Thicker Than Water

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Studio: Platinum Disc Llc Release Date: 02/14/2006

Customer Reviews:

  • Thicker than Water
    Excellent and intriguing. I like how a modest love story crept into the plot. It was excellent! Can't wait to see it again and again.

    Nice....No Excellent! People who like clean family movies that are both entertaining and intriguing....more info
  • Trish's Review
    I love both Lindsay Wagner and Melissa Gilbert. They were great in this movie. I Loved It....more info
  • Thicker Than Water
    A very good family movie. I loved Lindsay Wagoner and Melissa Gilbert but the other gal in the movie (her name escapes me) was also terrific and believable. I appreciate a movie with no violence, bad language, or sex content. To some that means a boring movie. Thicker Than Water had several messages to get across and did that without all the hipe. Great movie!...more info
  • western kick
    i am on this western kick right now...this movie was very good...its about sisters and learning to trust your self and others around is not always what you expect....more info
  • Thicker than water
    I read prior reviews to purchasing this dvd. I found it extremely enjoyable. The rancher was the type of person you would find in this area, and not one of those pretty boys. I always liked Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay Wagner anyhow. ...more info
  • Very heart touching, funny, clean
    I love clean stories and dvd's. This story has romance, humor, and best of all nothing offensive. I recommend it....more info
  • Back to the Basics...
    Lindsay Wagner and Melissa Gilbert have always been two of my favorite actresses, so when I saw they were both in this film, I latched onto it and was NOT disappointed!!
    Lindsay especially did an awesome job with her character. This is an excellent movie for anyone who appreciates good, old-fashioned values... and who has a love for horses and country life. ...more info
  • Thicker Than Water
    Another, clean and decent movie without the language. It's "family-friendly" and worth owning. I will enjoy watching it, over and over again....more info
  • Great film
    This is a great film. Leaves you wanting Thicker Than Water Two!! Wagner and Gilbert do a fine job of acting. Nice family film also....more info
  • Gilbert and Wagner can not act....
    Just about every one of the TV shows and films they have done have been lousy. I guess when you can not act, It shows. This film should have been titled Oil and Water don't mix....more info
  • Enjoyable family film
    Thicker Than Water, Melissa Gilbert
    Enjoyable family oriented light romance. The only negative comment is, I thought the leading man was not the typical macho "man on the range". In real life who or what is?...more info
  • Love mushy, family-type movies
    The two actresses, of course, are tops.....Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay Wagner. Not the usual type of topic...finding an unknown sister and learning about their parents. No screaming, no obscenities!!!...more info
  • Good Story
    it only proves that blood is thicker than water. a very good movie and
    I was not disappointed in the movie. It only goes to prove that there are
    some good directors and producers out there - that "clean" family movies
    can be made and are here to stay. Keep up the good work....more info
  • Good product
    This was a well put together movie and I will enjoy it for years to come....more info
  • Clean, entertaining film with talented actors
    I purchased this based on the reviews and my desire to see Lindsay Wagner after all these years (I used to watch "The Bionic Woman" when I was a kid). It was entertaining and great to see two famous TV actresses working together. I thought they both did a fine job. This is a clean film for the whole family....more info
  • Thicker Than Water
    This could have been a perfect movie but parents with young children should be aware that it does contain some mild language. The swear word h*** is used once and the Brian Wimmer character is fond of using the term "working her butt off". He uses it three times.

    Otherwise, the storyline is very good--nothing objectionable. In fact, very interesting, and Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay Wagner were terrific, as usual....more info
  • The wonderful scenery
    is of course the strongest part of this movie. I found the actors also very good, very natural. The weak part of the movie is the "love story". Whereas the story of the sisters is convincingly developed, the relationship is negligently drawn up. The ending is unconvincing, rather haphazardly done. It leaves the actors and the viewers "in the air" somehow. ...more info
  • Clean, great themes, script issues
    Pros: Creative storyline with great themes; clean entertainment

    Cons: Script and score didn't add to the credibility

    The Bottom Line: The action/special effects/suspense ratings above don't apply to this genre. It's a clean drama with enjoyable themes, but suffers in the credibility department.

    Note: There is more than one movie with this title. This refers to the one by Echo Bridge Entertainment, starring Melissa Gilbert, Lindsay Wagner, and Brian Wimmer. Hallmark Entertainment.

