The Waltons - The Complete Third Season

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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 02/20/2007 Run time: 1225 minutes Rating: Nr

The Waltons: The Complete Third Season finds series creator Earl Hamner's running story about the proud, Depression-era family living and working on Walton's Mountain going through some changes. The big news is that oldest son John-Boy (Richard Thomas) is now a freshman at Boatwright University, pursuing his dream of becoming a writer but encountering a lot of tough challenges and distractions. Still living at home but driving to classes every day, John-Boy gets an unpleasant taste of hazing from arrogant upperclassmen, grief from impatient professors, insecurity in a competitive writing class, and an ever-broadening sense of how the other half lives through exotic, quirky, yet sometimes sweet and attractive young women he meets on campus.

Meanwhile, John-Boy's father, John Walton (Ralph Waite), nurses a dream of opening a father-and-son-operated lumber mill, knowing full well that the very busy John-Boy can't do much without sacrificing his education. (John also discovers next-in-line son Jason (Jon Walmsley) is already dreaming about his own career beyond the mountain.) Walton mom Olivia (Michael Learned) looks wistful over the speed with which her children are growing up, and Grandpa (Will Geer) tries to do his part for the family's well-being within the limits of his age and rocky health. The Complete Third Season starts powerfully with a story about Walton kin, living elsewhere on the mountain, who refuse to leave their generations-long home in an eminent domain struggle with the government. Glimpses of the world Grandpa grew up in--full of moonshine, guns, and hardheaded men and women--abound in this fascinating episode. Other dramas concern heart problems for Grandpa; a runaway crisis when Jim-Bob (David W. Harper) bolts from home; a proper (and long-delayed) wedding for formerly eloped couple John and Olivia; a horse race that's supposed to be fun but takes on greater dimension; and troubles for John-Boy with a femme fatale and Boatwright's flawed honor code. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Walton's Third Season
    Thoroughly enjoyed all shows in this season! My adult children are
    enjoying them too. Makes us want to keep our lives simple and know
    what's important -- family and belief in God. I look forward to
    watching one episode every night. The DVD's are perfect....more info
  • Pure Pleasure
    We watch one episode each evening and dread the day we complete the series.We have seasons one and two and will probably buy season four. They are wonderful stories and promote strong family values....more info
  • Exactly What I expected
    I purchased this product as a Christmas gift for my mother. She loves it and it was much cheaper through Amazon than any other place online....more info
  • Great American Tradition
    Like the previous seasons, The Waltons - Season Three, contains very strong stories that depict strong family and moral values, along with just as strong moral dilemmas and situations. In this season John Boy goes off to college, and meets a wider world than he's known. A world in which his family must also now enter from time-to-time.

    The world of 2006 is so far flung from the world of 1939 -- yet, we need to be reminded of those traditional family and moral values that helped people stand up under economic depression, world tyrants and even every day struggles just to make a living. Such values are timeless and have an eternalness that cannot be diminished. We may ignore them, and do in many ways in our "modern" society, but they do not go away. These stories have many lessons to teach that we need to learn or re-learn; how to love unconditionally, how to really care for elderly parents, that respect of one-self must come from respect of others, etc.

    This third season, as are all seasons of the Waltons, is worthy of your review. TV has never been better. Enjoy. ...more info
  • Retro show
    the classic shows from the 70 & 80 is a great break from current cable. The Waltons contains great moral values, and goes back to a simpler time....more info
  • Waltons-3rd season
    We have really enjoyed this series of CD's. The quality as well as the show itself is super. Well worth the cost....more info
  • You're invited to Walton's Mountain
    Johnboy, Jason, Ben, Mary Ellen, Erin, Jim bob and Elizabeth invite you to join them for growing up when times were tough. A feel good series that reminds us to look at what we have and appreciate it. In hard economic times like today, the Waltons remind us that we can make it through....more info
  • DVD
    This is a great tv show I love it. I think it is one of the greatest tv shows that was on. ...more info
  • Great Family Shows
    This is a great show. It is one of our favorites from the time that we were kids. Great family shows!!! The Dvd's are nice to have so you can watch them over and over again. Plus you'll want to see them too!!! Its a great purchase for a Waltons fan....more info
  • the waltons-the complete third season
    this is a great collection and i am very happy with it.i am trying to collect all the waltons box sets.i loved this family. it makes you think of simpler times and the love of family and friends where everything always works out for the best....more info
  • 3rd Season of the Waltons
    Wonderful as always! One of the best family series to every grace television....more info
  • Growing up and branching out
    Season 3 finds John-Boy a freshman at Boatwright University, realizing his longtime dream of attending college and becoming a writer. Of course, it isn't easy -- unable to afford the cost of living there, he must commute the 28 miles each day. That's the least of John-Boy's problems, however, as he struggles to fit in amongst rich classmates who never thought twice about whether college would be in their future.

    Back on the mountain, the other Waltons are also growing up and branching out into the larger world. Mary Ellen, who has just begun pinning her hair up each day, attends her first college dance with one of John-Boy's friends. Jim-Bob, sick of being ignored by the elders, learns that running away from home isn't the answer, either. Having nursed a lifelong interest in art, Olivia finally musters the courage to sign up for a free adult education course...necessitating that she learn to drive!

