Waterwise 8800 Water Distiller Purifier (Water Wise) Distillation

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Product Description

WaterWise 8800 Water Distiller Features & Specifications Waterwise Model 8800 Water Distiller The WaterWise 8800 is perfect for the small family and provides plenty of water for up to 6 people. It produces 1 gallon of fresh, clean, pure, filtered water in 4 hours and can produce up to 6 gallons a day. The 8800 sets itself apart from the others because of its programmable features - allowing you to have fresh distilled water ready in the morning or evening as well as a faster distillation time and increased daily capacity. Using the Water Wise 8800 is easier than drinking the water it produces! Just fill the removable boiler with regular tap water, plug it in and push the start button. This unit has an automatic shut-off after the boiling cycle is finished. The 1 Gallon GE Lexan collector jug comes with the unit and can easily be removed and put in your refrigerator for cold water. You can also purchase an extra jug strictly for your refrigerator to keep a steady supply of filtered water on hand. Steam distillation removes harmful substances such as: Arsenic Aluminum Chloride Chlorine Chloroform Copper Fluoride Lead MTBE Mercury Nitrates Sodium Sulfate Trihalmothane Bacteria Viruses Features: Quality constructed - easy to use Stainless steel boiler Removes 99% of unwanted impurities 4 hours distillation time - up to 6 gallons a day Made in the U.S.A 3-Prong Plug Euro style design Automatic shut off Post carbon treatment system External heating element for a long life Removable boiling tank for an easy fill and clean 1 Gallon GE Lexan water collector Detachable Power Cord

Customer Reviews:
    This water distiller makes the water taste like plastic. I guess this company thinks that 'fresh clean sweet tasting water' tastes like plastic.. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought a water distiller with a plastic container..

    Plus when its running it heats up the whole kitchen.. great for winter.. not in the middle of summer...

    I guess it will be good in a survival situation.. if our water is tainted.. but still we would be drinking plastic water.. which in my mind wouldn't be much better for you..

    Oh well. I'm going to have to keep it cause its return date passed. We kept trying to distill in it.. in hopes that the plastic smell/taste would wear off after a few uses.. it helped a little bit.. but not much....more info
  • Unhappy with model 8800
    I've had to replace the steam pipe six times in the past 4 years 2 months. Currently, the distiller is leaking/losing equal to 1 inch of water in carafe. Water accumulates in the upper chamber above the kettle/boiler where the fan is located. Water and electricity don't mix. Not a good sign. Pain in the neck to ship for repairs....more info
    I've had this distiller for a couple of years now and make 2-3 gallons of water PER DAY for my family. It is EXCELLENT. (Make sure and read my tip below if you do buy one).

    To comment on the previous reviewer's statement that there's no point in distilling water and then keeping it in a plastic container -- the water doesn't stay in the container for any significant length of time to contaminate it. If there is a concern, the water can be easily poured into a glass jug and stored that way. With water this pure, I've found we drink more than ever and feel great about the health advantages and cost savings. The pitcher holds a gallon and that amount is easily used by most people within a day, given the amount we drink and cook with (i.e. water added in cooking to make oatmeal, rice, etc.).

    The main reason we purchased this unit to begin with was that we moved into a home that has a water softener unit which automatically deposits salt and chemicals into the main water system. I watered houseplants with that water and within a week the plants died!! We simply didn't want to drink that water, but we like our water softener for other reasons (no hard water deposits) and didn't want to remove it.

    The cost to produce the water in this distiller has not made any significant difference in our electricity bill, and we've found it to be cheaper and much more convenient than purchasing bottled water (who even knows what impurities bottled water contains!).

    One TIP that I would recommend which allows the water to distill a lot faster: FILL THE KETTLE WITH THE HOTTEST POSSIBLE TAP WATER INSTEAD OF COLD WATER. It will cut down on the time it takes to make a gallon, as the unit won't have to work as long to bring the kettle to the boiling temperature required. This unit is easy to us -just fill the kettle with hot water and press a button.

    I've found the Waterwise company to be very helpful with my questions, etc. over the phone. I would highly recommend this product. I can't imagine a glass of any other kind of water now!

    September 15, 2008
    Just to emphasize a quote by another reviewer:

    "...carafe is made of #5 plastic which does not leach (break down and create toxins) when heated..."
    ...more info
  • What's the Point?
    I really do not see the point of spending a lot of money and effort on a water distiller that empties itself into a plastic receptacle. The purpose of a distiller is to remove toxins and other impurities, and all available evidence indicates that there is a risk of reintroducing toxins into the water through the plastic storage container. Did the geniuses who designed this never think of using a glass or stainless steel storage jug?...more info
  • Best Purchase I Have Ever Made!
    I knew we needed to drink clean water. Our water has so many minerals in it and it took them all out. I had no idea the difference in taste. My coffee and tea taste a world of difference. I also use it for cooking. The food even tastes better. No more buying plastic tasting bottled water!!! I will never be without this machine. I am even taking it in our motorhome. One thing I learned, a rinse between distilling with vinegar keeps the unit just like new....more info
  • I love this water distiller!!!!
    I have wanted a water distiller for a long time, as it is the best drinking water available. Found this one on Amazon for a great price. I was interested in this one because of the water production in a gallon, not smaller quantities.
    Quick shipping, quality packaging. Just remove from box, insert filter, and you're ready to operate. Makes 1 gallon of clean, odorless, drinkable water in 4 hours. I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything!

    I have previously written a review for this item. However, after reading the one comment that wasn't so eloquently stated about the carafe being plastic and contaminating the water is rediculous. Had the rating customer read the information the carafe is made of #5 plastic which does not leach (break down and create toxins) when heated.

    I use this distiller nearly ever day. I love it, it's a great product for the size of production. The water is clean and the results are very clear when you reopen your stainless steel container and see the reminantes of what didn't go into your drinking water after distilling!

    I only give my dogs and cats distilled water now as well. I'm sure after seeing what's left in the distiller there is no doubt that would contribute to a shorter life span for man and beast alike!
    updated 7/22/08...more info