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  • Best bronzer!
    I have tried many bronzers before I decided to try Benefit's Hoola. I fell in love with it the first time I used it. Unlike other bronzers, it's not shimmery so it wont make your face look glittery. It's also a natural color and doesn't look orangey or too dark. I recommend this product to all my friends and I recommend it to you too!...more info
  • Great blusher
    I use this as a blusher, although, if I tan in the summer, I think it would work great for an all over then. I've always hated using blush, felt I looked like a geisha girl. This is great, light, smooth, great color for me, looks natural and I am completly sold! But I reccomend using a larger blush brush, the one it comes with is rather dinky...more info
  • makes you beautiful, though somewhat expensive
    as promised, you will glow and look great within a moment's action, but it will cost you......more info
  • Absolute Best Blush I've EVER Owned!
    I love this blush. I am an african-american woman, whos skin tone gose light to dark to light again throught the year. This blush looks good on me any time of the year. Also I'm a cosmetology student. One day me and about 10 other students (of various races and skin tones)were doing each otheres make up. All of us used this blush and it looked good on all of us!! It's amazing!!...more info
  • Best bronzer I've ever tried!
    This bronzer is absolutely fantastic! It gives a perfect, matte finish without any glitter or shimmer like most bronzers out there.

    I'm out in the sun a lot but usually slather up with at least an SPF 30 on my face, so come summertime, my body is usually a good deal darker than my face. This bronzer is great because you can use just a little bit and it'll make you look like you've been on vacation, relaxing and getting sun -- when all you've done is thrown on some Hoola.

    My one suggestion is that if you're going to buy this product, buy a big poofy powder brush to go with it. The little brush that comes nicely fitted in the box with all of the Benefit face color products is pretty worthless and using it results in unnatural streaks of color. Benefit sells a great big blush brush that works great, but similar ones can be found elsewhere for cheaper.

    Love this product! Happy bronzing!
    ...more info
  • Sunshine in a Box!
    Dallas really looks soooo natural, like I've been out in the sun for a bit. I have fair skin and bronzers have always been out of the question for me. This product really is like a blusher/bronzer combo though. I use a fat powder brush and apply to my cheeks, a bit to my eyelids, and a dab to my chin - everywhere the sun would ordinarily hit on my face. I love Dallas! It has made makeup so much easier and natural looking. The perfect Irish face compliments of Benefit: EYEBRIGHT (inside corners of eyes), HIGHBROW (on the browbones), SILK LIP PENCIL in POSH (with a bit of gloss for moisture), & DALLAS! Hail to Benefit for another much loved product!...more info
  • I love it, can't be without it...
    I'm a medium tone almost tan skincolor (Latina) and this one is perfect. I've tried the others but this bronzer has a rosey color which makes me look warm, like a healthy glow. I wear it everyday, can't be without it. Love it....more info


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