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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition revamps the classic Devil May Cry 3, giving you more action and adventure for a lower price. In this prequel to the original Devil May Cry, you'll play as Dante -- and acrobatic, energetic half-demon with a powerful fighting style all his own. This Special Edition lets players become Dante's evil half-brother Vergil, and use his new Dark Fighter style. Also features a new boss character, turbo option, new continue system, adjusted difficulty levels (with a new "very hard" mode), and Survival and Movie modes.

  • Pick from 4 styles of combat, Gunslinger, Swordmaster, Trickster and Royal Guard, all offering greatly improved skills in each area
  • Play the role of Dante, 20 years before Devil May Cry was set, let the all new story unfold in this prequel to the original masterpiece
  • All new enemies, bosses and characters, that act independently and more realistic than ever
  • New range of weapons - Battle your way through enemies in style with the enchanted Electric Guitar, also Nun-Chucks, and (of course) swords and firearms
  • New game engine, featuring all new Shadow Effects, weather conditions, graphics and sharper gameplay

Customer Reviews:

  • Best yet in the Devil May Cry series...
    The first DMC was a solid game. The second one took a slight step back. This latest installment takes a giant leap forward.

    DMC3 takes the best aspects of the previous two games and molds them all together in an awesome package.

    The graphics and movies are beyond stunning, the gameplay is as fast and difficult as ever, the weapons have that cool feel to them, and the music rocks.

    The thing i love about about this Special Edition is that it caters to every gamer out there. Theres easy modes, hard modes, cheats, new costumes, new characters, and gameplay 'styles' that would satisfy anyone. There is a ton of variety to this game and everything is balanced and solid.

    Though the one thing that disappointed me was Vergils story... or lack there of.
    Vergils game is basically a carbon copy of Dantes. No new levels or anything. Playing Vergils game is like playing Joachims game in Castlevania Lament of Innoncence. You will know what i mean if youve played that game...

    Still, DMC3 is the greatest action/adventure title out there for the PS2. Even God of War cant touch the variety, challenge, and gameplay of this. If you want a thoroughly satisfying action rampage with a ton of replay value and unlockables than look no further. ...more info
  • you should be playing this game right now.
    Devil may cry 3 for the PS2 was considered to be one of the best PS2 games ever released and i tend to agree with that. but people still had a few problems with it. for one the difficulty was really high and some people had a few problems enjoying game. in DMC 3 Special edition this has been fixed the difficulty of the normal game has been lowered considerably to allow more casual players to play and have fun.
    one of the biggest draws of the DMC series as a whole was the ability to play as a bad ass tough guy who is half human and half demon known as dante. dante can use a variety of weapons ranging from swords to tri-chucks as well as a pretty wide assortment of guns(which never run out of ammo so have fun blasting away) but the real meat of this game lies in the ability to switch "styles" which gives dante a very wide variety of moves. he has a few different choices that u can choose. for example the "gunslinger" style puts more focus on the use of firearms and has additional moves and techniques when using his guns or "devil arms" as they are referred, to in the game. while the "swordmaster" style gives dante the ability to throw his sword at enemies and is more focused on close combat.
    Killing enemies in the game will release orbs which can then be used to buy more moves for each style, giving dante more options when fighting. the game also rewards the player by making flashy looking kills and by chaining together attacks by giving the player more orbs when an enemy is defeated.
    DMC 3 Special addition also adds the ability to play as Dantes brother Vergil who has his own unique move set.
    this is definitely one of my favorite games and the ability to play as vergil is great. and now that the difficulty has been lowered everyone will be able to enjoy this great title. ...more info
  • Contender for Best Action Game Ever
    Those who played the original Devil May Cry are aware of the fast gameplay and action that brought about a legion of fans. This popularity led to DMC2 which was an utter letdown, and DMC faded away. Years later, DMC3 was announced, and the world could not have been happier. This game is absolutely incredible, nearly flawless.

    GRAPHICS: While some of the characters may look a tad bit blocky (fingers look like rectangles), it is an overall pleasing experience. Everything in the game, including animations are done nicely. Although there are a few slowdowns when many objects get on the screen, but it'll happen rarely.

    SOUND: The soundtrack in this game is absoulutely flawless. It ranges from orchestrals to heavy metal, both of which are befitting to this game. And the voice-overs are nicely done as well, that alone really helps the game's story.

