Annie Chun's Tom Yum Soup Noodle Bowl, 6-Ounce Bowls (Pack of 6)

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  • Case of six 6-ounce microwave bowls (tptal of 36 ounces)
  • Made with fresh Hokkien noodles and classic Thai broth with authentic fish sauce, ginger, and lime
  • All-natural, no MSG, no preservatives
  • Cooks in just one minute; packed in an Earth-friendly biodegradable bowl
  • Product of the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Taste great
    I purchased this when it was about[...] for the 6 pack. Found the deal on [...]. Great deal. Don't think it's worth over [...] however. Pretty expensive at it's normal price.

    This was my first time trying this brand. Probably one of the best instant soup products I've tasted. This isn't loaded with salts like most others and it taste healthy.

    My only gripe is the amount of plastic and waste caused by this product.

    Here's the ingredients / nutritional info if anyone is wondering:

    Ingredients: Noodles: Wheat flour, water, tapioca starch, vegan lactic acid, salt.
    Soup: Soybean paste (water, soybean, rice, salt), sugar, rice wine, sea vegetable, yeast extract, onion, shiitake mushroom.
    Toppings: Dehydrated tofu, dehydrated green onion, dehydrated spinach.
    Allergy Note: Labeled as being processed on equipment that may contain traces of peanuts.

    Nutritional Information:
    Serving Size: 1 bowl
    Calories: 110
    Carbohydrates: 23g
    Fat: 1g
    Sodium: 450mg
    Sugars: 1g
    Fiber: <1g
    Protein: 3g
    Vitamin A: 6%
    Vitamin C: 2%
    Calcium: 2%
    Iron: 4% ...more info
  • good product
    If you're a fan of Miso soup, you'll like this combination. It's flavorful; fast, and filling. I add squares of baked tofu for added protein....more info
  • I didn't care for the flavor
    The packet of dried onions and other seasonings did not add well to the flavor. The seasoning is somewhat spicy so kids should watch how much of the seasoning packet they add. However, unless I added the entire packet, the flavor was too bland with the added water per the instructions.

    I would recommend the peanut sesame flavor instead....more info
  • Not as good as I expected but O.K.
    Well..It is not restaurant quailty udon soup I'say but the taste was O.K. I If I need a quick fix for lunch I would get this again but if I want the real taste of udon... I'd definitely go to a nearby restaurant. ...more info
  • It's a tasty soup, but overpriced.
    Sure, these noodles are some of the best out there, but a few weeks ago Amazon was selling them for $16 something, which was still more expensive than ordering directly from annie chuns website at 12 for $34.68. I used to be an enthusiastic amazon buyer but some of their prices have been absurdly inflated. There is no blaming gas prices anymore; if they continue to gouge prices ridiculously as they are, they will soon find themselves with the rest of the bankrupt lot....more info
  • What the...
    This is terrible food. It tastes like chemicals... even the thick 'teriyaki' sauce they give you can't hide the noxious flavor. On top of that it is so grossly over packaged I actually felt bad trying to get to the food, yet on the back they say they're "saving the earth one bowl at a time". I looked for further information on this magical plastic bowl, but found none, and they invite you to donate 19 cents, but fail to mention their donations to this cause. Classic "green" company, all marketing, no substance and making more bad food for people to digest. I don't know about the other products, but the Teriyaki Bowl is awful. No debating that....more info
  • mixed feelings
    I thought this soup tasted good. I liked the taste and although it's a little complicated to prepare, overall I felt it was flavorful and filling. I feel that the packaging is a bit deceptive though. You are supposed to soak the noodles for a moment then drain, then add two different packets - one with a concentrated flavor sauce and the other with dried veggies and other flavorings. Add more water, cover and cook in microwave for about 1 min. On the surface this is a one serving, biodegradable bowl... BUT the packaging says there are 2 servings per bowl... so the 730 grams of sodium is really 1460 for one meal. tsk, tsk tsk. I think they should have either made the bowl or the serving smaller OR made the label read it as one serving with the true amount of sodium you'll get when you eat this for a meal. I tried separating it in to halves... it's not that easy, and besides.... where would you store the other half? I guess you could just make the whole thing and throw away the other half, but seems like a waste. I think I won't any more for those reasons, but I might change my mind.IT was quite convenient and tasty dispite it all. decisions, decisions....more info


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