EnviroKidz Organic Cheetah Crispy Rice Bars, Berry, 6-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Low fat! Low sodium! Nothing artificial! Gluten free. What's good about certified organic goodness? Good food, no synthetic herbicides, no preservatives or additives, not genetically engineered, no irradiation, good ecology, enriched drought resistant soil, less soil erosion, less groundwater pollution, improved farm biodiversity.

  • Case of six boxes, each containing six 1-ounce organic whole grain snack bars (total of 36 bars)
  • Made with organic crispy rice, organic evaporated cane juice, organic molasses, organic honey, and organic freeze-dried blueberries and raspberries
  • Gluten-free, wheat-free, low-sodium, low-fat, no trans fat, no artificial ingredients
  • Vegetarian
  • Product of the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Gluten-Free Snack
    This is a good gluten-free snack. My son likes the berry flavor best, and from what I have tasted, I would agree. My son is gluten-free, so snacks are a challenge, but he likes this and it is not so expensive as some other alternatives....more info
  • These Are *NOT* Soy-Free
    FYI, for those of you on the GFCF diet, these aren't soy-free (if you are watching soy too).

    They're yummy though!

    http://gfcfblog.blogspot.com...more info
  • Amazing Take on Rice Crispies!
    These things are so good!! I had originally bought them for my daughter (2 years) but she didn't care for them. I think it might have been because they're really big. But my husband and I are addicted. They're not too sweet like regular rice crispies and the berries in them make them even better tasting. Really good treat!...more info
  • Delicious!
    My son is on a gluten and dairy free diet, and he loves these bars, they are delicious. Ordering them on Amazon is great, you get alot at one time and don't have to try hard to find them at the store each week.

    ...more info
  • Like a Blueberry Muffin-Rice Krispy Treat
    Our family loves these. They have the consistency of a Rice Krispy Treat, and the flavor of a Blueberry Muffin. I like that they are healthier and don't get my kids used to having everything taste like candy. Very impressed. Fair price too....more info
  • Addictive
    I don't know how is it that someone took rice and made it taste so good, but I have been eating these for several months now. They are extremely addictive. Sometimes I find myself getting up in the middle of the night just to eat them. Not too sweet, and no stomach reaction from someone like me, who can't tolerate gluten. I have tried all of the flavors, and they are equally satisfying. Of course, this is a processed food and has no live nutrients as they say, but its the only snack I eat really when I buy processed foods!...more info
  • My daughter loves these!
    My daughter eats one of these bars almost every day. She had to go gluten-free last year and this was the first treat we found that she really liked. She takes them to school for her snack and doesn't care that the other kids are getting things like animal or graham crackers. I like them because they are healthy and portable. I keep one in the car and one in my purse for emergencies. ...more info
  • Taste great
    I am trying to follow an organic and gluten free diet. I also like to buy from reputable companies. So it is hard to find products that meet my criteria. But I found these bars that meet it and also taste great. And on top of all I like the fact that the company donates a percentage of their profits. ...more info
  • adults like them, too
    Although they are obviously marketed to kids, my husband and I keep these around all the time. We take them with us when we go hiking for a quick snack (he prefers the peanut butter). Also, they are only 2 points on Weight Watchers so they fit in our diets and I prefer them to treats with artifical sweetners and loads of chemicals. I try to stick with organic as much as possible so appreciate that aspect, too. They don't have much fiber, but I consider them a treat so it's ok. For more fiber, I recommend LaraBars and ReBars. They are both excellent products, but not as much of a "sweet treat" as Envirokidz bars....more info
  • HAS SOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I purchased this item the ingredients on amazon did NOT say that it was made with soy oil. My son is alergic to wheat, milk, soy, peanut and eggs. I was so happy when I found this because it was affordable and (I thought) he could actually eat it. When it came I was really upset to find that it's made with soy, not canola like it states. Amazon should fix the discription. I ended up bringing the bars into my classroom and giving them away. ...more info
  • Move over Rice Krispy Treats!
    These are great on the go or for a late afternoon snack. It also eliminates the work of melting marshmallows and mixing with cereal yourself. Kids love them too!...more info
  • great for brown bag lunch
    My son loves these. Easy, gluten free item to put in his lunch bag...more info
  • Love them!
    After all the great reviews we didn't think we could go wrong. These are really good but not as satisfying as maybe a protein bar. Then again, didn't really expect them to be. ...more info
  • wonderful snack
    These are excellent bars. When I first went gluten-free, I despaired at finding a bar that I could tolerate without paying a hefty price. These are sweet without being heavily sugarized, crunchy, and low fat. Better yet, with the subscribe & save deal, they are much much cheaper than buying them in store....more info
  • Fast snack or breakfast
    This is an old standby for our gluten free diet and trips. It travels well (although it can get smashed-but still tastes fine). It would be good for camping as it is light. My kids like all the flavors. Would be good for backpacks, school trips, etc. ...more info
  • A favorite even before we went gluten free
    My kids LOVE these bars, they have been a favorite for about a year. We just found out our son is gluten intolerant, this is one of the few foods from 'before' he gets to keep eating. Great for on the go or school lunches, they help him not feel so left out as all the other kids gobble down their gluten-containing granola bars....more info
  • Yummy
    My kids and I love these cereal bars. They are one of our favorite GF treats and worth the expense....more info
  • Great Bars
    They have a juicy flavor I really liked. I go through about 2 boxes a week. Will definately be purchasing more....more info
  • Tasty & Healthy
    I got this for my little princess and she loves it. I like that it is good for her too....more info
  • My son's FAVORITE snack -- AKA "Tiger Bars"
    This is my son's most favorite treat and at his young age, he only recognizes the lil creature on the bar as being a "tiger" thus "Tiger Bar" he always asks for! In the local grocery store, they are SOOO expensive, about $5 per box ---- so this is a STEAL! I'm stocking up because I hate to be without a "Tiger Bar" during a long commute from work with my son.... I feel better knowing that they're so good for him, or at least, they're not bad like most snacks are. It's nice to have something in my purse or in the car when he needs a snack. They're the best! ...more info
  • Great Flavor, Nice Sweet Snack
    I really like these berry rice bars. They are chewy, not sticky, and the berries add a nice sweet hit to the healthy snack.

    I also like chocolate and peanut butter....more info
  • Family Favorite
    We just recently went completely gluten free... Hubby has Celiac disease. It is hard to find really great tasting food for the kids to take to school, but these were a HIT! 5 stars all the way. So glad we have them on our subscribe & save list. Can't wait to try the other flavors as well....more info


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