    GAMEPLAY: Fast paced is the way to describe it. You're given almost everything you need to start racking combos, including the ability to switch between weapons in an instant. It really lets you be creative on how you want to destroy demon #2 differently than demon #1. One thing that gets annoying is the camera, it's gone in bad directoins on several occasions and a few times, will really really annoy you.

    PRESENTATION: While the story started off weak I can honestly say that I was surprised and enthralled by the direction the plot goes in later in the game. The voice-overs are an invaluable asset to this story, and their help really shows. They're also quite a few unlockables, so once you've finished your 20+ missions, you can go back and do 'em all again.

    OVERALL: Overall I feel that this may be a major contender for best action game ever. Competing of course with god of war. However all of the elements that merge together to create this game make for an unforgettable experience that must be played....more info
  • Not That Great
    This game is highly overrated. There were some fun moments, but other games in this genre are superior. In addition, the game is hard to the point where it's not enjoyable, especially with cheap bosses and lack of precise & timely reactive control to beat them.

    Graphics - They are ok and the level design is actually pretty impressive. However, compared to God of War and Ninja Gaiden Black, it falls short. Cut scenes are acceptable, but dated- especially comparing to PS2-only titles like God of War and Metal Gear Solid 3. The voice-acting is exceptionally difficult to listen through.

    Sound - Sound effects are good, but cheesy heavy metal score is 1980s corny. Again, God of War stomps on DMC3 in this area.

    Gameplay -This is where the game is the most dissappointing. Although God of War was easy, there were reasons for that - one of which were controls that were tight. Let's not even bring Ninja Gaiden Black into the equation. NGB was super hard as well, but the controls were extremely tight. I recently played NGB again to make sure I was comparing fairly to DMC3 and I validated the fact that DMC3 is stupid-hard because the controls are not tight enough. NGB steps on DMC3 in this area. Simple examples of where DMC3 falls short is not being able to roll out of the way-forward or back, but only side to side. This has a huge negative impact later in the game when you are trying to get of the way of cheap bosses. Instead of rolling out of the way you jump up right in the way of one of their huge cheap life-stealing strikes. Another dissapointing issue is there is no blocking functionality, again just plain cheap. Ironically, the non-boss characters are over-the-top easy in DMC3. There is no real balance to the game.

    Overall: I recommed renting the game, it is at least worth that, but I wouldn't recommend purchasing it unless you had a lot of time on you hand to get over the steep learning curve to beat bosses later in the game and also the patience to deal with the lack of control that has a negative impact later in the game....more info
  • This is what God of War should have been!
    This is what fun is all about. This game is one of the PS2's finest. The action is fast, but not overwhelming. Not only that, but the action is actually fun (unlike a certain god of war's game). Yes, it's hard. But there's this thing called easy mode (its only truly easy on the special edition). This game just oozes cool, from the cutscenes to the weapons to everthing else. It's also, at times, funny. How often do you find a game thats intentionally funny (other then Timesplitters and Monkey Island)? This game is better than God of War (a game which many compare with Devil May Cry) on every level but the graphics. The graphics are fine, but God of War has fairly better graphics. You can also read my God of War review. Bottom line is, if you have so much as an ounce of fun in you, this is the game for you. ...more info
  • (4.5) Hardcore Gamers Need Only Apply
    THE GOOD: Prestine Diamond-solid controls PERFECTLY balance skill and fun; gorgeous environments; phenomenal cut-scenes; ridiculously depthful combat system and attacks; very challenging difficulty; intense sound; incredible main character; nice special edition add-ons: insane replay value

    THE BAD: Some annoying and vague backtracking; some slowdown during intense fights; camera can get in the way; can be irritatingly difficult about remedial tasks


