Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Herbal Supplement. Caffeine free. Valerian makes it extra! More powerful than sleepytime, with added valerian--that's what makes it extra! Maybe you've always enjoyed Sleepytime Tea to help you unwind at the end of the day. Now for those nights when you need extra help getting to sleep, we've developed Sleepytime Extra. This powerfully effective Wellness tea contains a potent herb not found in Sleepytime-Valerian-that promotes extra fast, restful, natural sleep. Valerian is a folklore favorite used for centuries to soothe the mind and body at bedtime. And the calming flavor of spearmint and orange blossom is good for your spirit. This product contains all-natural herbs and flavors, and no artificial colors or preservatives. Gluten free. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease).

  • Case of six boxes, each box containing 20 tea bags (total of 120 tea bags)
  • Contains the potent herb valerian
  • Naturally caffeine-free; contains all-natural ingredients
  • Packaging features whimsical original artwork; stringless teabags help reduce waste
  • Produced in Boulder, Colorado, with ingredients from around the world

Customer Reviews:

    MOBILE, ALABAMA...more info
  • This turned me into a hot tea fan!
    I am not usually a hot tea person but I love this stuff!
    I am a nurse and I started drinking this tea when I would sleep during the day. I work third shift and I didn't want to get in the habbit of taking tylenol PM or benadryl everytime that I needed help sleeping. What I like about this tea is that when you wake up you don't feel drowsy. You sleep well and feel like it when you wake up.
    I also continued to use it as I started a new job this year and I had trouble sleeping at night. I always have a huge to do list and this helps me sleep at night and not wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what I didn't get done that day or what I need to get done the next day.

    Also, for how much it helps you sleep, it is very inexpensive. THis is the way to go if you need help getting to sleep or staying asleep once you get there. I have never used prescriptions meds to help me sleep and I don't think that I ever will as long as I can keep using this.

    THis can be tricky to find in the store. I always get my tea at walmart(it is convenient). One time I found it with the vitamins and one time I found it with the groceries in the tea section. If you can't find it, make sure that you check both places. I hope that this helps!...more info
  • Tea
    I really enjoy drinking this tea in the evening. It tastes good and it is relaxing. Also, buying in bulk helps me to stay within my budget. ...more info
  • Great Tea!
    Celestial Sleepytime Extra is terrific! I've always liked the taste of Sleepytime--love chamomile--but was concerned about the addition of valerian. Valerian is a powerful, natural sleep aid, but I hate the aftertaste when taken in pill form. Luckily, this tea still tastes good and helps make you fall asleep easily. ...more info
  • Sleepy Opium Bear Extra is the best bedtime drink ever.
    for those of you not initiated, valerian tea is the single best herbal soporific out there. camomile? not even close. some custom blend of liquorish root, peppermint, ginger and rosehips? don't make me laugh. this stuff puts you to sleep like the nyquil of the plant kingdom, but you wake up fresh and without that 'who did something in my mouth' feeling. the problem is that valerian root, by itself, smells and tastes horrible. i mean, actively foul. like it probably wards off mosqitoes and bears and camels and all, y'know? so unless you're a hardcore hemp-wearin' organic cotton 100%-recycled composting-toilet earthship hippy, you wants to get your hands on a blend, hear?

    the single best valarian blend out there is the 'Sleepytime Extra'. Sleepytime Tea, aka 'Sleepy Opium Bear' (check the picture on the label. it's like Ursus laudenum, you know what I mean?), is a Celestial Seasonings camomile blend tea. it's alright. but some friends introduced me to 'Sleepytime Extra.' with tagline "the valerian makes it extra". that is one mighty fine valerian blend tea. 25mg valerian, nicely formulated, tastes like a bit thicker, richer and slightly sweeter camomile. nice.

    we are going through Sleepy Opium Bear Extra in this house at a rate of knots. 20 bags in a box means a box every two weeks at best, since we both skip some nights because we're scared we getting addicted. (stay tuned.) but we were down to three bags, and frankly i don't trust my housemate jenn not to substitute in some regular ol' tension-tamin' no-extra camo-minty junk without telling me, because that's the kinda person she is.

