Eureka 4750A Maxima Upright Vacuum Cleaner w/ No Touch Dustbag System

List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $65.57

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Product Description

This 12-amp, lightweight Maxima upright provides constant cleaning power with the new no touch 3-quart dust bag system, just drop the bag in and dump it out with no mess. It also has an extra wide integrated hose for no clog, above the floor cleaning and a micro-filtration system designed to reduce allergens and pet dander.

Customer Reviews:
  • This one blows--worst vacuum I've ever owned
    It blows the stuff it's supposed to suck up. It blows stuff into my legs (I suppose if you don't wear shorts you might not notice). It blows stuff all over the room. It's not fun chasing a dust bunny with a brand new vacuum. So I'll most likely give this one away and fix the old vacuum that I was replacing. I'm so glad that I didn't give that one up yet.

    DON'T BUY THIS ONE. Seriously, I thought the one bad review was just a crank, but now that I own this machine, I wish I could give it 0 stars.

    ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    Light and powerful!
    It's a great vacuum, the best in it's price range....more info
  • Wonderful!
    Our home is mostly bare floors with carpet in the bedrooms. We go through a vacuum cleaner every 18 months or so. It's really frustrating because it seems like everything out there is junk. We prefer bags to bagless, so our selection is severely limited. This vacuum knocked our socks off. It is light (13 lbs), powerful (12 amps), and cheap. We picked it up for $40 new. Assembly took 10 minutes and it cleans great. I'm sure it won't last any longer than the bissels, dirt devils, hoovers, or other eurekas, but for $40 I won't be mad about it when I have to replace it. It cleans fine, has a quality feel to it when you're pushing it, and is easy to get up and down the stairs. I haven't done this well with a $40 purchase in a long, long time. Consider me a satisfied customer!...more info
    What a pleasure to simply pull out the bag - not having to even touch it! For me, this feature was a B-I-G "attention getter"! After using 3 different Eureka BAGLESS models, I finally decided to return to one of their bagged models. The bagless Eurekas were powerful, of course (they were, after all, Eurekas); but when emtying them, I had to use both a mask and gloves - out on the patio; and, still at times this was enough to trigger an asthma attack - TOO MUCH DRAMA (AND S-O-O-O-O MESSY)!!!

    This little easy to handle "LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMP" is CHEAP BUT POWERFUL - picks up well on CARPET AND BARE floors. (From bare floors it's picked up hair, bobby pins, paper scraps, Cheerios, paper clips, and dirt!) I, actually, find myself almost looking forward to "bag emptying time". What a difference! Hopefully, Eureka will continue making this (or an upgraded) model for many years to come. For just $50 or so, I will gladly purchase another one (or two or three) when needed. The 4750A meets my every expectation (and more) - very pleased with it's performance. I highly recommend it - especially if you are considering switching from the "BAGLESS NIGHTMARE"!!!...more info
  • Terrible!
    Buy this vacuum is you want to spread dirt around. Looks like a nice little cleaner but dirt just shoots back at your feet. Does an okay job on carpet but worthless on bare floors. I have to go over them many times to pick up anything. I consider it a complete waste of money and time. It took a some time to put together so once you find out it's a piece of junk you have to take it all apart and box it up to return it. For the price I didn't even bother. Spend a little more money and buy a better machine....more info
  • Why buy anything else?
    - Easy to change bag. (I consider bagless worthless.)
    - Much quiter than my previous Dirt Devil vacuum
    - Cleans better, too
    - Inexpensive (I paid $40 for a refurb)
    - Most trusted and reliable brand
    - Assembly instructions actually helpful
    - Spinning brush does not touch floor when upright (so it doesn't mar the rug if it's left running)
    - Reasonable cord length (not too long or short)
    - Just three attachents (who ever uses 12 on-board attachments?)
    - Light enough to carry up/down stairs

    - It takes some effort to get the hose back in
    - Headlight could be brighter
    - Cord is not auto-rewinding
    - Bags are smaller than Dirt Devil, though replacements are cheap...more info