    The original DMC3 was absolutely notorious for its completely unforgiving checkpoint system and intensified difficulty, therefore Capcom decided that this game needed more; more balance and more fun, so it came out with this special edition. With it, there are great unlockables once you finish the main quest, like getting to play through as his twin brother Vergil, the 9,999 level Bloody Palace mode (level after level of nothing but intense combat), a more humane difficulty, and a couple of new boss fights. Now, even with all these new modes, the gameplay pretty much stays the same.
    After everything, DMC3 is really a game about its combat system. You get to choose and select throughout the game a different set of fighting styles; if you like gunplay, choose the Gunslinger style; if you like sword melee, choose the SwordMaster style. You will level up these styles as you play with them, gaining new moves, as well as being able to buy new moves, upgrades, and powerups between missions. The amount of moves available and learned throughout the game will take you roughly 4 playthroughs just to master all the styles and moves. Considering you're rewarded with more red orbs (or dollars) to upgrade later on, it's worth learning to play through more and more. And because controls are so precise with all this, and dodging attacks takes quick reflexes and a good eye, it's enough to make you want to learn more.
    Enemies in DMC3 come in all forms, shapes and sizes and won't hesitate to learn your moves and quickly dish out an asskicking, which is part of what makes this game so hard. Enemies actually FIGHT back. On top of this, the boss fights are some of the most intense in all of videogames. You'll try again and again to beat these quick and tough guys, eventually doing so, but not after going through about 3 or 5 tries each, if not more. In the old DMC3, you needed to puchase orbs to continue from a checkpoint. What makes this game so fair is that you can restart from a checkpoint no matter what. But once you get to the boss, you have to beat him, because you cannot save mid-level, and going through that tough and long mission again isn't something you'll want to do.
    Now, though this game offers tremendous replay value, and I did love it a lot more than the original DMC, there still are a few things holding it back. One, is the camera, which can be hard to find a good spot at points, and can sometimes be static in certain areas, making the direction you're supposed to be moving in feel wrong and imprecise. Also, some backtracking requires you to go through a level without a good clue as to where you'll have to go next, so you'll sometimes wander and wander and wonder why the game couldn't be better at clueing you in. Lastly, though the battles are hard, doesn't mean that remedial tasks like destroying certain objects to gain a powerup has to be. Some statues need to be destroyed by using a series of creative moves that'll fill up your style meter. Unfortunatly, you can spend a good 20 minutes at a statue just trying to destroy it, making its reward feel so unnecessary.
    did I mention the cut-scenes though? The John Woo/Matrix style scenes are so intense that after FINALLY beating that tough-as-nails boss, you're rewarded with what could be an ending in itself. there are just too many things to bring you back, like the combat system and great unlockables.

    BOTTOM LINE: Incredible replay value, fair checkpoint system, awesome add-ons, etc will keep you coming back again and again. Plus the 20 dollar price tag make it a steal....more info
  • Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special edition
    DMC 3 is a great game for those of you who enjoy games that have you fighting multiple enemies, but also includes a puzzle or two. although there are a bunch of puzzles, it's not like what you experience in Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time. Devil May Cry 3 also includes 4 different fighting styles that you can level up, so you can fight the way your comfortable. overall, this game is great, and if you enjoyed the first two games in the series, you'll just love this one!

    PS: the special edition of this game allows you to play as Virgil, Dante's brother(Dante is your main character)....more info
  • good but still...
    same game.. another game... ?? Devil may cry 3, I must agree, was one of the greatest game to be released on the ps2. I enjoy so much the original that i couldnt live without it. i decided to buy this new version which everyone was very exited about. I must say i was disappointed. Okay yeah i know vergil is cool and this new bloody palace is interesting too, but the major change is the difficulty level. for better and worse, this game is MUCH MORE easier than the original Devil May Cry 3. Come on the original was hard at first (unreasonably hard....) but after the second boss, everything just becomes easier. And FOR ONCE bosses are challenging. Don't tell me that you like easy games i don't believe you. They took off the reason why a liked so much this game, it was challenging. and who cares of the optional stuff if the game itself is desapointing. and the "new boss" yeah yeah... my 6 year old sister could have killed him without any difficulty. In cased you didn't realised it, i really enjoy the original a lot better than this special edition. well anyway you're the money owner, do what you want but i really suggest you the original version. ...more info
  • The Price is Right!
    I never played DMC3 and decided not to buy it, because of news about the Special Edition version release. I'm glad I waited being their are a few more unlockables. This game is quite challenging as soon as you take control of Dante. I've played and beaten DMC and that was one challenging game on Normal mode. Never got around to DMC2 due to poor reviews and customer feedback. DMC3SE so far has been entertaining. I've out grown console gaming, but several games make me flip the PS2 or NGC power switch back on. This version is definitely worth $19.99.

