EnviroKidz Organic Koala Crispy Rice Bars, Chocolate, 6-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

USDA Organic. Gluten free. Low fat! Low sodium! Nothing artificial. What's Good About Certified Organic Goodness? Good Food - No synthetic pesticides. No synthetic herbicides. No preservatives or additives. Not genetically engineered. No irradiation. Good Ecology - Enriched, drought resistant soil. Less soil erosion. Less groundwater pollution. Improved farm biodiversity. This product is third-party certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Product of U.S.A.

  • Case of six boxes, each containing six 1-ounce organic whole grain snack bars (total of 36 bars)
  • Made with organic crispy rice, organic brown rice syrup, organic honey, organic milk chocolate, and organic cocoa
  • Gluten-free, wheat-free, low-fat, low-sodium, no trans fat
  • Vegetarian; no preservatives or additives
  • Product of the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Envirokids Organic Crispy Rice Bars
    My picky son complains that he does not like to eat healthy food with no artificial colors or additives. At 9, he argues that these things are "good for him"! Grocery shoppping can be a challenge so I was extremely delighted when he not only ate his 1st organic crispy rice bar, but continues to request them for a snack at school!!! Definately a winner!!! ...more info
  • Good snack for kids
    Kids love Rice Krispie Treats and this is a good alternative. I'm so tired of everything being loaded with high fructose corn syrup. You won't find that in these bars. These are organic and that is great. My kids love these bars and the cereal....more info
  • Healthier Snack
    Great taste, crunch and my kids enjoy it. It doesn't get 5 stars because it's a bit dry if you eat it without a drink. ...more info
  • too much sugar!
    Yes, these bars are reasonably good and your kids will probably eat them. But they are not "healthy". Brown rice is good for you, but these bars are coated in sugar. When its called "cane juice" its still sugar, and organic foods can also be junk foods. Cane juice is the second ingredient, which means there is way too much of it in there to be "good" for your kids. Don't let ourself be fooled into thinking this is a healthy choice - its organic junk food....more info
  • Chocolate crispy rice bar is a hit
    Excellent option for our 5y.o. Celiac son. Our 3y.o. daughter usually shuns any gluten free alternatives but she loves these, too. And buying on Amazon is the cheapest route, by far, if you can avoid the shipping charge. Haven't tried other flavors - heard negative things about them....more info
  • LOVE these!!!
    These bars are really good! I'm in college where most of the students are commuters, so many students bring their own snacks.

    One day, one of my girl friends brought this bar to class. They looked yummy, and a few days later I found them at my local grocery store! Love at first bite!!! Perfect for me to bring to work or school! Every once in awhile, I'll spread a layer of Smuckers Natural chunky peanut butter on it, which is totally yummy!!!...more info
  • koala crisp bars
    Price was great for this product. Kids enjoy this more than the cheetah bars but both are superior with less sugar than typical granola bars. ...more info
  • Great Wheat Free Alternative
    My daughter is allergic to wheat and these are a great snack for her lunch box. We also use these to take to activities where they will be giving snacks she can't have. They keep well, are portable, and they taste good, kind of like a healthy version of a rice krispy. I eat them too! I love that they don't have any refined sugar either. Great all the way around!...more info
  • Great snack-time food at school
    I put in my kid's backpack for him to eat during the snack time at school. He loves it....more info
    My son loves these bars. I have had them and like them too. They are much healthier than the Kellogs Rice Crispy bars which contain tons of artificial ingredients. These have natural ingredients and are low in fat.
    They come in other flavors but my son only likes the chocolate ones. ...more info
  • One kid loves them, the other one not so much
    I was very excited to find a snack bar made from brown rice. My 7 year old loves them, my 4 year old, who is not a picky eater, does not. I tried one-- they are a bit dry and the chocolate flavor seems a bit "off" to me. These are sold in local grocery outlets and you might want to test-drive a box before investing in a large quantity. If both of my kids liked them, I would definitely purchase again....more info
  • Great!
    My daughter and I love these. She loves the chocolate and I enjoy the peanut butter. Anyone with celiac would apprecaite how good these taste. ...more info
  • These are great!
    My family loves these bars. We all have our own favorite. Three out of five of us prefer the chocolate, one prefers the berry, and I love the peanut butter, but chocolate is a close second. These are great to take along on outings. They aren't crumbly, keep well, and are delicious. Good, portable gluten free snack food is hard to come by, these are just the thing!...more info
  • They are Great
    We love Envirokidz! All their items are great and the price on Amazon is the best. ...more info
  • Great snack!
    This is a sweet alternative to rice krispy bars, that are gluten free. Perfect for lunches and travel well too. A nice treat!...more info
  • Great taste!!
    I really like the EnviroKidz Organic Crispy Bar. My kids who are not gluten-free eaters enjoy them as well. Who can complain about a healthy organic chewy chocolate bar at only 110 calories each??? ...more info
  • My son's favorite snack, and I like them too
    Five stars all the way for these. My son's celiac so we know all about gluten free foods and these bars are the best. I even eat them myself when my son's not around. Highly recommended....more info


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