Haier HWR05XC6 5200 BTU Electronic Control Room Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Electronic Control with Remote / 5200 BTU, 9.7 EER / 115 Volt / All Top-Discharge Airflow Pattern / Ultra-Quiet Operation / Modern Family-Look Design 2 Cool Settings, 2 Fan Settings Dimensions - Width 17 9/32 x Depth 14 15/16 x Height 12 25/32 inch Weight - 44 pounds This unit cannot be mounted in an existing wall sleeve

  • 5200 BTU
  • Two cool settings, two fan settings
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Electronic with full function remote control
  • Digital time and temperature display
Customer Reviews:
  • Great small room air conditioner
    We bought this AC unit to but into my son's smaller bedroom. We had read that is loud but it sure is NOT loud! The only problem we had was the remote went out quickly but we found replacement batteries here at Amazon and now it works like a charm! I would completely recommend this AC unit to ANYONE looking for a small unit!...more info
  • Not Bad for the Money!
    Bought three of these. No, they're not library silent, but you're not going to get one in this size range and cost that is. If you buy this 5200 BTU air conditioner thinking you won't hear it, think again! I find it reasonable for such a small unit, and is a lot quieter than the portable it replaced. It cools an average 150 to 200 square foot bedroom relatively quickly and since it's so light, it installs easily. OK, the remote is the only way to make adjustments, so? Get one with mechanical controls. The remote takes a small disk battery that are inexpensive and found anywhere batteries are sold, so keep a spare handy. The battery seems to last a very long time before needing replacement. Just replace it once a year and you'll be OK for the year. I didn't expect top-of-the-line features or functionality at this price, so I'm not disappointed with it....more info
  • BAD, BAD, BAD Haier DO NOT BUY!!!
    Do not buy from this maker. They do not work at all and to top it off the unit that was in the box was not what was described on the outside of the box. Based upon the outside of the box, my unit was supposed to have 4 funtions - it came out of the box with only 2. It was supposed to have 3 fan speeds and it came out of the box with only 2. It is a glorified fan - does not cool past 81 degrees. The company does not back their product and told me that they are packed in China and that Haier is not responsible for what happens in China. Go with another maker unless you are just wanting to have a headache....more info
  • Knob breaks cost $14.00 to replace-cheap plastic!!!
    DO not buy a Haier. The knob on top which turns the air conditioner "on" or "off" breaks/cracks! I tried to buy another one from their parts department and they charge $14.00! I was shocked. This little piece of trashy plastic is not worth more than .25 cents. I have owned Whirlpool,GE,etc.and have never had this happen. This model has been used very rarely.

    When I wanted to talk to customer service they gave me telephone numbers that when I reached someone that person would give me another number and so on. Finally, after holding for 25 minutes(3rd #) they told me that I had to Fax them a complaint or write to them!
    This is the 21st Century to everyone but HAIER! Write them? Are they kidding?

    So, listen up consumers DO not buy anything from this company you will never reach them if anything goes wrong....more info
  • Not so "Ultra Quiet"!
    We purchased 2 of these because it seemed like a great deal and we figured Haier would make a good product. I wish we had only purchased one first to try. We installed one so far, in a very small bedroom. It is very loud. We had an Emerson Quiet Cool in all bedrooms before this and they are MUCH quieter. The other issue is that you have to use the remote to change settings. There's no way to do it manually, so if the battery dies on your remote, you can only turn it on or off. I gave it two stars because it does keep the small space relatively cool. I also chose this model because of the energy rating, but after reading the other reviews, I'm worried about that too---we'll see. Would not recommend this product with all the other options out there. Probably returning the second one....more info
  • more like a fan
    This air conditioner does not cool a bedroom more than 10 degrees b/l the outside temperature; it also significantly raises the power bill....more info
  • Good for very small spaces
    the airconditioner was a good buy for the first 3 days and now we cant get it to cool off to any degree below 77. ...more info
  • Weak AC
    It doesn't even cool off a small room. When adjusting the temperature, it does not go below 71 degrees. It is just not a powerful machine. The only positive feature is the remote control. We use our A/C along with a ceiling fan and the room is still not cool. ...more info
  • Quite loud
    Its quite loud. Probably close to 80 decibels. But it still works well enough, and still overall a good buy for so little money.

    It requires the remote for air conditioning to work, you can only turn the fan alone on from the front control pad....more info