    Once the battles start it gets less difficult through progress as you become comfortable with the controls. Controls are spot on and very precise. Graphics are very nice on the PS2. I'm playing with Gold Star continue system on Normal/Default setting, which supposedly makes the game much easier due to unlimited continue. Still you must keep track of your items. If used during a stage or boss fight the item is gone even if you fail to complete a stage or beat a boss. Being items are hard to obtain just be sure to conserve until ready to use. With the Gold Star continue system I play the ending stage bosses one or two times w/out using any items to get a feel for them. This is a good thing with the Gold Star system, but less difficult. Most importantly the game allows the player to replay previous stage/missions at any time to get a certain item they may have forgotten (blue orb piece, etc.). Challenging and very entertaining game. Cool character, decent story, nice blend of weapon and action variation, good PS2 graphic display, and lots of virtual action. For $20 definitely worth the purchase compared to some of these other games in the same price range....more info
  • This is what God of War should have been!
    This is what fun is all about. This game is one of the PS2's finest. The action is fast, but not overwhelming. Not only that, but the action is actually fun (unlike a certain god of war's game). Yes, it's hard. But there's this thing called easy mode (its only truly easy on the special edition). This game just oozes cool, from the cutscenes to the weapons to everthing else. It's also, at times, funny. How often do you find a game thats intentionally funny (other then Timesplitters and Monkey Island)? This game is better than God of War (a game which many compare with Devil May Cry) on every level but the graphics. The graphics are fine, but God of War has fairly better graphics. You can also read my God of War review. Bottom line is, if you have so much as an ounce of fun in you, this is the game for you. ...more info
  • always good
    Like always we are very happy with amazon,,we found what we was looking for quickly and checked out with ease and the product arrived in great time,,,always a pleasure to shop at amazon....more info
  • great game
    i am not here to write a fancy review just that the game was amazing. the gameplay was great and for 20 bucks you really cant go wrong. ...more info
  • Like watching a movie...

    I was blown away by the first DMC when I first tried it. As soon as the game started I knew it was going to be a great game, and ever since then I have been a big fan of the DMC franchise.

    Now just weeks ago I got my hands on the DMC3 Special Edition. I did try out the original DMC3 when it first came out, but it was just too hard and dying 1-5 times on each mission was enough to demotivate me to quit completely. (this had something to do with me being stubborn to never try easy mode)

    However, the difficulty has been tuned down in the SE, the easy mode in the original DMC3 is now the normal mode in SE, and normal mode in the original is now the hard mode in SE. I know this for a fact because I read this in a game review from a respected gaming site.

    This enabled me to stick to the normal mode and still fly through the game. Also, in the original if you die in a mission you had to restart from the beginning, causing massive frustration, but in SE you spawn back at the most recent "spawn" points. Usually you will not die anywhere but in boss fights, and these spawn points enable you to try on bosses back to back, instead of dying then re-doing the whole mission just to get a second chance at the boss.

    The greatest thing about this game was the amazing cut-scenes. Sure, they used the in-game engine to make these, therefore the graphics is nowhere near the CG cutscenes you will find in some other games. However, DMC3 offers cut-scenes that combine to be as long as an hour!!! With an intriguing story and superb voice acting as well as motion capturing, the "movies" completely absorbed me the first time I played this game. Dante does sometimes act retarded in the cut-scenes, but usually he keeps his cool. His brother Virgil is also a cool character, and in fact all the characters in the game are very well drawn with distinctive characteritics.

    All in all this game was a great experience for me. I do own God of War also, usually referred to as the greatest action adventure game in a while, but in my opinion this game is as good as GoW in most aspects and still remains my personal favorite.
    ...more info
  • This is what God of War should have been!
    This is what fun is all about. This game is one of the PS2's finest. The action is fast, but not overwhelming. Not only that, but the action is actually fun (unlike a certain god of war's game). Yes, it's hard. But there's this thing called easy mode (its only truly easy on the special edition). This game just oozes cool, from the cutscenes to the weapons to everthing else. It's also, at times, funny. How often do you find a game thats intentionally funny (other then Timesplitters and Monkey Island)? This game is better than God of War (a game which many compare with Devil May Cry) on every level but the graphics. The graphics are fine, but God of War has fairly better graphics. You can also read my God of War review. Bottom line is, if you have so much as an ounce of fun in you, this is the game for you. ...more info
  • The game was very well delivered.
    Thank you for sending me a great game in perfect condition & with a fast delivery....more info
  • Good Game
    I really liked this game, it's kind of hard thou, with combos and stuff, I'd like this game to be more like God of War, in the camera aspect, sometimes in this game you cant see your enemy, in GOW the right analog stick is used to roll, and the camera is nicely positioned in the way that you always see your enemy. But why am I complaing? this game rocks really!...more info
  • Freakin' Amazin
    I totally loved this game. The graphics were great, the voice work was outstanding. Dante really cracked me up with his wise cracks and Virgil, well, his voice I just found sexy. Yes, this is a femal writing this review, don't worry.
    Game play is really easy. There is no multi button actions you need to do, just slice and dice your enemies, aquire awesome new weapons, and defeat your own brother.
    All I can say is this game is one of my favorites, the only thing I don't like is that you have to customize your weapons before each mission. And there wasn't enough red orbs to power up your weapons. Other than that, I'd rate this game almost perfect....more info
  • Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition
    Out of all of the serie I believe three is the best, just evrything about three out does the others in the series. Awesome game and founf the best price here....more info
  • Loved it
    I'm a huge DMC fan and I loved it. But I wish capcom would have made more cut scenes with Vergil and you can also continue how many times you want to! :)...more info
  • BOMB!!!!!
  • Devil 3 Is Awesome!
    I have been waiting for this title for a while. From the beginning the game grips you. It's a never ending ride all the way to the end. I would recommend this game to anyone who has ever played an RPG. If you are a fan of resident evil... then you will enjoy this game....more info
  • An Excellent Action Game
    When Devil May Cry came out for the PS2, many gamers were very impressed and blown away by its fun and challenge levels. When Devil May Cry 2 came out, many people were disappointed, as it was an easy game. Then Devil May Cry 3 comes out. Many people were satisfied with it, but it had complaints for being too hard (from one extreme to the other). A year later, it was re-released into Sony's "Greatest Hits" series with a Special Addition. How does it compare? Read on to find out.