    Price: Five dollars or less

    Family Approval Certifications: Dove Seal

    87 minutes; not rated

    This is a story about an attorney who finds an old picture of her recently deceased father-with a bride who isn't her mother. The attorney never knew about this previous wife, and so she heads out to find out about what could be the other half of her family. As far as the plot goes, I won't spoil it for you beyond this.

    The themes are healthy and the content is clean. So if you're looking for a family movie, this is certainly one of the better ones out there from that standpoint. Besides, who doesn't enjoy a story about people crossing into a very different lifestyle to save the dream of a family they didn't know they had?

    The only things I struggled with are:

    1. The script. At first I thought some of the acting wasn't up to par, but then I paid careful attention to the lines and realized it's probably hard to act unnatural conversation. It seemed too forced; too much like the dialogue was meant to demonstrate the story instead of just letting the characters say what they would under the given circumstances. It would have been far more credible of they had simply let the plot demonstrate the story and let the characters be themselves in those incidents. Although, I must say that Brian Wimmer did an amazing job of swimming through the rather unnatural dialogue and somehow managing to make it look good. And some parts were better than others, too.

    2. The score. The style of the score just didn't seem to match the style of the film, and I found it distracting. The moods were accurate, but the dissonant tones sounded (rather ironically) somewhat lighthearted for a drama. We're talking about a woman who just lost her father. She just found out a little fact he failed to mention: he had a wife not her mother. This is a heavy situation and the music failed to reflect that. Probably because it was a family film, but necessary levity breaks can come through sprinklings of humor in the plot, not a mismatched score. And you would never think this woman was grieving, either. It just didn't come into the story at all, which robbed the whole thing of credibility.

    This is not to say the film as a whole wasn't enjoyable. It's nice to see a woman discovering likenesses between her father and herself as she crosses into a lifestyle so alien to her own for the sake of kin. And the scenery was nice. A few cat-in-the-window shots would have been nice-maybe use the horses. Let us see them run; see their majestic beauty-something that would make us understand why the first wife made it her dream to save these wild, DNA-skewing horses, and why the next generation felt this was a dream worth saving. I needed to relate to the characters more.

    But it is enjoyable to watch for an evening, and you don't have to worry about who is watching. It isn't for children because they wouldn't be able to relate without a certain amount of life experience, but it's an entertainment factor, not a suitability issue. Overall, it's good, clean entertainment for the whole family and it's great to see Lindsay Wagner and Melissa Gilbert back in action.

    I would recommend this to a friend.

    Viewing Format: DVD
    Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children Age 13 and Older ...more info
  • Thicker than water

    A film to watch before going to bed. Nothing extraordinary in the story or performances of actors. Just Ok! to relax a little....more info
  • a good story idea flubbed
    Good idea for a movie, but inept script and fumbling performances. Melissa is a favorite of mine but she didn't have much to work with in this script and she seemed struggling to make something out of nothing. Lindsay did what she was told to do, but what she was told was wrong.

    This could have been a deeply moving story, but the screenwriter decided to hold everything and everyone at arms length, maybe trying to be different or trying to be sophisticated. Who knows?

    Also, the casting of the male romantic lead is a joke. You can't expect the audience to fall in love with a guy who looks like this. ...more info
  • This is a really good movie
    This movie is good. It is not built around the "romance" but more about the importance of family. It you read romance novels, you will enjoy this movie. There is nothing really suprising about the movie, the story line in fairly predictable, however there are a few twists and the plot is great....more info
  • Enjoyable drama
    Thicker Than Water is a heartfelt T.V. movie. Although, Lindsay Wagner has a limited role, she is in fine form against Melissa Gilbert as the lead. Hallmark All of Fame type of movie, Thicker than Water has all the right ingredients : drama, a bit of supense and a lot of funny moments. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Movie
    Enjoyed the acting of Lindsay Wagner and Melissa Gilbert. Really enjoyed the movie and wish there was more to watch....more info
  • Tom's Review
    I enjoyed this movie very much. I enjoy movies with horses in them. I'm not a cowboy myself, but I enjoy the horseback riding and cattle round-up type of movies. I have shown this movie to my elderly father and his friends and they all enjoyed it. It's nice to see good clean movies like this are still being made. ...more info
  • Family values
    An interesting side of a parent who does not tell a child about his past....more info
  • Excellent
    Good story about a city slicker finding her family and her way in the country.
    ...more info


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