Poison Free Ant & Roach Killer 2-Pack
Poison Free Ant & Roach Killer 2-Pack

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Kills in Seconds - Ants & Roaches Fresh Mint Scent For many years, we have enjoyed the convienceof using aerosols for killing bugs. But we have worried that toxic aerosols may be detrimental to the health of our families, pets, and the environment...until now. Victor aerosols are made of a poison-free formula which kills bugs...yet can be used around children and pets. Instead of having a toxic, pesticide smell, Victor aerosols have a fresh mint scent. Plus, they do not stain carpets and floors. Victor...the World's Leader in Least Toxic Free Pest Control.

  • Non-Poisonous Aerosol Spray
  • Freash Minty Scent

Customer Reviews:

  • It worked on palmetto bugs!!!
    Yes...I know. They're just huge roaches. I hate them. I have a few invaders every year and I bought this spray to prepare for this spring's invasion. It worked better than the horrible RAID poison that I've used in the past. The mint smell is extremely strong and might get to you a bit, but it's better than poison.

    I sprayed it directly on the thing and it froze and died on the spot. Amazing. I've only tried it once, but I hope it works like this every time....more info
  • A must have for city living
    I live in New York City, and have an immense problem with roaches. I have previously used chemical peticides that weren't particularly effective and aren't particularly safe to me, my two cats, or the planet. I jumped at the chance to try this, and I am extremely impressed.
    I found a small colony this afternoon, sprayed them, and by this evening, I have yet to see a roach in my kitchen! My appartment does smell like a pack of chewing gum, so open some windows and turn on a fan because the mint smell is intense.
    The spray eliminated all 4 kinds of domestic roaches that the traditional poison sprays failed to nab. Again, I am astounded by the results. You should totally buy this!!!

    ...more info
  • Does the job quickly
    We're currently using this on the smallest ants that are very, very persistent. The biggest benefit is that it is very quick and leaves a really nice mint scent behind. We also use the Orange Guard product which seems safe around our kids as well, it keeps the ants out longer, but leaves a sticky residue, and there's still something about it that doesn't seem as healthy for us. With this product, I can get a room or two done quickly before guests arrive and the ants will stay out for a few days. Over a few weeks we're seeing fewer and fewer ants around so I'd recommend this product as a safer alternative to the heavy poison sprays. Oh yeah, and our ants die on the spot instantly.

    ...more info
  • A very important point about this product...
    This product will not work unless the can is shaken well before each spray. Even during sprays, if at all possible. The ingredients will quickly seperate in the can, so if it's not frequently shaken it will only spray the inert stuff out. That only makes the ants take a short nap. Then they're up and raring to go again. If it's shaken frequently it works very well. Kills the little buggers, dead. The smell is peppermint oil. ...more info
  • too strong in scent, too weak on bugs
    This product is completely useless. It can not kill a roach. I was able to corner a roach with this product and I blasted it with the Poison Free spray. The scent was a bit overwhelming; the mint is extremely strong. but it DID NOT kill the roach. It just gave it a minty bath. The roach had trouble moving at first but then it started to crawl away, so I decided to capture it in a plastic cup to see if it'll die. After a day, the roach was still alive. Useless product. ...more info
  • It stops palmetto bugs but doesn't kill
    When I drowned a palmetto bug in the spray it still managed to get away into a crack but it didn't die. I ended up smashing a very quick palmetto bug the next day and I'm sure it was the same one because it exploded with a very potent minty odor. It has paralyzed a bug long enough to smash it so I still prefer it to poison but I wish I could skip the squishing....more info
  • very intense smell but that is about it
    I purchased this because I didn't want to inhale all those chemicals. I sprayed a roach with it and went away for a second and when I came back the roach was no where to be found.
    I understand why it would madke it hart for the insects to breath because it is very intense. In spite of the fact that it didn't work on the roach it defiantely gave me a hard time breathing....more info
  • At least it smells nice
    We shook it upside down for 15 seconds. We continued to shake it in between sprays. We initially sprayed an entire area of our kitchen where we see them most, enough to where our entire house smelled like mint for about 12 hours. Then we went outside and sprayed the exterior. 2 days later, we saw 2 roaches. It seemed to stun one roach enough to manually kill it. When we sprayed the rest of the can on the other roach, it finally died after about a minute. I thought "Kills in seconds" meant that it would kill in a few seconds, like under 30, but I guess the company was rather liberal with that. I'm really disappointed and don't know what I did wrong....more info
  • Fabulous product!
    One day we suddenly had ants on the floor in one room of our house. We sprayed this product on the ants and along the floor where they seemed to be coming from. That's all it took - they all disappeared. They appeared again four months later and we sprayed again. They have not been back - that was five years ago.

    I love the smell of the spray - a wonderful mint. It is strong, though and you should open a window.

    I recommend this product enthusiastically!...more info
  • Not so great
    This spray kills most ants within 5 - 10 seconds, but does not appear to inhibit further ant infestations. Some family members find the smell of the spray quite objectionable....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I live in an apartment that has frequent ant invasions. I have used Raid indoors once, but didn't feel very comfortable with it, as it is poisonous to humans as well. I purchased the Victor Poison Free Ant & Roach killer on an impulse (it was presented to me via Amazon) and I am glad I did. I can spray this anywhere (including food preparing surfaces, which are popular with ants) without having to worry about its effect on my health. It kills ants almost as quickly as Raid, without bringing toxins into your home. Also, the smell, while not great, isn't bad at all. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Ok only if you have pets.
    First of all let me say that this product does limit the ant and roach population in the home and it is great to use if you have pets and young children. Because of my dogs I was very concerned about using Raid so I opted for this product instead. And although I am somewhat satisfied with this product it does not work as good as Raid. It does NOT kill anything in seconds like advertised. I drowned an ant with this stuff and it was still crawling around for minutes afterwards and most likely would have stayed alive if I didn't kill it. The spray acts more like a barrier to keep the pests away but doesn't kill them. I used this product with a combination of Orange Guard (bought through the same company) and Orange Guard certianly works much better and is also healthy for pets and children.

    I still would recommend this product for those who have pets but I am purchasing Raid spray as well. I think it would be much better to use the Raid spray in areas that are not occupied by pets and children but use this and/or Orange guard in the more open areas of the house. Also open a window when using it the mint smell is great when used in moderation however you would more than likely want to spray your entire home and it can build up to an overpowering scent....more info
  • Bio-friendly Insect Spray
    This bug spray does the job on contact and leaves a not unpleasant minty fragrance in the air instead of the harsh odor of most sprays. ...more info


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