other features yet. It's a little complicated to figure out how to work beyond the pre-sets, which take extra time, but the texture of the finished product is wonderful. Be sure to rinse your rice well before cooking....more info
  • As good as I expected
    Have no problem with the unit. Seems like the cooker has a clock itself. Not sure how to replace the battery after years....more info
  • Great product!!
    I had been thinking of getting a rice cooker for several months, but was hesitant to do so. After all, how hard is it to make rice? You just boil the little bags in water, or you use minute rice, right? Who needs or has room for another kitchen appliance? Well, due to a recent illness, I've had to make some dietary changes and found that I was eating alot more rice, so I asked my husband to get me this cooker for my birthday. I wish I had gotten it sooner! I can't believe the difference in the taste of the rice. Now I'm able to experiment with different types of rice (jasmine, basmati, risotto, etc) rather than just always using the boil-in-bag or minute rice types (ok, so I'm a "rice novice"). The rice tastes great and the machine is so easy to use and clean. My son, who was never a big fan of rice, loves how it tastes after being cooked in this machine and is actually eating it more often. Since this is my first rice cooker, I can't really compare it to any other brands, but I'd definitely recommend it. Like some other reviews said, I don't like the fact that you can't replace the battery yourself, but rather have to send it out to get it done. That's the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5....more info
  • High price, but quite nice and it makes rice!
    I've owned a few rice cookers in the past, but this one is by far my favorite. (Keep in mind that I've only used it to cook Jasmine rice so far). The rice turns out perfect every time. I've kept rice warm for as long as 25 hours in the unit and even at 25 hours (although the rice is a bit dryer than freshly cooked); it was still quite good considering the amount of time it was kept warm. The non-stick coating makes it a breeze to clean and the collected steam water is pure water! I was very surprised considering my previous unit's collect water was a bit messy as it contained remnants of rice starch....more info
  • Great Rice Cooker
    Great rice cooker. I tried white and brown rice. Perfectly cooked, every time. The spring loaded cord is surprisingly handy, and stores cleanly. Very easy and hassle free. I have used cheapo cookers, and this one is well worth the money. Healthy, delicious brown rice was easy, and perfectly cooked. I highly recommend this! ...more info
  • The coating is not as sturdy as expected.
    It's a good cooker. However, the non-stick coating can be scratched easily. I think I'm a careful user. But the second day, I scratched the bottom a little bit when I was cleaning it. ...more info
  • Call me Fuzzy
    Makes great rice when it finally starts cooking. Real confusing instructions cause long delay before cooking begins. I still can't figure out how to use all the buttons! When first plugged in, none of them respond. Fuzzy logic indeed!...more info
  • Easy to use rice cooker
    Our Panasonic rice cooker was easy to setup and use. This was our first time in owning or using a rice cooker. Nothing could be easier. Simply measure the amount of rice desired (using the cup provided), rinse the rice with water, pour rice into cooking pan, add water based on cups of rice desired, close the lid, select the cooking mode, and hit the start button. The rice cooker does the rest. In 50 minutes you have a perfectly cooked bowl of rice from 0.5 to 5.5 cups. The rice comes out just right, not too soggy and not dried out.

    The advance fuzzy logic works great! The rice cooker knows exactly how much heat to provide regardless of the amount of rice being cooked. At the end of the cooking cycle the machine makes an audible sound to let you know that the cooking is complete. The rice is is then manually fluffed up and can be kept in the warming mode for up to 12 hours. It even has a timer to let you know how long the rice has been in the warming mode. We have tried cooking a variety of different rices and they all come out perfect. The best part about this machine is that it does all the work, is easy to use, and in 50 minutes you have a perfectly cooked bowl of rice.

    We never ate rice much in the past due to the hassle and problems in cooking rice by hand. When cooking rice the old fashion way, we ended up with too much water which required extra cooking time or the water disappeared long before the rice was fully cooked. The rice always came out uncooked or soggy. And to make matters worse, it seems like each different brand and type of rice has a unique formula for water content, cooking method, and cooking time. The result was rice that was a hassle to make and not very palatable. The rice cooker eliminates all of this confusion and hassle and the rice tastes really great! And the best part of all is that it is easy to clean up after each use. Simply rinse out the pan and wipe with a paper towel.

    And lastly, we have had great success with other Panasonic products that we have used in the past including a VCR, bread machine, and variable speed drill. Our bread machine was purchased over 15 years ago and is still doing the job today. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy to use rice cooker that is affordably priced. ...more info
  • dry rice and 110V only
    I had the same rice cooker until my nanny tried to cook it and put it over my induction cooktop.
    So I bought the same of the same brand but in Japan, here in the States. Unfortunately, this one works only in 110V and not both 110 or 220V. And enven if we tried to put more water than recommended, rice is always dry. I must also say that I can feel a strange taste that may come from the bowl.
    So I'm a little bit deceived....more info
  • a bit small
    The quality looks pretty good. However, it could only cook 3-cups of brown rice, even though 5.5 cups of white rice is fine. Also the larger the less chance the inner cover would need much cleaning due to boiling....more info
  • Perfect rice and a great steamer!
    I got this using a gift certificate for Amazon that my brother gave me... my plan was to get a rice cooker after Christmas to help keep me on track with eating better. It is amazing! The rice literally always perfect, I've steamed all sorts of vegetables in it, and again, always perfect... just steamed some cabbage in it last night, and I thought with all the layers it would actually be raw in the middle layers, but no, it was just fantastic!

    I have not used any spices in it, as I don't see the point since you can add them after cooking the rice, plus I wouldn't want that spice lingering for a few cycles. I've used nishiki, basmati, jasmine, brown rice... all of them come out perfect. The direction booklet is a little long, but to sum it up: 1) measure out rice (use full cup increments). 2) rinse the rice 3) place the rice in the pot. 4) Add water up to the mark for brown or white rice... for 1 cup of rice, bring it up to the 1 mark, etc. 5) press the menu select to get to 'regular' for regular white rice, 'brown rice' for brown rice. 6) press start.

    It comes with a measuring cup, a steaming basket, a spoon, and a bracket to make the spoon holder on the side of the machine. Very compact! The cord even retracts into the machine when not in use. Very convenient. I use it probably 4 times a week. Well worth the price....more info
  • Great size for small household
    This is a great little machine, easy to clean, cooks rice well. So far it works great for short grain white rice and jasmine rice. Retractable cord is nice and the menus are easy to navigate. I knocked it one star because I'm sure plenty of cheaper models out there would do the same great job (I really don't ask my rice cooker to do much else)....more info
  • Most rice cooker than multicooker
    Nice multicooker, has 3 rice programs, bake mode and NO slow cook mode! So be carefull if you want to make stews in it...more info


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