    Character development isn't limited to the Waltons, either -- store owner Ike, single for so long, finally meets a woman with whom he immediately falls in love.

    Despite this being its third season, the warm supportiveness, tinged with humor, of the Walton clan remains as strong as ever in this DVD set....more info
  • episode "The Conflict"-did you forget someone?
    I thought the review was well done, however,you forgot a crucial piece of information -Richard Hatch who went on to play Capt. Apollo in the original Battlestar Galactica and Tom Zarek in the new BSG show played Wade Walton-now how's that for a shocker?...more info
  • The Waltons-Third season
    I would like to thank Amazon for printing the Waltons as you can't buy the series in Australia. You must buy it as it will fiil your heart with love. ...more info
  • Family Entertainment
    I purchased this set for my grandma and she loves it. Best prices in the market from Amazon once again....more info
  • The Waltons - Third Season
    Excellent stories for the whole family to enjoy. The Waltons are not without their trials but the remain a close knit family. My family enjoys the wholesome entertainment that the Walton series offers. ...more info
  • No English subtitles, FRENCH ONLY!! DUH
    In what must have been a production error? or just flat idiots that run the show making dvds, ( seems to be common on way to many dvd's )

    the subtitles are in French only. There are no English subtitles.

    Obviously someone at Warners Home Video has made a bad mistake in production. This makes it difficult for any elderly viewers or hard of hearing that might want to watch this show. ( um hey, guess what, they have money to spend, too! ) Are you HEARING that?

    Subtitles are supposed to be standard on all DVD box sets and I note that overseas versions of The Waltons have corrected this mistake(just not the American version).

    This is getting to be old hat by now. I have some dvd's that are 10 years old that are CC. just flat lazy and ignorant decisions.

    The Deaf and hard of hearing are the last "group" in the USA to still be looking for they're rights. Everyone else has recieved them in the last 50 years. How long is this going to go on??

    Socialist France gets to watch and understand the great show, but not those in our own country. amazing

    No Good Night John Boy in this house. ...more info
  • Can't wait to get it!
    I can't wait to buy this set. I already own the first two seasons.

    BTW - for the person who said, "John-boy gets Blue the mule", that's not true. He gets him at the beginning of season two (in the episode where he delivers the baby). Just a heads up.

    I don't know how I'm going to wait a whole month. I want it now!!!...more info
    I enjoy this show and the fair price is a plus. I would really like to see some sort of bonus material on these releases. The DVD has a good transfer. I deduct i star for no bonus material....more info
  • Another great season of the Waltons - spoilers
    This season is one of the best. The highlight of the season is the first episode called 'The Conflict'. We meet Grandpa's sister-in-law Martha Corrine, her son Boone, and grandson Wade. The conflict is over the county forcing Martha Corrine off her home and land in order to build a road. It will break your heart.

    Also, John-boy begins college, Ike and Corabeth get married, John-boy enters a dance marathon, Grandpa has a heart attack right before his birthday, and John-boy gets Blue the mule....more info
  • The Waltons the complete third season
    It is great just as good as the first two seasons if not better!...more info
  • Good As Remembered
    This brings back a lot of memories of childhood. Great addition to my collection....more info
  • The Waltons, series 3
    Yet another excellent product from Amazon. Just about everyone knows the Waltons series - how many people say 'good night John Boy' and
    'good night Grandma' when going to bed?!

    ...more info
  • Heartwarming and wholesome show you want your family to watch.
    My all time favorite TV series that's heartwarming and instills a sense of value that America used to have. Why can't they make shows like this today with good moral values, where the kids respect the parents and the Dad is a good leader of his household? ...more info
  • Excellent!
    The Waltons is one the finest American shows every produced! The acting, writing and directing are all top-notch! You can't go wrong with this show as either entertainment or as a good morale teaching tool!...more info
  • The Waltons - The Complete Third Season
    The entire set contains nothing but good, clean, family entertainment at its best. Something the entire family can enjoy watching together, regardless of age. A must-have for any family movie library....more info
    I love these DVD'S. The color and clarity is great. The stories are so wonderful. They make me feel like i've stepped back in time to my childhood when things were a lot simpler and safer. We have a cabin in the Mts. and we try to go every weekend and these DVD's go with us every weekend. I have all 4 seasons. Can't wait for the next one to come out....more info
  • The Waltons Third Season
    I have loved "The Waltons" for a long time.
    I am from Europe and it always reminds me of my upbringing in my earlier years....more info
  • The Walton Saga
    This not applies to the 3rd season but for all the seasons of The Waltons. These seasons are about family values and the importance of having family traditions and the belief in humanity without prejudice. I loved watching The Waltons when the series first aired and very happy they are now being released for me to enjoy again and again. I am looking forward to future releases of this series ...more info
  • excellent!
    I just love this show! It lets us know how it really was during the time of the depression, also lets us appreciate what we have now. Too bad, parent and kids aren't that close anymore!!...more info


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