Ironman Exercise Bike and Equipment Mat - 3' x 4' x 5/16"

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Product Description

Add extra protection to your floors from scuffing caused by exercise equipment with this Ironman Bike and Equipment Mat. It fits perfectly under most stationary bikes and compact workout equipment, and it features a heavy duty vinyl construction and a top surface diamond pattern to add traction. This mat also helps to reduce vibration and noise. It measures 3 feet by 6.5 feet and is 5/16-inches thick.

About Ironman Fitness
Engineered for endurance, strength, speed, stamina, and performance, Ironman Fitness is continually striving to define the fitness industry. Their collection features top-of-the-line treadmills, stationary cycles, elliptical trainers, weight benches, and single- and multi-station exercise machines. The features on Ironman's fitness equipment introduced over the years have become the standards of today. With superior components, multiple patents, and award-winning products, Ironman's fitness products have consistently exceeded the expectation of customers and are the heart of a true champion.

  • Protects flooring from equipment
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Heavy duty vinyl construction with non-skid surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Measures 3 feet by 4 feet

Customer Reviews:

  • This mat stinks and is a health hazard!
    This vinyl mat stinks and is a health hazard! I had it for almost a week and it was still off-gassing a vile odor. After an internet search, I learned that the odor was actually hazardous petro-chemical vapors (probably phthalate plasticizers). I returned it!

    ...more info
  • Very Best Mat for Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike
    The mat is excellent for the Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike. The mat is a full 48 inches and 36 inches and the Schwinn Airdyne fits on the mat perfectly with room to spare! The mat is very stuff and does not tear. And has non-skid surface which is great. Very highly rated. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. Daily user and all thumbs up here.

    Pro: Very strong and tuff matt.

    Cons: NONE...more info
  • Rowing Machine
    I purchased this to protect the carpet under my Kettler Outrigger Rower. Perfect size, extends just a few inches beyond the rower. Cleans up easily with a damp cloth or paper towel. I really appreciate that it consistently stays in one place, there has been no movement during rowing. While this mat will protect a carpet from dirt, etc. it is too thin to prevent carpet indentations from the rower, that would require a much thicker mat....more info
  • Mat Too Small For Exercise Bike
    Very disappointed, mat is too small for the Schwinn exercise bike I was purchasing when Amazon suggested the mat as a companion item. I know now not to trust Amazon suggestions. ...more info
    The mat is ok, rather soft...but don't expect it to be 5/16". I would say 1/4 is a push.
    My mat is going on a soft foam floor, so I don't know if it will offer the protection I was hoping for. I am a bit surprised at the claim of thickness; they did however get the other size right! There are better mats, just want the customer to know it's a THIN MAT! It would be fine for many floors, just maybe not mine. ...more info
  • Good under a stationary bike
    I purchased a Schwinn 113 bike and needed a mat under the bike. This mat fits perfectly under this bike (about 4 inches extra on each side of the bike). I am not an expert on the material so I can't tell how long will it last but it is good enough for now in protecting the floor....more info
  • Equipment mat.
    This is an excellent value for the price. It protects both carpets and floors from damage and gives extra traction for stabilizing your equipment when in use....more info
  • Excellent Mat
    This is a really good mat to use when protecting your hardwood floor from the home gym. I have a Body Solid home gym, and I use this mat in my workout room. It is just enough room to put the machine on and looks really good. It's not too heavy to lug around and manuever. In short, no problems at all....more info
  • Works as Described..
    This mat works as described. Its pretty light and rolls up to a compact shape. Its 5/16" or .3125" thick so its not heavy duty but it does the job. I use this with a Schwinn 113 which I also bought from Amazon.

    This an excellent mat for exercise bikes. The bike does make small indentations on the mat but they go away once you take the bike off the mat. It seems to protect the floor underneath well as I cannot see any penetration from under the mat after using it with my exercise bike.

    I would recommend this mat to anyone using an average weight exercise bike.
    ...more info
  • Bike & Exercise Mat
    the mat is reasonably priced, the only problem is that my exercise bike leaves major indentions in the mat. Otherwise it's a great mat....more info