    buy this stuff. it will change your bedtime experience....more info
  • its the best
    I used to use regular sleepytime but it stopped working but now use this and it is marvelous - and tastes pretty good too!...more info
  • yum, but bad side effects
    alright i'm sure from the other reviews you know it tastes awesome, however the key ingredient in a hormone called melatonin and that can cause depression and drowsiness the next day, i've found that i'll be depressed for as long as 3 days (and it's a long bad 3 days, really) i also have trouble sleeping without it, so i might say it's a bit addictive, don't use regularly and consider some of the side effects, this hormone was banned in canada...more info
  • Relaxation with no hangover
    The tea works like a dream. It relaxes me just enough to go to sleep and I don't wake up feeling drugged. Works much better than valerian capsules. ...more info
  • Quite tasty
    The Celestial Seasonings tea is quite tasty, especially compared to other bedtime teas I have tried. For example, the Yogi tea is bizarrely sweet because they add stevia root. Sleepytime Extra has a nice herby taste. In terms of effectiveness, I have varied results. However, I think that is because I'm a hard core insomniac. I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble sleeping, or who is trying to get off prescription sleeping medication. ...more info
  • Great Herbal relaxation tea
    I am so thrilled that Amazon offers this Sleepytime Extra tea here! I'm so tired of searching high and low at so many high end grocery stores to find it! This tea contains valerian which doesn't knock you out, but just lets your body relax so that sleep comes more easily. I've used it for years, and it tastes great! I usually drink a 10oz. cup about a half hour before bed and then sleep really well. I highly recommend it....more info
  • It's nice to have that something EXTRA.
    I use to take valarian root pill before I went to bed, but always felt it was a little too sedating. With this tea, it's a lot milder (the differance is like a Lullaby vs. a sledge hammer). It also has a nice aroma, bouquet, and flavor. I like to mix this with blueberry, or (when I'm under the weather) Echenacia tea (Celestials wellness tea).

    One word of warning. If you're on any medications for anxiety, depression, etc., you may want to stick with regular Sleepytime....more info
  • Tea that helps you get to sleep
    the 6 pack is great money savings bargain on this very helpful product which one would only be able to purchase in healthful stores at a much higher price....more info
  • Minty Chamomile for Sweet Dreams
    Valerian and Chamomile are blended with spearmint leaves, lemon grass, hawthorn berries and orange blossoms to create a delicious tea to savor late at night before you drift off into dreams. This tea is much more effective than regular Sleepytime and I can say this because my sleep cycle has been fairly regular with much fewer nights of tossing and turning. You may also find that your mood the next day is rather mild and you feel more relaxed in general. This could be due to getting a good night's sleep for a change or it could be that the valerian has a lasting effect. Valerian is a very effective herb if you can't get to sleep and this tea is highly recommended for insomnia. Unlike sleeping pills, you won't feel groggy the next morning. Blend in a little lavender or orange blossom honey to enhance this deliciously mild minty tea.

    ~The Rebecca Review

    ...more info
  • Great Product/Poor Service
    I happen to know this is a good product because I've used it before. However, it has taken longer than the estimated delivery time for it to arrive. (And this is with Amazon Prime!!!)Further, whenever I enter the tracking number, I've gotten the following message--(for the past five days!!!)
    Your item was processed and left our SPRINGFIELD, MA 01152 facility on August 05, 2006. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later. It should not take five days for ANYTHING to get from Springfield, MA to Southern Maine.

    This was my first experience using Amazon Grocery, and I must say it was not a good one. There should be reviews of the services they provide--for which they ARE responsible--and not the products they distribute for which they can take no real credit.
    ...more info
  • Refreshing
    Sleepytime Exta helps you fall asleep naturally, and when you wake up in the morning you feel refreshed and ready to meet the day. No drousy or tired feeling. I recommend it highly....more info
  • Very good product!
    Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Tea is a wonderful blend of ingredients that give it an indescribably wonderful taste, and an amazing ability to just make you feel relexed enough to get some sleep.