    (Note, I have not completed the original DMC3 yet, so I'll edit this review comparing it to it as such.)

    Set before the original Devil May Cry, a young Dante just opened up his unnamed shop, when he gets a phone call from a mysterious caller. He sends an invitation in the form of a brutal demon attack, which is where the gameplay begins. After the attack, Dante sees the rising tower where his twin brother Vergil is and heads out to face him.

    Devil May Cry 3 is an all-out action hack-and-slash game. If you like games where you kill every enemy in sight, this game is up your alley. By performing carefully maneuvered attack commands, you can perform different combos with a combo ranking system from (D)ope to (C)ool to (B)last to (A)lright to (S)weet to (SS)howtime to (SSS)tylish. At the end of each level (called "missions" in game), you are given a score board, which tells you your points for time, combo points, etc. and shows your rank, from D-SS. You start out with two weapons: Rebellion, a sword paying tribute to Dante's father Sparda; and Ebony & Ivory, a pair of pistols. Later on, you get Cerberus, a 3-piece nunchuk with the power of ice, Agni & Rudra, a pair of swords with the power of fire and wind, Nevan, an electric guitar, and the Beowulf gaunlets and greaves. In addition, Dante also starts out with 4 different styles to play in, each depending on what you picked. there's Trickster, which can be used to perform evasive moves; Royalguard, where you can counter attack enemies; Swordmaster, where you can improve your sword-based combos; and Gunslinger, which improves your firearms. Later on you get Quicksilver, which slows down everything for a while, and Doppleganger, where you produce a clone. You can level up these styles by killing enemies, up to level 3 for all but DG and QS. Lastly, about a third through the game, you have access to Devil Trigger, which puts you in an all-powerful state where your attacks are much stronger and you slowly recover health.

    When you kill enemies, you collect red orbs, which are the game's monetary units. You can use red orbs to buy special attacks for your weapons, upgrade your guns, and purchase items. Items include green orbs, which restore health, blue orbs, which increase your lifebar, purple orbs, which increase your Devil Trigger gauge, gold orbs, which are more-or-less your 1-ups, and other items that can damage enemies and temporarily give you invincibility.

    After beating the game once, you get access to Bloody Palace, which is a survival mode with 9999 levels. After completing a round, you have the option to go up 1, 10, or 100 levels. The farther you go, the more red orbs you get.

    You also get to start a new file as Vergil. Yes, Dante's evil and powerful brother is now in your possession! He has Yamato, his O-katana, the Beowulf gauntlets and greaves, and the Force Edge broadsword. He gets two cutscenes of his own, but other than that, he plays plays through all of Dante's levels sans cutscenes.

    Story: 4.5/5
    Story is quite good, and has some twists and turns.

    Gameplay: 5/5
    Like killing things with swords? You found your haven!

    Graphics: 5/5
    Great graphics for the PS2.]

    Replay value: Extremely high.
    When it comes to replay value, this game really takes the cake. I have amassed over 35+ hours of total gameplay as both Dante and Vergil, and I show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

    Bottom line: If you like action games, this game is definitely a no-brainer.

    Overall rating: 10/10...more info


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