    Make no mistake, this is not an actual sleep-aid that will make you sleep. The sense of relaxation that it gives you will just allow you to naturally drop off -- with no morning hang-over.

    Highly recommended for flavor and effectiveness!...more info
    I've had difficulty falling asleep since my college days. Once I entered my mid-30's the insomnia became more frequent. Melatonin and valerian pills did not work unless taken at levels that left me with a morning hangover effect. L-Tryptophan, 5-HTP, and GABA were ineffective. I have also tried numerous prescription (sleep is necessary to get through nursing school) and OTC medications that are used to treat insomnia. Most left me with a headache or excessive daytime sleepiness (zombie mode). I first tried Sleepytime Extra (Sleepytime and other chamomile teas do not work for me)about 6 weeks ago, and each time I drink it I become sleepy within 15 minutes. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra works like a charm! The 25mg of Valerian root works synergistically with the chamomile and tilia estrella. I'm stocking up before the FDA comes down on valerian like it did kava kava. I also recommend 30-60 minutes of sunlight in a.m. hours, because many people are unaware that they have DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Insomnia)....more info
  • not the same
    I agree with the reviewer Vasquez. It is my experience that Sleepytime Extra is not the same. To me it is a puny, pale shadow of it's former perfect self.

    Sadly, the question is why?...more info
  • Pleasant sleep aid
    A wonderful way to gently feel relaxed and sleepy and look forward to your head hitting the pillow!...more info
  • Product as Expected
    No complaints. The tea arrived in a timely fashion, and quality was on par w/store-bought....more info
  • Works Well
    I like the flavour, and the product does just as it says - very well and non-addicting!...more info
  • Works great and tastes excellent
    Ah, it's a definite American story - in 1969 friends Mo Siegel and Wyck Hay of Colorado began selling the herbal teas that they had previously only made for themselves. From such small beginnings came that famous tea company - Celestial Seasonings.

    I have long been a fan of Sleepytime, which is largely a mixture of chamomile and spearmint, which produces a healthy drink that has a wonderful aroma and taste. I'm sure that I cannot adequately describe the taste - it doesn't taste like anything you've ever tried before, but its seductive flavors will win you over.

    Lately, when my wife started having trouble falling asleep, I suggested that she try SleepyTime Extra. Sleepytime Extra is Sleepytime with Valerian added in. Valerian is a medicinal plant, native to Europe and parts of Asia, and has long been noted for its sedative properties.

    Well, she tried it, and she now drinks it regularly. It has that same great Sleepytime taste, but the Valerian helps you feel drowsy afterward, helping you to fall asleep. We have found that it works great at making you fall asleep, but, at least for us, it does not produce that zombie-like feeling the next morning that some sleeping aides do.

    So, if you want a sleeping aide that works great and tastes excellent, then buy Sleeptime Extra. My wife and I give it our highest recommendations!...more info
  • sleepy time with valerian extra
    I used to buy this products in groceries and pharmacies and I gave it to my mother and she used to fall asleep minutes later and after I gave to her for a couple of days on a row she used to sleep a lot during the day too (she suffers from insomnia). It is very difficult to find it in the stores now (the one with valerian) that is why I bought it from amazon, but I do not what happened but this one doesn't have the same effect on my mother, she still doesn't sleep and I have to give her the sleeping pills (they do not help that much either)....more info
    This product is a great evening tea to help you relax and gently eases you too sleep. Before this I was taking harsh medicines like Tylenol PM's and such and always woke up feeling worse than before I went to bed! Not with the tea! Let me clarify, it will not knock you out, but just help to relax you....more info
  • Awesome Non-Prescription Sleep Product
    The Sleepytime extra is just what I need on nights when I am stressed or just can't seem to sleep.

    Even though I frequently take Ambien to aide with sleep the sleepytime extra tea assists whether I take the presription medication or not.

    It is also a nice calming, relaxing tea that even the aroma seems to promote restfulness.

    ...more info


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